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@KayinNasaki Yeh 😩 This was taken right after we finally met the 1st timeSoon enoff 😤sup y’all
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca BairToday’s travel news actually made me feel.. excited & optimistic for the future..? I know no travel reqs are ever…😏
@konjak @thisheresjiraff partner or ‘sweetheart’ with whom the Union citizen or legal resident has a durable relationship which is duly…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca BairI want to directly address and support the very committed and vocal #LoveIsEssential campaign. I urge Member State…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair(ಥ_ಥ) #LoveIsNotTourism #LoveIsEssential
lol im literally only able to sweep if I hold Boots in one hand and sweep with the other @RockLeeSmile Haha kitty ice rink 😌Sweeping the floor is p much impossible when ya got two kittens 🤷‍♀️ @_Abrah My son, Van Marrison :BYour pet and what they're named after (just pictures)
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @konjak @Squareses ffs @Squareses but her emails, Blk @konjak I just noticed it looks like ya got tiny chairs for them beaks to perch upon :’D @Squareses 😩😩😩 @Martin_Wolf 😻Why does everyone call it a sketch when they know damn well it took way longer than a lunch breakEveryone must enjoy this modern rice
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Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @sokareemie My life’s story
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@DangoKong He just wants ya to take a seat so y’all can ‘chat’ a bit, here’s a plate of brownies & their 8-person camera crew @FreidenArt @konjak Oh I did, and it was ... not good @midio Yeah <:3 helps to see others I respect expressing their struggles with the same issues I’m currently struggl… @midio Same 😩 my productivity lvl is so low w/ my freelance stuff, I can’t focus and I’m so listless the time just… @mimuillust You do really lovey work, im a big fan of your art style @konjak told ya so 😌Have you ever peed in the shower
@RamiroRienz I have absolutely 0 desire to do anythingI guess maybe, occasionally, I should try to eat somethingJust beat the pc version! so here's the FF9 #pixelart I made time ago. This game is MAGICAL I remembered so many in…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @konjak did u @konjak Hej.. did u know that yr always wrong & I h8 u @konjak I know it’s dumb to keep reiterating.. but I love you a lot. you make me so happy and so fulfilled ❤️Jesus fuck Boots farts the smelliest farts ever 🤢 he sure showed me who’s truly in charge hereBoots ‘bout to meet Da Beak @RowdySunstrider She is a Good Watermelon-Lovin Gal 😌
@spazchickens They truly punish you for being a night owlThe 5am island tune + rain is so pretty, it makes me wish i was listening to the storm with my favorite someone 😔 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Y’all ever noticed how cats’ back legs are basically just fuzzy adorable skis
@konjak (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡ @konjak kiss my noggins @RBIllustration beginner art guides be like
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca BairPotentially unpopular opinion but I feel the 'women are made of soft shapes and men are made of hard edges' stuff t…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @Sloobles Cuuuuuute 😻
@konjak @Iron_Spike a chain in California whose ‘best attempt’ at vegetarianism is a slice of cold American cheese,… Breonna Taylor is no longer trending. So why do I still have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca BairTove Jansson out swimming in the archipelago. #animalcrossing
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca BairRaising 2 kittens @ once is kind of a lot of work, as I’ve recently learned 😵 But these cutie bros make me feel me… Puss give a big ol hug to his Boots bro
@jeffdotsteak She havin a rough time, we all havin a rough timeomfg, & with @konjak’s afk avatar creepin in the bg no less #3MoreFishToGo #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions
Vodka is my #1 main squeeze during this evergoing struggle of Covid-19 lockdown time @joey_s_banes I was 11 at the time @joey_s_banes Yes ? First game I ever made was a CT fan gameI need two: Chrono Trigger think me an @TupelosHoney just managed to hard lock #AnimalCrossing by her leaving Nook's exactly as I entered... ?
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @konjak RIP the only Horned Elephant ive ever caught, may the ether treat ye well @GMcduder Boots got them tootsies, Puss got them big ol eyeballz~ I love em both a lot 🥰 @zippedbinders @konjak im here for this @chunky_baby Hey buddy 😌❣️yeh i ain’t seen my bf in over half a yr so I gots some leg hair stubble so what 😤😤My smol son, Puss
@whodgins @konjak haha yes it’s Shazam! Joakim’s brother David was the director, he put @konjak & their mama in that sceneyeah, i'm in it
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @konjak @Sloobles it’s tru, I squeezed it
@wtfmig haha yeh i s’pose i played it with the extra safety net of a ROM save state @wtfmig sounds like somebody didn’t grind enoff 😌 @wtfmig The correct answer is Slam Shuffle (Zozo’s Theme), dont @ me @konjak m-mebbe ya just don't get the joke... get it...? CRACKED’ve never seen a more “hiding a zombie bite from the rest of the group” lookin’ bitch in my life
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @GMcduder I’m trying — nighttime is the best time for exploring. but even when I walk with my mace in my hand I sti… @GMcduder unfortunately that doesn't mean i'm going to actually feel safe enough to do it. @Martin_Wolf Haha right :3 Looking back i realize I’ve never been comfortable walking around at night in any town… men get to do this & it seems so nice :’0I just wanna do normal things, explore stuff at a cozy evening/nighttime hour & not worry about getting raped . @achebit HD texture packz all da way😎 @sureokae A walk @ night sounds ... so amazing tbh 😩 m-maybe in my dreamsi really wanna go for walks at night but i’m actually a girl
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @DairyFreeLemon ;D ~Arrest the cops responsible for Breonna’s senseless & untimely demise #blacklivesmatter remember her name, never…'s been 93 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered and the only arrest made in relation to her death was the arres…
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bair @DairyFreeLemon My name is Karen & I’m mad as heckLemme speak to yr manager 😡😡😡But srsly... why haven’t we arrested Breonna Taylor’s murderers yet, We have all their names n facts down on pape… arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor, maybe? .. :D ..? @moawko let’s upend this shit >:’0! 💪 @Carin_McLeoud I just hope we can make folks feel comfy enough in our environment to help everyone feel cozy/like they belong :’3 🙏✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 @Toure Justice for breonna 😡✊ @Toure Heh but srsly, arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor in cold blood, she was an award winning EMT and…’s a great day to arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by 🐝 Becca Bairevery time I think one of these kitties actually likes me, they let out the rankest fart & im assured I don’t mean a thing to them 😌❤️