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VPD and City Staff engage in theft and destruction of personal property with impunity - to have them turn around an…
Retweeted by Jesse™ @TheFantasticIan you KNOW I gotsta get my 'moj on!Gumby got pinocchio'd
@Lolcodybond Picrews the one you want @jmawork very same My partner bought it for me forever ago and the first few chaptyers were very good 2 years ago @jmawork I have this in paperback it hefty @kewlbot My country is addicted to the highest of horsesyes almost becoming a cliche to mention the fact that its cliche to see this trendinglike fucking clockwork
Man, I hope none of the Canadian provinces have hitched their entire economic prospects to it.
Retweeted by Jesse™ @sfemonster I'm bowing but you can't see itBabe are you okay? Bernie Sanders was on TV for 46 seconds and you didn’t make a meme out of it @Nafleky That’s so fuckin sick hahaI will do one (1) tweet about american politics today and it is simply to say this is a very comfy image to me The… @flower_hawk Then I guess this comic isnt about you guys @moonsmoothie oh okay"Where will we get the extra money?" Says the guy in charge of where all the money goes and every year decides to g… @fartshore Language of loooove
@colorpulp The art in their brain? PULL. IT. OUT.If I can’t force poor people to make me rich under a threat of homelessness then WHATS EVEN THE POINT?! @MatiasHannecke you didn't need to unearth this one @Blad_Moran абсолютный геройYou are not a fucking guidance counselor, you're the prime minister
Retweeted by Jesse™.@erinotoole this you?
Retweeted by Jesse™ @samu3lk I would press the heart button @jimmy_knives you wouldnt DARE @HedgeMom I love it
Now that I’m in my late 20’s I feel like I’ve settled into my Final Personality which is, I guess, this??
Retweeted by Jesse™It’s not my moms birthday but do it for my mom too @Hug_bees godDAMN @yacobg42 Am I about to actually buy a tarot deck? @TheFantasticIan It’s got a nosepass so that’s a ✅ from meMust be all them webcams I discussed two months ago, keeping Keystone XL was “top of the agenda” for Trudeau in his discussions with Bide…
Retweeted by Jesse™ @TheFantasticIan dis just flipnote?
The stance warns predators need a maximum wage
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@sfemonster museum friendsThis is the part that frustrates me about minimum wage arguments. There is no such thing as unskilled labor. We onl…
Retweeted by Jesse™Liberals tweeting #IStandWithTrudeau in support of Justin Trudeau addressing Blanchet's Coded language, you should…
Retweeted by Jesse™Take close note of the way Liberalism works to uphold the status quo by constantly defaulting to and centring white…
Retweeted by Jesse™ @kendrawcandraw This fuckin whips congrats and happy birthday @getvent oh my god this is... something I rememberAll I ever wanted was to live with dignity -- to die with honour. (Stick your thumb in your ass.)
Retweeted by Jesse™ @iammarcpi you passed the skill check and got lootI DID work at walmart for years and if any goddamn company needs to unionize its that fucking HOLEI have always said that you can easily judge a persons character by how they talk about fast food workers/servers… @gregisafox666 nahGuys I was wrong commodifying water is cool now @Brinny I have yet to touch the game so I don't know where that is but wowzers now I wanna play portal @Brinny is that... for real? Or was it just a thinly diguised "look we can be portal too"?
@pseudonymjones we could fit so much Against Me and Rancid on that bad boy @pseudonymjones Whjen me and my buddies frist got discmans, one of them got those high capacity CDs that could hold…[extremely Rammstein voice]
Retweeted by Jesse™So I went a week without tweeting anything about politics even though the states kinda exploded and Canada continue… @TheFantasticIan @thomas_rsvd Let me just turn off my Aquabats playlist and put down my modded gameboy colour to read this me-WHAAAATTT?!?! @_papayaya I now have the loudest, hardest sneezes and it feels goodI used to hold in my sneezes as a bad habit until one day I held in a big one and felt a small pop in my neck. Imme… @pseudonymjones uh what about THE GOVERNMENT?!?! HUUEHEHEUUHEHEUHE @qwertibo @qwertibo These are not the same thing how can I choose one implies good vibes the other implies murderWow, sounds like Disney+ added some new vocals to this iconic intro 🌠
Retweeted by Jesse™Theres someone who lives near me that is a 5G conspiracist and loves stapling brochures and flyers to poles and the… @edentimm PLEASEI need a good laugh these daysI'm the one that would actually love to have one! What the hell!Everyone in BC is getting far right cult-funded fake newspapers in the mail except me
"Mama Bears Kitchen & Avant Garden are community hubs on the edge of Chinatown, Strathcona & the Downtown Eastside.…
Retweeted by Jesse™It is my JOY to finally announce: SPACE WARLORD ORGAN TRADING SIMULATOR Dive into the quivering innards of alien…
Retweeted by Jesse™ @LeoNickle pokemon snap looks great @LucieEbrey Petes a cat and he looks like the least catWhen you see a videogame to get into Russian streamers but the only ones twitch wants to show me are super serious dude bros playing… a lot of people overthinking the sea shanty thing. no need for long threads they’re just really catchy and boats are cool
Retweeted by Jesse™People in Fraser Health were criticised HEAVILY in November/December. It's hard to look at a chart like this though…
Retweeted by Jesse™he survives another day
please I'm all out of gameboys and he needs his medicine @reedicule I have no idea why but in my head I thought you were british for a second and was like "Thats a hell of… please feed my son hes very sickThen perish’s my best piece for #profileday please give me one million dollars
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Retweeted by Jesse™Here’s my best piece for #profileday please give me one million dollars @Brinny yyyeeeEEEESSSSSSSI'll never understand animation nerds who are obsessed with Glen Keane and hate stuff like this
@TheBlackNerd the hole in their brain where a personality should be but filled with spiders @jonniphillips @HerbertSorbet Hmm okay @moonsmoothie your encouragement only makes me worse @kendrawcandraw Propose to your wife she deserves a second round of thatnormalize proposing to your boys @HedgeMom god yesHell yeah Gumby FUCK SHIT UP! Pathologic 2 50% off
Retweeted by Jesse™These workers are trying to unionize, and they’ve created a platform for workers by workers, please share!
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Just think about it everybody'm not gonna tell you how to feel about it just feel itThank you @TurboBurpo
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