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NOT MY SUN AND MOON SIGNS LMAOOOOOOOOO this homage to the iconic opening scene from Blade high school I went to was found to have unsafe levels of toxic chemicals so they built a makeshift school in th…
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit“You’re so nice” thanks I am terrified of anyone being upset with me ever
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitThe scream I let out opening up the mini bar in Ricky Martins hotel room nas x and 6ix9ine are the two opposite ends of the gay barb spectrum
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit @fruitsuit A tale for the agesbro??? LMFAOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitI need a damn drink and somebody to talk me downNOT HER IMAGINING THEIR FUTURE CHILDREN TOGETHER! Ok me....Them smirking in each other’s faces even more in love with one another as they trick the doctor snsjsjsjskskskksI FEEL INSANE THIS IS INSANE THIS IS SICK THEYRE BOTH SICK INDIVIDUALSWHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE FUCKHer loudly pouring the water one last time because she knows it drives him insane dhjsjsjsjsdjks. HER NOT EVEN TRYI… IS THE GREATEST EPISODE OF SNAPPED TV ON OXYGEN EVERNOT THE BUTTENDNSJZJZJZJ THIS MOVIE IS INSANEAlma back in the woods hunting for more “act right” truffles to sprinkle on his bangers n mash snsjsjksksksksks“THIS HURT MY FEELINGS” NIGGA U R AN ENTIRE MONSTERNot this catty duchess saying “I don’t mean to be racist but don’t her people steal?” like Alma isnt from like fuck… @anxiousdeluxe Oh I feel the gag comingIf y’all don’t let that man go to hell
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit @Pschlarm I love her scenes. Tell me everythingI know my good sis Alma was FEELIN her puss every time the doctor referred to her as “Mrs. Woodcock” @Pschlarm The actress used all 10 minutes of screen time she had to show what ACTING truly isOH THIS SCHEMING BITCH! I HAVE TO STAN!The older sister reminding his ass to try Jesus but don’t try her when he gets an attitude with her
@monchhiciii The way he ate his asparagus and him being pissed because she surprised him with a dinner??? Baby hes one of us @reauxmance Jsjsksksks she dragged youIs he on the spectrum????If this is all a ploy to promote a collaboration, we're trading Nas in the Hetero/Homo Draft.
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitThis man flipping out because his set breakfast routine was disturbed is literally me when I’m off my adderallWait when did these stop???? celebrities unsending their dms to Lil Nas X:
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit“You have no breasts” hsjsjsksksksksksksk excuse meWhen he makes her remove her lipstick on the first date???? I would’ve gotten up and ran.Oh this man is INSANE and yet I can see why everyone falls in love with him????Ok less than ten minutes in and the soundtrack alone... watching Phantom Thread. Let’s see if I’ll liveI WOULD kill to peek have to submit a self tape lmaoooooOmg my job just suggested I try and audition to teach their online app classes lmaoooooo @izaak_slays BREATHLESSThe replies to this have me man the fuck down dick in the lemonade or something?
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitHe don’t got no panties on the way I stan lmao
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitWayment of venues are opening in April does that mean I have to get ready for auditions like now???! I haven’t look… chaos i know lil nas x could cause if he posted all his instagram dms... LMFAO
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitLmaooo I was hollering. Gay men are truly the weakest fucking link @benjrainwrite Comin overddkdoidkdkdk I knew the gays had no taste that year sissies dressed up as slutty handmaidens in red jocks @purapari_ He actually chose violenceI hate when straight kids have non homophobic parents like 😭😭😭 such a waste give them to me
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbitnow see.... lemme put “Broken Clocks” on repeat today woman named ruthie mae mccoy was murdered in chicago in the 80s by someone who came into her apartment through he…
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitNot me being a mix of Pink and Blue CANNOT BREATHE been interrupted telling a story over lunch by some drunk queen outside squawking about a deer. she cuts her e… cherry grove lesbians who straight up own their houses and tell you “just bring some wine. We have a guest room” >>>>>>>>>Giving me J Crew Corporate power lesbian who hates that their partner drags them to Cherry Grove every summer @fruitigekont 👀“Sing for us, Wonho”
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitNOT THIS is like the final boss of black woman’s whore omgggggg dkmsksskksksksksk am six feet tall with shoulders wider than Victoria lake and still gave soft silk. Why didn’t I grow up with homo… I am a Jason Robert Brown Tenor 1, do you hear me?! The girls can’t take my delicate dark tones. I felt when the cashier at Whole Foods asked me “Will you need a bag for this, Young Lady?” much for prescription skin cream????? of these could cure a lot of problems for me right now
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitTrevante: Go make daddy a sandwich!! Me:
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit @Peteyville @mikelledstreet @JayJurden Wayment lemme get in on thisAnd the world was forever changed show was so good my clients see him @rossleonardy Tell me I’m wrongApartments will have photos of the leasing office like this... then show the unit.
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitHe couldn’t have just posted a link to the damn underwear???Lemme go give my mans new song some streams. He is down BAD. pass around bottom at the afters athletic socks jdjsjskskksskksHe is just.... nobody was gonna tell me that Charlie Puth came out?
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly RabbitAustralia really is Britain’s jock cousin who gives aggressive pat on back hugs at family barbecuesThe tits. Smother me.No one: 8 year old me:
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit at my old job when I thought I was hot shit for assisting customers from Mexico City entirely in Spanish and the… fact that he openly admitted to smoking crack and knocking these niggas down while high and still somehow had a… @archangellmao 👀 @benjrainwrite Drop the address instead @archangellmao Hionce my homie that had like 100+ pounds on me put me over his lap and started spanking me in front of the hoes
Retweeted by Wonhos Silly Rabbit @heinyboii GodlyI know I’m in danger of developing early diabetes but this right here?! Worth it.