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@fuzzfortnite what’s up fuzzie poo
@kburbs_ love u @kburbs_ ratioL + ratio @ProdCM_ woah @zoemevorah so hot @sabpie_ same @vinniehacker @Subroza um @ChasedogeFN lets duo @ChasedogeFN meow xd @CoreyPilat i’ll play with u 💕 @CoreyPilat LMFAOOOOOjust been meowed at @PxlarizedFN what the ef let’s go @Goatguyf ☹️lf bf who doesn’t post pictures of me that i hate. @BuckeFPS i have ur password and this is being deleted . @forpzy he just kicked me out the bed onto the floor and said we r done.just been broken up with
@skqttlescuh he blocked me for contesting ina content cup @sabpie_ hey 😝 @demisxxual ok @91koro @BuckeFPS @fuzzfortnite that’s not my work @PxlarizedFN @ohloti_ vouching my bestest friendUpdated F/A Post Looking for an organization to grow with and compete under for the future. Extremely hard workin…
Retweeted by dais @BuckeFPS @KreoFN it’s only my brother guys dw @KreoFN i’ll be ur gf
@Viperous i used demis dyson and it’s just so good @skqttlescuh @blakeps bro 😭😭😭😭 @jadachez ily 😝my hair looks so cute wanna live in the US so bad 🥲matching with my bae @jadachez 😋💕 @jadachez YES @jadachez HEY @RossyUA realshaking ass to doja cat rn @parsazx @NOTBR4ND0777 me too😭😭😭😭😭 @jcStani @DarkZeroGG wow so spectacular jcstani @KobyDutton who even is that guy on the right @mindofseabass huhanyone have good zen scripts
@BuckeFPS @skqttlescuh wait ….please send me one @Razer PLEASE @BuckeFPS vouchIf daisy has million number of fans i am one of them 🙋🏻. if daisy has ten fans i am one of them.if daisy have only… like assbutt @Japiazza0602 i’m not wearing a bra 🤡🤡instagram isn’t real @sevenjoshh spectacular thank u darling hbu @sevenjoshh hey 7 @scollie42_ maybe he’s just a fortnite fan 😩💯 @scollie42_ my ones name is like swifty or swiffy or something and he JUST SITS THERE and i get so nervy @scollie42_ me too @ProdCM_ r u surei hate being a simp wtf @parsazx @zoemevorah bro @kburbs_ don’t disrespect him like that @annetteloll @BuckeFPS hey lolnice hand 👍 @vainquid i don’t knowjust been told i have princess hands @GingyFNBR ruination @shreddedlol u get iman.
rawrs & meows
Retweeted by dais @iGirlyBella @BuckeFPS chill @iGirlyBella @BuckeFPS ? @BuckeFPS why have u tweeted this as i’ve left @Aravahuja7 @BuckeFPS hate **i hate men @parsazx cutie patootie john @parsazx adorable lil sharon @parsazx like a newborn baby and u call it garyyo rt for mutuals
Retweeted by dais @karinerino OMG @demisxxual u forgot to put me on the list 😋titties @KreoFN @BuckeFPS is single @PxlarizedFN fr my duo @KreoFN @BuckeFPS u wanna be a brother too? @CEOwnerJake @CorinnaKopf @azra_lifts @sabpie_ @alliedaroonie @hailewhy 😯💅🏼 @forpzy @BuckeFPS he FRIENDZONED ME @BuckeFPS u friend zoned me u fat fuck @ChasedogeFN @BuckeFPS @BuckeFPS @ChasedogeFN noti @zoemevorah exposing me forreal @BuckeFPS
@Refsgaaard happy birthday @BuckeFPS @playthatdream this is y ur my bf @AltOfTabz @UserzFN i miss userz💪🤠👍 look like bootyass rn @MuzFN don’t hate. @RossyUA since when did u have blue eyessomething light @feelingfertile @HydraSZN_ excuse me @HydraSZN_ i know 😝😝😝