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20 | fortnite & valorant partnered @twitch 🦋 community management for @continuumorg 💙

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go say hey to this sexy beautiful man @RiseFn 🫡
@JC125xlev @BuckeFPS i’m not the hinge type i’m on raya if ur lucky enough to know what that is xx @BuckeFPS ur welcome for saving u @Fuzzfn @BuckeFPS welcome me@back @BuckeFPS miss u @BuckeFPS @Wolfiez i’ll screenshot ur last message to me it was kinda cute🙈 @Wolfiez thanks bae @Wolfiez hey jaden @x2twins of course it’s jessepenis 😝 @venofn go on bestie 😜😵‍💫🗣🫣 @Subroza happy birthday my master kitten 😋 @FoxEyeGG ahhh okay that’s why then @FoxEyeGG i just looked and i think i have genuinely lost pr over the years bc i barely play anymore LOL @FoxEyeGG @TheSommerset @carolineloII @nawtaww @Moxieboo_ @vanessuhbtw @sparkles_qt @Melebu4 @iGirlyBella @Wolfiez 😭 @basiI74 i told u no @Loganftw7 @RiseFn @illest_ by me @RiseFn @illest_ wow u r sooooooo goodi just woke up @ilySavage_ @Laiys_ he’s 18
@TeebyTB @hwxrren i am à champion at heart @RiseFn let me in @TeebyTB @hwxrren me 🫡 @Laiys_ me @CEOwnerJake i am down to playsluttiest thing a man can do is say your name mid conversation
Retweeted by ceo dais @MatiqeFPS man 😔how did i get here @YourFellowArab i’m so dead rntaking off, pce out 🫡 @sparkles_qt @FortniteGame congrats queen!!!
do i start streaming again😵‍💫 @CrazymojoVAL @Corey_OW wow u r so talented @ArchHimself @TheSommerset vouch @Subroza haahahhaah u failed the ratio bozo @HiimKasa the history of the word is what makes it offensive. it isn’t something that white people can have an opin… @SeemTV i think he doesnt have the best english but what was said was wild @Furiouss one of his replies literally said " i havent said it yet"jannisz reply is CRAZY @BuckeFPS @HydraSZN @Advyth all 💀 @ynwgeorgeh @toasty1x @BuckeFPS u don’t look good regardless at least i can 😜😋 @Declanefn @BuckeFPS HOW DO I COMPLIMENT HIS PERSONALITY IN THIS PICTURE @narwhaalbtw wait @Subroza oN MY MAIN NOT MY ALT @Subroza what IS UR PROBLEMlike i be messaging them like hey man and they just b egoing my shit😔when i randomly drift apart from friends and they never hit me up or seem to miss me like i miss them i just get sad as fuck @kburbs_ @kuzafn ur welcome for getting ur rr back @BuckeFPS u haven’t even been opened . @BuckeFPS i’m not texting u back ever again @ChasedogeFN @Advyth whey @BuckeFPS u just bodyshamed me @kburbs_ unfortunately boyfriends are not for meaccidentally typed on my alt @ryswtf heymost liked reply is my riot id on na val account 🧘‍♂️all guys are the same @forpzya @KingBeastFNBR @yoxics i think he’s full ai he’s replied to every single tweet i’ve tweeted @forpzya @yoxics ur not getting a follow back kiddo @yoxics @YummiFn @KingBeastFNBR why am i trying to prove myself to a clix mod who is a truck driver and overweight @yoxics @YummiFn @KingBeastFNBR u never learn because EVERYTIME I REPLY I WILL STILL HAVE A JOB @RossyUA no fuckin way i have 3 of my besties in 1 2 and 3 this is spectacular @yoxics @YummiFn @KingBeastFNBR that capybara look just like u, fat & ugly @YummiFn @KingBeastFNBR @yoxics HOLLDDD UP LMFAOOOO NO THEY ARE NOT
@dv93_ @ArchHimself LMFAOOOO NAH THIS IS TOO TROLL @ynwgeorgeh @BuckeFPS @BuckeFPS 😋😋😋 @BuckeFPS oh my GAWWWD @cl4opatra @longitudefest u r so cute @yoxics LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO @CantGuardBook3 reali killed clix today.guys im about to lose a boxfight because bucke forced me into itchris brown is so fine. it’s so wrong but he’s so fine👎all my brain cells have gone @BuckeFPS facetime me sugar plum @BuckeFPS im gonna do u @Preavai yea @RiseFn i like listening along with u
@fratqt happy birthday beautiful @CEOwnerJake u wanna play val or fn @basiI74 no no @basiI74 oh no @vainquid i’m back in dc @demisxxual hey head @AssauIt i am CHEWING GUM ASSAULTthe pressure i have in my ears rn from this plane IS UNBEARABLE @BuckeFPS ok i’ll take u back now @ItsKwanti i didn’t know it was even allowedi have a 7year old girl travelling by herself sat next to me she is so cute @BlaminMyself he’s still on my flight he just turned around n said hey 🫡 @pgodtv 🫣 i saw u watching sinatrayo @pgodtv i’m ngl bro u are sat in front of me on this flight 🫡 @GavanFX 🤨 @FUZZFN @Advyth @BuckeFPS ouhhh okay love u fuzz @FUZZFN @Advyth @BuckeFPS 🤨 @Advyth @BuckeFPS why does he come to me to solve his problems then😋