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The most aesthetic thing you will ever see on Valorant
Retweeted by turtle @vrofps BRO ITS ONE EPISODE ITS GOOD TO TAKE BREAKS LOLOL @wunjii sigh @AeroValorant vouch @vrofps gogogo watch it im watching it rn @AeroValorant shut up @vrofps s2 ep1 today!! @vrofps mhmhm have u watched new demon slayer @vrofps ur tweet was sad now answer da question @vrofps whats wrong bozo @Agr0fps so much talent @vrofps sigh @Ino_VAL oh @CarbynVAL sigh @zekeiVAL no @wwond3rkid no sorry 🤗🤗 @_Cryptik real @wwond3rkid fuck u drew kait will always be mine @AeroValorant i’m never wrong @NateBigBalls THEY ARE SO CUTEi want what those anime fuckers have 😞 @fishszns yea
@dogbackp6ck 🤯 @dogbackp6ck that’s whT the lyrics are ?? @lumafps this is so fuckedPlaying in the @ZOTAC Tourney!! Squad: @JDawnX @Renn_Val @idktylo @furbsa @AeroValorant STREAM LINK BELOW
Retweeted by turtle @Klashpad ok klash 😭i feel like a cat would solve so many of my problems right now @ignovercook @wunjii rudeINSANE 4K IN VALORANT RTRTRT
Retweeted by turtle @ignovercook @wunjii wow ur so good @scrollval @_novaVAL ur spittin @etherealVAL_ more boba 😭 @sundownalt real u be stealin my bday n shit @t1ffsny happy birthday ! @wwond3rkid frown ☹️ @lylacVAL happy birthday 🤗🤗 @wwond3rkid agreed @zekeiVAL tyler😭😭 @wwond3rkid bye @ShiftyVAL @AeroValorant felt that frfrtrying to be Minecraft for the first time w/ @etherealVAL_
Retweeted by turtle @Toastedtw WEdating/long distance relationships getting such a bad rep on twitter lately. I promise you there’s nothing wrong w…
Retweeted by turtle RANKED
Retweeted by turtle @lumafps i’m so sorry this happened to you dms always open if u need anything chennie <3so hard to be happy these days @AeroValorant @ysk1ng me too
hysteria // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by turtle @ignovercook overcook montage overcook montagewoke up sad. good morning @zekeiVAL Wi love you guys <3 @unstableval OKK JUST TEXT ME🤗 @unstableval please i’m sad @unstableval josh it’s time to stop q’ingsleeping to avoid ur problems>>>zekei radiant ranked | !sens !commands
Retweeted by turtle @Ino_VAL all good @stellariwnl @camilleettv 😭😭 @stellariwnl @camilleettv stellar.
@skylrqii so pretty bae @_Cryptik SO CUTE @_novaVAL 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ @_novaVAL u are so stupid @rakotag RAKO WHAT @AeroValorant shmorning @fIuffyzx @homiesrice 🐶 @fIuffyzx @homiesrice coldSMOOTH CRIMINAL (VALORANT MONTAGE) ❤️'s and ♻️'s appreciated
Retweeted by turtle @Agr0fps i know 🙁 @Agr0fps fuck u @homiewnorice @iamhcu apes @zekeiVAL nini @ignovercook <3 @AeroValorant yw @urlocalpiscesgf ew @wwond3rkid not a good tweet. @rakotag why everybody making animal noises on my tl @AeroValorant L bozo @zekeiVAL gts tyler @sundownalt pain. @92sho_ okgoodnight i love you <3 @Agr0fps sigh @Agr0fps do my hw pls @unstableval @_novaVAL @Ino_VAL okok @_novaVAL @unstableval @Ino_VAL ur so stupid @unstableval @_novaVAL @Ino_VAL hi josh are u doing ur makeup work @_novaVAL @Ino_VAL ur so annoying @homiesrice @vrofps LMFAOOO @Ino_VAL @_novaVAL hes braindead @vrofps u are so stupid @urlocalpiscesgf ily @urlocalpiscesgf don’t be bae @sundownalt HIII @_novaVAL @Ino_VAL ? @sundownalt hi @urlocalpiscesgf i make myself feel lonely @lialovesyu goodnight