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New #Disney CEO Bob #Chapek meets ’Consumers’ who were onboard the #JungleCruise boat that sank you enjoyed yourself, my name is Josh and this has been the world famous Jungle Cruise. If you didn’t, then my…
Retweeted by TVPaulD on DisneyNot if it keeps sinking...😅 Disney attractions to explain the stock market.
Retweeted by TVPaulD on DisneyAt least y’all got to see the bottom side of water, Mickey & Minnie looking out the windows 😍😍😍😭
Nope. @shezzalicious 😅 @shezzalicious checking movies at work- Wait, ‘Young Blood’ by The Naked and Famous is on the #PromMovie soundtrack? Is ‘Pro…, apparently it was four years ago today that I booked my flights to & from LAX for #CaliforniaScreamin25, my fi… who thinks today’s Disney CEO news is NOT “sudden” is lying. Did we know Iger had plans to retire? Of course…
Retweeted by TVPaulD on DisneyWearing my “Produced by Kathleen Kennedy” shirt today as I silently pray that she’s not going to be forced out by C…
@TDRTweets @TDRTweets I responded to you in kind. You chose to make a blanket statement essentially calling people unqualified… @TDRTweets Are you suggesting that there’s nothing in the financial results for Parks, Experiences & Products that… @TDRTweets You do realise that the entire basis of publicly traded companies is making those judgments from outside… @TDRTweets Yeah, it’s almost like they’ve observed his job performance and reached a logical conclusion about his ability 🙄Problem: Disney is a creative entertainment company. We should not need to train the CEO on creative.
Retweeted by TVPaulD on DisneyThe only Hope here is that Chapek is the “Epcot Forever” hate sink to his rapid successor’s “HarmonioUS”. But don’t… call did nothing for me. If anything, it made things worse: they were asked about potential mitigating factors… is the guy who always calls Guests (and people generally) ‘consumers’. That is all you need to know about h… these questions: “Uh, you guys are still going to have Iger make all the decisions, right? RIGHT? PLEASE TELL U… market is right about this. Bob Chapek should not have this job #SaveDisney an alternative world this $DIS news burns people less because Catherine Powell is named Head of P&R. But alas, s…
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney @WaltDisneyCo everyone, fire up the old #SaveDisney machine. It’s never been more vital that we #FireBobChapek f**king idiots, @WaltDisneyCo @TVPaulDisney It also varies depending on language. Ask me in English I’m a student with “Astral manipulation abil…
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney @thedlpgeek @BenMoxham_ @thedlpgeek The Simpsons. @Seb_in_DLP Yeah, the quotes are much more circumspect than the Indy suggests. Interestingly even that isn’t true,…, my position continues to be cautious scepticism & this article doesn’t really sway me one way or the oth… @thedlpgeek For now I’m still going in with the assumption that the archive won’t be there & already was before thi… here’s Sky apparently saying “nuh-uh” (though to be fair, the quote doesn’t actually specify exclusivity the wa… liking the looks of #StarWars #TheHighRepublic loved #DeepSpaceHomer @thesimpsons and used it in their training. @AstroEdLu asked me for a copy of the ep f…
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney
@paradeboy“We didn’t get an answer from them instantly, so let’s just headline it saying that the thing we’re unsure about is… part of my ongoing look at this Simpsons Disney Plus business, incidentally, I came across this spectacular bit… @knazzer @DisneyPlusUK @TheSimpsons I still don’t entirely buy it myself. But hopefully letting it be known that CS… yes, I brought receipts #TheSimpsons #DisneyPlusUK #DisneyPlus and several others have now also asked @DisneyPlusUK Support about #TheSimpsons and they are firmly, consistently… would be so much easier if we could just get a @DisneyPlusUK Press Kit. Can a brotha get a damn fact sheet?… @DLPTownSquare I am incredibly dubious of that.That MagicBand though 😍 second most anticipated upcoming theme park development, behind Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway… who were reporting the recent redesign of the in-app website as the delivery of native App-based Ticketing… daisy, ⁦@DisneyLifeUK⁩ ⁦@DisneyPlusUK⁩ @DisneyDuckLover @Pixiedust_be Bixby Brothers is the store next to Ribboms & Bows, the Christmas Store occupies both rooms. @ItsJohnathan91
2020 @LukeBreenWrites Interesting thought, but I would be surprised, given the timeline. Jedi: Fallen Order was announce… @LukeBreenWrites Motive did take over the remains of Ragtag initially, pivoting it to an open world game of some ki… @LukeBreenWrites Though it’s likely the product is being explored, there has been some suggestion BioWare (busy wit… @LukeBreenWrites He’s mentioned in the TROS Visual Dictionary, which is from the Story Group, so technically his ex… we’re on the subject...Most of Legends is trash. Don’t @ me.Seriously? We’re doing Force FX Elite Lightsabers for characters who were only re-canonised by a Visual Dictionary.… Tweet smell a @disneyplus Original #DisneyPlus
@RichyDisney Exactly. So many of the these other things are just “pay us and we’ll eliminate some of our own operat… is a sustainable business model. The other is what you do when your leadership is floundering.This, basically. I wish DLP would spend more time thinking up ways to improve the Guest experience to encourage rep… “Signature Packages” only available with a Disney Hotel booking. Thank you, next ! 😘
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney @DLPTownSquare Definitely seems like something to give as a birthday gift or whatever - hence the name, I guess
SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS @bigthunder96 @DLPReport The “concept art” is “you know that Lightning McQueen photo opp? Let’s move it.”I demand an “anaC= - i/o/s” t-shirt @thedlpgeek, fixing up the damaged tile work on the ground perhaps?
#KingdomHearts3 is coming to #XboxGamePass 😍
Yeah, but you gotta spend like 200 gems to participate so...Nah. know this is awful and hideous and a crime against clothing... But DAMN. I...Love this. I want one.…’s Sasha Banks. @_michellebeck We used it back in 2012. It was perfectly fine. Popped along to one of the pickups, comfortable ride… Paris 🙌🏻. Let’s stick it to Tokyo while we have the chance.💫 NEW FLORIDA VLOG - DAY 4 💫 #WDW #WaltDisneyWorld #Epcot #UniversalOrlando #UOAP
Retweeted by TVPaulD on DisneyQuite excited to think that a year from now I’ll have already seen this in the flesh.😬 snap...This is...This is quite striking 😍 be like: SHE WAS RAPUNZEL, OKAY!? IT’S STILL ON BRAND be like: it when I get the chance to cross the Taylor Swift content over from my main account need to come together, not split up.
Retweeted by TVPaulD on Disney @orangarnold @thedlpgeek That’s exactly what they areThat is PEAK #JustDLPThings right there 🤣🤣🤣, if they also don’t even have the episodes of #StarWarsResistance missing from @DisneyLifeUK #StarWars @DLPReport @DisneyPlusUK @StarWarsUK Seems a bit off to make those of us who patiently waited for the international rollout ra…