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I’m just a girl sanitizing voting stations doing my part in all this. the poll center volunteering. Whew. Trying to breathe.Good morning. When a small action is lovingly followed through by a community of many, a beautiful new reality can…
At the dawn of the eve of All Hallows’ Eve, remember that you are breathtaking (yay coffeeeeeeeee). Also, enjoy th… morning. Don't forget to breathe. Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. That's it. That's the tweet. @msprairierose 11!!!!! The last report I saw was 10!!!!!ngl, I’m tired. And. For folks who have shared the organizing work they’ve done, who have given constructive & cr… @MaecyBae I know. Your posts have made my week. @fuzzlaw It terrifies me because my mom and brother are in the next county over. :/ @MaecyBae OMG. The daily adorableness is the best. <3 @fuzzlaw Seriously. @SusanDarraj The @ELCAYoungAdults Discernment Retreat at the end of February in Georgia.
Hathras Case: Angela Davis, Other Activists Express Solidarity, Demand Action
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheI love that @crazypastor gets that there’s only so long I can be on the phone. @dstarwriter59 Oooooh, I saw this on Hulu and lol-ed.Normalize preaching from the Hebrew Bible and fighting against the anti-Jewish lie that the Hebrew Bible God is wra…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheMy mom found out I’m volunteering at the polls starting on Saturday. She said, “As someone who couldn’t vote until… morning. Despite what those in power are saying, caring for one another is a holy and sacred act. Pause. Inh…, on our evening walk I asked my spouse if Thanksgiving already happened because for the life of me, I just co… week I was logged on Zoom for a church meeting.I was a week early. I logged on Zoom tonight for that same mee…
Good morning. We are all trying our best in this longest sojourn into uncharted territory. Pause. Inhale. Exhale…'all. When wrapping up Bible study tonight, one of the parishioners wanted to read a blessing over me before signi…
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… received my poll volunteer assignment today. *exhales slowly*San Francisco Bay Area. are exactly 1 week away from the #Election2020 and South Asian Americans around the country are organizing to…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheWe must continue to both profess and embody that Black lives are sacred. @TheRevMDM You are a beloved modern-day mystic. @TheRevMDM Friend, let us also know how we can hold you in prayer. 💕Good morning. Y’all. Somehow it’s a new day. We may not know how we got through yesterday or the day before, yet w…’s coping mechsnism is watching “Midsommar.”
It's a depressing day for civil rights in America.
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma Rasche @MCMagg @RevGrey This is my current pairing with the weighted blanket. I had the back vibration on during a meeting… MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) Cinematography by John Seale Directed by George Miller Read more about black and white…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheVote like our lives and our democracy depend on it. The future is in our hands.
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheNeck and shoulder tension are real, especially this week. That’s where stress likes to live in my body. If you nee… care of yourselves, dear ones. If you need to say no to something this week, your health and well-being are mo… also couldn't help but notice it's also the week before November 3rd. Trying to get as much living in while the w… week looks like a lot. Like a lot a lot. Part of it is because it's the last week of October and I feel like e… meet with my therapist every Monday. Near the end of our session, he always asks, "What does the rest of this wee… @roblee4 I thought we were friends. @jpserrano No lies detected here. It's partly why I want to train as hard as I do, to eat #allthedonuts.Me: I just finished reading my book. 25 so far in 2020. Spouse: 25? That’s it? Me: Look, Boo. 2020. Okay? @joshuagserrano Okay. I want to be all, “No, I’m so not.” And. There are some parts of humaning where I’m pretty damn okay. @theodramatist Coffee with a spalsh of cream. No more, no less.Uh, okay? mom, who moved to the US in 1970, was finally able to vote in a US election in 2008. Our votes impact more peop… @Nathaniroberts I have prayed part of this prayer so many times, tbh.For more check out this speech by the late @cripchick about PG&E’s voluntary power shutoffs and its impact on peopl…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma Rasche @crazypastor You’re horrible. And. You’re on my top 10 list of favorite people. @crazypastor Fine. Kubrick’s “ Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (1964). @crazypastor Only one film? WTF yo? @KaitlinCurtice Same. It’s partly why I became a poll volunteer. @SFdirewolf @yayayarndiva @wkamaubell @KQEDnews It was amazing. I listened to it this afternoon. @HamillHimself @llcoolj @TwoPaddocks
@TheRevMDM Madonna as in the mother of Jesus with babe or Madonna as in “Like a Prayer” & “Like a Virgin”?*your This time is also rife with typos.Y'all. It's been a time. And it will continue to be a time. Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Take care of you belo… @zubiwan mom learned how to text today. She mispelled my name. She then called me to apologize. @zubiwan now refers to me as “Tin Cup.” @KaitlinCurtice Done. Tell your kiddos I said hi, Imiss them, and I still owe them a donut date. @lmcheifetz So happy to have made you the gayest face mask. 🌈
@LaytonEWilliams @austinchanning @LaytonEWilliams @austinchanning Yes. Every type. @crazypastor 5 or 7??? some of us, warrior mode is easy. Tenderness is hard. Healing shifts the heart.
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma Rasche @theKevinGarcia_ Your chosen fam is sending you all the love, energy, and vibes across the miles. This is so hard, beloved. @MusBeNyce Rest up. You've been hard at work. @austinchanning I bought an enneagram 6 planner when this year started; I haven't made a single mark in it. I now… @crazypastor Pick ONE book? Have you met me? @jpserrano Ah. Glinda. Here I thought I was a well-dressed union rep. @RevDaniel What the actual duck? @kevinkwright I feel like I’m living the dream!Okay, I’ll bite. What does it look like I do for a living?
2020 two decades, I’ve been obsessed with the Magic Bullet infomercial. I can watch it on repeat & be totally conten… @MelissaFloBix All I remember of the bike I learned to ride on was that it was purple, had a plastic basket on the… @eric_clapp God forgive me for this: Len’s “Steal My Sunshine.”Decades later, the theme music from #UnsolvedMysteries still creeps me out.If you voted early, yay! If you’re able, don’t forget to check the status of your ballot.
This is in part because #UnsolvedMysteries2 is streaming on Netflix, so laters, yo.I'm discovering more and more that I want to be on the internets less and less.Nigerians on the ground have been providing food, shelter, safety and supplies to their community while fighting to…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheTo non-Nigerians in the US- we need your solidarity. Just as we rose up for #GeorgeFloyd, we are rising against yea…
Retweeted by 👻 Boohina Verma RascheAs November approaches, I am feeling a special kind of tired in my bones. Anyone else feeling this?
@crazypastor Oh no. Phones. @holyqueerit Prayers upon prayers. I am so sorry this is happening.
**logs on to Twitter at 2:40PM** **sees that "Zoom Dick" is trending** **logs off Twitter at 2:42PM** @kayaoakes @Scaevola67 It's still Monday, right?
@zubiwan @DieHardBattery @jpserrano 😂😭 @joshuagserrano @jpserrano @zubiwan Wait, what is even happening here!?!?!? @jpserrano The most recent one surprisingly doesn’t suck. @daejeong OMG BEST IDEA EVERMe: The most recent Terminator movie is streaming! Spouse: Do you mean Terminator documentary? Me: ...#MyNameIs Tuhina. My mother studied Sanskrit in college. My name is tied to her education. I come from a lineage of… next calling may just be to have church in a donut shop. I think it could be a hole-y experience. @RevGrey This warms my cold, dead heart. 💕 @Iamjennysung @rozellahw I have a Prius that I *still* forget to turn off because it’s so dang quiet!
@crazypastor my beloved HS Sister @Iamjennysung, may your next trip around the glorious sun bring you much joy and happiness.…