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♡non edtwt dni ♡gw 90 cw 80 ugw 70? (lbs) 5'2 ♡autistic

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I have never once interacted w nsfw shit on twitter so like why 😭😭Why did twitter recommend me this im gonna kms ☠️☠️ this is so nasty
@rosaliesbigeyes YES, there was some salty annoying girl on tiktok making fun of everyone w anorexia as a whole whi…
Help?? for the inactivity i havent been doing very well mentally but im back 🤭🤭 i just broke my 7 day fast w some soup
Progresso best omad
@ainsleysbody @ambrorto @machinistdiet Well then idk 😭😭 @ainsleysbody @ambrorto @machinistdiet Bc they're dsmp stans, They dgaf that the CC's they like are racists ☠️☠️
@briesmolbean Yes, I'd eat the buds too 🫶 @nymphvomit Yes 🫶
@killingcaIs First no ive seen yet @nymphvomit Wait name twins @nymphvomit NO HELP @bibi_gg1 No @altheasdiary A big sip @bonesCher 😭😭 @SUCKMYLEFTEAR No just at least take a good sip
@llov3na Ignore the clitoris @cchuvya I accidentally drank cigarette soda when i was like 7 and it burned @cchuvya 😭😭Edtwt would yall drink my cigarette soup to reach ur ugw and be able to maintain it easily?
My 5-7 day long fast starts tmrw !!!
@gayycals 😭😭😭BRO?????? you’re pro life please un follow me. matter of fact BLOCK me pls
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧stop treating autistic people like pets challenge
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Thinspo ❤️ letting myself eat quite a bit for a few days since im gonna be fasting 5-7 days starting monday!! Anyways thi… HOME ABORTION METHOD 🧵!!! both me and my friend have used this method and it worked! a retweet for reach would be appreciated!
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This is literally what happend to me...i bought gum and now here i am 😓😓😭😭🤕 cal omad for 2day, next week im fasting 5-7 days so maybe the whole week. I tried to do the spiral cucumber sal… @laurrrthin @edtwtconfessing ITS GOTTA BE PRETTY BAD CUZ THEY SAID THEY WERE DISGUSTED ☠️☠️Wtf @andorubito A little over a weekme when my friends look at me while eating n say “im so proud of u”
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧ @MIKUTREATS I choose abortion @edtwtconfessing IM CURIOUS AS TO WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ☠️
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧I CANT DO. TJIS ANYMORE.
Tiktok.... @cchuvya Hi SEARCHED UP LOW CAL SMOOTHIE AND YHE FIRST THING I SAW WAS VAGINAS??????!???!?!&:@:&:$:$:&(&
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧I hate misinformation about edtwt sm, yall are so nice, and all we're doing is supporting eachother 🤷‍♀️ theres the… anyone else have an "ana coach" as a kid that would make you send naked or almost naked pics of urself...? ☠️ @bobateagf IF A FEW MORE PPL SAY YES I'LL FIND THE PICSOKAY TW ///// SHOULD I POST THE PICS OF THE GUY THAY GROOMED ME CUZ HES LITERALLY OBESE AND ITS BE FUNNY ASFI wanna be n4n4 os4ki skinny, shes such thinspo <333 shes surprisingly only an inch taller than me so i wanna reach her same bmi and stuffOkay??? Doesn't give you an excuse to put us in danger and invade our safe place, not only that but yall locals are…
@kasskgs LMAO @VangelinaSkov Ur literally endangering so many minors, delete the damn video🧸┊nana diets for edtwt
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧ @cchuvya Plus all u wanted to do was make a joke thread, ppl do it all the times w other celebs 😭😭 @cchuvya U dont have to apologize, its not ur fault, if its anyones fault its j4m3s and that one hoes fault @VangelinaSkov Leave us alone freakLMAO gotta fucking kidding me @starvinretard Omg i love all of those <333Edtwt whats yall favorite anime? @0rainkgs0 ENOUGHHHH 😭😭😭The fbi agent in my phone after viewing my edtwt acc meals i’ve seen on pinterest 🧵
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧ @leah42399372 @starvingevan @valeriespo Omg i thought i phrased it wrong and made myself look dumb 😭😭They cant be fr what ☠️ this is the most weird tone deaf thing ive ever read holy shit do they lose weight then??? Thats how i lost weight when i was over weight 😭😭 wht r u on LMAO cuz locals literally look for edtwt and shtwt bc we fucking censor shit, you didn't "accidentally stumble upon… dont get me wrong, i appreciate the concern but its annoying when ppl get mad over it and harrass me constantly bc of my edI hate when mfs are like "omg dont starve urself!! You could die:(((" like u think i dont know that starving can ki… needa stop w the j4m3s ch4rl3s jokes cuz locals are gonna find edtwt 😭😭 it was funny at first but its getting… DOES NIC POUCHES BREAK FASTS?? ITS PROB A DUMB QUESTION BUT IM STRESSING cigarette holder i have @cchuvya Even i was surprised and confused and i thought the screenshots were fake ☠️ @cchuvya Its not ur fault dw! U literally couldn't have known he would actually respond 😭😭Anime thinspo will always get me @kcalary @bmiAdora
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@starvingevan @valeriespo @valeriespo 15, turning 16 this yearTuesday june 21st Still fasting, light workouts for today and the usual drinks - nana (manga/anime) ☽ a thread for #edtwt edtw edtwt th1nspo thinspo
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧ @fruiitfairyy LMAOOWhen your ACTUALLY feel fullAs for binging, i dont do it often, but when i do i just make sure to fast for at least 2 days after. If im about t… doing this has helped me lose 20+ lbs a month maybe a slightly over a month for 20+ but still. So basically to… also pescatarian and im also starting to cut down on dairy products as well. I would def recommend becoming vege… I workout daily , even just brisk walks are good, esp while fasting cuz theyre safer to do while fasting.… so i fast for as long as i can every week and if in not fasting by the weekend i do mid to high res so like (3… @unstablefairie Tmi warning idk . . . . . I haven't rlly noticed much of a difference w 0rg4sms from recovery to re…
Dirt from behind the HVAC units in my back yard and glass fish bowl beads june 20th Fasting still Just coffee and diet sodas and water ofc lmao , working out today too
Retweeted by ୨a r i୧Sunday June 19th Fasting Diet sodas and plain coffees are all I'm rlly having today, I'm gonna workout and maybe g…