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I began the Mueller investigations muahaha ha haha

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I'm white so I actually think the hashbrowns one pretty good 😂
I’m sure he’s getting a stellar salary, just as he did when he was chief of police," said @murraynewman."It smacks…
Retweeted by Trump's OrangesThe severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations a…
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @Vanne_gxo Allow me to @yashar Fuck is a "bath sheet"? @GianniWindahl lmao but its "tHe mUsLiMs" who are the problem? Idiot. @GianniWindahl @CBS7News You are a horrific, horrific person for that segment you did on "immigration". Seriously,… can lead these fools to water but you can't make them drink is my nightmare god, 1,000 kids in Williamsburg weren’t vaccinated?!? 1,000 kids!!!!
Retweeted by Trump's OrangesThis thread. Tells you more about who Lyra McKee was. Her work includes writing about growing up gay in Belfast,…
Retweeted by Trump's OrangesLyra McKee wrote these haunting, prescient words in a piece for
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@morechune6ix This the dumbest, fakest, most superficial shit I ever seen lmao
@Dallas_DA No one asks police to be judge and jury lol. We all understand they are all wholly unqualified for such.… @getnickwright And a large factor in them winning 3 ships. "Yes its thoughtful but" is a terrible argument lolHate KD, but this is why I used to love him. What a cerebral player, that boy sharp. @drewdown1266 @BergmanGreg @nbafanatic5145 If its him, Lakers twitter will implode for 2 straight months @chundisss Because clippers fans are only clippers fans because they like being contradictory. They need to be the… @yashar @SusanSarandon Yashar man, this is an a fucking mazing thread. Making me tear up. Thank you. @TrinaWo75342234 @ezraklein Imagine thinking Amy fucking Klobuchar is in the 'hope lane' lmaooo @LoveM531 Bitch no one cares who you block you simpleton lmao @LoveM531 Not only should you vaccinate your fucking kids, you should be taken out back and shot if you don't. @MLoosKATU Very nice to see. At A time when black people are (very rightfully) slightly paranoid about being 'organ… @Oregonian Tears? lmao, don't drop the soap homeboy, these pics of you crying your eyes out aren't gonna do you any favorsI'm sick, we are a total and complete joke. This is embarrassing. you hope to never hear your daughter say lmao @BergmanGreg @nbafanatic5145 This fits in perfectly with everything we know know about the situationWant to donate to Flint? I have 8 days to hit my goal and we are about $18k away
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @Apollify_ @benshapiro @chick_in_kiev THE POINT IS he's trying to juxtaposition it and use it as a symbol of us bei…
@Apollify_ @benshapiro @chick_in_kiev Explain to me what about 12th century France leads you to believe that this w… @benshapiro @chick_in_kiev I was ready to have your back on this because you didn't actually say it, but her summat… @mtracey God you're an idiot lol every post from you is the literary equivalent of the characters on south park sme… @acnewsitics Kamala refusing to back up Ilhan, and her father's rebuke have kind of knocked her off my list. What y… @eyeamcei Its turtlenecks and bareface until she 35 on God 😂😂 @eyeamcei Cuz then there's gonna be 2500 thirsty ass dudes following her on Twitter and I'm a catch a case 😤👊 @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster There are no words to respond to this idiocy so I'm a fall back @eyeamcei She not allowed to lol @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster My guy you need to go read up on the family. I mean, you don't need to, but you… @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster LMAO you think Kim Kardashian put her family "on the map". I'm fucking dead. @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster Actually no, those two things aren't alike at all lol
@NickXhaj @ArianFoster That's MY POINT FAM. I'm disappointed to hear him cosign @pickuphoop Yesss! Monty is the only choice. it scares me they haven't hired him yet @KingNeil02 @ArianFoster @jimbrownisdead Bruh, go search the #yoga hashtag on IG then come back to the adult conversation. @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster My point is that I do believe she is putting other ppl down. She will get oppor… @djro41 @jimbrownisdead @ArianFoster We all are, I sure don't know what this woman thinking. I'm just going off the past. @KiissMyDimples @dumbshalee Iconic tweet @ArianFoster Haha I remember that one. GANGLAND SON!!! but don't you worry, superhero lawyer Kim K is gonna clean u… @djro41 @jimbrownisdead @ArianFoster Not that she gaf about my opinion lol @djro41 @jimbrownisdead @ArianFoster Fair enough. My issue with this whole PR blitz is that I believe its disingenu… @djro41 @jimbrownisdead @ArianFoster What drive bro?? This girl probs bored out of her mind and using this as A per… @KingNeil02 @macosan16 @ArianFoster Her "dream" is a whim that she is allowed to pursue after having failed at ever… @ArianFoster @jimbrownisdead Bet that. Like I said, I'm not mad at it. I'm "triggered" because I think she's weapon… @jimbrownisdead @ArianFoster Inspiration is to be found anywhere. I'm not arguing one can't find inspiration in it,… @ArianFoster that u know that not "anyone can just do this", that her privilege and wealth are helping her IMMENSEL… @ArianFoster I didn't say anything bout ppl being inspired by her relationship with Van (who is ALL THE WAY in the… @dumbshalee Golfers love tiger cuz it means they actually have a "black friend" @MasinElije @eyeamcei Weird flex. @macosan16 @ArianFoster Preach. Don't forget, Arian been rich for a minute now, not his fault he forgot @ArianFoster My guy COME ON!! Her saying that "anyone can do this" is DELUSIONAL. Her saying her wealth and privile… these rich people are really DELUSIONAL delusional. @AnthonyIrwinLA Yea, I'm officially out on her. I celebrated when she cut out her brother, but after hearing what t… @briebriejoy A monument to crazy peoples imaginary sky friend is a monument to western civilization? Oh wait you kn… @OregonAttorneys District Attorneys, the literal ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE @OregonAttorneys Oh wow, so you idiots have just decided to go full twitter fingers, standards be damned huh? @StopandShop @Gr8BosFoodBank You assholes need to pay your employees betterHonestly, this makes me want to turn in my Lakers Fan card. Had it my whole life, but this is some whole BS.… @legendofvalen lmao ya don't sayFor 6 years I admired Notre Dame. She always was somewhere on the horizon. I walked under the cherry trees looking…
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @legendofvalen God i hope you're talking about 24dame doesn’t get the credit he deserves in my opinion 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
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Today at the scary, scary border Laredoans spent a beautiful morning with Yo-Yo Ma. Across the river is Mexico, whe…
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @AnthonyIrwinLA Grant made two big plays down the stretch, gamelan obviously to go at him @BillRoth_ Lmao I swear to god you ppl would've been staring at the oncoming Nazis talking about "good ppl on both sides"Wait, people publicly admit to eating at Red Lobster? @SpeakerPelosi watching Jamal Murray singlehandedly choke Game 1 for the Nugs:
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @chelseaperetti That boys demonstration was really cutting a banana 😂😂 @lizzsix7 Couldn't be me
Observation: The Democratic presidential candidates and politicians who spoke for or with AIPAC also have said noth…
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @FayeMarcus @SpeakerPelosi You're either stupid or a liar @SpeakerPelosi Say her name you coward. @TomPerez With Democrats like you, the GOP doesn't even need to win. You're useless. @JJMaples55_MST Yeaaa I'm seeing that coming too lol. DLo all over again. But neither of them would've ever reached… @LakersNation This is not what Ramona reported today, so I'm gonna go with false.
@RyanAFournier @realDonaldTrump @KamVTV @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN lol gawd this dumb hoe tricks for attention on every KKK post on twitterLOL so LeBron gets Luke Walton fired, Ty Lue hired, and got his boy David Griffin to run the Pelicans (and eventual…
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @LWOSLALakers @MattyBuckets3 This guy a Bucks fan, he not too familiar with what a top 4 seed look like @realDonaldTrump You're a straight POS @billoram @hmfaigen This is a joke, right? Kerr is either lying, or he's secretly a terrible coach whose players co… @ryenarussillo The fact that Lakers fans think we are even on Meyers radar makes me want not to be seen with yall lmao fucking DELUSIONALL O S A N G E L E S ✊🏾🏁 #LongLiveNipsey
Retweeted by Trump's Oranges @AnthonyIrwinLA I thought this was an Onion piece when I saw it earlier. Unbelievable... almost. Makes me think the… @ryenarussillo You're not really trying to put Jeanie in that category, right? @neeratanden There are more recent examples of his behavior, and I've got some bad news for you lmao @ashleyfeinberg @Snowden What in the flying fawk are you people talking about. He didn't get in trouble for being a… will never be proud to be an American. Down with us. it now... Future Laker