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@fairweatherbaah @voodoochopstiks @Strideh88 wait you're telling me there's EVEN MORE??? that first file you posted… @Strideh88 this is one of the most gorgeous maps I have ever seen, hot damn @fairweatherbaah @voodoochopstiks @Strideh88 would you mind pointing me in the direction of the update? I can't seem to find it D:
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Therapist: Large Hadron Collider in Doom isn't real, it can't hurt you Large Hadron Collider in Doom: #doom
Retweeted by tangoSome (WIP) screenshots of my upcoming doom project. Still a while off yet but getting there. #doom #doom2 #mapping
Retweeted by tangoIt is now completed. Coding it won't be too bad. Gotta get some hefty sounds for this beast. The Wise Banker! Here…
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I can never make normal maps, that's me 🔮 A boom compatible project I began with today, I want to limit myself and…
Retweeted by tangoCTF-Terraniux by Bronze316 Unreal Tournament
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - Frontier of Death Redux is now open for playtesting at Smokey's Studio! #unfamiliar #doom
Retweeted by tango[ad_akalakha.bsp] Ak-Alakha by Pulsar (@PuLSaR_noise) released in 2020
Retweeted by tangoNew mod for @Scumhead1's “Lycanthorn”. Replaces the weapons and adds some modifications to enemies and levels. Spr…
Retweeted by tango @D3vitron the textures themselves are pretty large for doom standards, many are 512x512 pixels
The recoil from the Slugger felt like it could break your arm, but you just had to learn how to use it. The firepow…
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M9 Redux finished. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoNow that my AD 1.8 map is out the door, I'm back to working on my big-base-map project... Here's a secret cliff-sid…
Retweeted by tango☠️The demo for #aske will be released on November 7th!☠️ #retrofps #indiegame
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M8 Redux finished. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoPestilence.
Retweeted by tango @DUSKdev @CaptainCaleb6 this is excellent, thanks for sharing :D @TafferKing451 Completed scene now
Retweeted by tangosome more Doom stuff using Makkon textures #doom #screenshotsaturday
Todays progress
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M7 Redux progress. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tango[dmcepheus.bsp] Cepheus by Adib Murad (@admrd) released in 2015
Retweeted by tango"Epoch of Enmity" a new unofficial #Quake episode makes it's debut tomorrow with new maps from @BafuBal
Retweeted by tangoDM-LP-Oleum by Tim "Frieza" Kok Unreal Tournament
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Back on #nanowadmo #blocktober again - just one more map to finish! Discovered tonight that if you keep feeling lik…
Retweeted by tango#Doom #ZDoom #mapping #leveldesign #NanoWadMo A thing I made in about 5 days, no wad file yet, still some things I…
Retweeted by tangoDM-GoldenGate by Yucky Muck Unreal Tournament
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M6 Redux finished. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tango[d1m5.bsp] That Which Can Eternal Lie by Henry "h4724" Ambrose released in 2020
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Since E2M4 is my favorite classic level in DOOM 1 i decided to remake it. #mapping #doom2 #leveldesign Available o…
Retweeted by tangoHere's a few screenshots from Mapwich 2 Map12 - Morbid Manor, a collab map between myself and @Theremmirath ! Hope…
Retweeted by tangoUh... Have you got your sunscreen at hand? #doom #doom2 #leveldesign #mapping
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M6 Redux progress. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tango[start.bsp] The Eternal Watchtower by Redfield released in 2020
Retweeted by tango#ArcaneDimensions 1.8 now includes Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle (buried in chapters hub) and was updated to include ne…
Retweeted by tangoDM-FoT-Weatherglass by Wessel "Ultimate Weasel" Steenhuis Unreal Tournament
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a little sneak peek:
Retweeted by tangoFound a few screenshots of some long lost scraps. I should return to some of these aesthetics.
Retweeted by tangoI'm super happy I get to work with such a talented individual such as @Awesreek Killer design choices are made al…
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M5 Redux finished. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoTH-Folly by Ulukai Thievery
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#doom2 #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoA tale in two parts, inspired by @twango5map01 while we were bantering in @UR_Dime 's live run of Mapwich 2
Retweeted by tango @SuppliceGame I really love the atmosphere established by the rock textures + grass and that sky, beautiful!how it started: how it’s going: #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #boomershooter
Retweeted by tangoFor old times' sake. #thespacepirate
Retweeted by tangoafter about a year and a half, i've finally released a new update to my most popular tf2 map, plr_snowthistle !!! d…
Retweeted by tangoArcane Dimensions is an overhaul mod for the original Quake which brings a host of new features and maps and adds m…
Retweeted by tangoPrepare your soul A new age draws near An Age of Hell #doom #doom2 #mapping #leveldesign #ageofhell
Retweeted by tango[kjdm13.bsp] Burning With Extasy by Killjoy released in 2000
Retweeted by tangoSome screens of a #quake speedmap I made for an upcoming episode! I'm in Knave overload these last few weeks :D
Retweeted by tangoIssue #6 of the Doom Master Wadazine is out! Featuring multiple WAD recommendations, various in-depth articles and…
Retweeted by tangoUnfamiliar Episodes - E2M5 Redux progress. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoDM-CTC-Fossor by Roberto 'Homeslice' Tobar & evil_blue_dude Unreal Tournament
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I hope you have the need. The need to feed. COME EAT THE MAPWICH!!!!
Retweeted by tangolil' #doom jungle knave tests, I'm liking this vibe.
Retweeted by tango[d1m4.bsp] Arrivée de L'étranger by Fairweather (@fairweatherbaah) released in 2020
Retweeted by tango Playing Rowdy Rudy II. Such great Wad by Doomkid and his team 🤩
Retweeted by tangosome doom blockouts: have a few more frames to make but HOW MIGHTY YOU HAVE RETURNED TO ME, ORIGINAL TECH HANDGUN OF TREASURE TECH T…
Retweeted by tango @DinerJames @Bridgeburner4 nice.Polygons, lightmap, and the final picture of Ak-Alakha from #ArcaneDimensions 1.8 #leveldesign #quake #gamedev
Retweeted by tangoDM-Permanent][ by Frostblood Unreal Tournament
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#PortfolioDay I'm Jazzmaster, an aspiring level designer and game developer who has been part of the Doom modding c…
Retweeted by tangoAk-Alakha map is named after burial in Gorny Altai. The map was started as part of Xmas jam 2018 (that why it's 102…
Retweeted by tangoClimbing out from under a rock for #PortfolioDay. I like to make maps for Doom II - sometimes it's fun, sometimes i…
Retweeted by tangoI was reminded that it was portfolio day by @Bridgeburner4 #DOOM #leveldesign
Retweeted by tango[exdm4.bsp] The Furnace by Excessus (@carlossisi) released in 1999
Retweeted by tangouhhh #quake, halloween jam stuff!
Retweeted by tango#PortfolioDay Hey there. I'm antares031, and I design fan-made levels for one of the best video games ever created.
Retweeted by tangoHere's some of my #Doom stuff for #PortfolioDay. I specialize in/adore labyrinthian constructs that are very cruel…
Retweeted by tangoI've been doing this #blocktober #nanowadmo map, Transporter Facility, for seven days now D: Which would be far too…
Retweeted by tango#PortfolioDay Hello, I'm Dac and sometimes I make Doom maps. This space should have more stuff in it next year.
Retweeted by tango#PortfolioDay Hi! I'm Tristan and I'm an aspiring video game composer from the classic Doom modding community. Her…
Retweeted by tangoso it's #PortfolioDay today and i figured i'd pack something together
Retweeted by tango#PortfolioDay Huh? I'm blaming @majorarlene Well I do maps for #Doom as well as being an armature musical person,…
Retweeted by tangoI don't mind coming out of the woodwork for #PortfolioDay! I design quirky levels for Doom mainly for my own amusem…
Retweeted by tangoAs part of #PortfolioDay i guess it's fair i share some screenshots from what i have worked on this year. Hi, i a…
Retweeted by tangoI'm a bit late on #PortfolioDay, but you can still look at those various wip level screenshots for old good Doom ga…
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Unfamiliar Episodes - E2M4 Redux Finished. #unfamiliar #doom #doom2 #doommodding #doommapping #mapping #leveldesign
Retweeted by tangoFrom my latest work for Jark's Modest Mapping Challenge 2. The vanilla compatibility and strict 40 sector count alo…
Retweeted by tangoIt's #PortfolioDay I hear. Here's some stuff I made. Here's a link to a thing I made, Dizuo Extended Demo:…
Retweeted by tangoSo yeah, Arcane Dimensions 1.8 is out with my new map, thanks to everyone who's been playing it and sending feedbac…
Retweeted by tangoHappy #PortfolioDay! I'm an aspiring level designer with a passion for Doom maps. My main project is The Age of Hel…
Retweeted by tangoFinally #ArcaneDimensions 1.8 patch 1 is done! A huge thank you to @BafuBal @PuLSaR_noise @markiemusicpro for all…
Retweeted by tango @fairweatherbaah this looks great :D are you running this in GL with tonemap: palette?In all seriousness though, #Doom mapping going well. I even converted that one arena I made into the Knave textures…
Retweeted by tangoMore #blocktober for this week, all inner areas of the facility are done, now heading to make the outer areas that…
Retweeted by tango[d1m3.bsp] Under a Funeral Moon by Voidforce (@VoidMolotov) released in 2020
Retweeted by tangoDoom 2 Extreme is a gem.
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Surprise! I still exist on this account! I have been working on a project for #nanowadmo this year. Like last year,…
Retweeted by tango#goldensouls How it started: How it ended:
Retweeted by tangoA close up of the frames I drew for that rifle commission I showed off around the end of September
Retweeted by tango @RobinsonHolmes5 this looks killer mate! love those first two shots especially, really great geometry @dzibarik @BafuBal sweet, I'd never heard of trim sheets before, thanks for sharing!! @BafuBal awesome, thanks so much for sharing :D this makes a lot of sense, I'd never really considered doing someth…