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Indie Filmmaker/producer Free Palestine. too hot to be funny, too funny to be hot tip me: $thetweedthneed I post my art @thneedartposti1 18+ only, minors DNI

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@nathanaelsass oh wait i love that?? @emily_dawnxo i've said it before but im a 200 follower account trapped in a 10k+ account's body @pivanputs @Srirachachau right like it's one thing to have a cohesive brand identity, but it's another to say that… @emily_dawnxo literally 98% of what i tweet is for me, let the thoughts flow freely @melstonemusic i went into it fully with the mindset of "alright 'Greatest Film Ever Made, Hit Me'" and by the end of it i was all in @emily_dawnxo mood, it's a trip @pivanputs @Srirachachau what i'm saying here is that they're not responsible for the creative choices or the artis… Rogen is an anagram for Estrogen-H send tweet @Carpmin3 my seal reviews have the carpmin seal of approvalanyone looking for a podcast guest? i'm occasionally funny and have a Very Good Podcast Voice @transscribe Deservedly so lmao that's peak @JaclynPMoore that is *absolutely* the move lol @transscribe i'm lowkey bummed i wasn't around for that, it sounds amazing lol @TheGayChingy proud of him for stepping up and playing a gay character @ShirtBimbo ah fuck, poor yorick @StopTweetingMia fuckin' dope
@winonarules this is the only correct takeDame Judy Dench as Waluigi @Gwyyndoliin chris pratt as mario is honestly breaking me lmaoBenedict Cumberbatch as Birdo Sir Ian McKellen as Thwomp Ray Ramono as Chain Chomp Bradley Cooper as Dry Bones are fighting to ensure that the most powerful media corporations on the planet treat the film and tv workers who…
Retweeted by bong the ripper (redux)Olimar is a key grip, Louie is a gaffer, pikmin are grips (purple ones are probably dolly grips) anyway support IAT… @VCCassidy @Srirachachau be that as it may, this is beyond just brand recognition and more in service of attributin… @VCCassidy @Srirachachau be that as it may, it's weird for a film to be labeled as a "Pixar" movie and not a "brad… @Noalarmplanet @Srirachachau imo it's *fine* to use a brand as a catch-all/shorthand, but it gets very silly if you… @Srirachachau it's weird as hell to see like, auteur status placed on a company that literally only handles the fin… MAKE THE CONTENT WE HAVE THE POWER ✊
Retweeted by bong the ripper (redux) @StopTweetingMia no totally, it's...messy as fuck, and i try to inoculate myself but like?low key it's shit like this is why i present myself as very distant/"look but don't touch"; i'm here to hang, i'm n… @StopTweetingMia my line is hella wide and i'm down to let it get blurry but like...all i want is a little recognit… @Jinga11s to be fair to the algorithm i've been hella active lolliterally just be chill, i have so much room in my heart for whatever you're bringing to the tableokay look, i have a really, really high tolerance for people feeling their fantasy and whatever but if you're tryin… and his Immaculate Blunt (2021, digital)
Retweeted by bong the ripper (redux) @DustinKustich mortifying realization that i've posted a cover of a song, fucked up the lyrics, and know for a fact that the band saw it lmaoooo 👀👀 @KJCutieNSFW lmaoooo thank you @KJCutieNSFW @bonkey_bong aren't we all? @jjohnson6121 @enbiegiant hella i'll give them a listen @KJCutieNSFW @bonkey_bong omggg @hollyxhawkes i meaaaaan @hollyxhawkes hella @jjohnson6121 @enbiegiant tbh my favorite recording recently is probably the Mountain Goats Jordan Lake Sessions cu… @hollyxhawkes oh what if @jjohnson6121 @enbiegiant yeah no she rips @hollyxhawkes @enbiegiant along to P.S. Eliot, y'all need anything? @jjohnson6121 @enbiegiant @enbiegiant @EmperorCuck @bonniexplore @jjohnson6121 @hollyxhawkes i did lmaoooo @bonniexplore @enbiegiant @StopTweetingMia wait that's funny as hell???? like no how dare you make a straight life is strange game, this is peak lesbian shit! @jjohnson6121 @HighWisCGRogue like also just talking to yourself in a voice and practicing can work wonders; just monologuing what's going on around you @EmperorCuck semiotics and indexicality probably @hollyxhawkes @StopTweetingMia it's super not basic, i think there's a lot going on with it? @ancientplums t o a s t
Retweeted by bong the ripper (redux) @ancientplums t o a s t @HighWisCGRogue it's super hard!! but also super doable!! @DoViJo1780 @EmperorCuck @StopTweetingMia they really were @EmperorCuck exactly lmao @EmperorCuck i'm actually from the midwest but have been super close w/a number of people from NorCal which like ha… @HighWisCGRogue @hollyxhawkes lmaoooo thank youuu @StopTweetingMia actual answer @StopTweetingMia this is kind of an outtake video but i'm gonna post it anyway @EmperorCuck @bonkey_bong ahhhh lmao thank youuu @bonkey_bong fuck yeah @gluten_n_tootn yes @Jinga11s raccoon thots @DoViJo1780 fushigi door please @ThatOodOne t u n a @bonkey_bong @ElleSome b o a t @EmperorCuck @EmperorCuck tl;dw i'm a dog in a stress jacket ask me dumb shit lol @Carpmin3 tube guys @emily_dawnxo it tipsy ama? @EmperorCuck lol thank you!!asdf.mp4.jpeg i have colored The Boy @Gwyyndoliin lmaooooo ahhhh thank you lol??update on The Boy @EmmaChomsky ahhhhh tytyty!! @starfader ohmygodohmygodohmygodlmaoyes this was entirely because i saw @starfader's vid and was like "mood"smh i dropped my phone behind my bed for this @starfader lmaoooo omgOoh-wee-ooh, I look just like David Bowie