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Creative Director at Barefoot Solutions, an app development agency in San Diego. I also write articles here: #NotMeUs

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Hard to believe the US never attempted to control the virus. We closed temporarily, but never aggressively tested,…,700 to 170. That’s how many polling stations Kentuckians were reduced to on Election Day. Only 1 polling statio…
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Left: abolish the police Liberals: we’ll rename the Pentagon the Maya Angelou War Center
Retweeted by Peter HolmesCentrists setting 40 million dollars on fire to narrowly edge out a progressive in the primary so that a pro-Trump…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesI guess they ran out of tear gas and rubber bullets today.
Retweeted by Peter HolmesIt's hard to see how voting matters when 70% of registered voters want Medicare for All.
Retweeted by Peter Holmesi can’t afford healthcare
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThis is disgusting. Democrats are more lethal to progressives than conservatives used the stop Bernie playbook- fight him in the primary with insane amounts of money and then fix the results
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but The Democratic Party would rather Mitch McConnell win than Charles Booker.
Retweeted by Peter HolmesMe: The perfect internet video doesn’t exist The internet:
Retweeted by Peter HolmesGood for this guy keeping his cool, but if I was there this woman would be noticing me real quick
DC police are now doing this every night when they think the cameras are gone. Trashing food and medical supplies,…
Retweeted by Peter Holmesin Columbus, protestors are holding up signs with officers names and the abuses they've each unleashed on the Peopl…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesA fellow lawyer from Missouri, a guy I know named Mark McCloskey committed an assault tonight in STL by pointing hi…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThe US Catholic church spent $281 Million on child abuse cases in 2019 alone. Their massive properties sit mostly e… example- the Fed. Behind all the jargon (QE) is a simple gambit- give away tons of money to rich people and so… is another example- it’s not complicated what’s gone wrong. The insurance companies are holding the coun… frustrates me when people adopt an attitude that our society is complex beyond comprehension. Because diagnosis…
Snipers on Elijah’s mother while she spoke. Riot gear to dismantle a violin vigil with children in a park. Tear gas…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesOn the one hand, all these TV shows apologizing is a stupid and performative distraction from actual change. On the… one on the left shot up a movie theater, specifically picked a theater that had locks on the door, killed 12 pe…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesDefund the police. Right now. They murdered an innocent boy and then invade a peaceful vigil in full military gear?… this what our $300M police budget is getting us?
Retweeted by Peter Holmes @luxeprogressive @sproingus @ShahidForChange Yeah I understand, and it’s cool just as it is. Just thought that affo… @sproingus @luxeprogressive @ShahidForChange Me too, but the idea is that there should be an explicit visual indica… @luxeprogressive @ShahidForChange Hey, great job. JFYI on mobile once the menu opens, no close menu option is displaying“you’ll get more conservative when you’re older” were words spoken by the more privileged of a generation who were…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesIt’s like Stalin saying get a flu shot
Retweeted by Peter HolmesAnother example of a situation utterly botched by police that would have been handled 1000X better by a social work…
The police have us cornered- if we make them follow the law they will retaliate by not protecting us. Same goes for… department of justice estimates that american police kill 25-30 pet dogs per day
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Unacceptable @Kevin_Faulconer @nytimes is an establishment bully pretending to be a woke intellectual. Latest awfulness is doxxing this blogg… is so fucked up. As was the department’s reaction: “all of them retired and don’t work here anymore.” As if th… is my Parks and Rec audition.
Retweeted by Peter HolmesArrest them. They murdered her in her sleep.
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThis story breaks my heart and enrages me #JusticeForElijahMcClain
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThe police trapped a group of non-violent protestors, gassed them, and then lied about everything. And nothing will…
“We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them niggers. I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.” 3 officers in…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesA story in four parts
Retweeted by Peter HolmesKlay demanding justice for Elijah McClain
Retweeted by Peter HolmesNot do I only believe working 40hrs is too much, I also believe kids being in school all day is absurd. That’s too…
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This is 👌 If we can’t punish the police at least we can shame them recently told me that “difficult to work with” often really means “difficult to take advantage of” in creat…
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Future civilizations will look back on our “democracy” in horror stories of police cruelty and brutality pouring out of social media are heartbreaking. Also noteworthy here is… police are now putting pieces of paper in chokeholds. Autopsy report has been placed on a “security hold” They m… the amount of $ being flooded to equities and banks to prop up the rich, the 1K payout people got is looking… lie, kids. They lie on "official reports, " they lie about being in fear for their life, they lie about seeing…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThis is the “democratic” process we were told will create change? Yeah right. If we want change we’re gonna have to… a horrifying, uniquely American blend of hells
Retweeted by Peter HolmesWithout words.
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Las Vegas police looks to make money off of its own misconduct & demands for accountability. It will now charge $2…
Retweeted by Peter Holmes @LASDHQ Understanding hearts wouldn’t allow their colleagues to murder an 18 year old boy and then destroy all the… and cops have a similar job in this country - enforce compliance with a system that gives every advantage to…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesUtter insanity. This is not democracy.
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Dear @NYCMayor & @NYGovCuomo & @NYPDShea, What are you going to do? This is TODAY. 100th Precinct. NYPD Officer…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesAt least 1/3 of gofundmes are for medical bills. in 2018 over $650 million was raised for medical bills on gofundme…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesBernie Rally > Trump Rally > Biden doesn’t do rallies (The media is lying to us all about what “we” want)
This is an outrageous lie. Imagine if a parent gave one child a million bucks and the other nothing, and then had t… is fascism. The street was closed for the event, she had a ticket, and was ARRESTED? For what? #TulsaRally he really did pull a gun like the police say, why did police destroy all the security cameras? #AndresGuardado looks like a suicide to me
Retweeted by Peter HolmesCops killed an 18 year old and then broke all the nearby cameras
Retweeted by Peter Holmes @Ivybono1 @shakespeherian this is cummins unit in arkansas it is absolutely slavery
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThis is after LA county sheriff's deputy MURDERED Andres Guardado an 18 year-old Latino boy who was shot 7 TIMES on…
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Aaand the cops just murdered again. An 18 year old kid in LA, working as a security guard. Very little evidence exc… you think defunding police is radical wait until you hear about how they've been defunding housing, health care,…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesA cop hit on me when I was 21 and drunk in front of a club. I told him to go f**k himself. He slammed me against a…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesA town of 9000. Last had a murder in 2011. Before that, 2005.
Retweeted by Peter Holmesthe history of juneteenth- just in case you don’t know
Retweeted by Peter HolmesBut they can’t figure out who hung those 6 ppl across the country
Retweeted by Peter Holmes#MedicareForAll would save an estimated 68,000 lives a year. But no, let’s give more free, completely unnecessary k…
🙋‍♂️Raise your hand if you think the news of 5 black men found hanging in trees in 1 week should be getting much bigger headlines.
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Vilifying social media is a mistake- these apps give a voice to the people that did not exist before. Floyd’s murde… has been 96 days since Breonna Taylor was killed. Her killers have not been arrested. If the system will continu…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThe FED gifting $TRILLIONS to rich people during the pandemic is a massive scandal being swept under the rug. The j…’s time to abolish “qualified immunity" so police officers can be held fully accountable for abuses they commit. No one is above the law.
Retweeted by Peter Holmes#BreonnaTaylor #NoJusticeNoPeace I, alongside my colleagues, will introduce a motion to replace LAPD officers with unarmed, non-law enforcemen…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesDHH calling out Apple for breaking their own rules.. He’s not wrong. But they also own the platform, so who can sto…
The police are basically indistinguishable from the KKK folks here. This is why we need independent oversight- thes…“Anything fired out of a shotgun at 90 miles per hour is lethal. Calling them ‘less lethal’ is just fun with words.”
Retweeted by Peter Holmes'You can call me a snitch if you want': 911 dispatcher watching George Floyd arrest told superiors when expressing…
Everyone realizes that Warren deliberately sabotaged Bernie’s campaign by staying in on Super Tuesday, right? There…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThree lynchings of black men happened this week. Three.This is the #AllBlackLivesMatter protest today in LA. Just incredible.
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So it’s our responsibility as citizens to stay angry. It’s our job to keep fighting. If we continue applying pressu… Bernie campaign was about exactly this- #Medicare4All, housing rights, free higher education, criminal justice… I look in my community Mexican people are serving white people. How exactly is that different from slave… never actually ended. What is freedom in a society where you can work multiple jobs and still not afford fo… a hot dog and arguing with the tv
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThe media is against us. The police attacked peaceful protestors- but notice they don’t say that. This is the syste…'ve spent last 5 hours analyzing footage of NYPD brutality against protestors. A lot on my mind, but forefront: If…
Retweeted by Peter HolmesTwo black men have been found hanging from trees within 60 miles from one another in California? What the FUCK is going on???
Retweeted by Peter HolmesThis is the type of daily harassment and terrorism that has to stop also. It’s not just about the murders- the kill… at Bill Maher thinking he could hang with Glenn Greenwald in a debate 😂
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