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@EtsiSusi Haven’t had much to say about this shitshow. It’s too much to absorb the level of corruptionEvery dog deserves to be loved this much
@ScorpionWoman3 I’m so sorry for your loss. You have given this nation the highest sacrifice. God bless you . A Gol… @duchess1831 Thanks!I suggest we make every American & politician who still supports trump to send their own sons & daughters to go bac…
A sad morning
24 seconds. 8 times. He's deteriorating.
Retweeted by MommaTDa fuq?
Retweeted by MommaTWe are all the Italian translator. #trumppresser
Retweeted by MommaT“Hopefully, ISIS will be guarded”. Trump’s policy is to hope terrorism away
You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.
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Even she knows this shit is serious.
@PDreams4ever Please have her go to an emergency room. They can’t turn you away. Urgent care are privately owned an…
@bsjPositiveDog Lol!! Funny @eresateM Sick pup... 😂👍Just hid this in my husband’s car. This should be fun!!, i would like to report that Fox News isn’t happy with trump. They are starting to moan and groan about him.…'s in danger of losin' his base of Apocalyptic wackadoodles.
Retweeted by MommaTWATCH: Former President Carter, the oldest living former president in US history, helps lead a build of Habitat for…
Retweeted by MommaTLindsey Graham calls in to Fox & Friends & calls Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds "impulsive." "I hope I'm ma…
Retweeted by MommaTThe walls are closing in on trump. The wheels are coming off the trump train. The ship is sinking. Yet, everyone… News: President Trump must turn over eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns to Manhattan pr…
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Donald trump is too dumb to know he isn’t smart enough to be president.BREAKING: Attorney representing whistleblower who sounded the alarm on Pres. Trump’s dealings with Ukraine tells…
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Each day that passes I feel better and better about my 2016 general election vote for @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by MommaTEconomist/YouGov Poll: should House try to impeach Trump? 50% yes 39% no if House impeaches, should Senate remove…
Retweeted by MommaTTo continue to support Trump just to piss off democrats is like burning your own home down in the hopes that the sm…
This is so humiliating- that we have a president willing to cheat but China has enough moral compunction not to hel…
Retweeted by MommaT @CatWheater We’re holding you in prayers. We now pray for your energy to rerun. Your body to respond and a season o… constitution is under attack and Fox News is doing a segment attacking Robert De Niro - I kid you not.
He’s a drunk @debhodges1413 Amen!Forgiveness is a personal decision. The End
In case you missed #TrumpMeltdown this coup talk is moot
Retweeted by MommaT @rolandscahill Ha!! Perfect !!His point is moot. 😂
Retweeted by MommaT @ABrightMonster ok- i Hear I must see in Beetlejuice. Will you still be performing in January ? Trying to surprise my daughter !! @realDonaldTrump You know spell check fixed the word coup for you.Trump is going to shoot the whistleblower on 5th Avenue
@PeterAlexander The rats are jumping shipThe Rats are jumping ship
Let this tweet break twitter.... took our new kitten to the vet. Nails trimmed, Q-tip shoved in the ears, thermometer up the butt, shots in the… tweets in the past two hours. Just another normal Monday with trumpPhilly, will bring cheesesteaks! #CivilWarSignup remind you, Sharpiegate was only two weeks ago.Just a reminder to those who want the #whistleblower outed: It is a felony, punishable by up to three years in pris…
Retweeted by MommaTA reminder to federal officials: There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower sta…
Retweeted by MommaTNixon won 49 states and he was impeached.
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@SueRic2 Sending you some prayers!!! Every hour counts!! @ImJenzmom Love that you join us !! Have a blessed day!! @libby_lockey Looks like God’s church!! Love it ! @CatWheater You got this!! @roxie1955 We ask that love and light enter into your life. That the heavy darkness of depression be lifted. Please… @robvt @lori_miley It’s not just a little pup, it’s your baby. We are lifting her in prayers and are hoping you rec… @RebeccaNewell7 Leaving is never easy. We can never have a new door open, if we’re holding onto the same door handl…, Every Sunday we turn my account into Twitter Church. All are welcomed and all are asked to be kind and re…
@leeleeb50 @ida_skibenes @mmpadellan @pebbles_9010 @EarlOfEnough @AviFlyGirl @Carolyn4GA7 @harrisonjaime @ida_skibenes M @mmpadellan P @pebbles_9010 E @EarlOfEnough A @AviFlyGirl C @Carolyn4GA7 H @harrisonjaime
Retweeted by MommaT @rfitzgearld MuttWhat did I do mom, I only wanted to play.... cult never has it’s own aha moment. A cult continues to drink the kool aid, despite the toxic warning label and…
@realDonaldTrump Are you Discribing that liddle slip up of treason?Congress, cancel your recess! @SpeakerPelosiBREAKING: A new Senate report reveals that the @NRA was a 'foreign asset' to Russia ahead of 2016, promising access…
Retweeted by MommaTLiddle Liddle treason Liddle lies Liddle coverup Liddle collusion Liddle nervous Liddle impeachment Liddle jail America is alotta excitedBigly Liddle Lies#PresidentLoco does not know the difference between a hyphen and an apostrophe. #PresidentLoco has been reduced to…
Retweeted by MommaT @realDonaldTrump @CNN I’m crying and laughing at the same timeDemocrats don’t need talking points, we have facts.My goodness imagine if we hadn’t taken the House.
Retweeted by MommaTWow. Rudy Giuliani is on Ingraham's show implicating the State Department in the Ukraine scandal. "The whistleblo…
Retweeted by MommaTFox News is now calling this - UKRAINE DERANGEMENT SYNDROME 😂😂😂😂 you guys are literally shitting bricks at this… @QuiddityJones @DavidMDupoise @DavidMDupoise Yes !Fox News is now calling this - UKRAINE DERANGEMENT SYNDROME 😂😂😂😂 you guys are literally shitting bricks at this point. @EricTrump @Dylanesque2604 @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump Russia’s donation doesn’t count .
If your argument is foreign nations will no longer feel phone conversations of collusion are private - then you do… @casekaem @aWomanResisting Legit fear @LindseyGrahamSC Are you serious ?! Our nation was almost hostage to another at the doing of trump. Trump must h…’m not pretending I did anything productive today. The laundry can wait, the dust can accumulate, vacuuming isn’… @nytmike @adamgoldmanNYT @julianbarnes We don’t need to know this @nytimes If this person is killed it’s blood on your hands!! wtf ?!Dear Republicans, & MSNBC have had 979 days with trump as president. They’ve had 979 days of being schooled on how this administ…’t make me spit my pumpkin spice latte while laughing President just threatened an American intelligence official with execution who gave corroborated information ab…
Retweeted by MommaTDemocrats need to keep the focus on the wrongs of what trump did, not Maguire. Stay hyper focused Keep the messa… complaint,citing multiple US officials, alleges that White House lawyers have been stuffing politically troubli…
Retweeted by MommaTDevin Nuns is complaining that the whistleblower hearings aren’t “normal” Normal? It’s laughable that republica… @anylegalmeans Very true @DaveE998 @imagesbyeric I hope you’re right
I’ve been here before. I’ve felt this giddiness. I was hopeful. I had a cocky pep in my step. A confident “I told y… White House just sent this to Congressional offices, I assume under the mistaken impression that we are incapab…
Retweeted by MommaTImagine the shock when Melania found out the term whistleblower has nothing to do with a porn star blowing her husband’s whistle.who’s the whistle blower ?
Make America Sane, proud, respectful, welcoming, safe, humane Again!!oh yes we can can can !!!#ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW
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