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GUCCI BUCKET HATwoke up built different, going back to bed after this first class. I'll report back If I'm still built different upon waking up from my napGAgAGaGaGa GaGaGaGa @Hiko Okyou’d think if I’m playing in a Q and they knew I was playing for money they wouldn’t sit there and troll me :-)playing pugs with @jam_csgo and @landmazCS'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my teammates and my dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk looooo…
Retweeted by tweissgetting last picked in fpl= no expectations from anyone :-)) @jaysef7 😼FPL stream or chill pug STREAM. U PICK
@holdehnj really dumb changewhy the fuck my RT button broke @Am1racle yikesLMFAO I went to school with are getting engaged, married, starting families.. I’m just here playing video games, watching YouTube.. sadge @jaysef7 I’m joining g2, announcement later @mac1_cs You can put this in your bio like every ZPG player and ride the wave for 10 years
@nitsuA_tv What the fuck is 2 to besomeone reply to this in a complete sentence as to why I should or shouldn’t change my resolution @1wrycs @ESEA @el_jack0 good idea IMO. @zaannzz :((((BJERG retire from LoL :(((((((((((((((((( @NotAdamJW dude I don’t care, if I have to wear a mask for the next year so that I’m two years from now the flu sea…,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday alone. Wear your fucking mask so that we can get back to NOT having to wear… @NotAdamJW @awhnutss @ariessqc 1 Adam
@vizo_o I think you are just ass lol @ZinkkyVEVO @piethrouer what @doltnn @nitsuA_tv i don't do mcdonalds for two reasons. 1.) they shut their ice cream machines down at 9pm 2.) 1. @nitsuA_tv Best fries are either Wendy’s or Chick-Fil-Awhoever invented yoga pants, thank uas said by my professor today. "The problem with bullshit is that it stinks, and I'm not smelling that shit." my… @amnesia_cs NyAAAAAAAAAA~ @zetNf @GeT_RiGhT please don't @ him, I'm his biggest fan and I'm literally not even kidding. This guy is the reason why I played CS LMFAOI wake up every day and hope that GeT_RiGHT and f0rest return to some sort of insane greatness. So far I've woken u… HAVE BEEN SUPPLIED WITH SOME HEAT THIS AM.I’m so glad we only live once because I cannot do this shit againcan I borrow someone's m9 bayonet for a week ^_^1 FPL GAME 1 WIN POGGERSmax 1 (maybe) 2 games of FPL before I need to finish my labs, come hang if U want ^_^
I WaNt To WorK IN tHE EsPoRT INDusTrY so baD FuCK mAN WhY am I So MEdIOCre At Cs NoW WhaT the FUcK? @graphitecs I SEE @graphitecs if they are financially "set" why are they limiting you at 10,000 a year? @ariessqc @vanitycsgo @awhnutss W @awhnutss @ariessqc caxaxaxaxa @ariessqc @awhnutss get a fucking room @graphitecs ohahahahahahaha @graphitecs can also apply for FASFA which serves as loans that don’t need to be payable on until after you graduat… @caseyfosterTV I shot archery competitively for a long time, I'm an avid hunter. @caseyfosterTV with all hobbies, inside and outside of cs, I've had the same approach that money is a biproduct to… @awhnutss hello @awhnutss ?_? @Hiko If only I could of impressed you and @vice_cs more... @caseyfosterTV I'm telling you right now that I have NO interest in playing Valorant competitively. Money doesn't s… @caseyfosterTV literally me @sfX_x1 @KnightsGG W @awhnutss tweet this 6 months ago and I vouch, new krieg is SHITRANK S | FPL | MDL | TRIED OUT FOR ROGUE | BADASS | @Ahmoar @joshm1cks Cannot vouch this @joshm1cks vouch
@mikezJe LMAO @mikezJe Man This Dude Really Doesn’t Have Air Pods 💯‼️™️ @foxwounds .... @foxwounds If I find a gem of a gamer girl surely she will be impressed with this performance @foxwounds This really means a lot you have no idea @foxwounds pinnedhope my future girlfriend sees my 17 pug wins in a row and my record setting pug today. 173 ADR 😎I have transcended and managed to have won (17) games in a row on ESEA and won all (15) of my placements for Rank S. God is greathow is pwnalone not EPL, this guy literally has it all @f4stzin my friend i thought this was 1600x900 or a 16:10 ressomeone that knows krimz: PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT RES THIS WAS!!! @amnesia_cs step on meI have chosen to do one of these @TundraEZ wat u got
whalers winning MDL this season and my mind cannot be changed @1wrycs broke ass mfer @landmazCS dick on hard wasn’t relatable?I’m literally a robot reading information and regurgitating it onto paper or onto research assignments. I’m not eve… @Xeppaaa @maazy4PF @leaf_cs @FNS bro what? Double chicken, white rice, black beans, queso and topped with shredded… @jaysef7 im gonna switch out of this cs degree into business degree @NotAdamJW I’ll just go into business management or something. I cant learn well in this cs degree given the world we live inI have come to the conclusion that I will probably finish this semester and change my major because this shit ain’t workingi don't really fuck with remote learning and I'm actually angered at the fact that my tuition is full price given t… @hazedCS 3.23 major winning @ripsofiia tears of joy :-)why is my ass crying at the end of The 100my mental is unbelievably AMAZING for the past couple weeks. @dolphycs vouch @NotAdamJW bro its a @drewzeracs revelation.dick on hard @f4stzin @swishcs kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Retweeted by tweissBuild: Different Sex: A lot Blood Type: Ice
Retweeted by tweiss @Ahmoar I’m gaming CoD tonight @pennycsgo @paiNGamingBR @YeahGaming U guys lostIt's another @Vaniityesports stream up now for me! They take on Faceit T's on Overpass! Vaniity: @landmazCS
Retweeted by tweisscan someone please purchase me a 2021 Bronco. It doesn't even have to be the insane package edition, just 4x4 base model ^___________^
Shame the owner of the team is playing the new COD instead of watching his teams final match in CS which is also a Grand Final
Retweeted by tweiss @ariessqc ...I just wanna have a sick AK spray in rust