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@ConkyOCE @RyanAtRBM My point is that with time and no one arguably being caught on a large public scale, it result… @ConkyOCE @RyanAtRBM I agree its a huge grey area (NOW) but I can assure at one point in time it was extremely blac… @RyanAtRBM call me crazy but I even remember the admin at the time (evstyle or RMZ) communicating this to the team… @RyanAtRBM i dont know why everyone is so shocked by this being revealed. any "older" player can tell you that thi… @CashootMePlz sup whats ur pp whyattshort tarkov stream sadge @Maticussy @mac1_val I got the first but the IRS website says I’m not eligible under the second check10 bucks PayPal download a krimz demo and tell me what xhair he is using @mac1_val you can be like me and not qualify for one because I was on unemployment for the first quarter of the year 🤟🏻sup what I miss
@1juniorcs @foxwounds @foxwounds WTF dude @crow_bruh @CashootMePlz Yeah but I’m tired of spending 150 dollars for a mouse that begins to double click after a… @Droidcsgo @karraminuh you are so fucking mad mahatma Namdi @karraminuh well there is a drake song that has similar lyrics to what I posted BUT given it was the wrong song now I feel like monkey @karraminuh Next line is something like: DUBAI PLATES, IN A CALIFORNIA PLACE. GOTTA FIND MY OWN WAY. RIGHT??? @ajpullan did I survive @karraminuh THIS IS DRAKENiP rebrand is actually TERRIBLEI think BNB 2.0 is gonna be a silent sleeper in premier this season. For being a new roster they are definitely loo… a glorious model O wireless. I’ll let you know if that shit SLAPS or not.tom Brady is already legendary but he’s gonna be even more legendary if he wins a super bowl the first year in a new program. #TOMPABAY
10 TOES DOWN TARKOVING just doesn't believe in winning blast eventsbet bucs winning super bowl all @scottiyioioioio go watch ExfilCamper on YouTube/twitch. He will solo/4 man / 5 man extraction camp and stream it t… @scottiyioioioio Scotty I promise you I have felt this pain @scottiyioioioio stream tomorrow gonna press 4 kappa and just pvp/OWN medical on interchange ^_^o_o didn’t tweet this mcgregor allreply 1 if I stream tarkovPoggers @HexTCSGO res? @HexTCSGO Thank U HEXt of rbg ESPORT @vanitycsgo shower @rocazor see whose laughing out loud now NOOB @maazy4PF Suck my nuts. @rocazor lol I hope ur video never gets 1mil views. @awhnutss Thank U @awhnutss Fruit punch flavor goodwat time mcgregor fight 2night @refinnejle @Crashies thank god ur back I can’t ringer for another event Diane made me feel like gum on the bottom of her shoe
fuck adam lolnice ass @4sh0t @TheUltraLex that’s more like a EC series, I prefer ambi (s2/fk) @ariessqc Kiss me i will heal uastralis starting off 21’ accordingly @Ahmoar @giraffley @ariessqc +rep (for me ofc) @ariessqc @giraffley 🤌🏻 @giraffley @ariessqc shit man can’t send shit without an address @giraffley wat u want for valentines
@TheUltraLex i can always count on you to spend my money indirectly. I thought i was a mouse fiend but you take the cake on that one buddy @mikezJe #MIKERUNSMAIN @Thorin @dumaucs 😎😎Who is FalleN? For the blind, it is light. For the hungry, it's bread. For the prisoner, it is freedom. If FalleN t… @chloe_hime7 I’m at school face to face right now and they have confirmed cases on campus. @ELL5o5 u made a fatal mistake, ur gonna get dm’d by bots like crazy @jam_csgo I was preparing for this all along.holy shit NAF @zroyalflush_ shake that ass Dave @jaysef7 Fam you are refreshing Facebook in this don’t bullshit us xx! @piethrouer @1grimcs girlhappy bday @ariessqc 😎 @jaysef7 Happens to me too
@scottiyioioioio DM’D @xcudigee makes you fucking FIERCE. I actually used to do this for CS events on weekends especially. @foxwounds W @ramuelcs 🗣🗣💯🖕🏿 @leaf_cs Good Luck !!!!!!! woooo @giraffley I had a teacher do this to me and she said we had to be professional on camera the whole time. I ate food all class yesterday @_marketflowers OK @_marketflowers pet dog grrrr @piethrouer Bobs @ramuelcs 🤌🏻🗣🗣💯 @valens @Cloud9 Oh B Stuff. I expected so much more out of you @valens @Cloud9 Is the banana control labeled, “b stutter” ??man if it’s one thing I hate it is people that leave their mic on in the Teams Meeting and vomit bullshit at 10 AM… still haunts me
Retweeted by tweissthat shit bussin @giraffley 🥺f @dianeCSGO fingers crossed that my debut in a female lineup makes girls lineup @h4kucs man I can assure you that my ability to own in pugs is probably why I'm a virgin in real lifei just got made fun of for being a virgin dude WTF I'M SORRY?
@mooseloff please sir don’t fuck my bitch @NicholasPCSGO I got one yesterday for the same reason, wasn’t too bad @awhnutss DUDE @awhnutss Fruit punch monster bangsAnnounce Brian @HLTVorg
Retweeted by tweiss @VitoCC2 I would think so, there is a lot of things I'm seeing as far as info plays that make TL T side look differ… @_Kyleba_ you are fucking MAD @_Kyleba_ UK individual for a source is not credible, I'll stick to what I think is happeninghonestly I think fallen is out calling Na Vi right now pretty hardIM STICKED UP LIKE A BLIND MAN @AtozTV_CS @giraffley @ariessqc gg @crawfishcs F