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@vooCSGO @DiscipleTD @piethrouer people with 5 ping on Dallas servers are demons @vooCSGO @DiscipleTD @piethrouer anyone on east gets 90 ping to Denver without exit lag @jermaine_cs @FollowSwindoll Who BANNED you if it wasn’t the Russian Sleeper Agent @vooCSGO @DiscipleTD @piethrouer Dallas is terrible for everyone who isn’t in Dallas or within a states distance of… @jermaine_cs @FollowSwindoll unacceptable MR.SWINDOLL. :( @SpoiceCS @paiNGamingBR U were solid on inferno man, you will do good in relegation :)cool stream tonight, cool that we won our playoff match tonight. Y’all are great honestly, much lovefirst one in a long time, pugs wit da boys @Th3JoseGaming +rep these guys deserve somethingwhy is BnB not signed lmfao @tweissCS bro its the anime pic
Retweeted by tweissay listen I know I’m in playoffs still and shit but BnB winning premier lmfao @TheUltraLex @MythicRebornGG im rolling back the years baby @fl0mtv @TheUltraLex @MythicRebornGG POWER UP2-0 @MythicRebornGG. ggs to them, next match tomorrow OFC
@tweissCS @FPLCircuit @FollowSwindoll @Mronyguy1 @Am1racle
Retweeted by tweiss @jam_csgo @FPLCircuit @FollowSwindoll @Mronyguy1 @Am1racle go go go🦧 @zerg_tv 🦧 @swishcs @Am1racle @FPLCircuit @Faceit_Mikey FUCKIN TELL EM YAAAAK YAAAAK 💯💯 @OCGprowl THANKS MR.NICKbunch of introverts on my team never wanna interview for shit so if ESL/esea keeps doing interviews prior to matche…
Retweeted by tweissDoesn’t matter what the price difference is with the M4 and A1S, he’ll kick your ass with either one
Retweeted by tweissgot a game vs. @MythicRebornGG Tomorrow in lowers. Hopefully we show up and win 😎 @PTR_tvCSGO hey thanks man. You’ve always been solid, looked up to you back when you were on NRG/ shit long time ago. Gg’sman I love playing playoffs no matter if I’m winning or losing. People forget how privileged we are to be put into… advance in the upper bracket of #ESEAPremier playoffs! They took down @Recon5Org 2-0 in the series. 16-…
Retweeted by tweiss @theveganzombiee Thanks :-) @monsyera thanks :-)0-2 loss to BnB, they are looking pretty strong. Happy with how the team played today despite the loss :-)so nervous in that interview for @ESEA was trying to make sure I didn't give @DarfMike any math content or shit so I'm not a meme (again)
f0rest on LAN in my VEINShaircut and shave beard. Feeling like MANTWEISS, FAN OF DIGNITAS, APPROVES THE 2-0 DOMINATION OF LIQUID GAMING INC
Retweeted by tweiss @clasiaLp ^_^i should not be allowed to participate in twitch chat @caseyfosterTV no @madacsgo God damn that shit different 🗣🗣💯💯 @ahad I think Kansas City, maybe even Memphis servers could be healthy alternatives @ahad yeah my ping to Dallas is always good but I either experience loss or really the server just feels shit. We h… @caseyfosterTV blockedpetition to delete Dallas CSGO servers and move to an Atlanta option 😎 @JakeSucky iZNoGouD // the legend f0rest of course!!!!!!
Retweeted by tweiss @REDKILLER1337 Pfizerscheduled my rona’ vaccine. Hope my bipper gets bigger and I’m a mathematician!
@seangares It’s not the hero EU cs deserves, it’s the hero they need.Alright, I've had enough. I'm moving to CIS region because someone has to put a stop to Gambit. @scottiyioioioio u should get on that too scottwardselling my csgo skins to buy ane xhaust on my truck ahahahah Kkonafeelink H4PPYCH33T05 right now @awhnutss I Just Be Givin Ya Space Bro You Know Like I'm Trying To b e a Friendly Distant Friend Man Fuck, @awhnutss gnplayoff time LEts GO about starting up a country music career? Opinions? Thoughts?arktosWalterjust lost custody of my children. who on warzone rn
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@scottiyioioioio only shit ur winning kid lol @scottiyioioioio for wathobbit is so good at csgo just wanted to let u guys know @piethrouer Operation get piethrouer HLTV @awhnutss Fuck you Pussyi dont ever want to win money from video games EVER again. absolute NIGHTMARE on my taxes this year
@bannycs @TheAnonRory @piethrouer can you eat my ass
Goddamn I love playing with @jermaine_cs demogorgon in and out of the server
Retweeted by tweiss🐈🧲 @landmazCS deleted it in case I find a figure girlfriend that really likes either one of themacting accordingly this AMI hate counter strike
2021 Hot steamy, aggressive mathematics @giraffley LMFAO @giraffley skin flute streamFBI investigates match-fixing in Counter-Strike eSports competitions
Retweeted by tweiss @piethrouer @ESEA heheheEven in defeat tonight, we'd like to highlight the performance of @tweissCS He lead the server across all maps bo…
Retweeted by tweiss1-2 to BNB, we tried :'D @mooseloff comedian
tweissVALselling my csgo skins, if interested DM. -M9 Marble Fade FN low float -Driver Glove Crimson Weave FT low float -A… @csmoneytrade @MythicRebornGG @paiNGamingBR @HighCoastES @RBG_Esports @TriumphGamingGG @BnB_pt2 @Recon5Org @JRTTVee @thatonepiano who @stiizza @joshm1cks @KobruhCS @stamjna sheeeesh we are friends LFG @stiizza @joshm1cks Fruit punch monster best @SmigginsTV I’m the first owner, 42 miles on it
Retweeted by tweiss @fl0mtv @slovecs @piethrouer @launders 🤪 @fl0mtv @slovecs @piethrouer @launders ??? Snitch @slovecs @piethrouer @fl0mtv @launders I will cast while I’m playing the game but it does involve me to have 0 dela… these 3 on my timeline tho @impstaCS Thanks man!! @Axeddddd a job, some of the basement dwellers wouldn't understand😎 a new truck tonight, feel extremely blessed to be put in this position as a 22 year old. YaHoooo
need 1penny jet tutorial @RyanAtRBM kekdub @JosiahCSGO Kek