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Independent music and arts venue in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. Established in 1993 and now celebrating 26 years of events.

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#ThisWeekend Saturday 25th Jan - The Gallerys + Blabbermouth + The Circus Birds play here #livemusic - adv tickets…
Oi oi lets go!! New single ‘I Love It’ is out right now! Go stream and watch through the link below:…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumThurs 30th January - under 18s Open Mic Night!! ahead to March 13th - tickets are selling well for Mark Chadwick + King Size Slim - get yours here:… #MusicByNumbers report revealed that 810,000 overseas tourists travelled to the UK for a live music event in 20…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumLooking ahead to May - don't forget we have James Taylor Quartet here - 15/05/2020 Tickets selling well:… @twforum @ChrisHawkinsUK @BBC6Music Well, hang on.... a squirrel 🐿 is the unlikely and unsung hero at the centre of…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumThanks to those that came to @thegeorgetw last night - we all had a catch up on plans for #twentytwenty including t…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforum#NationalSquirrelAppreciationDay ??? Really???? #TunbridgeWells #Music #Venue #YesWeKnowAboutSquirrels
Puppet Club starts next Sat 25th - a fun, sociable and creative afternoon @AgeUKTunWells for those over 65. Tea, ca…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumBasement show on Friday night - Veridian + Roseview + AvaGrace - limited to 50 tickets so get yours now… - check out @unlabelrecords for some positive online shopping excited for this announcement - @JOHNTIMESBYTWO play here Friday 1st May - tickets are on sale NOW…! Already looking ahead to next weekend? Nearly the end of January - join us for #DryJanuary2020 or a drink… have The Cureheads #JoinUs #June20 #MCRMK #TunbridgeWells
Meet up tomorrow - Monday 20th Jan @thegeorgetw 6pm - a variety of drinks available from coffee to gin…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumCheers for shout out @amylame @BBC6Music- we also reckon loads of siblings @blackdeerfest #siblings #harmonies #countryOf course, if you want to see Romeo solo... Come here on 31st Jan 🎶🎶 @amylame @BBC6Music listeners.... #siblings #soloMorning all. We realised you might not know about @unlabelrecords - which is a bit of us, and a bit of @UnfestTW -… @jaxmitrovic @ladybirdthisis @Slaves Thank you, we are glad it all arrived ok.
What are your 3 favourite venues to see gigs? 1. 2. 3. 🎤 6 Music favourites @nadineshah & @selfesteem___ had a nat…
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And happy birthday us #Forum27 #IncredibleBert #FridayFeeling here's an old photo.... Thank you all for your support over the past 27 years, and here's to seeing you all for… Baxter + Will B + Arcee Rapper - here on Friday 7th February - grab a ticket now: uk rock band @superlovemusic are coming to play our basement venue at @TWSussexArms on Feb 7. New single ou… to announce that MILK TEETH are coming to play The Forum on April 1st. Tickets go on general sale on Friday 2… time tonight - doors open 7.30pm - advance tickets here #TunbridgeWells #birthday #party could say.... "Where it all began" #toilets #TunbridgeWells #music #venue #independent #Forum27 #Birthday
It’s almost time for our #madness #rudeboys #livemusc event at the @twforum - get your tickets here ➡️…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumTwo massive shows next week for you 🔥 Fri 24th - Fighting Cocks London for a @This_Feeling #bigin2020 show:…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforum @_tommthomas "aw" is probably better than " who ever thought that was a good lay-out for a bar" or " poor people in…'t miss out on this one. The basement is quite tiny really, so get your tickets for SUPERLOVE now:… 26th January ---- The Gallerys + Blabbermouth + The Circus Birds ---- Tickets on sale now… you know the music industry contributes £5.2bn to the UK economy? Live music alone contributes £1.1bn.…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforum#ThrowbackThursday and part of #Forum27 - the old bar..... (Christmas 2012) #TunbridgeWells #music #venue
@joelturner564 @TunWellsSDF Goodness..... @theavangelist @Blam_TW We sort of like to say yes, but there is a bit of a Fiasco overlap .....First @boogienights of the year is on Saturday 8th February #dance #disco #TunbridgeWells #vinyl 27th birthday @twforum - back in 1993 the fanzine was called SPIEL - here's the listings from May 1993…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforum @_tommthomas Good photos!!Friday 24th January - EZIO will be here, a perfect way to lighten the January blues - adv tickets:… a ticket and join us on Friday for our birthday party #LiveMusic #music #venue #independent #TunbridgeWells here's the plaque outside which marks the first gig 27 years ago TONIGHT #Forum27 #Birthday #TunbridgeWells Happy Birthday us TODAY. Here's that photo again of the demolition 27 years ago #Forum27 #Birthday
Hooray! @suncharmerband are back! @_PaulKindred @gene_band @NourishFoodbank @WestKentMind @M4tth3wPL @TheDirtyPanda3 Thanks @adrianberendt1 @RTWinBloom Oh yes. Better add that on to a Forum meeting agenda. With the thought that they flower at end of summer 🌻Happy to announce a great co headline show: VIOLET VENDETTA & Orestea - here on Friday 6th March. Tickets on sale n… a friend? Under 18s Open Mic, come & watch if you don't want to play - Thurs 30th Jan 5pm #TunbridgeWells The next SWiTCH night is 15th Feb - early bird tickets now on sale: birthday thoughts - here's a photo of the old stage.... #Forum27 #Birthday #TunbridgeWells #music #venue emails 'overwhelm working parents'
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Check this out disco heads - it's disco, a whole night of the four-to-the-floor. That's got to make you smile. thoughts as we approach our 27th birthday on Wednesday: here's one from the major renovations in August 2012 (…
Where Are They Now? This time last night, Matt the Hat performed Bowie's Song for Bob Dylan at @twforum at its…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumWow! Thank you so much for an amazing evening @twforum and for your ongoing support and donations, for us and…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumTouring some of the oldies this Spring. Get your tickets now! #everythingpicturetour @thecluny @twforum
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumFor fans of @BoogieNightsTW - dance in the aisles of @ahttw at the end of the month! now on sale for February's A PAIR OF FOUR #comedy @TWSussexArms basement - Weds 5th Feb:… bird tickets now on sale for February's SWiTCH #house #techno to everyone last night #BowieNight - our next show is on Friday 17th and is our 27th Birthday Party - ticket…
We will be going live at 7:30pm Still time to push the sofas back and turn it up loud...
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforum#Bowie Night tonight is SOLD OUT and we thank everyone who has a ticket with profits going to @NourishFoodbank +… tunes this #SaturdayMorning for you from Romeo Stodart. Get a ticket to see him here live at the end of the…
@huckley @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music CheersDo you know @markdavyd ? Stream #Bowie @twforum_tv - don't miss out - show is tomorrow!! ahead: solo show of Mark Chadwick from Levellers on Friday 13th March! anyone mentioned us yet? @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #WhereToGo #musictourism
⚡️Solo Shenanigans⚡️Excited to announce I’m playing a few solo shows around the UK. Hope 2020 has kicked off to a k…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumInfo on #tickets - but remember to watch out for fake accounts offering you tickets to sold out shows... a couple of days away from SOLD OUT Bowie Night - missed out on a ticket? Join in with the live stream! Detail… are available for private hire - info here: headline @twforum on Saturday 25th this month 🔥 Support comes from Blabbermouth; get your tickets now:…
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Full of bottle't forget @scarletmist folks - safe and fair!
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumBasement show on 24th Jan - VERIDIAN - Tickets on sale now @TWSussexArms (18+) #TunbridgeWells #music note: Accounts on Twitter and Facebook are even doing this for Saturday's Bowie Night event in support of…
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumMay....James Taylor Quartet - tickets on sale now.... We have been aware of fake Facebook accounts offering spare tickets for sale to sold out shows ( tickets they d… SOLD OUT @thewanderhearts See You There if you have a ticket!! streaming info for #Bowie Night @twforum_tv @PinchMoore Should be on your tickets as 7.30pm. @LOZZISTEVENS Hi, we are aware of this happening within 'Facebook events' - first we have heard via Twitter. Well done for double checking.
EZIO get rave reviews from their live shows, join us on Friday 24th January to see for yourself #guitar #Acoustic long now until @TheGallerysUk headline show - support from Hastings band Blabbermouth - get your adv tickets… from supporting Feet & Ladybird in 2019, Scowl are coming back to headline The Forum on Friday 14th February.…
Firefighters are tackling a blaze at Koko in London
Retweeted by tunbridgewellsforumDon't forget to buy your pass to live stream Saturday night's BOWIE NIGHT @twforum_tv STABLE starts again on Monday 3rd February. For just six quid you get a Monday night of live music - find your…'ll be celebrating our 27th birthday with a host of local bands on Friday 17th January. Please get a ticket and j…
Here on 7th Feb as part of his OFF PISTE tour - @ActualJamBaxter - Tickets here @HighFocusUK to the end of the month.... Fri 31st Jan - ROMEO STODART from The Magic Numbers - tickets:… a lot of Common & some @KingTunbridge #TunbridgeWells't forget @dreadzone are back on Feb 21st - advance tickets available here: you asked: The Ragged for summer people watching & soup, The Sussex for winter fires & basement bands, The Geor… have nearly sold all the tickets for The Wandering Hearts. If you want to come - maybe now's the time to grab yo…
Got the back to school blues? Next Under 18s Open Mic here on Thurs 30th Jan - details on website #TunbridgeWells, today is #Saturday #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation Things will soon be back to normal