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babe, are you ok? you aren’t acting like the romanticized version of you that i imagined
Retweeted by (o^^o) @sippincoke its not that :' sadly, but thank you.. i will do just that @sippincoke what i have been doing all my lyfeeeeee 😞how to be wise while also hving control of ur emotions? how to adulttttttttttttmaybe theyre right ab me.i dont wanna regret my decisions, but everything's so hard.. when will it be easy? is it bcs im so young that i thi…
Retweeted by (o^^o)gumush bgt..... 🥺🥺🥺 @stfuanyaa kamu bukan tocil, kamu black cock goat* @astronac @stfuanyaa enak ya kalian jadi kambing hitam HUAHAHAHHA @stfuanyaa WADOEW SOKAP NICH BAU BAU TETEK GEDE NICH (cant relate tete ku cuman pushup bra) @marvelsbian So the Israelis are doing what the Germans did to them during WW2 to the Palestinians??????? Did the o…
Retweeted by (o^^o) @kawaiiis8n @doubleyoungg paling sagitarius bapak martin, lives up to every sagittarius stereotypes 🤠👍 @TweetnyaLibra @zakwannur my pleasure❤️ semoga cocok >< @TweetnyaLibra @zakwannur i'd say 9/10 cause i havent found any product that works better to reduce my bau ketek th… can i live without @sippincoke 😞😞 im a mess without herorg2 kenapa bitter bgt deh giliran ada orang happy dibilang, "yah diamah belum ngalamin aja," haduuh u pikir semua…
Retweeted by (o^^o) @TweetnyaLibra @zakwannur aku pake!!! awalnya emg agak basah tapi nanti lama lama kering, trs jadi ga bau samsek! @kawaiiis8n @doubleyoungg BISA AJE BAPAK MARTIN @astronac @sippincoke MJB 😭😭😭😭😭 @doubleyoungg A DOM WITHOUT US EVEN ASKING @jagerbabyyy kalo ga yg di clit HAHHAA @jagerbabyyy nipple nasagittarius men 🤌🏻😩🥰
Retweeted by (o^^o) @doubleyoungg PERIODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDTT.damn i lashed out again 😪 fuck it, i aint letting that bitch or anyone in that matter stomp on me. @sippincoke AAMIIN nanti kalo aku punya uang aku beli yang :' @sippincoke rayu mamak mu buat nginep dirumah ku @sippincoke @procrastinatink @kawaiiis8n lagian jauh bgttttttt sini dong deket2 @444yokai444 @ManWhoKillObama @efenerr damn why people hatin tho its a joke, its supposed to be taken lightly chill.. @444yokai444 @ManWhoKillObama @efenerr LMFAOOOOO NOOOO 🤣 WHY U GOTTA DO HIM DIRTY LIKE THAT💀💀 @kawaiiis8n @sippincoke huh? (2) @sippincoke iyaa naii sekali ini cus im pissed bgtpersonality faker than my non existent boob wearing a pushup bra lol pack it up hoe 💀 go fuck another dude and chea…
@sippincoke @issavaley genit bgt km abis putus 😆 emang cantik bgt sih... @pacilisme ide bagus, biar mati nya lama <3 @pacilisme untung bunuh org ilegal cil :Dyes sabrina kamila, im talking ab u, thx for the boob comment, shows how much of a shallow thinker you are.bodoh jg gue dulu bisa temenan sm org tolol manipulatif toxic no good traits whatsoever trs ngomongin gue behind my… speaking and without objectifying woman, my girl is top tier inside and out. I dont get how some peopl…
Retweeted by (o^^o)oh and this fake bitch.. bukan virgo sih but as fake and manipulative as a virgo 🤯 @lvnasy keren deh lo bisa dua pe… see this bina bitch? yeah she just proved my point lmao WORST TYPE OF PEOPLE. oh and its sad that people like u…
just finish cleaning my room like a normal stable person.. until i look at the time 😅😀 @xanderfrat_ awww bby🥺🥺 its for the best... cheer up❤️ @dnssantana95 i love love love taurus, its one of my favorite sign, taurean are nice and pure, my moon is in taurus!LMAO SOMEONE ACTUALLY ASKED AJSHHKASKAHS💀💀🤣🤣💀😭 but yes, i truly hate virgos, the big ones, the medium sized ones, t…
minal aidin tapi gue gamau minta maaf cause i meant everything i ever said and i dont regret anything except dating my exessomething tells me i shouldnt be this openly horny on the internet... welp😅c'est la vie, if ya aint horny ya aint l…
@cxcepp heh gue gemini,, masyarakat cemburu soalnya gemini lucu, karismatik dan sangat memikat #anjay😎nyooo disuru liatin camera 🥺🥺 @cxcepp gapapa mas, istigfar 5x sehari berserta solat tahajud tiap malam, insyallah jika allah mengizinkan mas nya… @pebriiiaydk aquarius bau ketek aja, ga benciical, bina, fayyaz (ini paling mending si), dan kawan kawan virgo lainnya beuhhh (gue sebut merk karena beneran seb… @stfuanyaa makasi deddy corbuzier @stfuanyaa @stfuanyaa PICK A STRUGGLE JHSHDJKASHDKJAH 💀💀 sorry nya aku cepu ke dua kali @stfuanyaa OIYA TYPO SORRY KWKWK @stfuanyaa MANGNYE APE @stfuanyaa MVIDELMA ZEFANIA!!!!1!!!1!! MULUTMU!!!gue benci bgt sm virgo.. org2 yg gue kenal yg virgo gada yg bener @echamamsushi ISTG VIRGO IS THE INFERIOR ZODIAC THEY ARENT MEANT TO EXISTsemuanya gw maafin kecuali virgo
Retweeted by (o^^o)except*accept instead of fighting villains we fight people in our heads WKWKWKAKWKWKAKWKLMAOO were the real life gogeta @sippincoke emang bener kayanya, kan lo maaggamau ciuman pas bulan puasa tapi kalo bulan lain mau soalnya kalo bulan puasa bau asam lambung @sippincoke @sippincoke yo
genit bgt gaya gueback when our hair was short 🤓
Using disabled people to disguise antihomeless architecture is a new low
Retweeted by (o^^o) @marinnaraz mas? @gaagitufii @gaagitufii @marinnaraz skip, muka lo kaya akhir jaman @marinnaraz the audacity... mf looks like my dad's yeast infected toe
@stfuanyaa kasi link grammarly lagi kali biar beneer @stfuanyaa pake bahasa inggris dong nanti ga ngerti yang blasteran @lendir_indo nah bro i fucked yo momma last night @echamamsushi HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA @echamamsushi kenapa cancer? lagi nahan marah? tiati meledakSHID i just realize... MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 20 DAYS AAAA @sippincoke 'im not a prostitute or an escort, but if u wanna date me u have to pay my bills, buy me expensive stuf… @sippincoke sending u lots of love </3 banyak bgt yang salah dr video ini kalo gue jabarin semua bikin buku gue sumpah @TrudiiBee NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW 😭😭😭 @xanderfrat_ look @sippincoke yayang ku semangat tapi jangan denial bgt remember that its ok to be sad and that its part of the proce… short, the right person wont make u feel like its the wrong time!!! period!!!! @sippincoke HMMMMMMM RIKEEEEEEEEEE......and cause of that way of thinking.. uneducated idiots (biasanya rang indo gblk) use it against feminists.. and make…, feminism was made to make both women and men equal. no inferior gender, no double standards, no misogyny or m… @sippincoke wow apsnich cintabut still, we cant generalize a whole gender just like that.. same goes to men, they cant generalize us women as th… yeah, we cant hide the fact that there are millions of men who are misogynistic assholes, sexual abusers,… mean me personally, if someone were to ever say that im a bad person over and over again, in time.. i most likely…'s what i think, if youre convinced that all men are the same, youre gonna automatically treat even the right p… men arent the same unless u wanna make it that way, u attract people u believe u can get, if u think men are al… @xanderfrat_ HAHHAHAH NO BABE GANTENGGGG 🥺🥺fr.. know your worth!! i was guilty of this in the past, not anymore🥰 thank god i realized it sooner and met my cur…
Retweeted by (o^^o)*being creepy and telling my man they're dating my man in their head for 1 hour* "u think everyone's hitting on yo… @xanderfrat_ IYAIYAIYAIYAIYAIYAYIYA