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Model/Writer 🥀🎼 “Love and Laughter” #blackboyjoy #blackexcellence #twilitaries #gaymer #creative. Switch: 4961-6464-5310

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Retweeted by Twilit Aries @Decodnlyfe1 The best we can do is just wear the masks and social distance ourselves. Cause people are just over it. Like it works like that @AugustLaveau I would be sick 🥺😭 @Trevoy_ @Datyelloboi Awesome!!! @Decodnlyfe1 I feel you on this.Sometimes I just want to enjoy a show.
Retweeted by Twilit AriesThe fact that you have to pay to access an article is a prime example of the ways academia is classist and has no i…
Retweeted by Twilit AriesI think my worst fear with these Dynamax Adventures would be more than one shiny. 😭 @creolemaicxn The fact they put that chain on him😭🤣🤣 @off_BAMBOO Definitely that part. Hela doesn’t get scared like Thanos did.good days on my mind 🍄
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @manivenuss This color! 🤩🔥🍁🌅I really want us to be free from the shackles that "Bottoms are meant to be Fem and Tops are meant to be masculine"…
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @QshonBuckingham People really be obsessed with dictating how someone carries themselves unproblematically. Even wh…, when you goin stop playin and gimme that chaosussy?
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @okayserg 🤦🏽‍♂️ you definitely are right 🤣🤣🤣 @okayserg I have to keep that to memory 😅They way the failed us with that green lantern movie! Cause they knew my nigga is a nigga. Reputations please!
Retweeted by Twilit Aries💀💀
@alikashots I’ll play this for you. 🥺🤣’m not about to be nobody’s emotional punching bag / crutch. Fuck that.
Retweeted by Twilit AriesWanda: I’m sorry for all I have done to you. Me: I accept your apology but girl fuck you. @USeeWhereBradAt Same. Life’s too short to just be a stereotype. And using the stars to limit people will never be the move. @VictorianPrime Like honestly though. @USeeWhereBradAt Every sign has its quirks and negativity. But most people only know how to praise theirs and talk… @USeeWhereBradAt Aww @Decodnlyfe1 I’m Wanda ✨ @StevieDerrick_ Like you treat anyone like they’re an asshole before they even do anything, what did they think would happen? @Decodnlyfe1 Black Lightning would be a better fit for Trevante. For Green Lantern they need someone who can captur…* THAT PART! We don’t just go off for no reason. It’s has to be something that ticks us off.
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @StevieDerrick_ They don’t want to admit the part where they were in the wrong. Just that half-assed stereotype that we are assholes @Decodnlyfe1 John Stewart needs someone a bit more sterner than Trevante to me. Trevante is more strong yet gentleone of the most beautiful girls i’ve ever seen in my life
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @RashadXOXO We outside! 😆It’s getting so weird like “what did you do to finally set them off?” @alikashots Why you post a video of me looking at your tweets first thing in the morning? 😭😭😭 @Naheem1978 It really was 🥰 @Sollydime Still in rotation.Took a drive and a nature walk today. I just love how beautiful my city can be. @Trevoy_ Awesome 👏🏽Mr. Nintendo 👼🏽
Retweeted by Twilit AriesHis visuals + his music = 🔥💯✨ of five films, only one has made me chuckle. 😭 @Naheem1978 I’m still pissed about that massive water shuriken not doing a thing to Charizard 😭 @ToxicRocketeer @sirzeldin Congratulations 🎊 @bambihanna_ 😭😭🤣 @ToxicRocketeer I see what you did there lmao.Y’all thirsting over a MacBook Pro with a turtleneck. I am weak!!!!
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @ToxicRocketeer I know why they destroyed Asgard. But it’s an interesting hypothetical since I know there’s a high… @Kizuzufu Darcy: What? I wasn’t gonna say anything about my guest role.They can miss me with all that bullshit. Like deadass. @blaqueword @steventphoto I love when y’all counter with the facts. Hela ain’t no slouch like Thanos but I know Wanda ain’t going easy. @Kizuzufu Considering Woo is the head of the FBI, and Darcy is a brilliant scientist. I would agree tooThinks of the deep posts that come from an ass pic named “throat hugs” 😟🤔🥴 @B_TwentyThree Some of the posts on Aries are obviously jokes but I’m just like “don’t laugh too hard now.” 🙃🤣 @Kizuzufu He and Darcy are hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣 @B_TwentyThree *A kind hearted Aries enters the chat. Welcome to my world 😭 @manmanatl We outside! @Just_KingCammm I am weak 💀Senate passed the stimmy we going to the juicy crab y’all
Retweeted by Twilit Aries???? omg y’all please leave shit alone if you’re incapable of separating fiction from real life 😭 almost every su…
Retweeted by Twilit AriesWe really got spoiled with groups.. male and female, in the 2000’s then somewhere they just disappeared. 😩
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @Kizuzufu Someone with powers at least. Real ones not magic tricks and sarcasm. 🤣“We are only going for one or two drinks”
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @t0nybgoode 🥺✨🔥I really need a gif of Wanda and Vision in that moment @joeLIKEwhoaa Those apps are exhausting @Kizuzufu At least Monica at least lolIt’s one thing to go separate ways but to have your love fade out of existence 🥺 Endings like this hit real differe…’s a gag already here but they sure would. don’t know who needs to hear this, but INVEST IN NICE UNDERWEAR!
Retweeted by Twilit AriesAnd in true form... My new, favorite crop top.
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @KingPhoenix443 Exactly. One of my biggest grievances with Marvel is killing all of the amazing villains. That’s… @Kizuzufu But he finessed Hayward and he isn’t with the foolishness 😭Fuck him!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥺 my friend decided to gift me a surprise and she gets me my favorite super hero. 🥺🖤 @muh_tay_ohh As long as I’m not cast as the nosy neighbor. 🤣 @steventphoto and that was really because there is no defense against Telekinesis. Hela is a lot quicker and more c… @steventphoto Hela was giving empowered Thor a run for his money. Wanda definitely ain’t no slouch but she still ne… @chantenchants They go up for that dynamic too eagerly. @muh_tay_ohh Like we need to drop the Hex in the real world. We’ve been in it too long 🤣🤣🤣 @AugustLaveau @MrAmbitious12 Like how in the hell did he catch a Darkrai and Latios. 🤣🤣🤣ME!!!! 🥺🙌🏽’s not Vision. That’s ViSean.😂 @AugustLaveau The way Paul should’ve been his only major competition in that league. It makes no sense. I was so fr… Alola, two leagues Ash should’ve won were Sinnoh and Kalos. (We don’t speak of Unova) @Maxwalk47846149 The little fire mouse might’ve been timid at first but he really was about that life as Johto went… @Maxwalk47846149 Cyndaquil was badass enough to turn a Steelix’s sandstorm defense into a firestorm. And he really… @Maxwalk47846149 His best fire starter is Infernape. Worse I would say is Pignite. @quentinbrock97 Kid Cudi makes great music 😌I am screaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @quentinbrock97 Love this songNo no baby. This is 35 😁
Retweeted by Twilit Aries @issameal10 Scott pilgrim 🥺🙌🏽 @Naheem1978 The Hitmons gotta such a diverse move pool to play with. @Naheem1978 I’m sure he was lmao. @AugustLaveau She really is. 🥰 @alikashots I always said that this twitter is just for laughs but I didn’t see it happening like this 🤣🤣🤣