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“... justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. 🌹

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@BuzzFeed @PattyMurray @rweingarten What does “affordable and accessible” mean? Try “free at point of service and universally available” @JoeBiden Drop out of the race before you hand Trump re-election. @coreypein post through it bro @hovermyr Must get installations job nao. @wesinjapan Um ... context ...Folks! 👁
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @EmmaVigeland stop trying to make this a thing. She didn't have a primary coalition. She lost every state she com… @kgopinion it's to maintain your bubble without having those pesky no checkmarks challenging you. So, you know, like life before twitter. @vodkabooty Hair dye? @SemanticEngine1 @wineaintsweeter @offensive_name1 @BenjaminPDixon Just lie back and think of USA. @RachelBitecofer Seems like there is domeon else who fills stadiums. That person even won lots of states. In fact,… @iamherenowgo @RachelBitecofer @JoeBiden Why is this always the reply? I’m telling you why Biden is a terrible nom… @willmenaker truth
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@MrDrewLandry except we actually got offered 2 different kinds of poison instead of Coke, and decided to drink neit… @jusmas27 corn syrup @OzarkaAce @Dking002 @SymoneDSanders @JoeBiden based on the links in your bio, you appear to be a professional camp… @SymoneDSanders @JoeBiden @PostinMonkey also, poor methodology!*me, wheh statistics prove my point* “I am an all-knowing genius” *me, when statistics prove me wrong* “Small sample size!”
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @DeSeanB @PhoenixWomanMN @RachelBitecofer @JoeBiden Sure sure, thousands of people mostly in states Ds have no chan… @MeganBitchell is like that thing with the whit/gold/black/blue dress? @PopulismUpdates 4&7 @seanbax @mattyglesias Nuclear is a dead end with terrible waste disposal consequences. Glad we could have this talk. @seanbax @mattyglesias climate science. Try listening to interviews from the real scientists when they are making… @seanbax @mattyglesias 20 years. Read more carefully. 4-6 degrees is a catastrophe our civilization can't recover… @willmenaker He’s a Serpent not a Ghoulie! Serpent steal cars, Ghoulies EAT PEOPLE... @PhoenixWomanMN @RachelBitecofer @JoeBiden I mean what I said. The Democratic Party needs to pick a different nomin… @bctrenor @mattyglesias Card check. Policy not rhetoric. @bctrenor @mattyglesias Biden has been hostile to union power for 30 years and his climate half measures wil bring… @mattyglesias $15/ hr without pegging it to inflation, means tested college benefits, and watered down Kyoto are n… @RachelBitecofer @JoeBiden It would be better to dump the top of the ticket guy who tells black ppl they have to vo… @fabucat @proviewsusa @yuyanami01HQ @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden Why vote for someone you admit is bad? Why support a… @JasonSCampbell Friend, let me tell you about the Irish, Scots, and Nords... @business @shreyabasu003 No. They cannot. @fabucat @proviewsusa @yuyanami01HQ @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden He’s exactly as conservative as her. They are from th… @BlueMiamiGirl @HaitianRedBone @RachelBitecofer we'll agree to disagree. I think telling black people they aren't… @WorkersPartyUS well, there was Eugene Debbs. He got awful close before the capitalists locked him up. @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra glad you'r enjoying the conversation! @BlueMiamiGirl @HaitianRedBone @RachelBitecofer as a person of conscience it does indeed concern me. A wrong done…
@MaryONe69645371 @ProudSocialist he's all of those things. At some point, bad id bad enough that the choice betwee… @MaryONe69645371 @ProudSocialist so you'd prefer YOUR narcissistic, xenophobic, racist, criminal, dictatorial sexua… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra what is most refreshing about these conversatoins is that whatever… @ILLPartigiano Jealous much? @ProudSocialist Welcome to the left. They wonder why we won’t just vote for their shitty candidates... @jusmas27 They have lost their shit. @HaitianRedBone @RachelBitecofer If true, that’s pretty sad. @thomopolis @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer I'm talking about the process as it is laid out in the party bylaws. Pr… remember this. I was against the drug war from the 70s on.
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @thomopolis @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer I'm not sure you understand the nomination process, or maybe the meaning… @HaitianRedBone @RachelBitecofer I’m white but I know voting preferences dont alter race. @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra The ad is devastating and it’s point is not to get AAs to vote Trum… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra No. I will not vote for Joe Biden. How about consider that in your… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra again with the "would have". Don't you know the NY primary is back… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra sure sure we destroyed #MeToo becasue we #BelieveWomen. Makes sens… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra no one is the nominee until the floor vote at the convention. That… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra well, I'm glad we could have this civil conversation about it. As… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra Biden is not the nominee. States are still voting and the conventi… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra you don't. Which is why we cannot afford to nominate Biden. He can't win. @thomopolis @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer I haven't said a word about Sanders. Funny how it always comes back to… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra if you really want to save the federal Courts what is needed is a n… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra 6-3 or even 7-2 is not significantly different from 5-4 my fellow.… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer @ReadeAlexandra @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer at least you've managed to maintain a CIVIL tone. He's a gropey racist who shepher… @MyVoterPledge @RachelBitecofer you are choosing to do that by nominating an unelectable candidate. We warned you… @thomopolis @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer primary elections are still being held. The convention isn't for months… is not a clip from 1996. It's YESTERDAY. COME GET YOUR BOY ESTABLISHMENT DEMS @TwinerWill @GHogChi @rdsathene I heard it said a few times that Blasey-Ford was treated much better, despite havin…
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @cleverirony @independentob10 @katewillett @ReadeAlexandra Except it hasn’t been. What has happened is she made an…, get yourself a man who wants to know so much about you, it feels like you accused an old Democrat of rape
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @bureaucrat88 @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer autocorrect is a bitch, it should have been "gropey racist" but now th… @cleverirony @independentob10 @katewillett @ReadeAlexandra even if her claims are false (not demonstrated) do you r… @cleverirony @independentob10 @katewillett @ReadeAlexandra none of this has been demonstrated. The fact that you a… @tmar1969 @bureaucrat88 @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer Conspiracy nut. #BlueMAGA @cleverirony @independentob10 @katewillett Thats funny bcs your attacks on @ReadeAlexandra are entirely predicated… @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer Then you should be able to recognize an abuser. Wake up before it’s too late. @bureaucrat88 @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer You realize he’s at minimum a group rapist, and almost certainly a rapist? @eliselatrell @RachelBitecofer Cheers! Your concern for vuctims if sexual assault and racial minorities is noted. @RachelBitecofer this is sad and desperate. Joe Biden is on the ballot, and he shouldn't be. If you can vote for… this is all true, you can’t convince #BlueMAGA All you can do is remember they told you who they were. individual workingmen you are ground to atoms, you are reduced to slavery, and you are at the mercy of the maste…
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @JettKeys @ProudSocialist #BlueMAGA @ProudSocialist Actually @JoyAnnReid said something mildly critical but rational about @JoeBiden on Saturday and now they hate MSNBC too. @fingerbIaster @fabucat Honestly we mostly just close our eyes and tongue the alphabet down there. @jusmas27 @jes0d0th @ABC Qween. But unironically. @Bananas4Bernie @fabucat All of #Us @OnlineCrsLady Well, as long as there’s an IMPORTANT reason. @LisaMichelleEu1 @GHogChi @rdsathene #Metoo was always about HIGH STATUS women being safe in their HIGH STATUS jobs… @nodank_ @SpeakerPelosi TRUMP!!!1!1!1!1!1!1! RUSSIA!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1! GLEN GREENWALD!!!1!1!!1!1!11!!!!!!!! @cleverirony @independentob10 @katewillett Biden lies about his college, stole Nel Kinnock’s life story for a stump… @EYSP9377 @GHogChi These fuckwads are actively trolling us now. @JoeBiden Lying racist hypocritical rapist. Drop out before it’s too late.
Pretty funny how everyone who broke their fainting couches when joe rogan endorsed bernie are lining up to lick ann coulter's asshole today
Retweeted by #BelieveWomen #NotAMeTooHypocrite🌹 @heqt1c @TheDemocrats Neera, but she may be delirious today. She has the 'Rona @TheDemocrats drop @JoeBiden he's going to lose the election. @LouiseMensch @NJTrainDelays @JohnnyAkzam @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @WhipClyburn @mod_russia @780thC @NATO