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@DavdRangel @CreativeMrPen Thank @ewarren Thanks a ton.
@coreypein Hero of the People! Also, SCAB TO BE! @Jafpro_16 @NateSilver538 One of us doesn’t. @Jafpro_16 @NateSilver538 except not @NateSilver538 I feel dirty that @Jafpro_16 liked this. We are not on the same team. @NateSilver538 Progressive orgs did nothing of the sort. Disengenuous centrists trued very hard to muddle what M4A… @coreypein The Paper of Record. @BethLynch2020 This is news to the Pequot @JoshuaBenevide2 @AJentleson @NateSilver538 He’s busy defending himself on his sock puppet account(s). @coreypein STOLEN VALOR! @Tzipshmil @JonArcherCap @AnitaAlexander1 @ezraklein Only he totally did. @CANCEL_SAM It’s more punching across, ACK SHOE ALLY @NateSilver538 @NationalNurses This is dumb and wrong. Health care advocates said what they meant and then neoliber… @kath_krueger who didn't? What kind of soulless monster can watch that old truck and not ... @NateSilver538 As usual, you are deeply mistaken. M4A means what it says: single payer. Go back to being wrong about sportsball. @coreypein Don’t be fooled. They want no backstop bcs their agenda is the conquest of Ireland. They’ll settle for Troubles2.0 tho. @ChristianLament @emrazz Ok fedora guy @MIKExMILLIONS @willmenaker Reported @willmenaker Thank you for your service cumgoblin. @coreypein That passive voice covers a multitude of sins. @coreypein That’s how you plug. @coreypein In case anyone was interested @coreypein But when you do... ;) @coreypein Don’t lie. You don’t beg, you browbeat. @TheBowieCat I’d need video to make a determination. For SCIENCE! @JeffHisDudeness You are insufficiently cynical. He spent it steal 7 minutes of @BernieSanders time. It worked. @elivalley The same. I already lost my shit and called someone a Kapo. In person. @zeruch @coreypein PAYWALL @moorehn @Gyllenhaalic15 So this tweet clearly shows you understand irony. Is it only valid when YOU employ it? @NRafter @mattyglesias Indeed. But not, you know, when they are voting. In fact I would imagine that less tha 1% of…
@NRafter @mattyglesias So, we should end public education??? Also does not directly benefit most voters. @NRafter @mattyglesias Even if that were accurate, how do you justify it when no one can know if they are in the un… @NRafter @mattyglesias So we only engage in public action that benefits the majority of voters? @Tuckson381 @bjorn @NateSilver538 Huh! It’s almost like they have people the impression a chancy thing was almost… @NRafter @mattyglesias If you define most people as including ppl who never use their insurance, sure. If we are ta… @krystalball @BernieSanders They are already convincing themselves he didn’t win the debate, and that since… forward to a lot of this today!
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @ProfDBernstein @lsarsour OR NOT? Fuck off Kapo. @mattyglesias I thought the problem was it couldn’t pass. Make up your mind. If no “plan” will survive contact with… @krystalball I’ve already mailed her her complimentary trilby and neck beard. @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion I already told you. As soon as your argument is refuted, you immediately find… @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion I’m sure you know you are arguing in bad faith & ignoring the substance of my… @willmenaker Or Hashem. Maybe Allah. Vishnu? @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion If you do, you have only yourself to blame. Toughen up, I got called a misogy… @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion Except you are not a dry walker in GA. You are a twitter lanyard geek and it’… @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion Giving the working class new sustainable jobs at unionized salaries. Also, health care. @sishaaver @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion They ARE worried about that. They are ALSO increasingly worried about climate… @livkittykat This is not my vision of how “red diaper babies” was supposed to work out. @cmclymer @AOC Welcome aboard. Your fedora and chin beard are on the table to the left. @gabrielwinant @DavidKlion Oh, we understand. We just don’t share your unfounded assumption that tinkering with the… isn’t fighting to win just one presidential election -- he’s fighting for the soul of our democracy…
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @coreypein All takes written before debate began with zingers awkwardly shoehorned in actually says a lot about why you support your candidate if you thought AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib was g…
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @LynnDee227 @majid_hpquw8 @GregJKrieg @daveweigel @WaPoSean I’m pretty sure I do. Cheers! @Linn_Da123 @GregJKrieg @daveweigel @WaPoSean We’ve been explaining for months. You don’t WANT to get it. It’s time… @LynnDee227 @majid_hpquw8 @GregJKrieg @daveweigel @WaPoSean You know “misogyny” doesn’t mean “ruined HRC’s coronation” right? Right????AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are endorsing Bernie Sanders If your support for women of color goes beyond virt…
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @Tuckson381 @bjorn @NateSilver538 The state by state polling captured HRCs EC problem, but all the pundit prognosti… @EmmaCaterineDSA five stages of grief, as illustrated by reactions to the upcoming @AOC endorsement of @BernieSanders. Denial:
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @CreativeMrPen My fav is def “those TRAITORS who were my POC RESISTANCE TROPHIES 5 minutes ago are RE-ELECTING TRUM… @69prettyfly69 @_ericblanc @QueenInYeIIow If you are worried about diving Democrats, maybe it’s time for you swallo… @ftnwife @_ericblanc @shaunking “Well of course she did the thing I said for months wasn’t going to happen. It was… to endorse @SenSanders for President, glad that @AOC and @RashidaTlaib are on board too. It’s time 💪🏽
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @MikeDrewWhat There is a media pundit class who have yet to accept Sanders as a legitimate candidate. When their RE… @Fiorella_im The screeching of tires as they 180 on SQUAD GURRRL POWER! can already be heard. POC are totems, not p… @Atrios Does he even do multiple campaign stops in different cities on same day? That’s the only reason to not fly commercial. @JohnKingCNN Substantively though, I though @BernieSanders problem was his supporters are all white males? It’s al… @JohnKingCNN Sure sure. @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden I not YOU. I bet you didn’t knock a single door. @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden That’s not “fake bullshit” it’s the facts of the case. D turnout was subst… @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden RUSSIA1!!!!211!11!!!! was not the problem, the establishment of the party… @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden You are making an incorrect assumption. You voted against a Trump and knoc… @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden HRC lost the election by being a bad general election candidate and runnin… @majorityfm @chirt are you guys totally down right now? I can't get to
@lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden I didn’t let him win the first time, you did when you nominated a deeply c… @lastangrytweet @NateSilver538 @JoeBiden I’m not the one who used the “ok”. We agree on that last point tho. So, yo… @ddayen You are. He’s about to “rightsize” you. @IHateNYT That’s because Pete Fans are the ultimate lanyard geeks.BURN IT ALL DOWN*pssssst* Tom Steyer is no more legitimate than Marianne Williamson. Pass it on.
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @BernieSanders Tio Bernie about to get an endorsement. @MrVj24 @SilERabbit MarcUs or MarcOs? @SilERabbit Tweet diarrhea! @feraljokes will outperform the polls, pass it on. @ezraklein Except that’s just a word you made up bcs the perfectly adequate already existing descriptor for this po…'m not a Bernie bro I'm a double the union membership, bro I'm a get 20% workers ownership, bro I'm a fight for M4…
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @Tuckson381 @bjorn @NateSilver538 How is pointing out that Sanders is statistically tied with the other 2 front run… Thatcher would have been 94 today. But she died so she isn’t.
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @Stilldeadmaggie Evidence of God at last. @jamie_elizabeth I can see why whatever “mainstream” pub wouldn’t touch this. It’s a badge of honor. Depressing, po…’s Not Surprising Ellen is Friends with Bush (& Other Crimes of Hollywood Liberalism) - Protean Magazine to popular demand, I have found my op-ed a home. Check it out here:
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @donald_annette @Tweety_Fingers @ddayen @PeteButtigieg #godsWill @davidslavick YOU BETTER RUN FAST AND FAR! @TWallack @aedwardslevy That depends a lot on sampling tho. You’d have get a stadium full to ... @aedwardslevy @lakefxdan You really need to be worried about the MEDIAN person, who may also be mean.If you’re a “realist” who believes in the inviolability of present political constraints and you don’t have long-te…
Retweeted by SPOOOOOKY white residue 🌹 @Tweety_Fingers @ddayen @PeteButtigieg Dude, he’s a McKensie man. He was never outside.