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I guess this is the part where I force myself to bed because timeline is so dead atm @anteuzi @alikashots OH SHIT they boxed them niggas in like that?!? @nervoushoe @ItsHilaryBuff I’ve been saying that too!So wait are the white terrorists raiding the capitols Tuesday or Wednesday? @alikashots Natural selection at work @spellcastersim See this why I get mines on sale @nervoushoe @ItsHilaryBuff @alikashots Niggas really be telling on themselves @PrinceStylez Eh she boringDamn! This was a good ass movie! #OutsideTheWire
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @AfroPrincex He was zaddyMood
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @samuli47 They definitely mentioned it during season 1 or 2Nah cuz the way he said “openly black” got me laughing job i did for minimum wage was harder than the job i get paid well for now
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreAbso-f*cking-lutely
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreI want my favorite Dinah costume @Nelsondashing @alikashots Hunnie they’ve been reading him for filth all day @enadorns ^^%But I do miss dick nglFuck a date give me my reparations, universal healthcare, free college, and a $24 minimum wage’m every woman. It’s all in me.
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreBen Hamill / #XofSwords
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @thotsinmybed @SchlockHorror This^^^ @chulito_jotito @SchlockHorror They gentrify every-fucking-thing @ororoswind She would @alikashots Fuck the navy you should’ve been a comedian
@kjgbrks Literally me to my Uncle Tom tap dancing dad @enadorns Bitchhhhh UK don’t give no ducksLMAOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @ItsHilaryBuff WhaaaaaaatThis is so good...the creativity!
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @BDisgusting My thing is why are they fighting?!??Godzilla vs. Kong. March 26, 2021. HBO Max. Whose side are you on?
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @angu2605 Oop @akira1love F-ck a dinner @akira1love Maybe it’s just the magneto in me but I would’ve killed her and all dem kids on the hellfire cultstrongly discourage trying too hard to fit in
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreGets out the shower: you gone unfollow me, can you do the block + unblock combo and remove me as a follower too? you are not beyoncé.
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @enadorns 🎯 @enadorns will mansplain everything about taking care of a car then not go to the doctor for 10 years
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @enadorns She looked like she was on ecstasy in every panel @AfroPrincex no🤎 @karshmallow_art @definitelyvita Now turn around🗣“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @GayComicGeek @jerbearbooty Ohh so that’s how he was holding his phone upThis is what I was talking about!! “Unlimited sick days should be a thing in America. Health is important”. Brai…
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreI do hope they give Wanda her head-crest though, she’s not the witch without it @CertifiedFool_ Exactly @TheQueerMagneto But whyI like being carried😌 @AfroPrincex Oh he could obliterate meThis mod for The Sims 4 by @lowpolypancake allows you to use color sliders for both outfits, accessories, and hair…
Retweeted by Daken’s whorethey are so sexy 😍😌
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @ororoswind Yesss I love KoriStarfire not being afraid to kill a bitch at any given moment is my favorite thing about her
Retweeted by Daken’s whorei only ever want to talk about comics on here. i love comics. i write comics for a living. i am having the best tim…
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Retweeted by Daken’s whore @jasegalvin We need in ground hot tubs @ryandouglassw Oh yes @MutantMusings, just FYI minimum wage is absolutely supposed to be able to support a person and if it had kept the pace with i…
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @EatPrayThot @justxhenry @HerMezzWorld Ok but Samewandavision really is about to be the best show of all time
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @ChildOfTyche Oh god I hope not let it be the hot oneOh I’m 1000% certain Pietro is coming back @UpToTASK @MrNiceGuy513 I thought so TOOOHollywood be like "Strong Black Leads" and its just Zendaya
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreif I were to choose a favorite Emma / Scott panel it would be this
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @wlfrdtrrs @salvadorandolar @DanielVzqzz Me either too Mayo @Frostitute4ever Ohhh yeah😪 @Frostitute4ever When was thisI cannot shake this thought: We are living in a world & time where the poisoning of an entire city (Flint)— a Black…
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreSending luv to u today 🖤
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreIt’s probably because schools have been closed for a while
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @JayJurden For now @simshive THIS!!are we ever gonna talk about the commodification of gang violence by record labels and how they’ve literally subjec…
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreIf $15/hr min wage bothers you because it's more/ the same or "too close to" what you're making, direct that anger…
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Retweeted by Daken’s whore @yourfavoritstan @NCbae79 If a business plan doesn’t include paying your employees a livable wage, your business plan is trash anyways. 🤷‍♀️
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @hotgirl_asia @NCbae79 Ok! People just be saying any and every thing on here sounding dumb as a doorknob😒
#WandaVision spoilers without context
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreHumanity would destroy itself with nuclear warfare before colonizing another a planetMLK went to Memphis, TN in 1968 to show solidarity with striking Black sanitation workers who were fighting for bet…
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @enadorns I wouldn’t be mad if it happens tho 😌 @enadorns I mean we don’t know yet🌝😂where do white people get off thinking they can talk to black woken like this? IDGAF who you are or who Asian doll…
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreI feel like season 5 is going to end in Issa and Lawrence getting back together and being marriedso this seems like a really bad mix: - slow vaccine rollout - supercovid about to hit - insurrectionists ready to…
Retweeted by Daken’s whore#WandaVision spoilers: Wanda really said
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @faketitojohnsON @WrittenByHanna Crack that’s what they be ini’ll never tell anyone they’re asking too much from this government, idk what y’all be on 😭
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreNostalgia got y’all lying again
Retweeted by Daken’s whoreHow are all my openly Black people doing today
Retweeted by Daken’s whore @WrittenByHanna Fanfuckingtastic