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Marathoner. CEO, DAN Solutions | Chairperson, Creative Line of Business | Group Exec & Strategy Officer @DentsuAegisIN. Co-host of the #StormTheNorm podcast.

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You're over the mid-week hump. If you're still struggling to get to the weekend, maybe this will help. #TeeSeries
This thought, ascribed to a pre-sanyasi Adi Sankara, is almost 1300 years old. This could well describe today's sce… @gvravishankar @Anisha21 @Sequoia_India Thanks, GV :) I have to say that this conversation only served to whet my a… good storming this norm :)@anisha21 @twinsighter Big believer that we will have world beating startups soon!…
Retweeted by narayan devanathan @Twinsighter and I gave @gvravishankar @Sequoia_India this norm in Ep.14 of #StormTheNorm: Indian start-ups are a…
Retweeted by narayan devanathanICYMI, and in case it's a holiday for you (or even if it isn't), may I recommend this for 30 minutes that I think w…'s a rare mid-week break today. I think this might be appropriate. #TeeSeries
How do you challenge this norm? What hacks can help you storm it? What are the wrong reasons to start up? With real… @Anisha21 & I gave @gvravishankar this norm in Ep.14 of #StormTheNorm: Indian start-ups are at best clones of globa… @krishashok Thank you again! I looked for that sci-fi device in your video but couldn't find it. So I made do with regular time.The voices in my head escape from time to time. #TeeSeries @krishashok While it took more than 2m16s to make, it turned out fairly yummy, as you so easily made it look. Thank…
It's Monday. Be kind. I'm just an... #TeeSeries
Who called it Zen and not Kungfu Funda? (Trivia: I recently discovered that both originated from the Shaolin monas… @s_gursimran Try now? @Sikchi34 Hahaha. That sounds like a golden piece of advice from the likes of @douchebagstrat :-) @benedictgershom 🙏 Hopefully one of these days soon, Ben :) @Geraard_J 🙏 @SurabhiMathur17 Soon, hopefully. :-) Do stay in touch. @DILIPtheCHERIAN 🙏 @s_gursimran Hi, DM with your email ID? Can't guarantee I'll be able to respond quickly, but I'll try. This is an i… @ishenoy 🙏It will get much worse before it gets better. But it won't get better on its own.
I haven't done a Tamil-English-Hindi crossover pun in a while, so here goes. Did you know that this scalpel-toothe… that spark emotion, ideas that kindle joy, ideas that change behaviour, ideas that persuade people (including… the ability to accept this high rate of failure and more importantly, to keep coming back with better, differen… over 20 years of doing this, I don’t have any awards to show that I’m successful. And my path up to the present… will fail to sell them, we will fail to get them to see the light of day, we will fail our partners and clien… Tell me about a big failure in your life and how you dealt with it. Failure is an escapable part of life, but… that passion, and given the heartlessness of the industry otherwise, you’ll be chewed up and thrown by the… it’s nothing without passion. It’s nothing if you only bring logic and routine to it. And like with love, you w… Have you ever been passionately, madly, completely head-over-heels in love? And I don’t mean just romantic love…’ll act on that idea soon. In the meantime, FWIW, I thought I’d put these two questions out there. What are these… because I’m smarter or wiser, but only because I’ve had the good fortune of being around for a little longer, a… designate a certain number of hours each month to give to anyone (particularly those who’re just starting out in…<A Saturday #advertising thread> I’ve been toying with the idea of giving back to the industry that’s given me so… @ramkid Conversations with Cuthbert Calculus?Saturday is the day when you have time on hand to ponder over the Big Questions in life. For example, consider this… @ashoklalla Hahaha. Not quite. You're off the mark by a few thousand only 😉 @jasuja @shenoyn Arey, but where is the competition? I see him hit Gold's pot and say, Fanta-stic! Maaza aa gaya. Thums Up.
I never thought I'd say the words, "Wow! Look at that sky over Noida!" two days in a row :) #NoFilterNoida's Friday, so it's probably safe for me to say this. 😉 #TeeSeries @singhdevyani @thesatbir I bought this years ago at Tantra (in Delhi). Don't know if they're still available.
@jasuja +1 have a question. If everyone is LFW (living from work, and not WFH, as the new phrase is), then who is watching a… weekend is almost here. (Right?) This one is from a @thesatbir state of mind. :-) #TeeSeries consequence of this is that many readers don’t look below the fold, and stay with what they see in the erroneou… that seems to happen especially when the tweet has already gotten some likes / shares, and the author of the tw… to Twitter not having an Edit button, people who put out a tweet with mistakes (grammatical / factual) leave…
@DILIPtheCHERIAN Touche :) It's that kind of a week thanks to Monday having been a holiday :)A Tuesday full of meetings calls for this. The trick is to make this work in video meetings. #TeeSeries
Hello, Monday :-) #TeeSeries
That plea I sent Collided with the skies such that It came back as a clarion call. [For those who may want to (re)… have the breaths turned their face That there is no road in sight? Where have the beats left the heart That t… many lips spout complaints, Life has too many bridges too far? Why do dreams dampen in your eyes, When fate des… PLEA I SENT Who do I ask why it is so? This world is tongue-tied. Where do I seek moments of joy? Time itself provides no clue here. + @jasuja @ashoklalla Maine toh kuch kaha bhi nahi. @jasuja 😂 @DILIPtheCHERIAN HahahaDear Airtel: Buy TikTok in India. #JustSayingMuch insight, such wow, as the kids might say. :) Some timely, interesting, and, most importantly, usable insights… channels today don't ask their panelists to share screen time. They ask them to share scream time. @joybhattacharj Perhaps you've seen this, in this context? :-) wonder of it is that no dictionary has yet thought it fit to include "one who masters puns" as a valid definiti… aren't those two traits the essentials of creativity? 1. Being a collector of dots from varied fields, context…, much maligned as they are, happen when words are aligned in unexpected ways. They bring together contexts, i…<A thread on puns> (And not just because I can't resist making them.) Cc: @SoumitraKarnik David Ogilvy is reputed… whomsoever it may concern: You do know, right, that, in order to find happiness, if you have an ear piercing you…
Once this is over, Thums Up should release this ad again. A good reminder that if you have food, friends and Thums… far would you go for ber? One more edition of #LazySundayReading, one more story from my school days: The Ber N… as people, we don't *want our choices... Sorry for the typo!Personalised ads basically tell people, "Hey, I know you so well, I know what you want." But as people, we don't o…'ve got some great memories of playing this with my cousins on the terracotta floor of my grandparents' house in W…'ve heard a lot about how things are like never before. I wanted to list down things that are like ever before. E…
Here's a little weekend brain-teaser. If you see this from L to R, perhaps you will wonder too, like I do, what hap… timepass with a wonderful friend :-) @SoumitraKarnik idea for the likes of WeWork: go from being just co-working spaces to Covid-compliant working spaces. Enab… @ramkid And one more, a variant of your last one, we come here to see what they said: woh kya bola rey.It's interesting that before the pandemic, it was fashionable to use the term VUCA to signal a certain mastery over… @ramkid 🙊 @Venkrek Cowlourful? Sorry, that was a terribull joke.Piche piche aunda meri chal ve na ai Piche piche aunda meri chal ve na ai Chereah valayan vekhda ai ve mera long co…
*dependIt's Friyay. #TeeSeries @ashoklalla Guilty as charged 😀Fashion brands' immediate futures depends on the success of their Fall Collections. Basically, they're autumn-nirbhar.
Did you know there are people who actually love hiccups? You've never heard of them until now because of their hesi… @ashoklalla No, no. A long way to go 😛The week's more than half way done. Perhaps this level of sarcasm, I mean, excitement, can get you through the rest… @Dmittle Online, but not from the Bata store :)
@srini_bala It could also double up as a call to laughter yoga.If Apple created an AI-based virtual spiritual guru, would it be called Siri Siri?The Covid-induced D2C / e-commerce boom may just be the booster shot that will lead to greater adoption of EVs, wit… @Venkrek to recognise when it's time to end a conversation. 😛 #NewProfilePic continuation of yesterday's theme 😉 N.B: @ashoklalla 😀 #TeeSeries current deluge of webinars and podcasts might just induce enough visual & auditory fatigue in a short time to…
@ramkid I'll take that for now :) @ramkid Please tell me this thread doesn't ever end.