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Marathoner. Group Executive & Strategy Officer, Dentsu Brand Agencies | South Asia. Co-host: #StormTheNorm podcast, available on iTunes & SoundCloud.

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@VidyaG88 I won't technically have time "on my hands" then :) @amitabhkhare Yes. I've been hoarding them for the past 10 years :) @ranabarua 🙏🏼Bleary-eyed Boomers boarding at Bombay after (re)living a blast from the past where they caught up with their peers… you can't...
@jasuja At the airport, for one :)A group of East Asians sitting across from me is speaking in grammatically perfect English in a familiar-yet-unfami…,I do this too for lunch. 😊 @_menonX wow 😱🏅
Stories (on IG, FB, Snapchat) and Memories (on FB) nicely illustrate the difference between younger and older gener…'m not bad at remembering people's birthdays and anniversaries. I'm good at sending belated wishes.How I try to have more time on my hands.
#LifeInTheMetro this morning. called it a performing flea and not tick talk?Customer to whom he's relating this: "Suraksha important hai. Haath na dhone se to accha hai." "Bilkul, sir. Bilku… a recent visit to my barber's: "Sir, aap yakeen nahi karenge, ek sir aate hai haircut ke liye Sector __ se. Au…
Driving past Jamia a little while back, I passed a bunch of students participating in a civil protest. Further down… @sunainajairath Managed to get it back from a guy who was walking around with it in his hand 🙂 @thefullmohanty 😂😂 #BeltHiBachao @shivanimani84 These are the times we're reminded it is better to put all your content in the body of an email: no attachments. @namchu It could have been an emperor moth printed there and there would still be a puddle, I imagine 😛 @DILIPtheCHERIAN Who? The planes or the humans? 😉
I'm yet to see a men's restroom in a public place (hotel, airport, train station, movie theater, etc) where there i… @jasuja And most impractical in the winter. 😅 #RetractYourDemandYes, I'm crazy, but you're normal. So there. @sidin Shoes are slippery outside places of worship. @DILIPtheCHERIAN I was starting to think about walking to a store with one hand casually in my pocket (but secretly… @jasuja This is why pajamas are so practical. Nada baandho, chalte raho. No need for belts 😝 @SumanthKJain 🤭 @thesatbir Indeed :) @drvivarora @thesatbir 😂😂 @srini_bala I binged on an unlimited buffet instead that day 😀
I've heard of chappal chors outside places of worship. I've once had another passenger walk out of the airport with…
@jasuja 😂😂😂 @Sailor_at_heart 😂😂 @jasuja Thank you!A third consecutive Sunday run of 21.1km, today at the Super Sikh Run. This time, the medal is not edible unlike th…
Hindi movie song lyrics are meant to work especially when taken out of the context of the movie. Take this, for ins…
And made this ring true one more time: #SubtlePlugThat innings from @imVkohli today -- one for the ages. Gave me as much joy as the best from the bat of a certain @sachin_rt. #INDvsWI @namchu What is the procedure to move there?Sharp, succinct, unflinching, with neither an over- nor under- estimation of his and his company's thoughts and act…"Better padhao, better bachao" (said with the right accent) seems to be the theme of the keynote this morning at #HTLS2019 @Delomail If this had been Bombay, we could've called it Arora Borivali 😛#NoteToSelf
@Venkrek @bhogleharsha 👍🏼😀😀 I can say this of you and I, but not quite to @bhogleharsha: manam manam dostulum, chettu kinda kotulum 😛The sky over Delhi, on fire a few minutes back. #NoFilter @beastoftraal @ashoklalla Or, as Galahad Threepwood might have said, pshaw. :) @milindtapaswi That's one marathon I've never run so far. One of these days :)The glaze in the dazed gaze is set. The pace of the day's chase is set. The nudge to begin the trudge is given.… much as I love Batman (although I love Heath Ledger's Joker more), this is one of the best and most succinct com…
@sonaljhuj It is. Although I'm still more partial to the night view of Marine Drive. :) @jasuja Clearly 🤦‍♀️Thanks. Will try to swing by :) @jasuja @bhatnaturally Is there a vegetarian version? :-) @bhatnaturally Yes, sir :)Bombay can be quite gorgeous early in the morning.
Fractal Ink Design Studio Linked by Isobar wins Silver in the ‘South Asia Specialist Agency of the Year’ category. #AOY19 @IsobarIndia
Retweeted by narayan devanathanGold : South Asia Social Agency of the year @CampaignAsia @Campaign_India
Retweeted by narayan devanathan @The_Karthik Thank you 🙏🏼 @subhajrao Thank you for the kind words. Glad you liked it ☺️ @TheRaviB Thank you, Ravi! (Have not forgotten that other piece. Will get it to you before this weekend, if still relevant. 🙂) @ramkid @Vikramjit_S 🙏🏼🙏🏼 to you both. @ramkid Thank you, thank you ☺️ @paisatish 🙏🏼F1: Main toh phir bhi baaharwala hoon. Mujhe koi farak nahi padta. Pachtayega tu aur tera family. Bhugtaana tab bhi… 1: Dekh tu shuru toh kar de exercise. Main roz 10km chalta hoon. 3 mahine mein 9 kilo kam kiya hai maine. C…’ve heard people try to cajole, persuade, argue with someone into leading a healthier life, but I just heard the m… years since the invention of color photography, 60+ years since the creation of color TV, but in the age of so… @Vikramjit_S Thank you! 🙏Read this thread because: 1. It has this wholesome quality that will never make it go viral. 2. It's not a "hot tak…
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@VidyaG88 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @SumanthKJain 100 points! @jasuja Is the male being referred to here the salesman or me? 😛 @DILIPtheCHERIAN Always. To paraphrase a popular saying, jo dekhta hai, woh bechta hai 🙂 @sunainajairath I was shopping for loafer socks (they're a thing) in the same store 😃 @Vikramjit_S 😂 @LloydMathias Thank you, Lloyd. That's high praise :) One of these days, hopefully!"Why do you run marathons?" I've been asked this a few times. Here's an attempt at not so much an answer as a desc… @namchu 😂😂I love the salesmen in hosiery stores in Lajpat Nagar. Woman of indeterminable size: "Bhaiyya, tummy tucker hai?"… @namchu One of the two people in the conversation is 🙂
24/24 by 8:30am, the winter sun pierces through the morning haze enough for you to stand on top of Raisina Hill and… I couldn’t spot any Presidents, only gardens, and I figured I looked innocent enough to pass through. Unsuccess… At the end of Dara Shukoh Road, I see one of the few gates entering into Rashtrapathi Bhavan that is not closed… (Second interesting aside: The difference in spellings of the two alternative names aren’t just that. They brin… As you hang right by the perimeter wall of Rashtrapathi Bhavan and turn onto Dara Shukoh Road (interesting asid… There are a bunch of cyclists on rental bikes. A teenager is nervously balancing herself while pleading with he… “We pledge to live happy, healthy lives!,” exhorted the captain, the team full-throatedly echoing his words. “W… Past the Janpath intersection, the lawns on either side of Rajpath are taken over by cricket & football teams,… I’m clearly running slow enough to be able to catch all of this as I pass them by. But that’s also the essentia… “Abbe saale, tujhe ek aur bande ki zaroorat padegi. In sab mein se kisi pe bharosa hai tujhe ki tu agar girega… They also indulge in light-hearted banter amongst themselves as they do so. “Yaar, main bhi ek din seekh ke ai… In any case, the “official” photographers are not the only ones recording their feats. A bunch of young men—mos… Their performance is being captured by an accompanying pair of photographers. Perhaps this is their submission… Past the intersection of Mansingh Road, there’s an acrobatic couple in matching yellow outfits performing compl… A platoon of Weekend Warriors has assembled without the discipline that seasoned soldiers would have to get int… Criss-crossing past them, I head to the far end of the park area that encloses India Gate and there’s a silence… There are already a horde of chaiwalas with their tiny paper cups and ketlis catering to a diverse set of touris… The stretch past Teen Murti Marg and Akbar Road leading to India Gate is fairly eventless. The action is all around India Gate.