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NEXT MEETUP: 06/27/20 📅 | Not-for-Profit supporting Chicago Area Twitch Community | Not directly affiliated w/ @Twitch | Contact: 💜

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I'm sure this isolation has many of us pretty antsy and ready to get away. If you could escape to any video game's…
@Deadlymuffincat @RyvreTam @LethalJTV Glad you're enjoying it! Who's your favorite villager? We won't tell the rest. Or maybe we will. @jpcguy89 Yeah our social media coordinator has been playing it nonstop That's me, it's meLATE NIGHT SQUAD CHECK IN 💫 With all that's going on, we hope you're all keeping safe and making time for the litt…
Thank you to Chicago's @jackboxgames (and sponsor for multiple of our meetups!) for helping people get their minds…
Knowledge for those affected by CPS closures and rely upon meals for their children. Stay safe, Chicago.
We're still planning to move forward with our meetup in June but are watching the COVID-19 situation. We'll be work… @Psychotacon We are currently at 100 RSVPs for our June event. In regards to COVID-19, we plan to put a statement…
🚨 WANT TO WIN TICKETS?! 🚨 We are partnering with @Chicago_Wolves for Saturday's eSports night supporting…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUp🚨 WANT TO WIN TICKETS?! 🚨 We are partnering with @Chicago_Wolves for Saturday's eSports night supporting…
Who wants to win a @HyperX headset? Our friends at @NewBelgium_CHI are giving one away on their Instagram! this city, we wouldn't have this meetup, and without this meetup, we wouldn't have had these opportunities…
@GGBulletz @GGBulletz The Chicago location is great, but the Skokie location offers a large event space perfect for our event… @Sluntvision @AznSensation27 If he does, we'll be matching @AznSensation27 Bringin' those sweet moves with you? @DragonBeardTV @PlayWithJambo So do we! @chocoTaco @MagicHelmetTV You really just doIgnite Gaming Lounge Skokie, IL ⁠— 06/27/20 READY, PLAYER ONE:
We welcome the Chicagoland NBA 2K & Esports community to our 1 day charity event METAFESTO March 4th for students w…
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We've got some swag on us if anybody stops us at @c2e2 and says hi! @jvjakesta
@YikesZGaming @SavageGiggles @encouragegaming're proud to support METAFESTO, a free 1-Day experience designed to introduce local HS & college gamers to the wo… are proud to be partnering with the @Chicago_Wolves for their upcoming eSports Night on 3/14/20. We will also be…
@voodooranger @SONICBOOMB0X @wearespin @NewBelgium_CHI Some of our staff will be in attendance!Check out @voodooranger at this weekend's FREE C2E2 afterparty hosted by @SONICBOOMB0X at @wearespin. The first 15… @Qois_X @PlayWithJambo @Crizacked @WatchMixer Absolutely.
@PlayWithJambo This is what it looks like: @YebbaDebba @skiiwee29 @eyyohbee @podgie_TV Not if we see you first! @hoodedornament Close! Actually, no, not close at all, but good guess! @Infected_Bamboo @podgie_TV @TwitchStLouis @TwitchStLouis @WaimsGuy We do ask that you leave your chili at home, to avoid such incidents @WaimsGuy @SueZ_QQ @LethalJTV @LowEndLem SO DO WE
PRESS START | 06/27/20 to announce I accepted a position with @TwitchChicago as the Community Charity Manager! Reporting in for dut…
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""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." — Wayne Gretzky" — Michael Scott Hi, my name is Jambo, and I am the…
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Here’s all the photos from our last event. Thank you @Neoash1
This was apart of my goodbye speech for @TwitchChicago. My life seems to be transitioning and it seems like the rig…
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IMHO, @TwitchChicago raised the bar for accessibility. Other stream meet-ups need to take notice and also raise th…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUp @SasiahHochle Thank you!Our livestream from Saturday's meetup is up to check out!
If you took any pictures or GIFs with our GIF booth on Saturday, the gallery is now available!…’s official! @TwitchChicago raised $1950 for @LurieChildrens here in Chicago thru @ExtraLife4Kids! Thank you to a…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpJust finished up getting the last of the material from the meetup out of the Metro. I wanted to give a big thank yo…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpI had a good view of the stage from where I was sitting with @Trist_Chi #TwitchChicago
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpVince ALWAYS does a great job at @TwitchChicago !
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For anyone who was wondering where the tacos where from. ⬇️ #TwitchChicago meet up was dope af! I actually got there on time this time and finally got to meet more FGC pe…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpGreat night. Great freakin night. #TwitchChicago
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUp @theladyfriend1 @i3ooneWe wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year! We will see you next year, with more news coming soon. -… just got the final total for last nights Extra Life fundraiser, we raise $1950 for @ExtraLife4Kids thank you all… our discord to keep the community spirit going! Hope you had a wonderful time last night. ☺️The only question we have today is, how were the tacos?For those who were not at the meetup last night, I announced that after the next one I will be retiring from organi…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpWE LOVE THAT YOU ENJOYED PLAYING Thank you @TwitchChicago for having us😗
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpGoing live soon on so tune in I’m psyched! Represent the @ExtraLife4Kids @ELChicagoGuild at…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpWe’re on the front page of Twitch! Don’t miss out on the fun!’all this is @TwitchChicago
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpThis is insane. This is beautiful. This is Chicago 💜’ll be live on @TwitchChicago’s twitch ( at 8:35pm! Tune in!
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpLet’s play some Trivia Murder Party 2!
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpOur livestream is LIVE! Come check out the meetup if you couldn’t make it #1?! 👀 I GET A DRESSING ROOM??? The same place Chris Cornell, No Doubt, and Chance got to chill pre-show??? This is IL…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpThe @twitch Chicago meetup is about to pop off!
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpWe're at #TwitchChicago and I don't think any of us were prepared for this boomerang 🤣 @IllGatoGames @kccake18
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUp @SniffThyGooch 10pmAnd we are open! Thank you for your patience, we have a huge line and will get everyone in as soon as we can. 🥳❤️ @VDOMGaming Entrance through the regular entrance of the metro.
Soon. @catheternebula #TwitchChicago is trending on Twitter! Keep it going!!!!! -this event IS a 21+ older event, IDs will be checked at the door. -Anyone who plans to attend MUST RSV…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpSoon. will be on a segment for the @TwitchChicago meetup tonight at 8:30 Central! You can watch at…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpMake it trend. See you tonight everybody. #TwitchChicago @iamBrandonTV @TwitchChicago @Twitch Dude, I remember that post - you put in the love and made it happen - it's ama…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUp usual, I'll be chronicling my travel to my next hosting gig. Today, it's @TwitchChicago. Follow my stories on…
Retweeted by Chicago Community MeetUpDo you have plans tomorrow at around this time? No? GREAT. YOU DO NOW! TWITCHxCHICAGO Community Meetup! If you can…
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