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@GamerSteveTad @Twitch You can find your true follower number beneath your name on your Twitch page: 🔗 @TheRealRikarudo Hey, this isn't anything to worry about! The data on your achievements page can take between 24-48… @yad1x Hello, you can contact our support team by submitting a ticket, here: ✉️: @XSilverlink Hey! We don't have an eta on this I'm afraid, but we'll be sure to let people know when more people have got them! @HawkkEpik Hey! Sorry about this, that's definitely annoying! Please contact our dedicated support team and they sh… @NjnaGrimsdottir Hey! Though these requirements unlock the ability to apply for partnership, the application proces… @Averagegamer3YT Hey! It can take between 24-48 hours for your analytics to sync up. Check back in a while and it should be updated! :) @Dypfryst0 You can update your 2FA number using Authy's online form, here: 📝 It can take… @MarkMca00448458 Hey, apologies! Sadly we are unable to make a payout prior to the $100 threshold being met. @Dypfryst0 Hey, just to clarify, is the issue that you can't receive SMS 2-factor authentication messages with a new number? @MarkMca00448458 Hey, sorry you're having issues with your payout! You can send a ticket to our team and they'll ha… @Nikkicron Hey Nikki, thanks for letting us know! We're looking into this for you now.
@cloudlyonheart Hi, you can file a ticket with our Support team if you haven't already using this link: ✉️: … @CaveMobster Hey CaveMobster, sorry about this error. If you're stilling running into it, could you let us know wha… @Chadtronic Hey there! Have you tried disabling any addons/extensions you may have to fix this issue? @KaineofTermina @Twitch Hey Kaine, sorry for the frustrating experience. You should be able to open the desktop ver… @_JellyBun_ Hey there, we're sorry you've had a frustrating experience so far :( it looks like there may have been… @GamerSteveTad @Twitch Hey Tad, it can take between 24-48 hours for our achievements to sync with recent stream dat… @CactiSprite Heya, if a username isn't available it is either in use on an active account or deprecated due to a va… @Vadewolf That is odd - please make sure to note that in the ticket once you submit it. If you have already submitt… @Arianator19Mora Yes, the stream for 8 hours, 7 different days, and average 3 viewers requirements are all based on… @Silitha_KB @Twitch Hi Krista, I am sorry to hear about your loss. Please email with documentatio… @kertooie Hey Keke, you should be able to recover your account - simply log into the account and you will be asked… @Arianator19Mora Hey Anthony, it usually takes between 24-48 hours for recent stream data to sync with any achievem… @a_snarky_tweet Hey there, it usually takes a few days after funds are released to land in creator accounts. This i… @xkaymd As a precaution, change your password as soon as possible & follow these instructions: 📚… @Stefinho26 Hi Stefan, payouts are sent to the payout method chosen by the creator, not to their email. That being… @Pure__Kitten Hey Shanna, please reach out to Authy for assistance with 2FA as they handle the service for us ✉️:… @LokbatchTV Hi! You can change your language settings by going to and do the following: S… @HDAndreasEST Hey there, your friend can do the following to change their language settings by going to… @iXGReaper13 Hey there, it usually takes a couple days for payouts to land in accounts once funds are released depe… @KunstMk2 Sadness :( Can you provide one of the case numbers associated with a ticket you've sent to us? We can tak… @ICONEYT_ Hi, it may end up being difficult due to not having email access, but you can open a ticket with our Supp… @KunstMk2 Sadly without the email it is usually difficult to get access to an account :( you can try to reset the e… @glouracat Hi mollycat, if you haven't already, please reach out to our team through the Help Portal for assistance… @M43L57R0M Hi there, could you please send our support team a ticket so we can further investigate this error with… @SotsUndertaker Hey there, sorry for any concern caused! Yes - Our team recently sent out a Survey regarding Streaming on Twitch. @A_ras_ta_89 Hey Yungboogie89, sorry to hear about this issue. Please open a ticket with our Support team mentionin… @loulouGG_ Hey Loulou, funds were released so there is not a delay on our end. However, it can take a few days for… @brodiecantskate Hey Brodie, this can happen due to fees associated depending on payout methods. You can read more… @Vadewolf Hey Charlie, sorry to hear your subs aren't showing up - if you haven't already please open a ticket with… @dyeoxy Hey Dye, sorry about this. If you haven't already, please open a ticket with our Support team below so we c… @DarthJaeda Hey Jaeda, sorry to hear about this. For issues relating to purchases, please open a ticket with our Su… @MeltingPenguins Sorry, but the support team doesn't handle survey rewards :( for inquiries regarding the gift card… @mysteryofkayt Hey MysteryOfKayt! Our achievements take time to sync with recent stream data, so that is why there… @Azurite_358 @Twitch Hi Azurite - sorry to hear about this. To secure your account please file a ticket with our Su… @LaughwithMaggie Hi MaggieLaughs, apologies for the confusion. The Help Articles listed here are to hopefully assis… @Vylyssys @AskPayPal Hey Vylyssys, sorry to hear about the purchase issues. If you haven't already we suggest openi… @MeltingPenguins If you participated in our survey, that's a yay 😁 @Vaserati For sure, you likely didn't receive an email as you don't log in with Facebook yourself, it sounds like! @Vaserati Hey Vaserati, we've sent a few emails to those affected over the past few months, and originally announce… @ChapperzTV Hey Chapperz, we definitely know how important it is to give a heads up with these things - sorry if th…📝 Facebook Login Deprecation On September 30 we will remove the option to log in through Facebook. To maintain acc… @keeanth Hi there, apologies for the issues! Could you please reach out to our support team if you haven't yet for… @Misty_Lake Hey Misty Lake, as it stands it's not possible to downgrade an active Sub. Please set your current Sub… @Mathrax_ Hey Mathrax, you can turn off sub mode by using the command: /subscribersoff You can find more chat com… @N3WiS @TwitchDev Hey Newis, we don't have any ETA to provide for when animated emotes will roll out to mobile devi… @celestiaIynn Hi Lynn, do you have your AuthyID? If not, you can open a ticket with our Support team. Provide the i… @MrTom1308 Hey Mr.Tom, we reached out yesterday, but perhaps the notification didn't get through - we wanted to mak… @MeltingPenguins You can crop out everything but the body of the message and we can tell from that since you alread… @Fl0wer_Baby Hi again, we realize it may be confusing, but since Authy powers our 2FA, your phone number with us up… @hazdean08 @Twitch Sorry about that, can you please share a picture of the error you're getting? @a936Massacre Hey Rogue, can you please send over your Case #? @L33Tech Hey Leet, sorry about this! You can appeal mutes you don't think are correct by following the information… @FloPereira Hey Flor, apologies, but I'm afraid we're unable to manually edit these statistics. @Kaoran_ Hey Kaoran, our team goes through submitted tickets in a Queue system. They'll respond to it ASAP! @AnnoyedVi Hey Criz. Once we send the payout from our side, it can take a few days to reach your account, depending… @BrokenWWESC Hey Broken. Sometimes Prime Subscriptions can take a bit to become available again after expiring. If… @sykotic3 Hey Sykotic. We announced payout processing yesterday, so it might take a few days for it to reach your a… @hazdean08 @Twitch Hey Haz, sorry about this! Could you please try typing in a random chat 3 times for me? This sho…
@EmmeOg Hey Emme, most people are given their payout pretty quickly but we can't say exactly when as it can depend… @Merceapple Hey Mercedes, I'm afraid our DM's aren't manned by humans! Could you please share it here? @SafDestati Hey SafDestati, sadly we can't grant early username change requests - I'm sorry we can't offer any assistance here :( @scriptederror Hey Chazzi, sorry about those achievements not unlocking. We're taking a look now and they should un… @ShibaMaru_VT Sorry for the confusion, payouts are sent around the 15th of the month, but the amount sent is calcul… @MeltingPenguins Hey Melting Penguins, that should be a valid email from us - the subject should mention sharing yo… @HeyItzCurry Hey Curry, sorry to hear about this issue. If you haven't already please open a ticket with our Suppor… @Staggiezz Hey Staggiez. For privacy reasons, we will be only showing anonymized data about the categories users se… @Ging3rBomb Hey R3d. Our users' privacy is important to us, and for that reason we will only be showing anonymized… @DayDreamer845 Hey there, sorry to hear about the double charge. If you haven't already please file a ticket with o… @DarthZelduh Hey DarthZelduh. We totally get those concerns, but privacy is very important to us. For this reason w… @CoraxGGstreams Hey Corax. We care about our users' privacy, and for that reason only anonymized data about the cat… @Joshawott15 Hey Josh. Privacy is important to us; for that reason, we will be only showing anonymized data about t… @kr0swell Hey kr0swell, you can learn how to change your username and the potential impacts of it by checking out o… @Kaoran_ Hey Kaoran, just respond to the email we sent you - that is how we communicate! No need to open a new ticket. @Katielou742 Hey Katelynn, you can request a phone change through Authy if you haven't already, they power our 2FA.… @MelDubs Thanks for letting us know you've filed a ticket - someone from the Support team will be reaching out afte… @Hudatcha_Here Hey Hudatcha, if a username isn't available it usually means it is attached to an active account. An… @KatGirl_Morris Hey KatGirl_Morris, Sorry for the confusion. The Payout this month doesn't include any September re… @OwReise While Authy verifies your phone change request you can reach out to us if you don't have your AuthyID, whi… @OwReise Hello, you can request a phone change through Authy, who powers our 2FA services. You can fill out the for… @MsGoodManners Hi, sorry for the confusion. To clarify, when a payment is calculated around the 12th, the calculati… @acottonsock Hi Madi, if a username is currently in use on an active account, then it is unavailable. Please note t… @Chrissonator Hey Chris! In order to change your address and other information, you'd have to repeat the onboarding… @TannerByfield Hey Tanner. Please, send us a ticket and our team will be happy to look into this for you: ✉️:… @MrTom1308 Hi Mr.Tom, just to clarify - have you tried to talk with Authy and provide them the AuthyID we gave in c…📢 We've begun rolling out payouts for Creators who have an account balance over $100 for August! Please know that… @Yerixnnei Sadly we can't offer more assistance on Twitter :( We have to match account details we have on file agai… @Merceapple Hey Mercedes, could you please share with us the Case # of your support ticket? @crayonlogic Hey James, you will require your email address for us to assist in recovery of your Twitch account. H…