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Zen Nihilist. Queen of Dogs. Game Consultant @ HitDetection. Writer for Variety - Polygon - Guardian - Eurogamer - MCV's Top 100 Women In Games, 30 Under 30

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@briecode I currently have two little phantom poodle boys, but I have a personal soft spot for deep red poodles @briecode omgggg please tell me you're getting a poodleBritish pals may come live in Vancouver with me, I will set up a series of tents in my gardenMy mum took care of everything else in the house so Dad could write. She was the oil that kept the Discworld machin…
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Microsoft is investing $1 billion in OpenAI, the research lab overseen by startup guru Sam Altman that says (with a…
Retweeted by GERA @witenoyze Oh godI have spent an hour writing a headline AMA @IndoorHeroes Oh man, I was just remembering about the time I threw up in Seb's bed when he was away and forgot abo… laptop filled with six of the world’s most dangerous viruses is on sale for more than $1 million. It is being sol… the 2 faces of Captialism
Retweeted by GERASloth costume by Berlin-based Artist Karoline Hinz (…)
Retweeted by GERAMy earrings stink @Lazer oh my god
@LaurakBuzz This might be my dream gameI killed a magic bear of farts
Retweeted by GERA PEARL OF POWER BEGINS Friar Farto off to have my first D&D EXPERIENCE with @jemalexander @ibogost Edward scissorhands but with selfie sticks
@ElyseWillems @HilariousCow Yes!! @jericawebber Oh myThinking about dogs next to the Thames #london AM WEARING A FANNY PACK amazing work from @SimonParkin @vvicthor pizzannihilation
@ibogost @ObiCynKenobi WINE ASAPMy boyfriend wasn't excited at the prospect of going to a cat cafe so I've killed him @GaryDooton tbf virginia woolf would have loved that @the_alexmchugh I CAN TASTE YOUR BONES @jericawebber eee thank you <3PS I AM WATCHING my website with my latest work! Come for the waffling; stay for the drawings of dogs wearing VR headsets: @WritNelson Woot! Great job bud @Gaohmee V good buttMrs Balls chutney @LaurakBuzz Oh yeah!!Once during E3 @LaurakBuzz stayed over at my airbnb and fell asleep on my couch so I put a blanket over her and she… love this andrew lloyd webber song favourite fantasy series is getting a seemingly not shit hbo remake think I want to have sex with cats now? one told me the power of Machine Learning could be used for good (
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@Luceobrien A thousand times this @AmandaFarough U got thisbbI can't wait to see Cats @UnburntWitch @crashtesterX OmggggI'M A VERY HAPPY LADY @plante @Polygon @chrisgrant Chris!!! I am so proud of youAnd Kotaku is hiring, news-oriented UK pals! be of interest to anyone based in Washington! Me Out @edenthecat I don't mind this one tbf @jericawebber @GriddleOctopus I'm buying the hell out of thisDon't wait for other people to tell you you're a badass @expectproblems Oh god @expectproblems My journal which I started at age 14 was literally called Angry Pariah @expectproblems Diaryland was my lifeI need $5000 you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary I regret everything
@AlexaRayC It has my favourite finale episode of any show @expectproblems @allymcleangames I'm having my first D&D experience with @jemalexander this weekend, can't wait to hold in my farts @expectproblems @allymcleangames #farttwins @JulieHeyde @amyschumer I literally had a dream about her last night where she let me borrow her clothes because I… @ChiefRaconteur @ThatKramerGuy omg yes @BuckSexington @ChiefRaconteur omgAAAH, @ChiefRaconteur IS MAKING A GAME WHERE YOU PLAY AS A DOG, AKA MY ONLY CRITERIA FOR GOTY wrote my column this week reflecting on how teenage relationships with adult men appear to me now that I’m the ag…
Retweeted by GERA @gideondefoe Are you researching branding for hitwangwtF ratherwt is wrong with yogscastIn other news @rey_z This @zoe_dels @eurogamer Woot!Burn in the fires of hell #FaceApp @keefstuart @Medium @hunicke @briecode @hollygramazio This is so greatIt’s Time Video Games Stop Glorifying Violence And Go Back To Glorifying Whatever The Fuck Was Going On In ‘BurgerT…
@gomark It is remote work from home, which is my life's dream and purposeI've sent in my CV; Wish me luck! @hownottodraw @hownottodraw When people asked me as a child what my dream job would be when I grew up, I'd tell them to be the ow… Grimes alone, in conclusion eat elon musk #grimes @twitgera It’s clearly a joke, though. I don’t get why everyone is taking it so seriously? I feel like I’m the only…
Retweeted by GERA @kezamacdonald @EddieRobson Billie is my queen @Charlie_L_Hall @NPR @1a This is so great dood!Everyone is stupid her post was v funny, you idiotsThere are far better billionaire-adjacent people to take down like Grimes, go suck a duckI have spent two consecutive days tweaking my cover letter