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The perfect movie to watch while you’re cuddling with someone ❤️ (and maybe @ that someone to show them you mean it 😉)
THIS IS NOT A DRILL: @TomHolland1996 and @prattprattpratt will be here to answer all your magical questions about t… @A24 dev patel... *chef's kiss*Your David Lowery fantasy has come true. Watch the teaser for @TheGreenKnight, an epic take on the classic Arthuri…
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @A24 our knights are GREEN and our gems are UNCUTIt's DECIDED #KnivesOut Live Tweet Saturday 7pm! 🔥🔪
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𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝖙𝖔𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖔𝖜 #TheGreenKnight
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @cIemmie 💎💎💎 @billieeilish The name's Eilish... Billie EilishFive movies your crush needs to know to get to know youThe third installment of the Timmy and Saoirse series looks as good as the first two
New Wes Anderson is coming! Here is the new poster for #TheFrenchDispatch. The debut trailer arrives tomorrow!
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesHappy #SeeThePhotograph Week
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesKnives Out: Out of Knives’s not like in the movies. It’s better, because it’s real.Tweet of the Night 🏆 of the Night 🏆 Reaction Tweet 🏆 Red Carpet Tweet 🏆 show may be over, but there are still a few more trophies to hand out to some 🔥 Tweets. Our Twitter awards for… are you personally doing to ensure Amy Adams doesn’t go another year without an Oscar?
@Basseyworld We're pretty sure he got his drink, but there's still more awards to hand out. Congrats, your Tweet wa… @yajpeg This is how you win. Congrats, your Tweet was our #Oscars Tweet of the Night! DM us for your award. 👀 @cIemmie We're pretty sure #FilmTwitter looks at your Tweets the way he looks at his Oscar. Congrats, you were our… @chalamundo This Tweet was 💯, just like Timmy's fit. Congrats, your Tweet was our #Oscars Best Red Carpet Tweet. DM…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesThis is both a) absolutely correct -- Disney won four Oscars in 1953 and b) absolutely fucking insane. Bong Joon-Ho…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesPARASITE PARASIT ARASIT RASIT ASIT SIT IT T ST EST BEST BEST P BEST PI BEST PIC BEST PICT BEST PICTU BEST PICTUR BEST PICTURE#BONGHIVEParasite collecting all the awards it deserves Eminem 🤝 You only get one shotIf Joaquin doesn't win Best Actor AWARD WINNER LAURA DERN THEY HAVE MINDS AND THEY HAVE SOULSbrb printing and framing this How about WIN! to Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt's hair on their first acting OscarNatalie Portman embroidered her Dior cape with all of the female directors who weren't nominated for #Oscars. Check…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesUs reading your #Oscars Tweets thinking they deserve their own awards 👀
✌️ #Oscars
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesUs stealing an Oscar to give to Amy Adams your invite to tonight's show get lost in the mail? Follow the #Oscars Topic to get as close to tonight's awa…
Hosted by Catt Sadler (@IAmCattSadler), the arrivals show is streaming live exclusively on Twitter at 12p PT/3p ET…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesA reminder to set a reminder for that a little show called the #Oscars happening tomorrow. Now you won't miss the r…
that damn fern
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesAnd the Oscar goes to...Hi, meet Marsai Martin, 15. Star of Black-ish and Little, became Hollywood’s youngest producer at 14.…
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @disneyplus us getting ready to watch all these
If you don't make your #Oscars predictions you can't brag at the viewing party. @badpostmargots looks like this is one bird of prey she couldn't handle @harlivyes WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT @marqorts she's the hero we need, but don't deserve @clarksleague SHE WON @selinakravitz typical margot behavior, she's the best isn't she🤡🔨and 🐤🎵and 🏹✖️"I'm Spartacus."
We’ll start: Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. What, like it was hard?What’s the movie performance you’re STILL mad didn’t earn an Oscar?Last week, Radha Blank won the Sundance U.S. Dramatic Directing Award for THE 40-YEAR-OLD VERSION. And now, we're t…
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looking at my to do list from last week
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesAt the end of the day, aren’t we all looking for the Kronk to our Yzma?’re answering your questions now with the cast of #BirdsOfPrey! 💋 #AskBirdsOfPrey
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Today, we honor the amazingly talented Jordan Peele. 🙌🏾 #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @birdsofpreywb @MargotRobbie @jurneesmollett @rosieperezbklyn @ellajaybasco Which real-life figure would you most l… presents: Hamilton. With The Original Broadway Cast. Filmed onstage at The Richard Rodgers Theatre. In…
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @glrlclub ok where can we apply for this jobHow much do you think Meryl Streep spends on trophy polish a year?
Remember the Titans is the best football movie ever… PERIOD. @TheFastSaga the end of the trailer... WE HAVE SOME QUESTIONSLOOKS LIKE #F9 HAS EVERYTHING ✔️JOHN CENA AS DOM'S BROTHER ✔️A ROCKET CAR ✔️CHARLIZE THERON FLYING A MAGNET PLANE…’s the most famous movie you’ve pretended to have seen?Your favorite horror director gets to remake a Disney film. Go.
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @badpostmargots @MargotRobbie that's our girl! @salemhorrorfest ari aster, a bug's life @_BlackCanary can we skip to february 7 already
@TheFastSaga @JohnCena we don't see anything @ira floor itMeet this year’s class of Oscar nominees! #OscarsLunch
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This month feels longer than The Irishman
He’s lived his life a quarter mile at a time. The Road To #F9 Concert & Trailer Drop is this Friday at 12:00PM PT /…
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @TheFastSaga vroom vroom
Who is your movie: • doppelganger • mom • BFF • nemesis
What are the four movies that best describe your personality? @NetflixFilm in this house we STAN ANNE✔️ Directed by Dee Rees ✔️ Anne Hathaway ✔️ Willem Dafoe ✔️ Ben Affleck ✔️ Based on the book by Joan Didion Heav…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesWe’ve come to an open air screening of Cats one else is here
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @BrydieLK @elenischumacher purrrrrfect way to see a movie
@NetflixFilm hanks...dicaprio...spielberg... we're in @DamnitMaurie can you please spell "gabbana"The movie you can watch an unlimited amount of timesTaylor Swift going for that EGOT... you love to see it!
"BUCKLE UP" (My 5 year old who I will never ever allow to see this trailer, ever, ever, like ever never ever in her…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesMulan has the best soundtrack of any Disney movie but some of you aren’t ready to have that conversation.
Folks... 📷: Emma McIntyre
Retweeted by Twitter Moviesdad's legit out here shooting a documentary
Retweeted by Twitter Movies @e_alexjung classic dad
What is the perfect movie to watch on a three hour flight?you like timothée chalamet because he’s hot. i like timothée chalamet because he cried in front of a fire place wit…
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesGlitter was a great film. I SAID WHAT I SAID.
Retweeted by Twitter MoviesISSA. KUMAIL. Take our money NOW.