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Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @Cole_TDB I’ll never let him take that title @Cole_TDB 😂😂 @aaronfootage @connoronfilm @ryanfootage @aaronfootage you and Wonder Womani was depressed every year of highschool
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @TrashBrock 💀💀💀💀💀 @Bat_Source They must really have faith in his vision if they wanna keep him around for multiple things that aren’t… @UpwardBoss I’m not even gonna argue, the ignorance in your statement is just crazyStop telling people to k word themselves, one of these days someone is gonna fuck around and do it and that’s on yo… @parasite_eveee I saw, I didn’t agree or disagree all I said was interesting @parasite_eveee interesting @Mercuryinretro1 Seems like it @_Cody1021_ @bombasticmando I’m fucking cryingDamn @bombasticmando got his own song too. 😲
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @wxdewilsxn take care of yourself rinny @lgbt_kravitz something wrong? @Mercuryinretro1 Why are you so against battinson? @Enemies_Allies He’s getting ratioed and dunked on so hard it’s hilarious @SuperSonsTalk Fine @LucidlyJade Only if you want to @ValyrianLord No free advertisements @CGorg3005 No free advertisements @draxlul No @SuperSonsTalk No free advertisements @LucidlyJade No free advertisements from me @watcherhotdog I refuse @bombasticmando I’m watching it rn but this apology is ass you could’ve come up with something better you keep stut… @parasite_eveee I said no nsfw bish @WebbedBat That’s what you want me to tweet.... @bombasticmando Ain’t nobody watching that shit @ValyrianLord Nah bro that ain’t me must be photoshop a reminder that @TwixAreTopTier is the best user on this app 💜
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @ValyrianLord ????? What’re you talking bout bro @Lunwi88 Just a reminder that @TwixAreTopTier is the best user on this app 💜 @Enemies_Allies Taste @SuperSonsTalk They look the best for sureLarfleeze is the goat don’t @ me @JadenMovies W 🥴🤧Who’s your favorite lantern corps member? @lgbt_kravitz Need Jessica Cruz, John Stewart or Kyle Rayner on that team too @UpwardBoss I’d rather Microsoft have it than any of those choicesWhy was this movie even released 💀💀💀
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹just a friendly reminder that leaking someone's face or personal info for fun/no reason is disrespectful towards th…
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @WebbedBat Someone threatened to leak my address yesterday cuz I said f@g lmfaoo @lgbt_kravitz @DanDaggerDick @castle_product @Alan28002 @MarAbh99 Common L @_mrundead_ I didn’t 🤫 @KyloDriver666 Yes 🥺 @Minnow1233 Yeah I like his other films 10x more especially Baby Driver and Hot Fuzz @Alan28002 @MarAbh99 Which? @JonnyIsBored79 interesting but I don’t give a fuck @StupidBoiManBoi Wouldn’t even make top 25 in my list @SJTimes13 Why not @TheAgeOfBatman Gay Joe Russo is perfect @LucidlyDoom Don’t care give me an L @Michaelramos227 I’ve literally never seen any of the Richard Donner movies besides Superman 2 @CMDR_Avallach That’s crazy cuz all his movies, especially the cbm, are great @boppshite I forgot those are cbm but still I wouldn’t put him here @Drr_Sizzle No @DevilOfHK99 8/10 @DevilOfHK99 Man only made 1 cbm dummy @YallNeedJuice It’s weird seeing you change I didn’t recognize youThe best comic book directors of all time and it isn’t even close @ryanfootage @scarysmovie Shut up f@ggot @TommyiestThomas I didn’t even give my opinion one way or another @Spiders_Might We did that too @UpwardBoss Yeah it’s a classic, love it to death @UpwardBoss I just want bully 2 man @DravenREBORN47 Never @ryanfootage This tweet gonna get like 50 likes and I’m gonna be stuck answering dms for 10 hoursLike this tweet if you've DM'ed Flint and he's ignored it
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @FASTGUY_ @ValyrianLord @tylerxsteel Ok imma fix that hold up @ValyrianLord @tylerxsteel 3 months late but I answered 😎 @DravenREBORN47 You could dm doe and I would answer... @ryanfootage Don’t leak our dms please I don’t wanna be outed as a faq 😳 @Kidfromqueens1 Who said I was jerking off @ValyrianLord @tylerxsteel Damn I just realized I never responded to yours from April... I feel like a terrible per… @ryanfootage I’m literally doing it rn @aaronfootage @DevilOfHK99 Ok then dm me @ryanfootage You know what, honestly..... @Minnow1233 Yeah unfortunately we couldn’t all get together but this will have to doReviewing different porn videos with your bros at 4 am >>>> @Enemies_Allies There’s no way you just put ant man and the wasp above Shazam bro.... @aaronfootage @DevilOfHK99 Aaron don’t interact I’m mad at you right now please shut up @DevilOfHK99 @aaronfootage You can’t revoke shit, it seems I’m the only one with taste @ryanfootage That’s a great draft tho @aaronfootage L it’s peak cinema @aaronfootage 😐 @aaronfootage Swap SS and WW @TheLastSean_ I have your notifications on but I never see your tweets for some reason @johnnytitanz hi 🥺 @ryanfootage oMg yOu sAiD f sLuR?!?!?!? cAnCelEd! @Lunwi88 Never seen you say anything sus @ryanfootage Don’t wanna add you you smell @_emo_euriah_ Normal @ContextJess @SavinTheBees YessirMe the first time I embraced the horniness
Retweeted by Flint 🇮🇹 @LucidlyDoom I ain’t gay either wtf are you on about @ryanfootage @Minnow1233 I don’t like you @treyonfilms Talk to em trey