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twomad @twomad Vancouver, British Columbia

so i was jus bouta go to behd

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@Alluxin1 yes @twomad
Retweeted by twomadJAMESKII IS THE 12TH BOYFRIEND!! CONFIRMED!!i have ebola aids @KSIOlajidebt Truuu @zackfox Omgg @maxmoefoe @H2Ohydrat3 @LivingScribe Mix raced @maxmoefoe @H2Ohydrat3 @LivingScribe @MagisterMrK Chill vibe @snugunim @UN @UN_Women Good meme @JoeBiden No @sicknec arigatoI'M SHITTING RIGHT NOWElon Musk after china announces they needs large imports of solar power technology @maxmoefoe @realDonaldTrump BRUH! @ColdOnes @goodguyfitz HAHAHA @anything4views @jamiepine SHUT UP BRO!!! SHUT THE TRUCK UP
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@RSGLORYANDGOLD What @Jack_Septic_Eye 🗿 @Bolar72839445 washashumgaWhy does every fly rub their hands together when they land @Zedd @Zedd GG @someblackg Stinky @GGXupdates In 52 minutes
@aimbotcalvin competitive gamer moments @blakeir i thought he headed out @meatcanyon Bruh @trixiemattel Pog @TheAn1meMan @miniminter true @altodomato Dab @heyimbee @EA_Australia WTF EA SPONSOR ME TO PLAY APEXFirst person to reply gets frontal lobe cancer @dellor Gaming @GGXupdates It's because they give a shit, it's cringe but the reason they hate watch is because they still care... For whatever reason @DumbsYT happy birthday! @OGBeefStew W @KSIOlajidebt Would u give him love? @Leafy @Leafy
@meowriza shut up @PeachJars @theomgcosplay @PeachJars @theomgcosplay woman @djcarnage @diplo B @norioIogy bzzzzzzzzzzzz @Avalanche100T heavy @JoshManMode fot da beach @GGXupdates bitch hua xiao piao piaothis my second/streaming channel @gankycrepe @jamescharles reversed, fake @gankycrepe @jamescharles bouta headcrackhead GTA 6 moment on my irl stream hole shit @anything4views @jamescharles fat @jamescharles @jamescharles check dms fr fr @matthwatson true and real @psychicpebble @PencilMoose buhhh @Nick__Wolfhard me at the age of 12 after a nightmare asking mama for some love @Jason deez nuts @jamescharles yaaas queeen
Retweeted by twomadgucci nigga flip flops @LoganPaul Mama @mikemajlak @LoganPaul Joe @ChrisO2_ Bruh @NigmaNoname @MikeMavo WAAAAA @maxmoefoe @maxmoefoe @kinganiii name greg @sushitrash Give that spoon some love bout making robolox porn videos @deathtrips_ @trisleonidas btruh @KSIOlajidebt @lorraine MAD TING @Zedd Go xlr my guy @Jason Kids like Shawn Mendes and halo 3 tho @Jason We do @coolshirtz BABABOOEYAy my bloods if u got one of Dem gn gorl shirts (thank u btw my Bois), the men are shipping a fuck ton each week, i… @imane Check this out tho @Jason I am and i suck at it. So I'm on a good track @kidosaburo @TwitchRussel He's like 6'6 he ain't smol @OrdinaryGamers I can susMy bruddas @jamiepine @Nick_Poitras Actually @VIAwesome we waitin
@Nick__Wolfhard bruh @blakeir yellow tape around his boooody