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Eskay (left, xe/xem/xyr, @gravitygales) & the Rev. Dr. Vivian (right, she/her/her, DDiv in punology) Together, we are 80% Relatable =^.^= #8PR

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pro gamer move- upon instlaling windows, instantly delete Windows SOlitaire Collection so you can't lose a card gam… pretty sure it, like , is? though? this the first time in my life ive been so happy to see. A microsoff Edge window open 😏 has a fursona; and it is a tiger with giant tatasSaid I would some art today then I got completely obliterated by some internet post about the great American Titty…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀the next time i say im going to do something with my computer remind me that i WILL break it kthxIT'S ALIVE~ circle for a functioning Windows 10 installation. pray for me 💻 💻 💻…
no one: me, once every 3-5 weeks: holy shit, sans is in smash bros
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀therapy is lauded as a cornerstone of covid-era reform but i just think how helpless i felt my whole life trying to…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀Today, on Steins;Gate: we track down Kiryu Moeka to undo her D-mail, and things somehow get even worse for Okabe.…, looks like today’s gonna be a two-pack day. outfit swap
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀still flabbergasted that Outer Wilds and Outer Worlds are (allegedly) two different games. has anyone ever seen the… #SmashBros #NintendoSwitch's the one-year anniversary of Can Androids Pray, y'all - and you know what that means! no discounts buy it on…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀Tomorrow: phone quest, finally have a new comb, who wants an hour-long detangling ASMR video @Alephalpha1 yeah it's a tripchanging all my passwords to “hunter2” to own the libs
Uhhhh so this just happened
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀 @Ct1YoFP @loumona76 I mean, don’t let the Discourse color your personal enjoyment of a game! Not everyone is going to like e…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀 @loumona76 I mean, no shame, it still looks like a fun game! I don’t want to deny anyone their enjoyment of it. It… yeah the far side is back @D3stiny_Sm4sher That is modern Paper Mario in a nutshell @Alephalpha1 The entire chapter leading up to this fucker right here is one of my favorite video game sequences. you get it don't say anything. dont explain it to those who dont know. just aeiou
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀 @Alephalpha1 The writing was definitely different than the earlier games, but I honestly enjoyed what they were going for. @Alephalpha1 I hate sounding like one of “those” people but the later Paper Mario games are just not fun RPGs @Alephalpha1 Color Splash was really fun, but mostly in spite of itself. The writing was funny and quippy and the w… away the unnecessary focus on turn-based combat and replace it with short overworld battles and you’d honestl…, it looks like Origami King is continuing the trends from Color Splash: extraordinary design, color, and writing… culture. we’re done with it. no more culture. @DisasterBaby451 “memeliexe” @DisasterBaby451 I think “liege” is the gender neutral variant, memeliege @OoCPokemon I forgot about “cool” pokemon, oh my GOD @monkeydesigned @danblackroyd I mean, you’re not wrong.1) Smash Bros didn’t have a 3 Houses spirit event because they were saving it for the character 2) there is only on… we got a couple of the SAO games at one point, with the idea that they’d be funny series to play, but it turns o… @Spdrcstl You gotta play those video games, Jerryr/yawinninson @danblackroyd This is Xander slander.
With all of the pretty big Squenix spirit events in Smash lately, I have to wonder if they have a character in FP2.… @RenzoAdler The Nakoruru one picture is SO CUTE, and they have apparently done Athena dirty.for the sake of asserting us (all of us survivors that kotaku has hurt in the past), here are some thoughts... PLEA…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀
still can’t believe clone high is coming back, someone finally got around to defrosting their prom too consider.
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀i'm gonna finish doing a full arrangement of the track, for all your LAWYERWAVE needs @DisasterBaby451 Neither. I mean, if we’re talking about the mathematical construct, a point is... a point. It has… @DisasterBaby451 Okay, but, consider: maybe she didn’t know how numbers work?actually nvm, just remembered the time she released an album that had "Part 2" of a song several tracks before "Par… gonna mention: Vivian did a lo-fi arrangement of "Pursuit: Cornered" as the intro music for our Ace Attorney s… suicide myself and other suicidal people often feel like we can’t talk to therapists about being suicidal b/c o…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀Also, for Patrons, here's the first Patreon-exclusive episode! #8PR
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀Hey, it looks like we had some audio issues, so we fixed some things and reuploaded! Should be working real good no… @droamiin No worries!! Let us know if you enjoy it when you get to see it!! ♥️ @DisasterBaby451 It’s just not what I like to relax, okay?? :P @DisasterBaby451 Wow, ouch. @DisasterBaby451 Right. We just adjusted the benefits (to add more) because we had no idea what we were doing originally.Also, for Patrons, here's the first Patreon-exclusive episode! #8PRQuick channel update video. #8PR
It’s Monday, and time for the final episode of Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet by @nomnomnami! In this episode: Syrup…
Retweeted by 80% “Catgirl Hooters” Relatable 🙀 @elise_dangerous Just gonna make another train, huh @paigeccino also here’s the playlist for all the Nami games we have played) is treat appreciation space, please be kind to the wolf’s Monday, and time for the final episode of Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet by @nomnomnami! In this episode: Syrup… @DisasterBaby451 I’m both flattered and ashamed that this is how I become a mememotherfuckers walking around wearing masks like they’re a goddamn chin strapDouble recording sesh tonight for secret bonus video content, whoooo
@dantheshive sports bras are super comfy for moderate periods of time, but all will become uncomfortable if used for too longTomorrow: this lady gets unstuck in time @DisasterBaby451 I unironically enjoy their cover of Africa, I might be beyond saving @DisasterBaby451 I’ve been having a hard time focusing on reading as well :/ @Alephalpha1 I mean, I really do love it for a reason. It’s good horror because it’s a reflection of the dude’s psyche. @DisasterBaby451 Actually, it was House of Leaves, but Narnia also works!dude moves into a new house and gets trapped in the closet*heavy sigh* ugh, I gotta play Canon and Gigue in D major but I, like, REALLY hate music, better play this like it’…’s in the other room listening to someone play Pachelbel’s Canon at, like, twice the normal tempo and it is s… i make my shower slightly colder than usual and pretend i’d ever be welcome at a public pool again @MysteryLime For what it’s worth, I already like your contentif i want to play touhou games but am literally only interested in the music, where do i start
@immewnity @PokemonArtFacts Oh god, I recognize all these card arts from back in the day! These are CLEAN.can’t wait to get this guy animated #TWEWY @DisasterBaby451 Real good if you love black comedy @DisasterBaby451 But it’s also a perfect summary of the film (In Bruges)some dude kills someone else then takes a vacation, Vivian, you've taught our daughter well.🎙 special message from hatsune miku: fucking happy for twewy anime, and it looks so GOOD @jennyyangat oh goodness, i am excited for this anime
It’s Friday, and today, we play the last game in our semi-regular series of works from @nomnomnami, Syrup and the U… you know someone who struggles with mental health, reach out to them, because this pandemic is only going to mak… noticed today is the day we’re being open about mental health. I’ve talked about it before, but I (Eskay) strugg…