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Sometimes I turn on the tv and "say yes to this dress" is on and what terrible people most of the time
oh no
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been thinking about this for a month now
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Waypoint pod just had their own "da vinkie???" moment @essell2 @mubly Thanks!!
OH NO SHIT @essell2 @mubly genuinely, where do i read the criticism? Cuz i am soooo mad rn @essell2 @mubly I remember no criticism, so maybe this is on meapex legends: a red shield and no friends @colonelnemo WHY DID EVERYONE SAY IT WAS SO GOODTake your seats for yet ANOTHER new game on my livestream, called Assemble With Care:
Retweeted by Twyst @colonelnemo EVERYONE SAID IT WAS GREAT WHAT THE HELLis this our bar you guys? I love Arkane and this is an older game. But ... I was excited to play this and .... ?????*I am very early in. I trust my friend @mubly who says keep with it. I'll try.ok. i trust in Max. @mubly ok cuz i am at the brothel and i am literally crying because i am so upsetI'm genuinely heartbroken right now that this is just another weird dude fantasy that treats women like shit?I'm playing dishonored and like..... why did people want me to play this. Women are dead, kidnapped or sex slaves.… at work: " I saw a floating bush at the edge of town"IT'S ARRIVED! @yoshisquared what a journey! Congratulations and such lovely products!!!
Canada has officially signed onto a major international effort to share potential COVID-19 vaccines and hopefully m…
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Retweeted by TwystShinji, getting in the EVA is so impractical, why don’t you go back to being an accountant or whatever thing Shinji was doing before
Retweeted by TwystThis is related to why the call is to defund the police, not reform. No matter how well-intentioned the appropriati…
Retweeted by Twystremember when the panama papers happened and the journalist that broke the story got carbombed and we never talked…
Retweeted by Twystthe season of masterchef where the guy makes it all the way to the semifinals then accidentally uses salt instead o…
Retweeted by TwystThere’s a good chance your son or one of his friends will end up with post-Covid autonomic dysfunction. They won’t…
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Remember how we couldn’t get masks?!!!!! How we all SEWED THEM for each other?!!! I hate these people with such a p…
Retweeted by TwystBREAKING: the province of Ontario has made an unprecedented deal with the COVID-19 virus to infect people only in n…
Retweeted by TwystDev: We could potentially cut something Production:
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This is the best thing I've ever seen.
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Or one of my 3 copies of X or XIIMaybe I'll just play ffxiii and pretend @TimProbable aww! my kit has a sister that he was bonded with before i got him. I think he just doesnt know when he is screaming too much. @jason1749 i load the page: 50 are in stock Jason sees the post I try to buy: 0 in stockI’d like to declare a state of emergency for masculinity.
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Retweeted by TwystI have updated my bio accordingly.
Retweeted by TwystThis is the most wholesome name for a bar I've ever seen. I can't go but I feel better just knowing it exists.
Retweeted by Twyst @TimProbable its a lot @highway_62 most daysFully this.
Retweeted by Twystsometimes my deaf cat screams until he loses his voice and then he scares me with his lost voice noises @LongTallJodie @THE_Stefano_DLC Without a prestige Naughty Dog title it's hard to tell tbh - -they are usually the… @MOOMANiBE it really is. I liked it a lot at the time, but havent played it since. @MOOMANiBE fair enough! i dont remember details but i remember thinking i should replay as soon as i finished after 100hwait... what?!
Retweeted by Twyst @MOOMANiBE but... 10-2 is so fun!Whoops
Retweeted by TwystOf course not everyone is given the same latitude to break rules or access to hacks. See also a recent piece on pol…
Retweeted by Twyst @hannanimal CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Also, when the world comes back we gotta go drinkin!Dad of War 2!oooomg okay so yoshida just producing 16, hiroshi takai (the last remnant, some work on a realm reborn and heavensw…
Retweeted by Twystthis soundtrack whipsListen, i am here for it. If COVEN is there. looks so fucking stylish.I am not a horror game person but RE VILLIAGE LOOKS SICKoh no that was scary lol. I love where RE has gone. @uzionmain I'm just so sad from FFXV @uzionmain MAYBE A SECRET COOL LADY JOINS. @uzionmain YOURE RIGHT I TRUST YOU. FAITH IN YOSHI-P.
Retweeted by Twyst @uzionmain YOURE RIGHT I TRUST YOU. FAITH IN YOSHI-P. @uzionmain UZI I DO NOT HAVE 400 HOURS OR WHATEVERFeeling incredibly bad for all the developers who undoubtedly worked so hard on this HP game for years... only to h…
Retweeted by Twyst @uzionmain 14 ISNT A REAL GAME UZI i mean it is but come on. COME ON. @uzionmain JUST PUT ONE LADY IN THERE COME ON PLEASE WHY COME ON PLEASEAny time i see that kind of owl i think DAVID BOWIEAlways here for Miles. @talestoenrage yeah :(If Terra wasnt in FFVI i probably wouldn't be a producer today -- to see the recent FF games not have women in them… sad my bar is "better than Sidney" or whatever her name was in FFXVthese people are all too close to one another:(god bless the Redditor who pointed out that jack white looks like Michael Cera dressed up as Johnny Depp for Hallow…
Retweeted by Twystthis looks like FFXII please show a playable lady
@EsportsArena @EsportsArena Based on that? Somewhere in the I-J range.
Retweeted by Twyst @EsportsArena the person who wrote this post is baby
Retweeted by Twyst @The_Katbot why nes not here :( @Fyreball13 this is excellent news @Twyst “I’ve made a huge mistake”
Retweeted by Twystit's totally too many zoos @nataliewatson truer words never spokenwish i was in the timeline where i was going to red lobster this weekend to drink dewgaritas with the boys
Retweeted by Twysti dont think i want my watch to tell me if i am about to die.did apple just use too many zoos music @s3rioussam Also? Shows they have not met that many ESL people because you know who knows english better than a nat… @s3rioussam AND YOU KNOW THAT CUZ THEY WILL ALL TELL YOU ABOUT IT @s3rioussam fuck this particular brand of english lit dude.Imagine Michael Bluth during covid stuck in that house with those maniacs @HatsAndColacats it looks cooooooolturns out 6 mo is how long i like to stay in my house forah, this is sad :( from venuswhere do i sign up to go to venus?