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Your friend @thekiko and I are gonna be painting a mini or two on the ol' strimp in a couple minutes: @jack_of_knaves @krisstraub was just telling me about it! @privateerpress Hey, wanna come into the studio and show off your new shit? @thekiko and I would love to learn.F ing HELL @waOZschoonover @wnhungerford @privateerpress This looks amazing! #warcaster
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @ghost1901 @_StrawberryFox_ @Wizards_DnD @matthewmercer @BDaveWalters @satinephoenix @mattcolville @DeborahAnnWoll @AdamJohns Precisely @Slater_Slates I don't believe so. @bertwemet I love the vibe.
Last show before East! Almost Pro $10K Open at #PAXEast will feature Apex Legends! Sign up at the PAX Arena. There are registration op…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @Rogers1Lt @GuildBall @privateerpress I got you. @Rogers1Lt @GuildBall @privateerpress Sento, my friend. backed the @GuildBall Kickstarter in 2014, and just had a chance to really play it over the weekend. I'd read the… @sherlock_hulmes Hey dude, you still playing Guild Ball? @ejbenson and I just starting really leaning in. @sherlock_hulmes Congrats!W A L N I C A @false0start The Wrong One? @MalevMinis @cwgabriel Tie game on the third mission! @Tr3vin Jesus christ @Ax0r Hell yes.Seattle folks, did you know that @TakeThisOrg is recruiting volunteers for our booth at @emeraldcitycon next month?…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @ejbenson They record every episode in two languages! @jaa0109 I often have my own schedule at these that precludes that kind of stuff. @ejbenson It's fucking wild
@PhilipHeslop @Millatron81 Ah, that's rightTry Streem™️ 12 #acqint 1:30 Makin' A Strerp w/@cwgabriel 3 with the Third Chapter of ou… @TheGRDM Where I fail, perhaps, as a player is that I often try to create very decisive moments. That certainly happened in that game. @dunn_oconnor Loved that game. @TimesNewPwnin @Millatron81 It was bespoke! @TheGRDM I'm not opposed or anything. Ultimately, I think it's something we're able to do well.Y E S @Millatron81 Larian comes to lots of shows! We don't know what somebody's gonna bring - for example, Hearthstone wa… @RoseAndWolf_ Damn @Mtheads Seemed like a decent way to boil it down.Who wants to own a piece of the PAX South 2020 Tabletop Indie Showcase?
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @krisstraub I love he🎶 in a #miniaturemonday of my first painted Space Marine. #Warmongers #ravenguard #40k
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @cwgabriel Nice man! @grioghar @cwgabriel Someday, hopefully! @Monkeybox Baskin and/or Robbins
Slay le Spire s'il vouz plait everyone. Our Aqc Int meet up at East is at 7:30 pm on Sunday at M.J. O’Connors. Hope to see you there. Big t…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheJohn Baez will be the Storytime speaker at #PAXEast 2020! What would stories would you like to hear him share about…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @tcdion @AmyTFalcone @AnnaProsser @VladimirGluten @NateWantsToBtl I have prayed like this myself. @ImmortanJo3 @DonutsEtDragons A+ would eat @katestark 👌 @sithofthebeach There's is, I would say, a "weird" level of branching contentA legacy game you can still play after you finish it was one of our core design goals. @SaucefireTV I think AcqInc is that company but doesn't know it. @DaranChapman @ellalovesbg @direwolfdigital @PA_Megacorp Yay!!! @nscottg I am not familiar! @JWoodson86 This is a great question. @ellalovesbg @direwolfdigital @PA_Megacorp It was really fun to make also! @SirKerrald Yay!! @possumgumbo Something else.
I love that I'm still getting tweets like this. We do have a few more copies on the store...… @TheOCDGamer It's possible to, depends on how strong the fan is! Enthusiast roasters "the fresh roast" series for e… @TimesNewPwnin I have indeed. I've been at it for almost fifteen years or so, these lots here I have for the Child'… @geauxrho @behmor There might be other good options at the One Pound level, but this cantankerous device has been pretty good to me. @geauxrho @behmor 1600+!Yes, let's. @phauran Right? It's like... Where was the buzzard before? They all live in the same tree.
@JohnnyJohnnyF5 @cwgabriel That would be news to me. @Redhat_Engineer @ejbenson @StoneSpiceCo 👌 @rexy @XFLDragons Holy shit dude! @SparksforSharks It's not hard at all. @ManySandwiches Oh, it's purely about how the concept is modelled. I just think of it in a different way.Twin Peeps (1990) @cwgabriel Is there one map? Or more? @SytYoshi You'll be thinking about it for a while. Get back to me. @Stringerplz What? It's cool?!? @colcoldragon E N J O Y !Edge Benson will nourish mind and spirit tomorrow at MicroHomebrew! @Hannah_364 Absolutely.Wow
About to stream it up avec Mon Ami @CopperFrogGames @cwgabriel @pax @KnightMovesCafe Oh, of course. @mittenzee @DomilleW @SJamoose It's designed to react to players as much as possible!He's not wrong @KpQuePasa @TheJackalMan7 @coffeerobot @katewelchhhh @VladimirGluten This is one of my favorite moments in the show… @KpQuePasa It's too fucking good @azntimmay I probably could, but my coffee sending apparatus is far more aggressive than CUD.The new Coney Island shit they just dropped into The Division 2 is rad.Fucking WOW was @KpQuePasa 's Secret Cupid and I had a lot of fun with this super special Valentine! I'm so happy you love it…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheHappy Valentine’s Day! #cteam @TychoBrahe @Hobbitzez @krisstraub @AmyTFalcone @VladimirGluten @katewelchhhh
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @VladimirGluten It's a shared universe yeah @AmericanTeethSM That's how I see it. @PancakeSawce It's like... My one thing I gotI fucking know dude!!!
@zeemczed @PattonPray @krisstraub Just like... The bird @PattonPray @krisstraub I can literally see the logo in my mind you monster. It features a crow @TillyWoden @thekiko @ejbenson The sameTicket for #PAXEast ✅ #AcqInc live show? ✅ Shadow Council Dice with Autographed Card ✅ See everyone in a few weeks…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheEvery so often I get this itch and I have to go back and play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for a few days. Anyone else have games like this?
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @krisstraub Are you fucking seriousOur precious @thekiko is down in Cali, so I'm gonna catch up on some mini painting and crafting with the notorious… @thaxiss1 It would be trivial I suspect.