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When FFVII first came out in 97, Jerry and I were roommates trying to make a comic book called Sand and Penny Arcad…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @Palitato @NomeDaBarbarian @cwgabriel Jesus. That hits hard. @mrblitzwing @jcrichman I have some Ironjaws. @shindakun Smooth. Very similar rules. @jcrichman Very cool.I saw that Games Workshop had put up a solo campaign for Age of Sigmar: And I thought...… @MrMovees87 Naw, doesn't seem quite right. @MrMovees87 N e v e r
@Treefense @ejbenson Woof @Stringerplz Sweet respite is hereRise up and cast off your masters. Alternatively, serve better masters. Shining masters! MASTERS OF THE STAGE AND Y…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @GamesOfAce @spookypixels These are the directions that come with every individually sealed mask! @ConciseHandle Who the fuck are these psychos?!? @lilinoe Are you suffering from a lack of quiz shows as well? @lilinoe I know Dave is more of a power metal fan, so I usually don't push things on him that move in a death metal… @sco_to It's just unbelievably good @Raziel_Reaper I've been wondering where you'd truncate it :) @NicholasSomera I've been needing to figure out my next steps! Thank you! @joshrhext I'm a very sophisticated and worldly man @NicholasSomera 😭 @the4milecircus I'm living on this album @kocko31 Binwin's in the credits! But he was focusing on his own projects years before the book came out. @hotcirclerpg 🤘 @threadsoffate42 Mew also unto you @AllanRHensley1 Started early here. @MerryBlacksmith HA! @GerardoEscaler1 Glad I'm able to help. @MyrddinE These are powerful techniques for someone who starts it at the right time!!!First game of the night is a win in the new squad format for season 3
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @lilinoe Holy shit! With James Acaster?!? @Beaker_baby @MochiMacchaArt The live videos I've seen have been so amazing. @MochiMacchaArt It's almost perfect.Wasted Hymn at the end of the album getting a lot of use also. a lot of use out of the band Architects at the moment. Here's Holy Hell: @Archimer Go get 'em arch @LadyTangwystle @Archimer Here's paige with the FACTS @rexy @Lexxercise Dammmm @Gaarawarr She has bolts and bolts of awesome fabric @rexy I'll trade you for some controllers @ACuriousChemist No she gives them away for free in a box on the sidewalk outside our house @rexy I know a lady @L0rdMagnus TONS of masks on there! @GamesUemura @PA_Megacorp @TrystanFalcone @krisstraub @katewelchhhh @VladimirGluten @AnnaProsser @Hobbitzez @joshuadprice We got you! @thelochok For Sure.Brenna has a couple new models.
@rexy Easy peas.A #Cteam Update! To help offset home responsibilities for the team, remotely played games will end 30 minutes ear…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @coach_zac87 The Omin shirt from the store is blue, and features both Omin and the AI sigil prominently. @get_dangerous @krisstraub Uncertain!My Morning Routine: - Get the daily update from townhall - Do a walk around outside - Say hi to my neighbors - T…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @annerichmond @Nurse_Normal @Hobbitzez So cool! But we know Nurse is a powerhouse. @RoboJ1M Currently, I only know that he's legendary. @DaranChapman @ChrisPerkinsDnD Victory! @TheSaintBrian Bad 😖 @sarahsaurusRAAR She hasn't been happy with most of the other ones out there. She started with this one she had to… @fakegimel Dear god @PatrickRothfuss @TychoBrahe @cwgabriel The three core members of Acquisitions Incorporated
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @DanSpigs @koos_h She's had to make modifications, and you might too - but here you go! @koos_h I'm not sure what template she's using, I'll see. Got some stitchers at home, do you?
@lilsheba Will do :)Brenna's putting together a few more masks. @AkioOhtori She has yanked it from a couple other sources. @MiellynB Put me in coach @MiellynB >:( @MiellynB Whooooooole lotta homeschool. Need somebody to read that thing? @EmLyons4 🤔 @JonasHassan1 @renegadenate 🐦 @JonasHassan1 @renegadenate Depends. Are you secretly a bird? @MiellynB Miellyn! What the fuck is going on?!?! @renegadenate I'll ask one @RobotJQ Yeah, she's pretty cool. @Stringerplz @Hobbitzez Jesus Christ I treasure you two @brosephene_ 🤣Brenna essentially spends all day making masks by hand and giving them away in a bin outside the house. The bin is… is a quarantine technique I can get behind’s algorithm targets me perfectly
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @Algernonab @StrongBadActual 0 percent @Lord_Kayne @VladimirGluten B e h o l d @titusgroen I would be SO MAD @ZeroBadIdeas God I hope so! @jD5Fe @cwgabriel They kicked out a sale at the perfect time. @Ellailas The circle is complete! @FunkyCrick I've seen a few now. Wow! @JennIsWriting What it the hell Jennifer!!!! @HaikuKoala Right? With his family *in the car.* @glessner @cwgabriel I can only imagine. @zephyr27 @JLuthy It's exquisite. Don't miss the director's other work! @JLuthy Literally watching it now @Il_Paradroide Powerful! @_axin @chainbear I just got into chainbear! @Sith9890 I'm way down in herrHow. Fucking. HOW *is* Acquisitions Incorporated!? #wafflecrew #cteam #acqinc @AnnaProsser @VladimirGluten @TrystanFalcone
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @Gid_Rhys @cwgabriel Same @krisstraub Oh, I couldn't be more aware. Kris, I changed out of my pajamas at 5:17 today because I was teaching tw…
@10XcoolerthanU Our pleasure. Well, his pleasure. @HondoCz @cwgabriel Oh shitI've been EXPOSED extruded that image for your use already! have a very, very hard time with "normal shit."