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@Rattify I'd we can ever get together and film it, hopefully! @CyclopsScott @VanguardComic @Dabe As I have suggested many times, OSHA would never approve this place. @CyclopsScott @VanguardComic @Dabe People who work publicly in creative spaces are very, very familiar with this avenue of assault.Thanks @shoppixieexp for the new corkboard! I’m using it to display my collection of @pinny_arcade Kemper cat pins…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheS m o o t h @Adystopianpres1 Thank yooooooMaking myself a frozen marg and then gonna see if I can solve puzzles in The Witness with @gavgreco starting at 5:3…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @VanguardComic @Dabe There's no admiration here. Even the parts that superficially seem like admiration are all attacks.
@Zamzee27 I mention it every chance I get. I can hardly believe it's real. @gulyman We certainly could!There is a tier on the ClubPA Patreon where we make you cool, special things and then send them to your house.… @TheFluffyQueer That could be wild. @Samohtep @Trontonian1 @cwgabriel Yes!!! @cwgabriel A growler? Or a growlito?Streem™️ 12 #acqint, tapping 666th Edition w/@cwgabriel 1:30 @cwgabriel the art angel 3 Minion Mastery w/… @ozmills @stevecook23 @Katsideswide @adder_m @Migweld Even I don't know that reference! @StlShady ?!? What?There's five phrases in this strip that I use all the time - permanent additions to the lexicon. @cakeis_not_alie @jephjacques @gabe @jephjacques is webcomics royalty @ShaneXBonnell SupI spent 9,000 stream points to get Ryan to play KH2 and he's trying to worm his way out via a poll, don't let him g…
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@bagzy It isn't! @ejbenson Yiss @LyraBjornson I mean... Maybe @ThatNerdGurl_ On Android mobile, yeah.Alright, got this receipt shit squared away. For some reason, Apple Pay on her phone was defaulting to an email I d… @VladimirGluten The genius bit is the mispronounced carolin @GrahamYeates @cwgabriel Precisely @brosephene_ YES! @jwquinlin Were you able to get out from underneath it? @MedievalCow I think it might be anything that uses Apple Pay, which would be much broader. I'm getting a lot of shit that isn't apps.I don't make a lot of news posts cuz I'm the drawing guy, but today I wrote about getting the PS5 and my thoughts o…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @BryanWrites 🙀 @Drain_001 This is literally my scenario!Has anyone ever had the thing where your spouse buys things on their phone, and then for some reason YOU get receip… @viscount01 🤷‍♂️ @thaxiss1 There's enough room on the other side to play. Hard to see from this angle. @TomMathias This looks cool as hell. @MrTonyDye @secretly_mark_b @Morblitz It's lucky that they're not playing games of that kind yet - mostly Nintendo… @DearVoko People really seem to like it, and they say so online, which is probably the best indication we'll be able to do more!Happy Monday, have a comic.
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @fishmonkeyhat They literally might haveIn my house, "Find a bird statue" means you gotta save your game because it's dinner time. Even though only one game has those. @Stringerplz It's legitimately sick dude. In The World Before, you and I coulda done the most baller stream. @Xilaneda @ThatScarletMoth No shit?! @SpaceJunkz Ronia, who we call "The Chu."We have ornaments to commemorate every year of our family, this one was for an event we attended in New York. I lik… have ancient PAX buttons on my tree, the precursor to the @pinny_arcade stuff. @JJinVenice Zero needles, tree has been mega wateredThis tree ain't going nowhere @Stringerplz They fuckin' lost it. They were at my house at 12:30am @Stringerplz I grabbed a copy as a gift for the young women on my block and they lost their fucking minds.I loved this show so much.
@AnotherMichael1 @imkellyrichards W o wPuella Magi Walnut Magica ..i dont know. im on a madoka kick. here's a maho shoujo walnut #cteam #molpy
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @jtlewiston Ha!
Hey everbody! Tomorrow we're gonna stream to raise some money for @CPCharity since we can't give out cookies at PAX…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheThis is today, in 90mins! Celebratory #DB2020 bonus stream 🎉
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @meta7gear If I were better at Solitaire, yes. @eekabeep Whoa!! @brosephene_ @Dabe @shinybatgirl @ejbenson It's unbelievableI need more Wanda Vision pumped directly into my veins.
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @MiellynB Dude look I'm just happy to see you. We can talk about shanties also. I'm just very glad to see you in this timeline. @ZeroBadIdeas 😭 @cathycrafter You gotta take a stand!!!! @determu @matthewmercer Euuuuuugh @eekabeep No shit?! @BethDamis Oh hell yeah
About to jump into minion Masters with @ejbenson @WateredDown This is itI'm never taking down this Christmas tree. I need it. @nonwashablegmer We can investigate G-TrainingWe have a whole strip about it! But, yeah - laser eye surgery isn't permanent, apparently. form...? year old Mike - no glasses or braces. 43 year old Mike - both, somehow. @hawknado Just saw the Tycho station for the first time last night :)I'll be getting back into @PGATOUR2K soon - today at 2pm PDT, join myself and AcqInc brewmaster @ejbenson as we cli… @JayeEmm It's so wild to see. @Sasha_HR Oh, I know that feel. Been out of the nap game for a minute now; I take more naps than they do. :) @krisstraub @RobinAChilds Pips!True stories.
Retweeted by Tycho BraheNo Motorsport Manager this afternoon. At the ripe old age of 43, I'm going to get braces today. Wish me luck.
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @Winsteadium @MaxwellsDeamon It's incredible.I would love to play Geometry Wars on a Switch.
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Check out all of the ways you can bring the power of therapeutically applied RPGs back to your own community!…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheI would say that the "pretend thing" that becomes a "real thing" is basically a trademark for us at this point. @kb_is_here @PA_Megacorp >:(It's Penny Arcade league Race night! The Pit Crew will open up on Twitch tonight at 7:30PT for warm up, the race wi…
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @krisstraub There are multiple guitars this statement could apply to! @krisstraub Or in your literal officeThe -absolute- very first item in this article. #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
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I'm no good at computers or mysteries, but I'm p ok at "The 90s" and "faux", so naturally when @xagafinelle asked i…
Retweeted by Tycho BraheHappy Wednesday, here is a new comic.
Retweeted by Tycho Brahe @fishmonkeyhat Holy fuckin' shit dudeThe actually important part of the announcement is that it's Massive Entertainment behind it. @Vooness Sweet is exactly right. @AussieBen It's just lovely. And the music!Yoku's Island Express is like four bucks right now on Steam, and it's one of my favorite games of all time. It's a… Creative Process in 43 Hayao Miyazaki Screengrabs (Context:
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