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John Waters once told me i was a good dancer. writer/film bb/sissy sophisticate/not a golem. @PasteMovies boi. + @nytimes @npr @gqmagazine. tweets thieved

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@margeincharge Masochism @alex_abads my understanding is that even if the person didn’t know, that one is a public figure just changes the kind of sex you can have. @roxana_hadadi Wait what? Didn’t they do a little box set like two or three years ago? @alex_abads it's the public figure/institutional power thing i suppose @coledoman I already do that with my head @coledoman i've always wanted to learn how to play but i'm afraid my coordination is too poor? @smallnartless Whata triptych found in Park Slope could never day anything with my whole chest because i am very weak, i have at most one third of a chest @alex_abads especially after her turn as a Bond femme fatale @GayHorseDerek i wish i had gotten to see it :( @GayHorseDerek overseen?🎶It's starting to get to me! It's starting to get to me.🎶 @plentyofalcoves Ugh sorry that sucks @plentyofalcoves I remember extremely vividly that in middle school i was going to “come out” as a joke, and then i… @stephendcone happy birthday Stephen!!! @shania_twink I guess as a child of adoption, i get excluded from all the fun stuff. I SEE HOW IT IS.i would like to briefly leave the city please. a little break, as a treat.
@girlsinmitsouko I aspirewhat if the vibes i am experiencing cannot be described within a binary framework? @zblay i will come @KocoumOfficial oh! that's how you do it!from former S Club 7 member Rachel Stevens, a cover of "Knock on Wood": @aijiujoe joe.It hurts to love. It’s like giving yourself to be flayed and knowing that at any moment the other person may just w…
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turner @erinprovolone @jeremyoharris you're right, my apologies. @jeremyoharris Fair enoughLooking forward to MILF ISLAND, coming this fall to Peacock.
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turnerdouble double gender trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turner @bkkirby hbd bb @zzdoublezz @adubjose @JayJurden @AllMyProblemzz @imyouridoll @MarciaBelsky @chanel__ali @MajorPhilebrity @PatchNavillus farthermore @PatchNavillus furthermoorethis is a T’Challa stan account now #rhop, me writing about ~feelings~ and ~longing~ @lpbradley please don’t mock me during these trying times Laura 😭😭😭 @PerryCavalari @stevenblum 🌊 👋i feel like the first half decade or so on here was very useful and helped me learn new things and perspectives and… me of all of you to not tell me personally that Monique got an African Grey parrot 😍🥰🥰🥰😍🥰 #RHOP added all those that liked this tweet to my Close Friends @supermattachine what is psy-op? @supermattachine wait what is the second thing? what did i miss?anybody want this? I figured it out
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turnerfaggots and their Close Friends between revolutions
[Qui-Gon voice] “There’s always a woker Tweet.”
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turner @dancingofpens Me reading that my delivery is on its way @zdbarnes @redroomrantings BPM ending @Jakeloewenthal Jake. @mr_bellis @abrahamjoseph i am not really a fan of her or that show tbh. I’m mostly pushing my Jennifer Staniston a… @hip_soccer_mom I HAVE SEEN HER DANCE IN PERSON, GABBY. AND I HAVE SEEN YOU CARRY A MIC 🤪🤪🤪❤️❤️❤️ @abrahamjoseph Jennifer Aniston @hip_soccer_mom I assume Sylvy is the dancer @girlsinmitsouko “in prone or in prose” 😭😭😭😍😍😍 @damfales Adam. @jakebackpack i had to google the kirby part and i want to go back to the time before i googled it @pricewalden @LITMAJOR_music okay i didn't watch this, so this is stunning and horrific to me @LITMAJOR_music @pricewalden I realized just now that i don’t understand this reference. @zzdoublezz In which @tylekurner, stuck inside, dwells on his favorite scene from @thatalicewu's #TheHalfOfIt (…
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turner @FedericoMostert thanks i hate it @FedericoMostert blocked and reported for spamthe password to the sex party happening on Zoom should be "Fidelio". @realJaredGilman oh my god @jhoffman The Dick Dock is a cruising spot in Provincetown! @cinementalist nah I’d argue it’s the same people who lobbied against the film @FedericoMostert this discourse around gay intergen sex and power... my gay remake of THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR is finally topical!!!!!good night. during 2020 @margeincharge Oh my godyes, yes, all Bond movies deal with “terrorists”, but i think both films’ have this sort of meta-terrorism that’s u… feature of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and CASINO ROYALE as pre/post-9/11 Bond filmsHappiest of birthdays to one of the very best, @sales_off_film!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @intothecrevasse @alissamarie [conspiratorial twink] @sxglatt @ianmartella KNIFE + HEART, THE HALF OF IT, BOUND, THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, THE SURROGATE he flipped through the folder of smudgy photos that had been dropped off at his desk, Cody idly thought to himse… @theannestott Yay!! High five! @Chris_Osborn knew i liked you for a reason, sending hugs and good vibes @Chris_Osborn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @theannestott Oooh I’ll have to look it up. It’s so good, and there’s some very interesting social politics in it. @schlife @lastnamefuirst what about frisbees?Happy birthday, Faye Wong! 🍍💚🍍💚 You can watch our edition of CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994) now on the Channel!…
Retweeted by kyle 中和 turner @chance_rants oh my GOD @JayJurden what's the thing in the outlet, if i may ask? @benjrainwrite the weight of my phone becomes Proustian.
@zachheltzel amazing how this is not worse than the movie was alreadyshowdown between booksellers at The Strand Bookstore and Book Culture, WEST SIDE STORY-style, give this to medouble checking my drafts to see if there’s any remnants of a brain worms free past @RonnieLauth Wait what? I thought bitcoin wasn’t a physical currency @jhnevins Love how the underside of the cap is matching @MikelleStreet @brennylen Brendan. @itsdlevy Hellothe Howard Ashman documentary sucks, and I’d post my piece on it from Tribeca a few years ago, but the editor at Vi… @benvyle @benvyle booooooo!!!