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lost in an ideological leather bar. Writer/film bb/sissy sophisticate/not a golem. @PasteMovies boi/@instagram bae. + @nytimes @npr @gqmagazine. tweets thieved

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@JBYoder god no. Maybe Louis Garrel though!Also @ColinJCarlson said he doesn’t like the first act of SUNDAY and he should be cancelled.popping back on twitter to say that Greta Gerwig should adapt SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE and should edit it so…
PARIS IS BURNING is being released on Criterion; re-upping my piece about queerness, archive, history, access, and…
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the new revival of WEST SIDE STORY opens tonight (🎶tonight🎶); over at @mic, I wrote about live feeds, cameras, soci…
Retweeted by ❄️ kyle 中和 winturner ❄️ @epengu are you subtweeting meeee!! @epengu i don't recall ever holding one personally, but i hope to do some day @woahitsjuanito *Kyle and me @epengu i love reptiles. and birds. @epengu 😍😍😍😍😍 @ColinJCarlson this is extremely rude @ColinJCarlson i hold a microphone very gay @theangrymick <3 <3 <3 @epengu happy birthday, birthday twin! @afterglow2046 Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️okay, maybe I'm currently contemplating if EVENING PRIMROSE is perhaps better than COMPANY... I should be seeking treatment... @mayascade <3 <3 <3this was a *style decision* and an *aesthetic choice*, not a "cry for help" or "indication of crisis", JUST TO BE C… @frazbelina thank you! amazing gif <3Will @TyleKurner and I murder each other some day (likely due to me forgetting to do s/t like reserve a karaoke spa…
Retweeted by ❄️ kyle 中和 winturner ❄️ @lpbradley <3 <3 <3 luv you🎶 if you can find me, i’m here 🎶 @harryeskin this is PERFECT, thank you Harry <3 <3 @josesolismayen @NextBestPicture Thank you Jose!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @erinprovolone thanks moooommmm ❤️❤️❤️ @DavidSRudin You know me too well ❤️✨ringing in 26 with hip pain✨
me announcing that i am taking a break from twitter yada, i'll be on instagram, text me, DM if you want my number, email in bio, blah blahthis is now a self-drag.None of you have figured out what productive, reparative accountability looks like on here, and the platform itself…
Retweeted by ❄️ kyle 中和 winturner ❄️ @mic i understand the criticisms of the video & its messiness, but i am genuinely fascinated with the way that scre… @degendering Crying. @schlife me on surveillance and WSS here: @schlife no @degendering god must there be an “I’m not like other girls” take on gayness every Friday?Ruthie Ann Miles' rendition of "Take Me to the World" from SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM: recognize the video stuff is becoming a bit of a crutch for Ivo, but i still liked how it was used in WEST SIDE STORY. @NathanBLawrence i completely agree. empathy and growth aren't exciting or measurable. @kcuah_d the less clarity there is on what "accountability" would look like on a platform like twitter, the more it… of you have figured out what productive, reparative accountability looks like on here, and the platform itself… stand corrected! Spotify lied to me! (Also i didn’t bother to google, my bad, but bless @itsdlevy)… just watched EVENING PRIMROSE in its entirety for the first time, and, hoo boy, that ending of EVENING PRIMROSE with Gideon Glick and Phillipa Soo.ugh can’t believe the only album recording of EVENING PRIMROSE has Neil Patrick Harris as Charles. NPH is no Tony Perkins! @cinematrans Who at @laciguapa_ I am also a raccoonclaymation ad jingle writer who collects astrolabes @ElliotFinn2 What books are on your coffee table? @woahitsjuanito“A poet doesn’t count for much out there. We’d be cold and hungry in the winter. A dark, shabby room, with threadba…
@FTSGooen No but please do @jacobkleinman Yes! Will do!i do not like Queer Eye much at all, but i do believe they should give every engineer person at Facebook an friend: wow you move fast me: thanks, it’s the neurosesalso the legacy of art/not art! @heyDejan gay male culture or?pls let me write about the intersection of film culture, mainstream action movies, producer power, James Bond, and the Criterion Collectionyou need that part of “Take Me to the World” where Charles is like “we’ll begin to hate each other”, because otherw… @benarmishaw i'm spiraling @dontforgetjames great show. @bstolemyremote less, but more weed @scottmeslow i wish I had gone to one, but they cost an arm and a leg to get into. @scottmeslow Why’d they stop doing those??for Halloween, when I was like 9, I went as a used car salesman; now I am a freelance writer, which is almost the s… @FrenchDogWave you shut your gd mouth @shanekealoha what happened @Ruby_Stevens great stuff! @Meadbymead I had been pretty indifferent to WEST SIDE STORY before this production (had seen parts of the movie, t… @outline this is impossible to read? not the writing (love Lucca), but, like, literally the webpage is being wonky @lafergs brings me back @mic thanks very much to @jeffihaza for letting me write about this!the new revival of WEST SIDE STORY opens tonight (🎶tonight🎶); over at @mic, I wrote about live feeds, cameras, soci… @cgduckworth @phyllisstein Blessed be i agree @josephlongo_ Oh dear.something something the language of militarization and nationalism in modern artist specific fandoms in digital spaces @goodjobliz HANNAH. @SeanMcGovernX Congrats!!! And happy birthday!!! @dan_p_simpson love his Notes on Anticamp, but he's a bit more cynical about its survival as a mode than I am. @cjkasulke Thanks! Saw it last night and was totally enamored. @_j_sa_ hiiii @blamsamran Hi SAM @kusooshare partially yes, but I think camp is aware that depth, as projection or not, is affecting. camp is a self… much of LILY DARE is also informed by drag performance, except the drag is that of an entire mode of filmmaking.… that, you can watch Huppert in GRETA, which is a delight. (if anything, it's emblematic of the way camp has com… is weird, but it's not excessive, it doesn't have a thorough understanding of genre/exploitation, it doesn't rea… kind of camp, which is able to contract and expand ideas of femininity, genre, and emotion, is far more intere… DARE is such an interesting example because it's so fluent and conversant in the language of pre-Code/studio H…'ve never been fond of Sontag's assertion, which others have lifted, that camp is incapable of depth, or that dept… @woahitsjuanito "it's just cultural awareness that makes it gay" @BrennanCarley im sorry :(i would like to start a group, a monthly tea time if you will, for bird queers. @macleanbrendan oh wowCharles Busch’s new play THE CONFESSIONS OF LILY DARE is just the right amount of parody and pastiche of Pre-Coders… @fleming1972 @nlyonne There’s a great recorded version of the 2006 production with Raul Esparza! Def recommend. @aveceseva Happy birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @SamHaft ❤️❤️❤️ let me know if you need anything bb @SamHaft lol are you okay @cpatrickdood Helloooo 👋 🌊