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@parallelbark @insomniblvck ALL NIGHT ALL SUMMER @heejicy Twitter was so much funnier back then😪 @heejicy 😭😭 @heejicy first one truly was a simpler time @heejicy Not the Tyleristiring print....i miss when he was just getting head
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getting my oil changed and everything the mechanic guy is telling me makes no sense
Retweeted by tyler @whoispercy When g@¥ ppl do the whole tired ass “they make me homophobic” bit like hating on g@¥ people doesn’t mak… @ilyseh @patthewmeters @SashaMichelle89 @postingactivist don’t even know why she’s famous @parallelbark taking justice into our own handsACAB obv but I think chrissy teigen needs to be arrested
@sabbirfike “President donut tooth decay” like are you 14 @mygfreal This is how I felt when the damelio’s were having the snail scandal @judeocommie The way trump is left of biden on foreign policy @sabbyleftthelab 🙁when its time to eat the rich and I get to Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter @danadonly 🤨 @EGirlDoll I’m taking 18 I’m already at my limitGoing to fake laugh at the Bernie Sanders memes so I can fit in with all of my peers who I love so much
Retweeted by tyler @shawtyreload hate ted cruz so much
@byr420n you get itCigarette daydream you were only 17 way this isn’t even satire like we live in hell @aamersnow 🥺So cute @BigMoistEd do you listen to that album all day
SNL’s writing team: @ethancaptor I’m drunk @MayonesaKeshu me and you both#lgbtqforcorpse
Retweeted by tyler#lgbtqforcorpse can say that everyone under this hashtag looks just how I expected them to @TiredNobodee Now why lie we all know it’s bisexual white girls @ihatemylife0002 happy birthday!!😄 @sabbirfike What colortold people that I didn’t watch the inauguration bc I don’t care but the reality is I just didn’t wake up till 12:30 when joe has a stroke next year @JoeBiden @POTUS @cmclymer Why are you like this @VP I do not like you @POTUS Gay @chunkyfila happy birthday!! 😄 @patthewmeters I don’t find you annoying 💕 @anakin813 Only some will get the joke @maIikprint @anakin813 💅🏻Gay realtors be like I just sold the house @iIuvboba bye it’s litetally so bad like I write it down every morning in my notes app... @Chasten Gay @HughStiel1 @JoeBiden Gay @sabbyleftthelab @mygfreal guy who gets the power to time travel and the only thing he does with it is get a girlfr… @mygfreal gonna look in to good time @patthewmeters @mygfreal ok salo just looks weird @mygfreal gimme a good recommendation I’m bored rnthinking about when I was in the ER last week how the nurse asked me what I wanna do with my degree like I’ll hold… @brokendaylights Well let’s see what you look like
@shawtyreload pls you tweeting this after I sent you [redacted]’s TikTokjust opened snapchat and remembered I messaged 5 different guys last night @euphoriaHBO @hbomax Oh we will be tuning in @iIuvboba we going through the same pain right now @iIuvboba Omg I literally didn’t see this when I tweeted mineread the syllabus and started crying @insomniblvck what show is this @TiredNobodee my pfp being Greg heffley with a mask yeah I was going insane @TiredNobodee @goyard_jose @sabbyleftthelab you and your future bae @rinasawayallah that's bae @badboychadhoy @clintoris he’s hot I stand by what I said @hungies420 HSJDJDJS @khoazies @unsaintedbullet Honestly yeah @l3avem3alone got noah beck trending too like @postingactivist was truly my worst moment like my mentions and dm requests were a mess @hungies420 they jealous cause they ain’t him @basicbitch422 Why @insomniblvck they mad they not as cute as him! @miz_irritating @iIuvboba that time he trended bc of me yeah that’s history @iIuvboba @miz_irritating PLS @insomniblvck my bae looks good af there
@miz_irritating of y'all talking about crying to that driver's license song... you are 23
Retweeted by tyler @starvingvirgin I’m not for g@y marriage but I respect it @heejicy 😏 @starvingvirgin 👋🏻Hey baei mean dang what you want a Scooby snack
still can’t believe shane dawson felt the need to get on both knees to propose doesn’t care if i have a good credit score or not
Retweeted by tyler @imnotfunnybruh Yea @rinasawayallah they been using the same joke for months now @whoispercy the unemployment is chronic... @appledoglives