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Here is a map of all Overwatch heroes (excluding non-humans) according to their origin country. With Sigma added,…
Retweeted by I'm already TylerCommentating the Mercy clip was so fun that I thought I'd take a look at this Hanamura game where I was Roadhog! @appleciderwitch @cetaillefer hey we were in the same game you should add me we could play sometime!
how would #sigma wear socks? like this? or like this?
Retweeted by I'm already TylerWe're going to mythbust some Sigma stuff on the Overwatch PTR w/ @appleciderwitch @tylercolp
Retweeted by I'm already Tyler rollouts where you just completely waste his ult. @_Rades Or Mercy in Valkyrie yeahDon't underestimate Sigma's vertical mobility in his ult.'s Kinetic Grasp is just Dark Hand from Dark Souls. Prove me wrong. DID I DO TO DESERVE THESE SOLO ULTS????? show about going back to older stuff with a new lens. Also this reminds me i need to watch Veronica Mars
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@benandanta do you work there or something @PandorraHeart @appleciderwitch Yeah I didn't take it as you tearing me down, but I also didn't know how to respond… @StephanReilly wow good idea thanks for the helpThese mint chocolate chip Oreos are like a melted Andes mint smashed between the classic cookies: minty with a flas… @jayliens_ Let’s hope! @dialacina Ugh right I forgotFor anyone that doesn’t click the link: the one coming soon was Doomfist, but there’s been several other non-black… @Zerglinator Yep, but there have been several non black characters since Doomfist.Every last hero addition falls under this weak philosophy imo @TracyAnnin Yeah especially with games like Apex Legends doing better and being newer. @laevantine wanted to add text!!"We have multiple black characters in development. One of them is coming soon." - Jeff Kaplan…'s true: I don't know how @appleciderwitch plays Mercy like this every day. This was the hardest thing in OW I've…
Retweeted by I'm already TylerThis was a surprisingly emotional podcast for me!'s true: I don't know how @appleciderwitch plays Mercy like this every day. This was the hardest thing in OW I've…! If you are going to be at PAX West and you have a cool game or project that you want to show me, a re…
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@posiposer you're cuuutewow that logo for the Loki series is really something special!
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lucioball is regret synthesized into a game modein case anyone was wondering, lucioball is still an awful, fun-starved mode @dumbbitchkuu I KNOW LOL @dumbbitchkuu i look at it periodically throughout the day and die laughingi almost cried on the podcast todayIf the new Overwatch hero Sigma is all about astrophysics I'm guessing he'll have an ability like the Vortex Shield… @dumbbitchkuu @haleymichh Both!Who made this design call. Thank you 🙏 #SheRa
Retweeted by I'm already Tyler.@appleciderwitch: "I'm getting off voice chat and going to bed!" me: "Apple? I can hear your controller! Go to be…
@PandorraHeart @MXNSTRAPPLE thats what i thought it was.... @MXNSTRAPPLE it took me longer than i want to admit to figure out what your name meant @PandorraHeart @MXNSTRAPPLE im still droolingwhen its only ptr but ur lookin to become a moira main @appleciderwitch I think so, it's like the origins of some of the charsNetflix's Witcher show doesn't look as bad as the screencaps at least.I know zero people I can recommend this new Norma Jean song to but I'm just making it known that I think it rips. @RobZacny @appleciderwitch @taylorcocke nico gets mad at me for liking molly but shes good*Spoilers* but the Dark Souls 3 Ringed City ending is good. that's Dark Souls 3. The Ringed City ending is some of From Software's best stuff. me, the more interesting discussion is what it means for shooters and games and Blizzard. I’m tired of talking… lot of my attitude of Overwatch now is colored by me giving up on arguing for what it could be and accepting what… I’m so glad someone wrote about all of the reasons I don’t like role lock. Strangely though I’m optimistic a… no one, I wrote about why this 2-2-2 lock is bad, and put it in the context of Blizzard continually push…
Retweeted by I'm already Tyler @haleymichh role queue like league ! @radsity @appleciderwitch 😡 @appleciderwitch @TrevskyTheThird 😔 @appleciderwitch nah @soetzufit is this ptr?
how are they going to change Ashes ult since BOB wont fit into role lock as third dps
Retweeted by I'm already TylerWe're going to discuss ALL of these @PlayOverwatch role queue, role lock, and hero changes on stream momentarily.… is a big HRMM from me. It's coming to Quick Play btw. @supersappho Oh I’m stupid this quote was for a different dragon but still you can see why the creator is known for… @supersappho Of course you do lol. The monster design in From Software games is always fantastic.Tyler has taken (and continues to take) photos that are unequivocally captivating, which is something I didn't thin…
Retweeted by I'm already Tyler @dialacina Thanks Dia! And honestly I didn't think it was possible either.It's apparently coming to Competitive as well**Quick Play is going to be absolute garbage with this change. @supersappho @supersappho lol a dark souls boss! @supersappho love how Overwatch's subtitle for Roadhog ult is just @Appleblotch 😍Like it or not you’re still alive. Quick Misato from #Evangelion
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this was a gift from @agbatsun ♥️where do I sign up for final fantasy xiv? have found the cutest thing in the known universe and it is this duck
Retweeted by I'm already Tyler @appleciderwitch its all of them because claire is cut esomeone hire me to rank the gourmet makes episodesi like to imagine that this mic wasn't even on @benandanta can't wait for confederate or w/e by got brosGimme a Panini music video plsI think this YouTube comment is in support of this, but this sums up why I don't like it @tylertreese maybe the only good partOld Town Road is a good song because it's creative and catchy. The new Area 51 video feels like I'm being force-fed… @pensfunkytown YES @GiannaTheHuman “wtf girl kiss girl” @PandorraHeart WHAT LOL
@Roleplayers_TV Could set your encoder to NVenc instead of x264 maybe? @radsity im cryy⭐️OPENING COMMISSIONS! ⭐️ Dm me or send an email to for more info! :3 RT's are appreciated! Th…
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