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It's Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 time! Let's see these new skins and cosmetics!
Retweeted by Viera Grande @tylercolp I actually suggested this a while back too! Have SR only be visible at the end of a week (like when loot…
Retweeted by Viera Grande @OWGrandma Yeah that would be cool too or maybe even at the very least have it only visible at the end of the game.The funny part about this is that Blizzard has said that SR isn't real. They matchmake off of your invisible MMR fo… think it would be *fascinating* to see how people would react in Overwatch if SR numbers were invisible for just… makes the skin look even worse in terms of quality are some pretty average Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 skins lolAlphinaud: We must do whatever it takes to earn Lord Drillemont's trust. Understood? some dude standing 5 feet away:
Retweeted by Viera Grande @breebunn i was like omg i swear twitch im not one of those people please believe me @breebunn more of a reply to your tweet earlier but I think i accidentally clipped you during the 2b cosplay and on… @goldmadoka @damehasclass it's .. not great esp with the other stuff that happens. I think she had potential but id… @damehasclass I have Thoughts about Yotsuyu tho... @damehasclass lol id be done with stb if it wasn't for maintenance! @yanotallowed @PandorraHeart wait sorry that might have sounded like "just dont get upset" but I mean like, do what… @yanotallowed @PandorraHeart :(( it's tough!! Like Riley said, play to have fun, don't play to be miserable or anxious!! @PandorraHeart yep! As someone who actually lost like 30 games *in a row* people getting mad is just tiring? Like m… @PandorraHeart we did a comp game where the enemy duo dps left because their roadhog was complaining in match chat?… @PandorraHeart H eLLOAre these ... all the same game?'s intro but it's toxic by britney spears
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PSA: This is important. There are sequences in SW: TRoS that could trigger seizures in audience members with photos…
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Retweeted by Viera Grande @AnisaSherzai awww @AnisaSherzai I think about all the stuff I love that I maybe didn’t get immediately and I like that experience per… @AnisaSherzai When I write I sometimes worry people won’t get it but i nestle in big picture points so at least something is explicit @AnisaSherzai Not exactly the same but I know that when I made videos, there’s def a level of trust you can put in… #PROMARE day! 🌹🔥 I finished my lio in time wheezes;;
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As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of anime but found Spider Verse stunning, I hope more people like me take a chance on Promare.I have a lot of thoughts, especially about the animation!!FIRST DATEBWENT WELL (PROMARE GOOD) time y’allHappy Promare day @appleciderwitch this is funny because I disconnected during this very cutscene @Mecha_Madoka @appleciderwitch @ohgoditsranor @tylercolp @TheArcticSloth @Kittlore "You must needs find [...] your…
Retweeted by Viera Grande✨stylish! ✨ #zelda #loz #botw #princesszelda #legendofzelda #ゼルダの伝説 #ゼルダ
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its worrying how alone i feel when discord diesyou remind neeko of someone...
Retweeted by Viera Grande @dialacina Yeah that's sort of what I was gathering from the talk around those games. That's why I held off on Judgment. @dialacina yeah I def haven't played the first two nor any Yakuza game. I almost bought Judgment, but I think at so… @dialacina i couldn't sleep last night so i just read all your recentish reviews and now im really curious about shenmue 3 lol @appleciderwitch @nickisnixed @posiposer there's like 10 or something parts, like mini raidsA classic FromSoftware questline
Retweeted by Viera Grande(y'shtola voice) yes lyse your pussy is poggers now may i please go back to unearthing allagan secrets
Retweeted by Viera Grande🤔 @cveol 😳 @cveol please ms stop rting ur cute boys i am starting to feel funny @ohgoditsranor There's one in ARR that I just gave up and had to look up because it was so stupid!!!Doing FFXIV search quests be like's patch content MSQ is like the conclusion in someone's essay draft that holds the entire thrust of the… @laevantine yeah true, but I like the black and white @laevantine pic 2 but i love having anything black lolKH3 looks like a last gen game comparatively lol. It's not necessarily bad, but it's kind of jarring.There's something so toy-like to the KH3 look that is really really weird after the same sort of style is used in F… watching this I was like something about the art style is weird but I don't think KH3 changed; I think it's beca… me more existential sora adventures in the skysora: everyone always told me to follow my heart, but hearts are connected... i have to follow... the moneyok time 2 watch this KH3 DLC trailer lets go
Girls night out with Nanamo Ul Namo! what ur telling me is that yshtola is canonically hot (📷:'m glad that I picked up FFXIV just in time to learn that everyone in the Scions canonically wears Uniqlo HEATTECH.Nobody : Elon Musk:
Retweeted by Viera Grande @antitrop Good! I still need to go back and do some of the HW raids. I'll probably do a bunch of cleanup before ShB. @ohgoditsranor Yeah, it gave me Bloodborne/Sekiro vibes. It's v good. @antitrop I wanna play Shadowbringers and the Nier raid so bad!!That's Stormblood proper and now onto the patch content! spirited...and yet so empty.
@GiannaTheHuman 🙄END OF THE LINE
Retweeted by Viera Grandewe found this weird looking gamecube and some games along with a cozy discord hoodie and t-shirt to keep you warm t…
Retweeted by Viera GrandeWith PTR still not live, I thought I would take matters into my own hands. New Workshop: PTR Summoning Code: 66Y99
Retweeted by Viera Grandethis fight was sick but i sucked at it is Nayshu without the flowers?
@damehasclass 😢The day is won, and the morrow beckons. @posiposer 🙄YEY this latest update of #Hades I finally got to make some alternative poses for the characters :D. Here's Meg bei…
Retweeted by Viera GrandeWe regret to inform you that dynamaxing does not make your Pokémon bigger, it only makes them *look* bigger. Merry…
Retweeted by Viera Grande has my eyes if you know what imean
I thought by quitting WoW and starting FFXIV I'd be done picking up shit but here we are @sweetpotatoes I did two mini Halo LAN parties for my birthday weekend I think! Haven't even considered it since then lol @headfallsoff i have that master chief helmet @JosiahRenaudin So much of Control stunned me with its aesthetic and visual language. I think I’ll remember that for a long time. @damehasclass oh good I'm waiting for that. Some of StB so far has been a real bore! @damehasclass what did I do lol
@appleciderwitch i was this little brother LOL @antitrop Yep! I kind of always wanted to be a viera and so when I finished ARR I swapped. I might go back at some point though!