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@OkSteev That was my sister's reaction too! She new nothing at all about it @OkSteev I knew she was pretty much the lead character but assumed it would be a bit of an ensemble for a bit lol.… @OkSteev Yeah I got They Live vibes from it. That whole speech and the fight is what made me think that, cause the… @OkSteev Didn't mean to put a question mark on that first sentence lol @OkSteev I don't mean that as an insult to it? That just feels like where it came from, they worked on these really… @OkSteev Lol it felt to me like Cuse and Lindelof finished working on The Leftovers & Watchmen and were like "Fuck… @OkSteev This isn't a thing and also I'm mad about the other part!!!!😠😠😠Smart, bunkers are a famously safe place for white supremacist dictators on their last legs
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@OkSteev Can't wait to hear your thoughts!Defund the police. Defund the military. Fund our public schools. Fund public transportation. Fund a Green New…
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @AnthonySkatz God I try not to#BlackLivesMatter join me in supporting @MNFreedomFund
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @McNuggiesYeet I know! That's why I'm saying he SHOULD be in prison cause that's so messed up he didn't get in more trouble for this!“This generation is here to stay,” Minneapolis protester says on cnn, “and we will get our fucking change”
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @drmistercody Imagine thinking that anyone cares about CNN... @drmistercody Very cool question to ask!What a moment on CNN.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftLadies and gentlemen, I give you modern day masterpiece that is the Wikipedia plot summary of the 2020 movie THE WR… guy should be in fucking prison. Glad he was taken down before he did any more damage. What a fucking moron, j… mean. They couldn’t stop themselves from blatantly escalating things. Even for a few days, even cynically, even f…
Retweeted by Tyler Swift*Watching Iron Man 2 with @moliturnup* Micky Rourke: *Turns Around* Lauren: "JEFF HARDY?!"
#DarkestTimeline with @DaveBautista NOW!!!
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftIf you’re protesting today and you’re white: consider it your job to protect POC from violence. Don’t agitate. Prot…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftHere's How You Can Support Your Local Independent Theater Right Now. Read more:
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftHe called Mexicans "rapists" the day he announced he was running, he's been racist the whole time, it's the platfor… @TylerMoliterno Fun Fact, Carly vs Shelby is the most watched MMA event on American television. Velasquez vs dos Sa…
Retweeted by Tyler Swift#BlackLivesMatterPlease thr girl couldn't even beat Shelby Marx... that Colin Kaepernick repeatedly tried to peacefully tell us every Sunday that we had a major, systemic problem.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftTRUMP
Retweeted by Tyler Swiftput your laces through it son
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftFrank Oz might be the MVP of Knives Out, he's great in his small part!In Knives Out they mention Beniot Blanc solved a mystery involving a tennis champion. Perhaps a prequel called Ball…'S HAPPENING
I'll say! And these questions you ask, what do you call them? ME: Riddles ROGAN: Unbelievable. And they are difficult…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftI'm not really one to ask for RT's, but today is the day. I dropped an EP called #TheFurloughFreestyles, and I'd lo…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftIf you have 10 bad cops and 1,000 good cops, but those 1,000 good cops don’t turn in the 10 bad cops, you have 1,010 bad cops.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftBad news about the police precinct right next door to Barclays :( @OkSteev @ZachWWMovies How is it PAs favorite and it's not in PA? 🤔 @ZachWWMovies I thought the same thing! There's no way a place alkost no one has ever heard of is the favorite in all these statesA black reporter covering the murder of a black man was arrested before the white man that committed the murder.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftGive them a typewriter! They will write King Lear!The monkeys have decided the humans are incapable of solving this crisis. They will take it into their own hands. to this place.I live in Ohio. I have never heard of this place. @newnameel @roadtoserfdom3 @_Helleric_ Pretty sure that's just a Hamilton poster... country is so fucking embarssingBREAKING: Minneapolis Public Schools board members have written a resolution terminating the school district's cont…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftAfter stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral sup…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftWhat a piece of shit. This is inexcusable. At a certain point you can't even argue that he was doing his job anymor… @AP Yo AP you spelled "Murdered" wrong. Might want to correct that.Batista said it best: "fuck that piece of shit."They’d rather do all this than simply charge a killer who was caught on tape killing.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftListening to @TylerMoliterno talk about Grave of the Fireflies on @GenAnimation and now wondering how our inevitabl…
Retweeted by Tyler Swift*Watching "The Incredible Hulk" with @moliturnup: Me: "So remember, Edward Norton is playing the Mark Ruffalo vers…
They must have listed me under "+More Surprise Guests" @TylerFG Can we un-find out?Tired: Britney's Gym Wired: CRJ's Fridge @ZachWWMovies @ZachWWMovies Fuck yeah! Have you listened to William's score for Galaxy's Edge at all?just fucking imagine tweeting this
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftSaw the extremely cursed "Dunkaccino" ad from Jack & Jill on my TL today. Something that really stood out to me thi… @voose_lagina @__blmcm I DEFINITELY tried moving things with my mind! What if you could and you never tried?! You h… Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftHaving Dynamite end with a brawl that is based on a angle from a Raw 10 years ago that even the most obsessed fan (…
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @caseyyoung00 @MaggieMaeFish This but it's the east coast 😔If this gets 1,000 retweets I will make a Cook Food Good video on how to make this glorious burger.
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @getyourownjoy @OkSteev @getyourownjoy @OkSteev I need INSPIRATION @OkSteev I might do magic, I like that better than tank @OkSteev NO STEEV! The character is a half elf who was raised around regular elfs so they think they have bad self… @SydLawson Troy Birdton! @OkSteev Do we have any elfs? I had an idea for a Half elf character but it doesn't work so well if there's other elfs @OkSteev I need an idea for a character that would be a good fit for the group. I had an idea for something but I don't know if it works now @OkSteev I DON'T KNOW WHAT IM DOING! @OkSteev Pillowtalk @SydLawson I heard you liked birds! all know it looks bad he doesn't have to do this! @iamstefani It's in Georgia! That's not too badI will never not be amazed by how many self proclaimed movie lovers fucking hate going to the movies
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftI may have never won a single season of our Snuffed fantasy draft but at least I’m consistent
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Sorry, I'm still busy reporting out Trump's accusation that your father was involved in the killing of JFK.
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftSo overwhelmed with how shitty our country is to the point where it feels paralyzing but grateful that our presiden…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftMe: At least 2020 can't get any worse! 2020: is dating someone new and has no time for their ex... are fast approaching the 1 year anniversary (June 18) of @TylerMoliterno and I getting to see @thelonelyisland l…
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftDefinitely gonna be less annoyed when @RealDaveRoberts picks a Studio Ghibli movie for @GenAnimation now that they'… like shit just want them back😔
Retweeted by Tyler SwiftJohn Boyega is probably the only Star Wars actor who could beat their Star Wars character in a fight...John Boyega rules"But we like a the angel theory!" all @truTV episodes of @GethardShow are on HBO Max!
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @Soren_Ltd @quiteilliterate @corrwill Think elmo is tight with Clifford? He could probably give him a few pointers! @nolan_mcbride The beginning sets the tone so well, and all the empty space in the cinematography is so unnerving and brilliant! @Sam_Scharfeld Somewhere, Joe Buck is saying making an impact! #AEWDark ➡️
Retweeted by Tyler Swift @SarahSpain Forgot you were a Chicago fan for a second, but as a Cleveland fan this was maybe one of my favorite mo…