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Movie lover, Pop Culture fanatic, Boy Band aficionado. Former director of Sony Picture's UNCHARTED @genanimation, @Snuffedpod @Breakdown_Pod

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@KristenRose03 @mariogmaiale Hey! Birthday buddies!!! Lol happy belated birthday!Listen @Butterfinger please bring back Butterfinger BBs PLEASE it's MY BIRTHDAY @__blmcm THANKS I LOVE IT!!! 🥰🥳🎉🎊 @OneLawnWrangler THANKS!!!! @TrapperSeanMD Not really lol... @cdulaney85 Thank you hahahahaha @voose_lagina Thank you!!!!Hello everyone it's 9pm on my birthday and I just got off work at my 2nd job of the day after starting the other on… @space_cowboyyy @espnW @S10Bird @mPinoe @getyourownjoy I CALLED IT
OH HELL YEAH @NotSnapTheJap @PhilipYount Thanks man!!! @ToccoTrevor @PhilipYount Thanks Trevor!!! @PhilipYount Thanks!!!Happy Birthday @TylerMoliterno!!!
Retweeted by Terror Swift @OkSteev Thanks!!!Happy birthday @TylerMoliterno We will drink the Red Lobster Dewgaritas in heaven. Ur not dead, it's just ur bi…
Retweeted by Terror Swift @Sk8JurassicPark Thanks man!!! #BirthdayMonthBudsA big happy birthday to one of my best friends @TylerMoliterno!! I hope it’s a good one buddy
Retweeted by Terror SwiftHonestly idk how any of us can even talk about the election at all after that video...Feel like Kim is maybe trying to distract us from Kayne being on the ballots by having the stupidest week ever? @_brittanyv WHAT THE FUCK IT'S WORSE THAN I THOUGHT?! @_brittanyv Oh no wtf happened?!
Here is the! The first look at @JoelEmbiid's @MountainDew hot sauce! Announcement on how to win a bottle coming soo…
Retweeted by Terror Swift @OkSteev fun thing you could do is replace Russell Crowe with Conner O'Malley from I Think You Should Leave… Halloween Kills. #HalloweenKills
Retweeted by Terror SwiftThings get time-twisty as John and @TylerMoliterno talk the latest Bill & Ted and all 3 Back to the Future movies i…
Retweeted by Terror SwiftWhat could have been... @space_cowboyyy @ScottAukerman I love Gillian so much lolI mean it makes sense the dude obviously lied under oath a bunch of times and did it so sloppily...'t stop thinking about the way @ScottAukerman says the name of this movie @katlockyall VERY fancy!
Ok I got curious and absolutely! looking good these days tbh! @RealDaveRoberts I never thought about it @caseyyoung00't wait for election day to be over so Jamie Harrison will stop emailing me 🥰HELL YES!!!!! coughed in the shower tonight and immediately started planning my funeral @AnthonySkatz Lol based on all the comments this is literally forth of July footage not tonight!currently in a committed and loving relationship with the unknown guitar player who lives somewhere in my apartment…
Retweeted by Terror Swift @dajosc11 @AnthonySkatz The only thing that could ruin an otherwise flawless year!duck kids #ducktales
Retweeted by Terror Swift @VioletAtHart Talk about a glow up!
🎶Gonna take my horse down to Blue Lick Road Gonna diiiiie in a bathroom stall🎶
Retweeted by Terror Swift @ToccoTrevor Honestly at the rate he's aging even if Baby Nut's positions are as toxic as Kavanaugh's he's be dead… struggling to spell NAACP made my night
Retweeted by Terror SwiftJesus hung out with prostitutes. He didn’t defend police brutality or crimes against immigrants. Yall ain’t getting in there
Retweeted by Terror SwiftThe only thing that gives me peace is that if there is a heaven, almost all of these fake ass christians won’t be i…
Retweeted by Terror Swift @ToccoTrevor YOU DID IT YOU CRACKED THE CODE!!! @Unpaulfessional Can't wait!Intelligent Honest Open Powerful Enduring Mighty Integrity Tenacious Confident Honorable Dependable Inspiring Exceptional Stupendous
Retweeted by Terror Swift hey some good news!
@ToccoTrevor I had no idea Doug Dinmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome was from Ohio!Uh. Found this in a Facebook group; the person who posted said “tour in 3D, try to find the bathtub” ...enjoy(?)
Retweeted by Terror Swift @jennyjaffe PUPPY!!!HE MISSED IT @Mike_Pence with a DAMN JET PACK SAVED A TD
Retweeted by Terror Swift @Unpaulfessional Wlrst part is everyone else has a dumb made up name and a mask except for him.
Tyler said Al looks like a vampire here and I’m cracking up
Retweeted by Terror Swift @OkSteev @Sk8JurassicPark I ate a salad today!I still can’t believe we pulled it off and made it the whole night, the first ever Sleep When You’re Dead Fest was…
Retweeted by Terror SwiftThe fact that I've been able to do this fun show for this long is amazing. A huge amount of love to…
Retweeted by Terror SwiftNext week!
Retweeted by Terror SwiftBaker & Njoku #Browns @OkSteev @space_cowboyyy @OkSteev @space_cowboyyy WOW @OkSteev @space_cowboyyy You disappeared during Friday The 13th! I know cause I said "Hubie Halloween" and you didn't respondThanka to everyone that took part and big thanks to @TylerMoliterno @Sk8JurassicPark for puting this together and good night
Retweeted by Terror Swift @space_cowboyyy @OkSteev YEAH except the session won't continue until you do it cause THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME @space_cowboyyy @OkSteev Yeah well then everyone will yell at you about it for 10 minutes @space_cowboyyy @OkSteev He's gonna make you pay $1000 to talk to her tbh @space_cowboyyy love brown haired nieceWe have made it to the final film of the night, this has been so much fun! #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftFinal movie baby
Retweeted by Terror SwiftJason has returned to the lake and we are about to start our final film of the first ever Sleep When You’re Dead Fe…
Retweeted by Terror SwiftWHAT WERE YOU GUNNA BE WHEN YOU GREW UP omgggggggg
Retweeted by Terror SwiftWe think @OkSteev might have fallen asleep so we put his ass in the graveyard #DeadFest2020Just pressed play on FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI: JASON LIVES! #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftHouse on Haunted Hill from 1959 is now playing on our #DeadFest2020 discord! Join us! ON HAUNTED HILL starting now! We’re streaming in the Discord now #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftNext movie baby HoUse on haunting hill (1959)
Retweeted by Terror Swift Kotton Kandy Cocktail for Killer Klowns From Outer Space! #Deadfest2020 @space_cowboyyy pretty sure they're all like 18/19Time for Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Retweeted by Terror SwiftWe just hit play on KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftMovie #4: this was my personal fav choice for tonight, just perfect for an overnight movie marathon #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftJoin us for Killer Klowns From Outer Space @ 1:20 EST finished up ABSB, we start KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE at 1:20!! #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftWatching AS ABOVE, SO BELOW with a bunch of people was so fun! Super excited to do Killer Klowns next! #DeadFest2020
Retweeted by Terror SwiftTo be fair, this was the baseball the Dodgers we're using
Retweeted by Terror SwiftThis has to be one of the all time most exciting baseball game endings of all time! #LADvsTB