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#FreeWoj @omgrodnick @JustLouG @Plaidshirtbro can help this team win with his talent, but you wish someone on the team would confiscate his phoneGotta be Tony. Guy has all of the talent in the world. Does himself no favors with a large portion of the fanbase w…’m crying
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This could have been us, but some of you are triggered by a piece of fabric @KamKizar I just got Nam flashbacks of driving to school after Thanksgiving and Christmas break...So we’re definitely getting audio of fans yelling “SHOOT!” when they cross the blue line right? years ago, Ilya Kovalchuk retired from the NHL 27th to this awesome mom, wife, and best friend! Love you @BrookeeAshton Buchnevich knocked down Marchand in the crease cup will be awarded in Canada for the first time since 93 too still thinking about this
Retweeted by Tyler McGillickWhen Quinn plays Eminem loudly in his hotel room at Royal York ovechkin when sidney crosby tells him he put too much butter on his toast at the hotel breakfast
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@tblbaker Which is so wrong. I’d do anything to have a swing like that!So are the games going to be on MSG or NBC?Gonna need @EthanGSN and @NYGDaily to drop a podcast statHockey. Is. Back. #NoQuitInNY
Retweeted by Tyler McGillickSo where’s that there schedule? Would be nice to know when the Rangers are playing this point, my priorities have slightly shifted
Retweeted by Tyler McGillickJust no. my Lord.... @ManUtdTobbe @bob_kawa @BlueSeatBlogs @Drews_Way What’s his overall floor/ceiling? I feel like I barely hear about… @bob_kawa @BlueSeatBlogs @Drews_Way @ManUtdTobbe can you help us? @NickZararis Sometimes it works: I.E. Brassard for Zibanejad @BlueSeatBlogs The other asset was Karl Henrikkson with the second round pick since Tampa didn’t win the cup @BlueSeatBlogs I don’t think so. That was the Bruins pick in the Nash trade if I recall @CoachConall Wow I can’t read today @CoachConall Shit you’re right!Howden- Sucks Hajek- Sucks Namestnikov- Sucked and was traded. I can’t believe the best player out of FIVE assets… note, I’d sacrifice just about anything to have as smooth of a swing as thatOne of the best sounds 👇🏻 Boone hit a ball far @JustLouG Yeah, I like EDM and electronic music, but I’ll listen to EDM artists when I want to listen to EDM. Heavy… @JustLouG Bands are running out of ideas. I’ve been listening to stuff from like 2006-10 and that was like Hardcore… couldn’t possibly backfire don’t mean to condescend, but how tf did anyone not see the bear? get so drunk you rent Sinbad's First Kid (1996) off of YouTube? ... yeah that's what I thought
Retweeted by Tyler McGillickWhat on God’s earth is this ideology? It’s ALL a problem @MyDrumLuck1987 Thankfully it was pretty shaded so no 😂
@JustLouG If becoming a dad gave me the ability to make a good steak, I’ll take it 😂 @brooklyngohard7 of the year underrated steak seasoning: Red Pepper Flakes. So good with Garlic PowderBefore and after. I love grilling 😍😍 are free at last! Tretiak didn’t play as much hockey as he usually does.
Retweeted by Tyler McGillick @igorshestwerkin Talk about a flash in the pan season 🤣*Jeff Gorton calls: “Hey Lindy, did you get the job?” Lindy: “No comment” Rangers: “there’s no official announcem… is REAL easy when your parents are in their 70’s get Kraken on that sign... @knicks_tape99 Different sport, but when John Tavares left the Islanders was bad too @JustLouG @NHLRumorsDaily Or call them out enough and THEY’LL block you 😂😂
When I say I cackled....“Siri, play ‘Get Out’ by CHVRCHES” @Kpower90 Based on that contract, have to hope at least a fraction of what he was in Winnipeg @s_prevot It’ll be fun to have hockey on my birthday potentially too! (I’m the 5th). @DimFilipovic Let Rangers fans enjoy this Dimitri! @logan44977 If they get a true X’s and O’s guy at that position, I think major improvement can be had for guys like… these tweets will not be a thing next season“No nugget of truth or wisdom or enlightenment has ever come or will ever come following the words, ‘Hitler said’”…
Retweeted by Tyler McGillick😂🤣😂🤣😂 feel for the athletes. Imagine working your butt off and landing at a school only for them to cut your program. E… Apple TV, the Laptop, and the Phone about to get some WORK in froze for a second when I read 20 years. It eerily still feels like it just happened I will NOT be watching the Rangers then 😭 @Nickyb_04 @LeighannStrollo 2001 always stuck with me cause it was the first time I saw the Yankees lose the World Series. Sta… @LeighannStrollo 2001 World Series? Or 2004 ALCS? @FitzGSN_ Rocking that A as good as Jesper FastPROBABLY?! @LeighannStrollo And I was in attendance for it. I’ll never forgive the Flyers for beating him like that @bradyskjeidy Epic Rap Battles of History making a comeback?Truth aside, you know that’s EDP right? understood the appeal of this band.
Basketball player touches mics, shuts down sports everywhere teams when they win the Stanley cup in 2020 in front of their 3 coaches: my God... dunking on Herman? 🤣🤣*Dying* I felt this.... @alexaaveta7 Happy Birthday!!Sorry for spamming, but so fun to be playing guitar again 😃 #LegendOfZelda
@hockey_db @sevenohthree @HKYJersey Panarin Home Jersey🚨HUGE GIVEAWAY🚨 @HKYJersey is trying to hit 10k 10 JERSEY WILL BE GIVEN AWAY An Adidas jersey from which ever t…
Retweeted by Tyler McGillickDo it. shocked by these “Karen” videos has never worked a day in retail.
Retweeted by Tyler McGillick @bhabs37 😂🤣 you are a Nora STANGotta teach the young the songs of our childhood... @tcashthecreator Fixed it for you: @Drews_Way are back?! one of the best commercials ever. RIP Charlie I forgot how heavy this band was a good album. Why am I getting old 😭