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Love Live Life! Not a Person of Color, Minority, Or BIPOC. I’m BLACK. #NoAntiBlackRacism B1✊🏾

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@Phil_Lewis_ This PoS os opening the door for officers to kill blks and it’ll be used in The future to say the off… @Phil_Lewis_ What??? Omg these blks people gott be gotten up out the paint . All this shyt happens in Democratic Co… @Black_Action @lovemylife81 Try to write in becase the dems May change a blk persons vote to Biden. Just vote Green Party @tweeting_keith @LilTunechi So blks can only vote for dems? The dems are racist af, Malcolm X warned about those wh… @EvanDyer15 @TheRightMelissa @tweeting_keith @LilTunechi What even are u talking about @tweeting_keith @LilTunechi are these men idiots? They support Trump @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS I thought U said racism don’t exist for a rich black man like yourself? U shoul… @gotablasst Trump has done anything to blks I like Joe Biden racist ass. The 94 crime bill, the criminal control ac… @Black_Action So they support Trump and nothing but Lil Wayne says it as well and he’s a problem
@Toure Um one of those militia men was pardoned by the demcratic gov of Delaware last year. He had been convicted o… @nasescobar316 Just open the damn borders for all. If the left want open borders they need explain to Americans wha… @nasescobar316 He do 1st responders get a job in that field ?Facts @IsaiahLCarter She can vote for whoever, we dont owe the democrats Jack shyt. I to will not vote for Biden at all. @DrJasonJohnson @GOP Maybe nothing popped up on the radar back then. @4_ados @TheWokePost I would’ve just voted for the for the Green Party. I don’t truest them not to change my vote for Biden someway @TaureanReign U can forgive but no where in the Bible does it say u need to forgive in public & in the media @Angi3Pettie @TaureanReign Or men @TricksnTICKs @TaureanReign where in the Bible does it say u need to forgive in person & with a media crew in tow?… @TaureanReign This is sad and it makes blks look bad with this foolishness. Then even worse he says he wants to m… @TorraineWalker That’s why Im hoping Biden loses. @bluemiiints @SonMemphis Or it was the republicans. Besides the damage done. Crack isn’t even a thing like that tod… @LeflameSchott @bluemiiints It’s not real reform. The language is vague and general. We going to work on racial jus… @Shango5T @bluemiiints How could we have known better on a sense when no one had access to even view the bill. Ther… @bluemiiints @Shango5T Also u have to remember that blakc amerixa didn’t have access to even view the bill and what was in It back then @Shango5T @bluemiiints That’s a lie. We didnt want no damn bill like that. One where blk America could t even see t… @_MiKEJaY_ @ChadPMusic @JoeBiden Both are BS but Trump is more straight forward. Biden’s mentions POC, minorities,… @bluemiiints @SonMemphis Did he say he was gonna do that? I’ve not seen that. Also that’s not a policy for blks. Hi… media won’t cover it @TheRightMelissa This is bad @SydneyLWatson What the hell @Black_Action 🤦🏾‍♂️ he May be sincere 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ @blackonyxgold Never saw the appeal of Applebee’s @TalbertSwan Because neither is trying to do anything. To be fair he’s not talking to Wayne about blk policy @Benjaonlockdown @TheRightMelissa @AquilaThomas09 Saying is not thing but Biden enacted his anti blk racism through… @TheRightMelissa @AquilaThomas09 I can’t dispute this at all. Biden is awful. Trump isn’t offering any real transformative polices for blks. @brownfistpump @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa Biden and Trump are both awful but I this case Trump is the lessor… @brownfistpump @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa He wrote the crime , co wrote several others with 2 known racist US… @brownfistpump @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa No one is doing that. Trump is problematic but him taking out an ad… @HardenLoop @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa U meant Biden @2020IsNuts @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa Um they were innocent u imbecile and was forced to confessed. It’s why… @boogmeister69 @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa It just may be @VelvetJones3 @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa What Africans? Now granted the boys confessed but this just shows th… @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa Biden wrote & co wrote multiple pieces of anti blk legislation specifically to tar… @AquilaThomas09 @TheRightMelissa UM do u know Biden’s history? Trump taking out an ad it not renting to blks pales… @TheRightMelissa Who cares, while I have issues with Trump I’d rather him stay in then Jim Crow Joe. I thought Bid… @MartonyoC @Behembaba That woman is an agent . Her rhttoiis toxic and helps to maintain a gender divide. So many b… mind Wayne , this is horrible conditions. A lot of blks live in these infested shyt holes. Damn near All in d… @LionelRiley8 @Black_Action I’m sure NOLA is Democratic run. @LionelRiley8 @Black_Action This is sad. It looks like this? Of course it does. U got kneegrows out here running t… @LilMsSunshynn @Black_Action When did he never not look like that? @nikifatale @Black_Action Because was asking for an agenda @Black_Action Oh boy🤦🏾‍♂️ he met with Trump to speak on what? It to late with the election days away. Anything to… @Tur57803524Nate OMG, this is just hopeless . What are dumb ass blk people doing? He forgives him and want to meet… @brooklynblkman Yes and the us gov played a part in denying blk business loans while giving resources to these immi… @nasescobar316 OMG blk People is just pathetic. No blk agenda but kneegrows wanna vote for free. Sad @KamalaHarris Did she discuss policy when visiting these cities trying to con blks into voting?? @crystallize_CCC Yes, it’s pretty good. The cast is nearly ADOS except the mother @MACVpark69 That’s the plan but if he wins and we get the credit of dems losing, I say this is good! @andytwelve1 Not looking good if the media is to be believed @SonMemphis Well Trump done nearly anything for blks @SonMemphis I’d never endorse trump and I’d vote for him but all this is to keep the dems out the White House more… @Tur57803524Nate @CowboyFaidaway @ImperatorRob Arguing with these losers is a waste of time. They never offer solu… @CowboyFaidaway @Tur57803524Nate @ImperatorRob Whelp, so much for how great you all are. I got a lot more to if u w… @CowboyFaidaway @Tur57803524Nate @ImperatorRob All you’ve said blacks have done and more. You’re people didn’t stay… @CowboyFaidaway @Tur57803524Nate @ImperatorRob Perhaps before you attempt to chastise someone you should read over… @CowboyFaidaway @Tur57803524Nate So a white man ? Ok, what ever helps u rest at night @CowboyFaidaway @Tur57803524Nate @ImperatorRob This pathetic weak statement shows your utter ignorance. U have no p… facts regarding the democrats. They are no better than republicans @ddthorne @TheRightMelissa @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS This notion that white liberals aren’t racist is pur… @ddthorne @TheRightMelissa @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS How many blks are in the Congress with the democrats… @TheRightMelissa @LeflameSchott @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Yep, every ad and talks aimed at us is about so… @Jumpman23 @baratunde @angela_rye Education reform is needed but so is reparations. Eduction is great but all the e… @yeahRIFAsaidit Um the democrats don’t own the blk vote. We do not owe them anything. The dems ha e been destructiv… @toribonafield @michaeljknowles Are I saying as a blk person he is automatically supposed to vote democrat? We don’… @Steph_JoJoJo @michaeljknowles Why would U assume that’s it! Maybe they aren’t into the liberal polices and Bs espe… @michaeljknowles So what. We do not owe the democrats a damn thing. They have done nothing for blks. We can vote for whoever we want toWell said @crystallize_CCC Oh well and I hate to say it but blks need to get educated politically and stop blindly voting for… @crystallize_CCC We already knew the blks we’re done a be hit by evictions. Has Biden and the dems done anything By…
@FFsousa_21 @rowe2k @Tip The black ancestors that died did so for us to use voting to empower us economically and g… @rowe2k @n1ckipedia @Tip So, I don’t care about trump? He can stay in. He’s done more for blks policy wise then the… @tony38249649 @Tip Becase the dems don’t do anything f for blks but use our votes to empower other groups like. Asi… @LeflameSchott @Tip Exactly. Until the democrats actually give us a black agenda to empower our community like they… @iBamBamBigalow @n1ckipedia @Tip I’ve always walked in in out in about 30 mins and I’m in a blk area @RealJCoop1 @Tip The dems need to lose because they do nothing for blks. I could care less if Trump stays in office… @DeevesIsYourBFF @Tip Delete this dumb ass tweet. Why do U think blk communities are overrun with immigrants busine… @Yonic52 @Tip He won the electoral college and the popular vote was due to Cali and NY. @Tip Man stop misleading blks. U know damn well the dems do nothing for blks. we keep electing them for free. Its… @CynnyB Oops, meant (nothing) @CynnyB The dems do night but use blk celebs at the blk community. All those blk celebs clicked up like Voltron to… @tariqnasheed I’ve asked this hag multiple times what her agenda is and she would never say. She’s not a true blk c… @BET This is a waste of time and ratchet. BET actually promoting THOT culture and strippers to blk kids @tariqnasheed Blacks need more pain to get it and it’s coming. They still in that nonsense of voting for voting sak… @LoverFaceDaNerd @tariqnasheed I go ahead and vote tool. Don’t knock blks that understand that voting is an exchange not a gift. @MrMarkbonnett @JayAlem @tariqnasheed Locals in blk areas are already co-opted to the National Democratic Party. I’… @gregory_viel @tariqnasheed The issue is the dems ha e once again lured blks back into that treadmill to know where… @WearAMask23 @gregory_viel @tariqnasheed HBCUs sir do not serve the blk community in a productive manner. If they w… @WearAMask23 @gregory_viel @tariqnasheed Us do know Cube is worth over a hundred million right? So he was trying to get what bag? @tariqnasheed Yep