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Artist for Magic the Gathering, and creator of Blood of Dragons. Critter. Find me on Patreon! Art-book now available on my website.

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Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @andeparks I love that they continue to claim that this is a center right country while working REALLY hard to sile… animated style @Marvel characters for @atomicmassgames! This time around is Angela! AD: @zoejkrobinson @ls_setiawan What a gorgeous piece of art! Great work, Lie! @BBW_BFF Amen. @JoyAnnReid @USPS My money is on “he FedExed an empty envelope to himself.” @pvponline least he’s nervous about a totally routine occurrence in our democracy. @jimbutchernews Bob, Toot, -Battle-Ground enamel pins?Any artists want to help me do a piece of art for my @GloriousArcadum D&D campaign? She's a Cleric Harpy with a tor…
Retweeted by Tyler WalpoltergeistPrava of the Steel Legion is a massive oil painting, 18” x 24” by Matt Stewart Ends Sunday:…
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@BitBoardGamer It’s a sword made from a dragon horn. @JasonCopland Backing Kickstarters has been my favorite way to spend money during all of this.Man. Next week better bring good news. The next 3 months are going to be a bear. @claudiopozas @marcscheff @Marvel @atomicmassgames @zoejkrobinson That part is true! @nicodelort Trade ya.Looking for new art podcasts to support? Time for another thread! Lots of new podcasts, comms, & blogs are starting…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @Oeming Lol! I’ve started doing charcoal value studies for my paintings, and I have to start in the top left corner… in the fence become holes in the AWWWWWWW
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @marcscheff @Marvel @atomicmassgames @zoejkrobinson Ha! Whoops! @CullyHamner I’ve decided that somehow, impossibly, EVERY poll is an outlier. @DenmanRooke Thank you!Wow.
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @nathanjweber Thanks a bunch! @NuclearStulle @aarondraws Thanks, man! I tried to build some character into the design of the ship. @AJ_Juiceon @Marvel @atomicmassgames @zoejkrobinson Thanks, A.J.! @E_M_Gist think my wife and I may be playing chicken around who breaks down and cleans out the fridge. (We’ve been busy)Utterly amazing #watercolor
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @schaturvedi Great lighting, Sid! @JTHVerhovek @ABC @washingtonpost Gotta be an outlier.Just a handful of these left. They will be gone today! So, if you’re thinking about grabbing one, I wouldn’t wait.🔥COMMISSIONS OPEN!🔥 My last open commissions of the year with discount! Want your DnD character to come to life? An…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @grant_gould_art @Marvel @atomicmassgames @zoejkrobinson Thanks, Grant! I had a blast working on them.I’ve got more @Marvel characters drawn in my “animated” style hitting the shelves. Ghost Rider is first up! These… @katemiterko @JDonaldson_art That was my guess. Glad you’re enjoying it! I really dig his work. @danthesith @katemiterko Pretty sure that’s a prerequisite for most classes anyway. @katemiterko Oh, cool! Gouache has become my go to medium this year. What class are you taking? @Planetpinto @orbitbooks Congrats, lady!!! @LorrdDemon Thanks! @jaredsinclair This is oils on paper mounted on Masonite. @yoda8myhead Yes, if not sooner! @pvponline “The Aristocrats!” @yashar Yeah, that’s okay.I feel like this can’t possibly be real, but I love seeing the etymology of terms we still use that grew from this… @Artofryanyee Ah shit, thanks Ryan! @AWastedWizard thanks so much! @jimbutchernews @TylerWalpole @LegendariumPod Woot ! just ordered my Battle Grounds bookplate so my Peace Talks one…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @WillWeaverRVA Thanks, Will!
Let this tweet be a blessing upon your dash.
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @ElanorProudfoot I say yes.Time to start the night shift at the studio. @BlackGMtG @KeithulhuCards Omg! I didn’t even catch that until just now! But...I’m going to retcon reality and say… @thatsummersguy Yeah, this one is sort of the most “me” of the magic cards I’ve done.This is my favorite Magic painting that I have done so far. Art Director: Andrew Vallas #mtg #MTGCMR's The Year of Dresden's DOUBLE BIRTHDAY SPECTACULAR: a NEW CONTEST, the release of @TylerWalpole's bookplates, a…
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Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @AvivOr @LaurenWalshArt Or maybe that’s just what he wants you to think. @Horndizz @CohhCarnage Oh, "crunch time" in the game industry needs to die. But delays are acceptable to me as a… @CohhCarnage See now? This is the appropriate response! Let people make stuff as cool as they like.! I gave my mailing list a bit of a head start, but the Jim Butcher-signed (and also Tyler-signed) book pla… @maple_zerop Very on brand!This seems cool! @JDonaldson_art I recommend starting with Campaign 2, episode 1 on YouTube. It’s not for everybody, but the folks… @MTGGoldfish Thanks for tagging artists in your posts! Much appreciated!Well...lookee here!’s plan of action
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @adelso_corona @Demonpuppy Man, I just love inking videos. Calms me down. Looking good, Adelso!Raise your hand if you’ve ever had someone from the cast of Critical Role show up in a dream. Just want to make su… @VargasNi Great one, Randy! @donwinslow WISCONSIN! If you live in Wisconsin, DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOT. It is too close to the date now and it MU…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @dixonij My concern is that there’s enough GOP controlled state houses to go ahead and assign electors however they feel like. @pintyhet They happen to be better at wielding their arsenal than their opponents.Yeah...this is gonna suck. @sunshadeauarts Give me the black and purple dice, now please!Oh. totally normal. @lilithsaintcrow
Retweeted by Tyler WalpoltergeistI’m basically always working these days. But at least I’m wearing sweat pants while I do it! @chrislhayes Thanks, I hate it!
@TrystanFalcone @Wizards_DnD Congrats!Monster Mash #monstermash #universalmonsters #sundayfunday #comicartist
Retweeted by Tyler WalpoltergeistDon’t think I can news today. Gonna binge on Critcal Role C1 instead. @BJMendelson *Top marginal tax rate* @GeoffThorne He’s under 40?!
@TawnyFritz That Sam is a keeper, for sure! @HeatherAntos I mean, probably SCHITT'S CREEK again. @AnandWrites @Peggynoonannyc @KamalaHarris Do people still pay attention to what Peggy Noonan has to say? @merinapyon @matthewmercer @CriticalRole @LexaoftheNorth Awesome! If I find the time to make it, I’ll be sure to tag you when I post it. :) @merinapyon @matthewmercer @CriticalRole @LexaoftheNorth Think it might be okay if I use your photo as reference for an Avantika painting?“Wartime President” surrenders to the enemy. future is wild. I’d like to do a short in-house gig somewhere. I’ve been solo freelance for my whole career, but I’d really… always take it as a good sign when I start making sound effects for the scene I’m drawing.Decided to print this one out and take it a little further. I still like it so it’ll probably get a splash of pint…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @d20monkey I like this story. Sirtis had packed her car to leave when she got offered Star Trek TNG. Hang in there, y'all. Keep hustlin…
Retweeted by Tyler Walpoltergeist @CutieKat1 @johngiang_art Amen!
@GolcuDoruk That’s what I anticipate, actually!Gorgeous