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shrieking into the void the nudes are at @tymitchellxxx 💭 writing in @WeAreMel @buzzfeed @newinquiry 📪

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see what happens when you don’t eliminate queens before the fanbase learns to hate thembernie liked to chew gum upside of the pandemic is i get to tweet about the rosemont without troy accusing me of defamation the following wednesdayi still do not miss saturday at 1am at the rosemont @antwou “oh yeah that feels so good hey by the way where’s a good place to put my legs right now”wrap around? spread them out and let em wiggle? hold them back as far as i can? should i point my toes? did i leave the oven on?amazing that after all i’ve done i still find myself in missionary wondering what i’m supposed to be doing with my legs“wow.” me every single time i am pooping
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFWKaty Perry at 9:52PM ET
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFWwait that was the best thing katy perry has ever donefirework????? ok i just might stan
gnocchi? more like yescchi @k8bushofficial we’re ultimately muses to them and it’s always apparent
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFW @antwou here’s how hillary can still winone thing about lady gaga is she’s a master of subtlety @anxiousdeluxe the stunty unty coat in question: pete is ppls idea of a good orator then i can be okay with joe’s reading the textbook to the class style of public speakingi’m just happy for her bc it’s a great gig!!!!!! @Business_Trans it’s not nice to make fun of people for cryingGaga, J Lo, and Garth is a faggot bingo
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFWomg im not crying at gaga’s inauguration anthem u aredoes nyu have gender neutral housing now
need to stop trying to tear my own limbs off when i work out @specialcole loveit’s snowing lolthis is a serena tea stan accountif somebody told me americans have no right to the land we live on i would simply agree with them
they actually work!!!biggest regret of the past year is not buying a noise machine sooneri am never trying to have a discussion on twitteridk who tf u all are skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story 📖🖤
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFW90% of adulting is figuring out your login credentials @SAMBANKSFTW @kyleaftrmth it’s called a walk of shame @kyleaftrmth i need to hear thisidk who needs to hear this but its not only rainbows and butterflies it’s compromise that moves us along
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFW @Business_Trans more of a plate than a bowlOMG THAT WAS EMMA CAULFIELD @anxiousdeluxe loudly hating on nyu is nyu culturepro tip if you make someone watch it with you who isn’t a big marvel person make sure you show them the trailer firstwandavision is so cool like it’s a mystery series premised on the viewers confusion about how the show logically ex… @wavawamp where thiskathryn hahn really shines in wandavision playing the role of @EricShethar @horsebabies ideal @Enemafrost ramen is a noodle soup dish not a noodle with sauce @Enemafrost there are noodle dishes that are not noodle soups and those also belong on plates @Enemafrost ramen is noodle soup @horsebabies hmmmm... seems like needs better plate @naur_itstrue idealpasta goes on plates not bowls
ok add me!!! last five years @only_zans excited for this journeyyou’ve got the most unbelievable blue eyes i’ve ever seenmonogamy is a kink i would like to shame @smartbitch_69 not overwhy isn’t the algorithm helping me sell porn
hello i have had my coffee today and have decided to be paranoid that i have a latex allergy @Muna_Mire their line kind of confuses/overwhelms me when i’m at the drug store because the pricing is all over the… @Muna_Mire i am emotionally divesting from suds for the sake of not drying my dry skin even more! i’ve found the ro… @TheGayChingy me with adrianai’m okay with only getting half the story @Michete 3 max per episode! @OrangePaulp happy birthday bb❤️ @sonotoffensive truPeople be like, “Are you sweating in winter?!?” And I’m like
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFWdoes anyone enjoy or need the “choreo rehearsal” scenes in drag race i really feel like they could gotamisha iman!!!!!which do you think will come to u first
it’s the 20s baby we’re vers and we’re amateur @tymitchellxo Liza Minnelli has outlived “Probottom”
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFW @yosoymichael covid got probottom 😔i retired the ig handle “probottom”. it has served me well for the past several years but i feel i’ve outgrown iden… @RuralGayBoy not old fashioned just prone to self-sabotagebig: i think maybe you shouldn’t move all your stuff into my apartment carrie: relationships in new york city...over???? @hoodopulence i have no idea!!!!i’m a gaymer now
@tiddie_ thank you!thinking about her @tiddie_ oh work do u know how i do that @gaybimb0 well there goes a whole work week of gameplayhi is it possible to transfer a steam purchase on my macbook to a switch? and is it also possible to transfer my game progress?does anybody else care that the government can still just murder people in the name of criminal justicejobless women selling drinks at cafés struggling to pay bills
Retweeted by Ty Mitchell SFWare carrie’s voiceovers of her column supposed to be from the future or does big just not read her writingi never thought i’d be friends with a 🚬 who *wants* to be the charlotte and lo and behold i am living with one @bobbyspacing she endorsed bernie!i like dua lipa because i still don’t know anything about her she just does her little dances sings her little song…’t believe we’re in a situation where we have to find rapid tests that don’t have 3+ hour waits using a whisper network @Hiltyhilthilt and we only get like 2 seconds of it!!!!finally finished delany’s shoat rumblinCan u believe we used to not have facetime and there was no way to prove in realtime if ur girl’s party was better…
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imagining trump without twitter getting in great shape, finding the right therapist, cultivating fulfilling relatio… theme song to the undoing should have been beautiful liarwhyyyyyyyyy does this pianist hate mecollective grief that crushes you into a state of abject listlessness and sadomasochism?? yeahwould def be in the guilty remnants in fact i might just do that here and nowthe queen