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Thad @Tyranicus Harrisburg, PA

Co-Host of @StargateWeekly and @DeltaFlyerPod, Tech Enthusiast, Cat Lover, LEGO Addict. Watches a lot of movies. He/Him #WeAreStarfleet #ActuallyAutistic

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@vulcanSassPants Here you go @PatrickE34 @leesargent 20/20. I don't know how or why I knew the name of that belt, but I did. The only one I didn… @JoeSondow Taste the rainbow. @dramadork884 @petersessum I have the head rests removed from the back seats in my car because I can see better behind me without… @chekthefuckov I saw that in the theater… @CrystalPisano I think I will probably be even more excited 2 days from now, but I'm really not sure how!#StarTrek @StarTrek #IWillHauntYou
Retweeted by Thad @Larkistin89 I should have known this, but I am somehow only now realizing that's where the 89 in your Twitter handle comes from. 😂 @claire_helenann It's such a great show!The TNG rewatch is important, but there is also a new season of Sex Education. I'm conflicted. @xcarolinas @TrekProfiles @drakkorex I'm going on a road trip at the end of the week, and now I have this to look forward to! @awhaleinthemoon @ListeningToFilm @TrekProfiles @Mr_Picard Cullen is nice, but I prefer him in the captain's chair. @3illSweet They aren't perfect by any means, but there are things I like about Creation cons. Having a guaranteed s… @ListeningToFilm I need a GIF of Kirk staring at a giant Carl head in spacedock. @Pteropus32 I would probably have gone with "All Our Yesterdays." @librarianstevie @xcarolinas @ListeningToFilm @Larkistin89 @WarpSteve1701 They probably did, since he was on DS9 by then.
@DraconisWing I bought my general admission tickets in November last time. @WarpSteve1701 It think he just has a tighter uniform. @TheGropplerZorn I'm doing both, but I will likely need to leave STLV early. @librarianstevie @ListeningToFilm @xcarolinas @Larkistin89 This was my very first convention cosplay! @ListeningToFilm Yep, same. @ListeningToFilm Noise-canceling earbuds are sadly mostly useless for me because I wear pressure equalizing earplugs on planes. @ListeningToFilm @xcarolinas @librarianstevie @Larkistin89 Did someone say 5th Doctor cosplay? @ListeningToFilm Do you like them considerably better than the regular AirPods? @themissymandy That could be it, but many of these cons would ordinarily already have had tickets available long be… @ListeningToFilm @TrekProfiles Come now, Carl, let's be realistic. @TrekProfiles That said, I already have the vacation time approved and a hotel room booked, so I'm still perfectly… @TrekProfiles We don't necessarily know that there is anything wrong. For all we know, they could be doing some sor… only cons with other tiers available for sale are Supernatural cons for the first half of the year and a Xena c… don't know what it is, but I think something is going on at Creation Entertainment. They are not yet offering any…’t miss my new project...A real time chronological log of the five year mission, from the perspective of the nov…
Retweeted by ThadI'm pretty sure they painted the catwalk and reused this same set in "Caretaker." #StarTrek #TNG #SecondChances #StarTrek #TNG #SecondChances #PicardRewatch William Riker received a promotion to lieutenant commander for exceptional valor on the Nervala IV mission, shou… @JonfuciusOnline Poor Clive. @NCC_17fOrmula1 That must be where the misconception came from. People remember the 2-year gap, but not that it was… @jm_duffy @eatatquarks @Jeopardy @TrekRanks DS9 @Captain_Revo Every so often, I have a vivid dream I remember clearly, but I usually have not memory of them at all after waking up. @jm_duffy @eatatquarks @Jeopardy @TrekRanks I would like these categories as well. @louise_voyager @Red_Angel1701 Those days are Thursdays in February, so I think they mean February. @MissRainbowPie 65% @MightyHeaton @TimothySandefur @TrekProfiles @DVDGeeks @AlxAugust @drerinmac @mafnoor @savagediana @AgentSeska @TrekkieRob that could have plausibly happened off-screen are not plot holes.
Retweeted by Thad @timetravelmarty @alexandertperry At least it will be midnight for you on the west coast. For those of us in the east, it will be 3AM!This isn't the first time Patrick Stewart has played the character of Jean-Luc Picard. He also featured in the pilo…
Retweeted by Thad @AaronBossig @adamdrosin Oh, right. That makes sense. I didn't immediately remember Solo and Rogue One, so I was tr… @adamdrosin I really want to know which 5 they mean. @111mark14 I did also mention Klubochar, though she is unlikely to make it very far in the primary process. @librarianstevie @AgentSeska I was assuming we were about the same age.I am Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home years old. @kaw143 I'm certainly not planning on voting for Buttigieg either, but that has nothing to with his sexual orientat…'s mocking the space force uniforms because there are probably no bushes in space but i watched enough sci…
Retweeted by ThadI just don't understand how an intelligent person who, as an employment lawyer, fought for justice and equality for…'ve thought about this more since then though, and I realize that, to my father, the very existence of gay people… full ramifications of what he said didn't register with me at the time. I responded by saying that the majority… made a comment about Biden being the only moderate running, and I pointed out that Buttigieg is quite moderate.…, I was talking with my father, and while I generally do not bring up politics with him, he started talkin… TV shows, if there is one person in the backseat of a car, they always sit in the middle, but no one ever actual… @AnarysO @ListeningToFilm Thankfully, it seems that won't be happening anymore. @ListeningToFilm My only regret is that I have but one like to give to this tweet.“Directed by Stuart Baird”...
Retweeted by Thad @annaonthemoon @ThatNeilGuy I don't know Kirk's, but Spock's is T-Negative. @JonfuciusOnline @DavidAlanMack I've been meaning to read that series for a long time since I've read a bunch of th… @AdamHunault @WilsonFrontier I normally go to bed around 1 or 2, and I just don't see myself falling asleep when new Star Trek is so close.1. Davison 2. Capaldi 3. Eccleston @ListeningToFilm I really love how Graham does everything. @WilsonFrontier That's 12:01 PST, so 3:01 for us. I'm still probably going to stay up and watch it though. @timetravelmarty It's the best of the sequels, but none of the sequels surpass the first in my opinion. @EISTPod I think Jeri Taylor said they were brothers. @dandeckr @TangoZippo Nah-nah-nah-nah-NAH-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-naaaaaaaahhh @thejonconn @PatrickE34 @Nerdygal33 I think this middle of the night release will help with that even if they change nothing else. @zoidberg95 Am I the Hugh Hefner one? @TheRealAlienTwo Technically, this new one has one more character. @TheRealAlienTwo True, but it did have a typo. 😛I feel like we just did this one, but it's going around again, so… If you are reading this, leave me a GIF about… @PatrickE34 @Nerdygal33 I think they are 1. Trying to stagger the views, so the server load isn't as bad, and 2. Ma…, old friend. @Lady_Vean @Nerdygal33 Fair. I'm off work Thursday, so I'll probably end up doing to same. @Nerdygal33 I usually go to bed around 1 or 2, so I'm debating between staying up or watching it first thing in the morning. @Nerdygal33 Sorry, but there wasn't a press release explaining it or anything. All they told us is when, not why. 1… @Nerdygal33 Because CBS decided they want to.Now that we know #StarTrekPicard will be released Thursday morning instead of Thursday evening, something has got t… carpeted computer interface/bookshelf in Picard's quarters is definitely something. #StarTrek #TNG #Suspicions
@ShuttlepodTwo @mgummy91 The more they over-think the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.Captain Styles is following me, but I think he'll have trouble catching me once I engage warp drive. @lha_again That would be Captain Kell of the USS Hathaway played by @LariaHoD. @dandeckr VGR always was the official abbreviation used by the studio, and it's what the Okudas used when they wro… Spock TAS: Arex TOS Films: Bones TNG: Data TNG Films: Picard DS9: Odo VGR: EMH ENT: Trip Kelvin: Uhura… @ListeningToFilm Canada"She just took her pip and smacked you with it." #TrekGeeksGameNight @Queer_Trek It's my dirty window. 😛I have been serving my #ChancellorCat for one year now. Happy adoptiversary, L'Rell!