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Thad @Tyranicus Harrisburg, PA

Sci-Fi Fan, Tech Enthusiast, Cat Lover, LEGO Addict. Watches a lot of movies. He/Him #WeAreStarfleet #ActuallyAutistic

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@jm_duffy The "questions" are the things you are supposed to do instead of the "answers." That's a bad design, and… was the show that asked "what if the space program were run by jocks instead of nerds?"
Retweeted by Thad @giuliaritta Even worse. Someone got paid to make it. @ContinuumTrek @TheGropplerZorn @RentzAllison @giuliaritta I realized I had cropped the instructions. I posted it again in a way that makes slightly more sense b… hate everything about this test. @StaticWarpBubbl So does Janeway. @TheInsaneRobin Not a father, but it does the same for me.Some of the shuttle designs seen in the #LowerDecks episode "Envoys": A modernized version of a class F shuttle ("…
Retweeted by Thad @ChelisMarr Big fan of #JoystickRiker @StaticWarpBubbl I'm really tempted to reply to work emails with this. @TrekFanLV He does say "Shields up!" in "Nepenthe."Captain Janeway is 74656% done.
Retweeted by Thad @claire_helenann The moment when he yells "Shields up!" in Picard was amazing too. It was so great to hear him do t… @savagediana The sickbay set designed for The Motion Picture was later used as sickbay on TNG and again as sickbay on Voyager.No one says "Red alert!" or "Shields up!" quite like Number One. @LariaHoD I am interested in the living the Frodo life. Is there a pamphlet or something? @jessv_nh For a second, I didn't see the period after fever and though it said exposure to the water may cause children.are we just gonna forget that kirk literally knocked out an andorian with his ASS in journey to babel
Retweeted by ThadEvery time I hear Trump start a sentence with "People say" or "I hear," I fly into a white hot rage. Those words al… @soongslut Here's one with the monacle. @jarrahpenguin She is a good cat and a pretty cat. @SaraMichener The only ones I use with any regularity are customer gestures I setup to go back and forward.I remember my parents talking about the Gulf War and the breakup of the Soviet Union at the dinner table. @mhansen0207 I wish I had the option of early voting. In my state, it's either mail-in or in-person on election day… @leenisabel @BlackB3ltD0c I love the delta on the hijab. @UntenableWhale cast of #StarTrek Voyager sexily posing with pieces of #90s tech like they're in some kind of erotic Radio Shac…
Retweeted by ThadREAD THE FIRST LETTER OF EACH EMOJI : 🍦🎾🛹 📚🥚🥚👃 🐜 💡🦧👃🍇 💍🍊🍎🦆
Retweeted by ThadI don't expect the Coast Guard to make money, I expect them to save lives on the sea. I don't expect FEMA to make…
Retweeted by Thad @madcapofscience He is so wholesome. I would die for him.Tawny Newsome is killing it in half hour space-related streaming comedies this year. @Frizzell No, I'm not sure why autocorrect thinks I'm French.They keep announcing new guests added to the list, but not even Creation could possibly think STLV is still going to happen at this point. @Frizzell Heh. That should say new. @wonderkrisp That looks great! It's a much better paint job than some that I've seen for sale. @bono_deo
Counterpoint: But what if I want to sleep again in this lifetime? @NottingHillNerd I don't know any of the other answers, but did he play the captain of the USS Yorktown in Star Trek IV?"It's called an Ushann-Tor; an ice-miner's tool. Andorians play with them as children." #NotaSpoiler #StarTrek
Retweeted by Thad @starklyjd 13? Wtf? @TrekGeekDan @DiscoveringTrek @TrekGeeks @KcShafsky @TrekGeekBill @VanIslandSara Looking spiffy, Ensign Davidson! @gorillakhan @CTTrekkie @datsme4sure1 Well it certainly is with that attitude! @CTTrekkie @datsme4sure1 Neither will I. The smell sticks around for ever. @datsme4sure1 In the 80s, they could imagine a future where people travel the stars, but not one where people aren'… @gunnargoat81 They've made it slightly less creepy now. @Chinchillazllla At least that makes it slightly less creepy.I hate it when I'm literally moving my mouse to reply to a tweet and my timeline refreshes before I can click. Aaa…
Retweeted by Thad @BatlethBabe @TheRealAlienTwo Happy birthday, Seth!Oh look. For once, he actually is "telling it like it is." look 34 (Unless I shave. Then I'm suddenly carded everywhere.) I am 34. I feel 40+. @Larkistin89 I definitely would not have guessed 31.Just a reminder that in these glorious days of Republican rule, the rationale for destroying the postal service can…
Retweeted by Thad"In command school, they taught us to always remember that maneuvering a starship is a very delicate process. But o… @datadivajf No, that must be later episode.#StarTrekLowerDecks a limited period only, CBS has put the whole first episode of new animated comedy #StarTrekLowerDecks online an…
Retweeted by ThadAutistic: I need routines ADHD: I can't do routines ADHD+autistic: I need useless routines that do not benefit me…
Retweeted by Thad @kevindilmore I support this casting. @kaladan9 Ferknking? Looks like I could use some of that caffeine this morning. @kaladan9 Good thing I'm not ferknking it all at once then.I love waking up to text messages like this. Remember when we didn't know if or when we would ever get new Star Tre… @adamdrosin OMG! I missed this. @ContinuumTrek I respect your opinion, but I don't agree. @cjuel1701 As if I could. @RentzAllison No comment. 😛 @adamdrosin Totes adorbs. @WilsonFrontier #StarTrekLowerDecks @cjuel1701 I want to go there.Tendi and Rutherford are absolutely going to bang. #StarTrekLowerDecks @adamdrosin "Place you name, money I name. Otherwise, bargain no."My Trek lore is rusty. I didn't remember who the Kaelons were until I saw some on screen. #StarTrekLowerDecksRaktajino! #StarTrekLowerDecks"Where did you even get flagons?" #StarTrekLowerDecksI'm going to need one of those dress uniforms. #StarTrekLowerDecks @rebootingme Twisted then?I will probably say this every week, but I love everything about the #StarTrekLowerDecks title sequence. @rebootingme Course: Oblivion? @offkilter06 The receipt was just giving them a pep talk.Red Alert! #StarTrekLowerDecks episode 2 "Envoys" is now streaming on CBS All Access. @kittgrant1980 My understanding is that Code Red is not sold in the UK because the red dye they use is illegal over… @kittgrant1980 A shortage of Mt Dew Code Red, yes. Various supply chain shortages have resulted in manufacturers fo… meme
Retweeted by Thad @CTTrekkie This isn't pasta. Who are you and what have you done with the real @CTTrekkie? @EISTPod Those are overrated. @DecksLower FYI: It actually drops around 45 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, so around 2:15 EDT/11:15 PDTNo it was something else
Retweeted by Thad @Kaelyrhn This fat cis dude is in solidarity with you on this one. @zoidberg95 @Trekkie01D Those prices! Honestly, I want to visit you sometime mostly so I can go to McKay. @troicrusher That belly is so fluffy! @GatorNorthern It will at least last through Thursday! (Really, it's on sale and has been inconsistently availabl… @CaptainOskarSTO I would ideally want to see a season for each book. @xtratoasty I love how the boxes next to each other form the Enterprise in that set. @ntrprise2 This is why I shed no tears at all about the Chinese knockoff sellers that are clearly using the same patterns.Pssssssst.... #StarTrek #LowerDecks tonight
Retweeted by Thad @AaronBossig @leesargent I too have seen weirdos who do this.Everything T'Ana does in sickbay is a cat scan
Retweeted by Thad @RyanSKeller That would be correct.