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Thad @Tyranicus Harrisburg, PA

Co-Host of @StargateWeekly and @DeltaFlyerPod, Tech Enthusiast, Cat Lover, LEGO Addict. Watches a lot of movies. He/Him #WeAreStarfleet

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@vulcanSassPants iOS 13.3 lets you completely disable the animojis. No more unicorns! @officialhowsei His name is John Snyder, and he's mostly a voice actor.I would waterproof my basement. Very exciting dream, I know. @spoowriter He was amazing.Whether I keep watching Star Trek after midnight depends a great deal on the quality of the next episode. In this c… like the TNG Romulan uniforms, ridiculous sleeves and all. #StarTrek #TNG #TheEnemy #PicardRewatch @annaonthemoon It makes logical sense, and maybe there weren't any near you, but there has been one in Carlisle sin… @annaonthemoon Yeah, there are plenty of them in the area. That said, they probably didn't give that any thought. I…'s team is presenting him as a narcissistic child-abusing villain intent on wiping out half of all life, AND p…
Retweeted by ThadOne of Picard's pips is crooked. …I have a problem. #StarTrek #TNG #TheEnemy #PicardRewatch! #StarTrek #TNG #TheEnemy #PicardRewatch finally gets the new uniform, and the first thing he does is get it filthy. #StarTrek #TNG #TheEnemy"Communicators are dysfunctional." Me too, Worf. #StarTrek #TNG #TheEnemy #PicardRewatchThere's something about this one that I'm having trouble seeing. #StarTrek #TNG #PicardRewatch'm glad the Leah Brahms thing is revisited and resolved later. I'm not sure that I would say Geordi did anything w… gets the new uniform without the seams down the front this episode, but everyone else is in the transition u… @djvoltz1701 lol. I didn't notice until you pointed it out.Side note: the first time I encountered the name "Utopia Planitia" was on the biographical information on the packa… like the Costitution refit model on display at the Utopia Planitia simulation. #StarTrek #TNG #BoobyTrep @beebeccarose I love them both!I think Geordi's VISOR is shinier this season. #StarTrek #TNG #BoobyTrap #PicardRewatch this is where this screenshot came from. #StarTrek #TNG #BoobyTrap #PicardRewatch @LariaHoD Given the stories you've told about Frodo, I would have been very surprised if he wasn't a tree climber!I watched some episodes last night but was too busy working on my Christmas cards to tweet about them. I'm back wit… @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo How about a bow tie in 2005? @TheInsaneRobin Honestly, at this point, who doesn't? @kflom1988 @TrekGeeks @FanSets It is indeed. @TheInsaneRobin Holy crap. You still have a Family Video near you?
@NottingHillNerd @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k I'm the 11th. @CTTrekkie I would watch this movie. @Trekkie01D @TheRealAlienTwo Well, even if your job doesn't appreciate you, you're getting a card from me! I just put it in the mail today. @BoomerNiner Rom has the right idea.You know what would be better than fast food gift cards every month? A raise. may have gone a little overboard for #TrekTuesday this week. @officialhowsei Time well spent for sure!Farewell to a kind and thoughtful man. See you th the Great Link! #ReneAuberjonois #StarTrek #DS9
Retweeted by Thad @mikeyyanko Some later CRTs had DVI ports, so it could be done in theory. @TeltheTrekkie Did you just deny yourself?If I have to explain to one more coworker that the "bent HDMI port" on our new work PCs is actually a DisplayPort…Also, it is my duty as a #ScreamingFirehawks to say JUST 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL S4 OF @ExpanseOnPrime #TheExpanse
Retweeted by Thad @3illSweet @TeltheTrekkie That's a deep cut. I had to Google this one. @ListeningToFilm @nsbulk But why would shit set off a metal detector? @TeltheTrekkie You are only worthy of starting on the first shap! @TeltheTrekkie Move Along Home @rocketsurgeon76 You are absolutely right! I forgot about that one. @trim_often There wasn't even a Walmart? @ListeningToFilm @librarianstevie I have seen the mug in question. It's pretty sweet.Don't worry, Captain Janeway. We'll make sure the Explorer of the Seas is well stocked with lots and lots of coffee.
Retweeted by Thad @3illSweet I've noticed the similarity as well. We need @ListeningToFilm to tell us if we're right, or just being uncultured louts. @jarrahpenguin One time I was watching it with a cat in my lap, and he bolted during that scene (and who could blame him?) @jarrahpenguin I agree on all points, but I love it despite these faults.Top 10 Non-Franchise Films of the Decade: 1. The Martian 2. Knives Out 3. The Shape of Water 4. Crazy Rich Asia… @StobiesGalaxy Definitely! Really the only guideline is that you want them to go out before Christmas. @StobiesGalaxy Any time in December. I'm mailing mine today.So did you
Retweeted by Thad @gunnargoat81 I did indeed. @beebeccarose My cat Phinny used to do the same thing.Day 25. 24. @politreks @TrekRewind I didn't know Barry wrote comic reviews. 😉 @librarianstevie I know the feeling @Govaerts_Lotte Cool. DM me your address. @officialhowsei You are a smarter man than I. @Govaerts_Lotte I have a few left over if you want one too. @AgentSeska That's fascinating! I've never heard of that before. @starbase_505 Yeah, they're really neat! I was excited to see them.Every year, after I get about halfway through, I find myself wishing I had gone with peel and stick envelopes, and… @BatlethBabe I'm so sorry, Heather. @discountcompost I'm a sucker for Tom Cruise movies in general. I enjoyed them. @ListeningToFilm I'll be right over.
@beebeccarose I wouldn't know. @rurinnfane Me too, kitty. @rvkirk I have that one too! @neilkid75 @jarrahpenguin Oh yes! I had forgotten this scene, and this was not a criticism of the amazing card in any way. @RadMissFliss A stuck catheter sounds very unpleasant. @jarrahpenguin On that note, I'm not sure if we ever actually see what the DS9 holosuite looks like when it's not running. @octavya360 @zoidberg95 @NottingHillNerd Porn doesn't have theatrical releases, so it's not actually rated at all.Also, it's very important to point out that it says "Holodeck the Halls" inside.It's too early to say who is going to send me the best Christmas card this year, but @jarrahpenguin is a strong con… @jdiannedotson This is one of my favorite photos of my previous cat, Phineas. He loved to climb the tree, but he ig… @NottingHillNerd @zoidberg95 That's correct. There is a higher rating, NC-17, that prohibits children altogether, but it is rarely used. @zoidberg95 @NottingHillNerd At the screening I was at, A family got up and left when the strip club scene started.… @librarianstevie There's a deleted scene from Star Trek Insurrection where a librarian shushed Riker and Troi for b… @MissRainbowPie The Expanse is my favorite current show, so that gets my vote! @zoidberg95 I liked it a lot. I just wish is had been a follow up set in the same universe as the original. @therealgruffy This is the best answer. 😂Welcome aboard, Constable. You honor us with your presence. @reneauberjonois #RIPReneAuberjonois #Startrek
Retweeted by Thad @KerrBearLib She is doing well! She spends most of her time hiding, but she comes out when she wants to be petted.*Berman. #DamnYouAutocorrect @KerrBearLib I always welcome cat pics. Boots is such a beautiful kitty!After watching the special features on the TNG Blu-Rays, I want to know what the deal is with the hourglasses on Ri… that's a wrap on season 2! I'll start season 3 tomorrow.As the final episode for the season, this serves as a swan song for Geordi's nipples, at least until the scene with… long does it take to watch a clip show if you skip all the clips? #StarTrek #TNG #PicardRewatch watched "Peak Performance" recently, so I'm skipping it as part of this rewatch. In brief, it's an excellent epis… @JimRacer_77 SameGood to see they followed the ritual of zipping each other back into their respective jumpsuits before pillow talk.… @Mirror_Ayako @reneauberjonois @Marina_Sirtis It's a rough day for sure. @JJ9828 This doesn't surprise me at all.Thinking about how we mourn artists we've never met. We don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves.
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