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tyron, the creator @TyronWilson BRISTOL (still don't accom)

who am i inspired by?? twitter, betty ford, prince, saddam hussein and j-lo. occasionally podcasting, writing and editing @SocReview. 📸 IG: thetyronwilson

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@eggsandbread you replied to the Jentina one not the Nanne one @TyronWilson she literally built a car on stage, what more does sweden want? they don't deserve the chance to be ab…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatori got @stepheniscowboy to design my next tattoo
Retweeted by tyron, the creator28 yr old me: 38 yr old me: 58 yr old me: 88 yr old me: deathbed me: ⚪️───────────── 0:14… st. clair
Retweeted by tyron, the creator15 yr old me: 21 yr old me: 30 yr old me: 50 yr old me: deathbed me: ⚪️───────────── 0:14…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorone of the funniest things in the universe is lmfao making an album called “party rock”, followed by an album calle…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatoroh my god, if this is how the Chinese government is responding to people who've flown out of China we're so fucked @TyronWilson Omg Kylie eleison
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @TyronWilson Iran and Italy and South Korea now appear to have community spread. Iran is especially worrying becaus…
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @TyronWilson The only actual new clinical infomation we have is the Iranian death rate being massively out of kilte…
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @TyronWilson basically that Chinas figures were a load of bull and it's spreading from people who've never been to…
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @youngbuckeen thanks! may kylie save us allQ: what exactly has changed/is now known about the coronavirus epidemic's spread to trigger the stock market's plun… @Pete_Allison I am an icon"which professional achievement are you proudest of?" @MulreadyMolly @david_s_barker It's easy to overplay the significance of it given no woman ran for leader for the f… bless my location data app
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorcounterpoint: angela rayner would probably be winning right now if she were running for leader
although arguably she is channeling Brown hereDon’t get me wrong, I love Baby Shark, but it really bugs me that in the middle of the song the perspective changes…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorblairite st. clair's a large adult son, sandra to popular belief disliking taps is a personality, it's just not a very good onegod Bulletproof is *so good* in studio
i swear to fucking god if Victor Crone goes direkt I'm setting fire to the Swedish embassyi've persuaded myself that the thing Hanna Ferm had persuade herself to be brave about was a really debilitating bout of split ends @rktheory1 it was a mood piece, not a lyrical one @eggsandbread @Secondsupereon i can't help being hoti want Molnljus and Brave direkt but it'll obviously be Surface and fucking Victor CroneOMG IT HAPPENED not being top five is a GENUINE OUTRAGEi like to think Nanne's commentary here is just "I wanted to make sure I didn't finish last this week"honestly, you could genuinely fool me that every Ellen Benediktson Melodifestivalen entry was a completely different personI yearn for the day Victor Crone stops reminding everyone that Avicii is dead and stops wheeling out the musical eq… am literally refusing to watch Victor Crone in disgust at Nanne's performance being followed by the epitome of straight mediocrityNANNE GRÖNVALL IS GOING TO WIN EUROVISIONGreat!
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorall men want is beyoncé ft. sean paul - baby boy, hot chip and lielast time i was in this fucken bagel shop I was readin the FT and Brexit hadn't happened they were trynna tell me t… men do is @Kav_Kaushik and hot chip and liethese are the ideal male bodies. you may not like it, but this is peak performance @benhydehart @mew_sophie @MattDeaves @matthewcarson I can't help it, I'm in Stoke Newington tonight
@MattDeaves @mjrgrs @tomilo @mew_sophie @matthewcarson he meant the other mattCATHOLICS HATE THEMthe gays are the new freedomasonsPSA: Avoid New across
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorwe are v i b i n g
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorthe crew......the CLUB ursula von der leyen is the patron saint of karens from HR @Gilofthepeople OMFGMohammad Bin Salman is the Saudi Arabian Jess Phillips
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorgodzilla LEANED IN! gays are IN ATTENDANCE also being gay but they'd have probably clocked the bitch thing firstif i lived in medieval times i'd have got the death penalty for being a bitchmilkshake for breakfast! what a concept! @steamedhamms yeah but they were always nerds who deserved itamazing how coming back to London always feels like I never left#OnThisDay in 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated in New York #otd. A lesser known fact, 9 days previous his last stop…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorwhat did you just call that trend disturbingly large part of my social life right now is just messaging friends pictures of young keir starmer and… was on police crackdowns on outdoor raves, Starmer was acting on behalf of ravers as part of the organisation…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorStumbled across a local news report from 1989 featuring Keir Starmer
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @artschoolwank yell @TyronWilson in many ways isn't the heat death of the universe just cosmological double denim
Retweeted by tyron, the creatormaybe also that one about thermodynamicsif there is anything close to a universal law on this earth, it is that wearing double denim will ensure that nobod… @huwlemmey been saying this for yearsthe monx lisx
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @notchrisevans KONVICT GAGAJUNE BROWNThread (1/16). How is that our economic statistics suggest workers have been making slow but steady progress in rec…
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorI don’t even like Amy but her blatant disregard for Pete is probably her best quality (also this article is *wild*)
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorit is also deeply aware that leaving on WTO terms is the UK's worst nightmare
what about cu—[sniper fire] can't destroy a Nokia phone; you can only make it stronger.
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorHer - Ok you need to cut the -- BFF - blue wire *cuts* Her - omg howd you know Her - cuz were best fucking frien…
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @repeattofade @wjleonard it was thrilling, let's do this again next quarter @repeattofade @wjleonard tea, they deserve it @repeattofade @wjleonard (you win on points because i had to scroll back a long time before i found one without an obvious answer) @repeattofade @wjleonard who were you criticising here @MrsBurgin @lukeakehurst Momentum was created from 2015 JC campaign data, wasn't it? @repeattofade @wjleonard i don't, but those 10 seconds are better spent tweeting @repeattofade @wjleonard i need those 10 seconds for tweeting @repeattofade @wjleonard did she lierobbie travers is on tour? 😍😍😍 I Now Regret Saying See You Later Boi To My Sk8er Boi:
Retweeted by tyron, the creatorthis is a much better version of my article
Retweeted by tyron, the creator @notchrisevans it was actually because of that night we went to OMG @horfieldholly ding ding ding! @garypepworth i can't help having such a glowing visageof course, it was the gay bar that had my passport in lost property @stepheniscowboy i'd subscribenew only fans video up: hot british boy licks salt lamp and goes "ooo that's saltier than expected" - 10$
Retweeted by tyron, the creator"don't worry, i'm on PrEP", i say, as i charge barechested into battle without armour @yrorp_ebooks no, but bread is a type of swordi hissed's because we also give Mayor Pete the same look
Retweeted by tyron, the creator