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(the bernie-biden are old friends story is overblown imo, Bernie doesn't enter the Senate until Biden starts running for President) @DemocraticLuntz actually both things you mentioned are pointless (you should see symone's 2016 tweets!) the differ… bernie was nicer to biden because biden was nicer to bernie (and because bernie believed four years of reporti… I didn't click link, iirc he may have been at the Nevada rally - like he needed a "reporting" excuse to go to vegas lollol Nate would call this "some reporting" (wow he drove to NH!!!) but any reporter who followed 2016 vs 2020 would… questioned is answered by the fact that Shah's twitter bio lists Google as "recent" (2007-2009) but does not m… mean it's only four years since the Obama administration, Michael? How much could they cash out? $15 million?If you're gonna to criticize Jeff then we should note that Joe Biden himself did not spend "the past four years org… clyburn is working for harrison like he's a Pfizer rep @MattZeitlin @AsteadWesley the only president to ever make the job adapt to the man and not the other way aroundlol rogan said he didn't think there could be organized public racism anymore until he saw charlottesville @tomgara Its great, more people from on here on rogan pleasemy Louisiana is showing but Rest in Peace to Norma Jane Sabiston, a true new orleans legend @MattZeitlin haha we gave them the vocab of islamofascism and now we're gonna give them tumblrand that's not touching our thoroughly american disregard for most of our fellow citizens even in the best of timesI don't understand why people keep thinking this is so weird? Even in a strictly political sense, has covid led to… reverse entryism by keeping my monthly DSA dues while I work for an oil companyten minutes in and rogan can't understand ygleasias, this is wonderfulDid Spotify video find a way to get around screen grabs @jeffhauser Every word* @jeffhauser Bullets are easier to read if you use sentence case for the top bolded line instead of every weird, I a… I’m saying is there a 95% chance there’s a forty something white man on the other end of that tweet and he’s paid more than usWhenever a brand account does something dumb everyone makes a joke about the “social media intern” like there isn’t…
@davidshor @ryanlcooper How do I stay under 25 I didn’t think that was an option @realDonaldTrump That’s right @BigMeanInternet I’m just scared of winning, too much responsibilityIf voting complexity is a real and generates fatigue when you do things like ranked choice voting, is there any evi… @ByYourLogic @CarlBeijer You will become raiden by doing dmt before every takeBuy ads in georgia u cowards’s power in a Union ::cough cough cough:: @MattZeitlin Michael Clayton works equally well if you imagine he’s actually Michael Cohen imaging himself as George Clooney @davidshor To DSA, correct @MattZeitlin The trick to click on them so they at least think you might have @nbeaudrot Oh yeah for sure but Florida you gotta hand to TrumpA funny alternate history is Bernie at the top of the ticket with the same down ballot outcome. Florida Dems would… @willystaley Second season lost some steamNot a fan of all these joker stand up sightings, increases the chance it will be used on me with devastating effect @M_C_Klein @MattZeitlin Depends if you count President Bonaparte or the collapse of the fourth republic @MattZeitlin @MattZeitlin Now you get it
My most strongly held irrationally belief is that polar express is a documentary @jdcmedlock New idea - what if every tax deduction was fully refundable with zero phase in act @NathanTankus My favorite thing about Bennett are 1) recognizing his substantive policy work and 2) remembering the… the line, I see you!!! @espn_macmahon Cowards @pblest @halbrody Owned @SpecialPuppy1 It should be Nevada and Vermont
I listened way more on overcastyeah I’m thinking I have a favorite podcast 😌 cc @YourKickstarter @YourKickstarter Think I was on a long drive that day @ImNotOwned He was right about the mandate before letting his mind be changed! @OsitaNwanevu He’s ranting about Mueller right here @ImNotOwned Truly dark scenario is if economy stays sour, raising the question if trump winning would have meant greater welfare for allHow it started vs How it’s going etc says too much inflation is bad for ordinary savers but what if we simply teach basic forex hedging in scho… know who, please don’t tell me)Reduce speed limits, do sliding scale fees everywhere, cut all taxes, and do mmt, who says noIf we had nordic style income based speeding tickets we could fund the whole country off of Sturgis alone @besttrousers @jdcmedlock But this is why I think red light cameras with sliding scale income fees would be huge hit @besttrousers @jdcmedlock Yes algorithmic policing immediately comes to mind hereSince Biden is citing the sequester deal as a success again (, throwback to Michael Bennet…
Retweeted by tyson brody @MattZeitlin @ArtemisSong42 @dylanlscott @haircut_hippie It’s 101 stuff, that’s why they should teach it in school @MattZeitlin @ArtemisSong42 @dylanlscott @haircut_hippie The entire story is a child finding out how many people an… @MattZeitlin @ArtemisSong42 @dylanlscott @haircut_hippie It is his mom and yes his dad had sex with the robot and t… year, another blatantly being frozen out by the horribly biased NYT Best Books round up @MattZeitlin @dylanlscott @haircut_hippie No he needs to be forced to watch a 1000 episode anime action drama and have to apply it to that @AsteadWesley I have sacrificed my potential in that regard as a good ally @MattZeitlin @LPDonovan Hispanic men knew Hickenlooper went to far when he compared Bernie to Stalin @TheStalwart Music used to be My Space and I miss it 😢 @sadvil Lmao of course @AllezLesBoulez Yes! We! Can! (Elect local Dems who will let police assault and murder civilians) @conorsen @MattZeitlin Pretty traditional for person who comes in second to usually runs again if they have the chance @AlexYablon At least a lot of states *so far* are not seeing budget collapses as dire as predicted in May @pareene @AlexYablon Agreed! I’m saying what there won’t be any state/local aid! @AlexYablon In this scenario I’m speculating Senate Republicans will see the pent up private savings lead to enoug… @MattZeitlin To be clear id prefer if Obama testified himself @nbeaudrot @MattZeitlin It definitely wasn’t raise taxes on the wealthy, which Biden says here @MattZeitlin I mean I guess their was the debt ceiling vote boehner had to retire for? @MattZeitlin There was some NIH funding plus up yeah but any deal was still between Ryan and McConnell ultimately no?What deal did Biden do with McConnell *AFTER* McConnell took control of the Senate, which started in 2015? @MattZeitlin Look I’m as excited for the Biden vs Hawley Performative Populist Pantomine as anyone @nbeaudrot Don’t forget Yale Law!(I did not graduate with any honor from Columbia but they gave me diploma as soon as I paid my library bill)Has every member of the next two generations of Biden attended an Ivy? Can you criticize the Ivy League if your las… biggest problem with the blogs is that they wouldn’t email me but my how things have changed
@MattBruenig Now do it with 100% business meals deductionsGonna be sad when we can’t use the “I was doing sarcasm” card anymore is great again baby!!! @MattZeitlin Too late the thought was cast to the windThe entire presumption of Biden’s candidacy is about to run aground on the Always Be Posting Senate Republican Cauc…“Country more GOP than thought” is an asinine way to describe “more Republican voters turned out than poll suggeste… @SamAdlerBell It’s extremely funny they’re surprised there’s a reaction from anyone at allGive me a second superdole cowards! so much centrist weirdo gloating on here forgot one very basic fact - Republicans use Twitter too!!!This is my favorite nomination ever