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Prof @UCLA. Commercial content moderation and social media. Co-lead @c2i2_ucla. Behind the Screen @YalePress. Gay lady from WI. Solidarity. #blacklivesmatter

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@SharonG @ohginayoung @inlandemperor Well, I was referring to the convo on here.Content. Moderation. #plastics when laid bare all in one article. @KristinGrogan @inlandemperor @yashwinacanter I lean toward the latter explanation. @KristinGrogan @inlandemperor @yashwinacanter I’m speaking of the character. @emilynussbaum My dream is to teach an American gay history of the 80s and 90s using DTWOF as the primary text. It’s pure genius. @KristinGrogan @inlandemperor @yashwinacanter I love how invested we all are. I’d say the Riley/Abby pairing seems… @BriannaWu And when I finally gave into the Switch, I realized what a wonderful platform _that_ was, with so many o… worse: car wreck. Upside down in a flattened car. Pulverized my glasses. I hate seeing any kind of strike to th… head-on into a stand of trees off a ski slope after an out of control skier cut in front of me, when I was 12.… @BriannaWu I want the Xbox, too, if for no other reason than Game Pass and my 15 or so years in the ecosystem. Ther… @Asher_Wolf Making bread again! The dough, anyway. Baking comes tomorrow. @AppleTV Your remote is the worst thing you ever designed. @tonyahardingjr THANKS, OBUMMER!“I don’t know what these avocado toast-eating, Perrier-swilling millennials are griping about! I mowed lawns all su… @StardustHijinks I hate the phone remote. Even worse interface.L.A. County’s new stay-home order is the strictest in California. Here’s how it works @TopLeftBrick Not even that would convince me to go back to cable TV. I can’t abuse commercials. @TopLeftBrick Nope.I look at it sideways, it fast-forwards through the show. I turn my head away, it disappears under cushions. I… @RebeccaKaplan6 I can’t take it anymore.The Apple TV remote is one of the worst things Apple has ever designed. Ever.* A lot more youngsters could probably have their debt paid off, too, if the cost of school and the cost of living… if they don’t have any empathy and are angry that others are somehow getting over on them*, one would think th… amazes me that people can’t figure out that having entire younger generations saddled with debt is unhealthy for… just laughed out loud. @MistressSnowPhD ... @MistressSnowPhD I’m not doing this. @EstherRawson That’s part of the future. Also have a subway that goes all the way to the beach. ;)Aubrey Plaza Daniel Levy sitcom now
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @ohginayoung @inlandemperor I would like to thank the makers of/participants in this film to stir a very rousing di… sure runner's high is just Stockholm syndrome, except the person who has kidnapped and tortured you is you.
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @inlandemperor @PortmanDoe I think it does. I think the problem is that the character REMINDS ME SO MUCH of my actual friend. @ohginayoung @inlandemperor The main issue, imo, is that Harper is the human equivalent of, like, an empty fountain… @inlandemperor @PortmanDoe I feel like Riley has a lot of futch energy or, as a friend self-describes, LHB: “long-haired butch.” @SharonG It seems @EricTrump just might not be too good at Twitter. Or analysis. Or wit. Or business. Or politics. Or... @SharonG'A bit scary': Gillian Anderson's unnerving portrayal of Thatcher in The Crown | The Crown | The Guardian solution would be to take all that money and give it back to the people from whom it was stolen in the first place.I think the Trump clan is upset about having to go back to their day jobs of money laundering full time.
It’s amazing how deeply loathed your inept, tiny desk dad is, Eric. Nice try. @NatashaOladokun She is DONE. Right there the movie should have been a wrap when Abbie got out of the car and calle… like a lovely bunch. @mbDunningKruger @MistressSnowPhD You need to have maybe the slightest clue about what you’re proclaiming. @mbDunningKruger @MistressSnowPhD Among MANY OTHER similarities. @mbDunningKruger @MistressSnowPhD Are either of the two of you popping off about what is or isn’t professorly an ac… honey
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts“Don’t ever talk to the president that way” says the creator of birtherism.
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @DearSplenda @kamehln01 Yep. Don’t come on my Twitter feed with your bias. Take it elsewhere or maybe dispense with it altogether. @yoyomorena I agree and, alas, I was not. @yoyomorena High as all get out. @yoyomorena from Happiest Season lemme talk to youu
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @yoyomorena I believe it coincided with his coked-out Station to Station phase. @kamehln01 I’ll defend her choices, because they’re not what’s wrong here.Would prefer to grab drinks with Riley, Jane and John and everyone else can miss me with their BS. Yes I AM VERY IN… Levy is like the better version of Elliot Glazer. Don’t @ me. once got trapped at the home of a gf’s rich homophobic parents and it was not totally dissimilar to this.)“It’s only five days. How bad can it be?” Oh, gurl. already know I’m going to need a rewrite of the inevitable ending. Harper is not it. @evilhag @cleaduvallSpoiler alert: Harper is all the way trash. is aging like a fine wine. this lesbian is enjoying the lesbian hallmarky xmess movie. I AM JUST A PERSON. Also HS classmate who i… learned a classmate from elementary through high school recently passed away from alcohol-related illness. Wha… goes at the top of the list of my “What Not to Do as Academic Advisor.” Unreal.This also hit me: “I think there’s this fantasy that many academics have, that their mentees are little carbon cop…“I make way more money per hour playing a professor in the dungeon than being one in real life.” Dang. ⁦… @NifMuhammad @AquaDiGiorno I see we are all on this journey together.The lesbian is watching the lesbian Hallmark-style xmess movie.
Can anyone recommend a good, recent, Canadian (or, not too US-centric) undergrad intro to Media/Communications text…
Retweeted by Sarah T. RobertsEvicting into homelessness in LA takes 30-40 years off that persons life expectancy so yeah that’s violence & we ne…
Retweeted by Sarah T. Robertsit turns out that if you "don't engage when issues are unrelated to our core mission" and "don't advocate for any p…
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @lib_mike @beccalew How long till this pair of hasbeens catches COVID themselves?Wondering who T—-p’s losing lawyer, Jenna Ellis, is? You won’t be surprised to learn she is a bigot. ⁦@glaad⁩ @NThylstrup 🤮 @Limerick1914 It “increases racial tension” the same way “testing for COVID causes more COVID.” @beccalew What a couple of washed up schmucks.Prince, the superior guitarist, would never
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Retweeted by Sarah T. RobertsIt's black Friday! Buy my black ass book!!!
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @ckatzenbach Repugnant doesn’t even come close. @Joey__Schafer Also how teaching on zoom feels.I just feel really sad when I think about young artists and creators trying to find their voice and place in an era…
Retweeted by Sarah T. RobertsNo, I did not just jump on the table to lick up the whipped cream from Dad’s pumpkin cheesecake. Not me. Another…
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @erstkate @cwharlow No. Nope. No. same.
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts😂
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @__sueashworthx Reaching out to grab you and say hi.Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and we’ll share some of what we know about the work behind the ingredients…
Retweeted by Sarah T. Roberts @SKOTKNOCKS I believe this is what the youth call a “self-own.”And I recognize it as a collective effort that I could never, ever do alone — nor would I want to. I hope togethe… day it’s my deepest privilege to do this job and this work. I think back to my life before and know the perso… am so grateful for the amazing students I work closely with, including @yvonnemelisande, @megan_e_riley,… have two incredible partners there, @_vrhinesmith and @stacyewood and many others are now connecting to our proj… grateful for my wonderful friends and colleagues @ucla and across the globe. @safiyanoble have seen a de… has been a pretty terrible year, but I’m pretty thankful for my family of friends, some of whom are back in my… @nberlat TFW you’d like a little less representation... @nberlat Which I think kind of says it all.I’ve been off the internet most of the day, and I’d just like to say, WELCOME TO COMEDY! You are all killing it!