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Discover how the #WatchDogsLegion team is making the game playable for more people! #GameAccessibility #a11y🎡 Head to the fair with Anno 1800's latest DLC drop! 🎢 👉
@HyperScapeGame 🤔Hyper Scape Season 1 is live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Tune-in now to watch the Ubisoft News team drop i…
Retweeted by UbisoftJump into @HyperScapeGame! Free to play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4📲 Grab these phone backgrounds from our upcoming games! @SALAZAR726 Hey there, the best way to contact our @UbisoftSupport team is over on our website here >>
Prepare. Execute. Vanish.
Retweeted by UbisoftJump into @HyperScapeGame Season 1 👑 Out now for free on PC, PS4 & Xbox One!
Three musical titans, one epic Main Theme! 🎶 #AssassinsCreedValhallaFree to play and dropping on Xbox One, PS4, and PC tomorrow... ⚡ Get ready for #HyperScape
Last week's #UbiBGP event was a hit 🔥 Our speakers were joined by others from Sony, Microsoft and more to share t…
Retweeted by UbisoftWatch a new version of the Cinematic Announce Trailer, featuring a remix of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Main Them…
Retweeted by UbisoftFear the Warmonger, now available in @ForHonorGame's latest update ⚔
Brawl on the go with @Brawlhalla! 👊 Now available on mobile 📱An interview with @NelsonVonGarcia, the Broadcast Manager at @Ubisoft, on building the new studio for our EU and APAC broadcasts.
Retweeted by Ubisoft @moore005_2010 @GhostRecon Hey, sorry to hear it. If you're having issues with a reward or in-game item, get in tou…
@cheapsuperman The best boi!Twitter, meet Chorizo🐶#FarCry6 #UbiFanArt
@Brawlhalla 👀 @FallGuysGame may be the Dark Ages, but there's always a little light. Yes, you can pet cats in Assassin's Creed Valhalla…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @akaRoyalR6 @UbisoftSupport Hey, thanks for your report. You can send it along to our support team to investigate a…
The machines have risen 🤖 @Rainbow6Game's M.U.T.E. Protocol event starts tomorrow, find out more 👇 @shreejitnair48 @UbisoftSupport @thecoreross Sorry to hear you're having issues! Try checking out our support artic…! We included a cosplay guide of Antón in our fankit to aid your efforts! We can’t wait to see what you m…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @kyariba Hey there! Thanks for letting us know, you can report things like this to our support team here:
☠️☠️☠️ Some good news for Beyond Good & Evil fans ☠️☠️☠️ A Netflix feature film adaptation of @Ubisoft's epic spac…
Retweeted by UbisoftTune in today to catch the Round 2 of the Hyper Scape Creators Cup tournament, where teams compete for a piece of the $50,000 prize pool.
Retweeted by Ubisoft @VersedFlame Hey there, you can get in touch with our support team to report issues and get advice. Try their pages… your submissions here and you could feature next! 👉 the latest Wow Moments video featuring YOUR clips here 👇📺
Dive into #HyperScape's Neo-Arcadia on PC, Xbox One and PS4 this August 11 🔥 @BLooD_On_Face @HyperScapeGame someone had to @shadowtayler77 @HyperScapeGame for real 😤Hey @HyperScapeGame, console when?Pre-order your copy now 👉🔥🔴 #FarCry6
Spotlight on some amazing #UbiFanArt from @midukishion 😍
Get a glimpse into the life of Diego, the son of Antón Castillo in #FarCry6 @dtownrepresent @UbisoftSupport @UbisoftClub Hey there! If you're having an issue with a purchase check out the sup… @billyninja9 @UbisoftSupport Hey, you can read our support team's FAQs and get in touch here:
📢 The next #UbiBGP is this Friday 🙌 Sign up now and catch speakers from our teams, The ESA, Sony Interactive Enter…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @daneen59 What do you say? Clancy's Elite Squad is now available for pre-registration on the stores! Check out th…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @jackson27817548 Sorry you're experiencing that, try getting in touch with our support team for advice: @BeTitanfall Sorry to hear that! Try sending a DM to our support team here on Twitter:
@youngh4stler Sorry to hear that, please get in touch with our support team to report the problem: @MichaelWMills1 @FarCrygame Hey, we don't have news on PS5 specs right now but stay tuned for details! @Indrawan888999 @geronimo_73 @PlayStation Hey! We don't have news on PS5 at the moment: @ScorchedWinter @Assassins_UK @Ubisoft_UK Hey! The game launches November 17:
Sit down with our Narrative Director Navid Khavari as he gives a closer look into Antón Castillo. #FarCry6
Retweeted by Ubisoft @jcbergerson @935p @UbisoftSupport Hey, sorry to see it! Please try reporting this to our support team, you can sub… @Bacon13King @UbisoftSupport Hey there, you can read more about how to report these issues to our team in our suppo… @Jrs_itz_me Heym sorry to hear you're having issues! Try checking out our support team's pages for advice and guida…
H3!!0 H@ckers 📱⚠ Download the "Watch Dogs: Legion" Fan Kit now. 👉Available on the Ubisoft Club website:…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @recokrtl Hi there, if the game hasn't appeared in your library please follow up directly with our team here >>
@LansomYT the #FarCry6 trailer? Find out what awaits you on the island of Yara 🏝
Don't miss your chance to save big with the @ubisoftstore #UbiForward sale! 👇Join the conversation! 🗣 Check out our #AudioDescribed trailers from #UbiForward 👇 #a11y #GameAccessibility
Get ready for #WatchDogsLegion, launching October 29! @Luka_Master @GhostRecon It is! Check out platforms and details here: @RaccoonTentacle @GhostRecon Hey there, you can get updates on our support team's pages and they are working to get… @MindofSebi @GhostRecon Sorry to hear that! you can report issues and get updates from our support team: with all-new AI teammates in the @GhostRecon Breakpoint FREE weekend!Get access to 100+ PC games from classic franchises with the free UPLAY+ 7-day trial 👇 @Kataria063 Dogs requested, dogs received 🐶🐶 @_Aligathor Hey Daniel, if you didn't receive your game please follow up with our @UbiSupport team here >>
Free to play and coming to consoles later this summer, follow @HyperScapeGame to stay in the loop!⚡ Hyper Scape in action ⚡ will take Eivor far from home, to a broken land of power, mystics, and legends.
Retweeted by Ubisoft#Brawlhalla is coming to Mobile on August 6, pre-register now and get ready to rumble 💪 @lucazDoing69 @Rainbow6Game Hi, sorry to hear that! Try getting in touch with our support team here: @cosmic_jougan Hey, try getting in touch with our support team for advice on issues: @jcbergerson Hey there! Try sending issue reports to our support team:
Get the free #FarCry6 Fan Kit for these amazing wallpapers, avatars & more! 👉 out what's coming to #WatchDogs Legion in this exclusive interview with Creative Director Clint HockingCan you take the crown? 👑 Join the #HyperScape Open Beta free on PC now! 👉
U bet we all embraced the #UbiForward hype
Retweeted by UbisoftTake a closer look at #AssassinsCreed Valhalla, launching November 17!Check out #WatchDogsLegion in action!Watch #FarCry6 star Giancarlo Esposito (@quiethandfilms) talk about his role as Antón Castillo!
@AnthonyBGonzal @quiethandfilms 👀Welcome to Yara 🔥 #FarCry6 have started rolling out the rewards from Ubisoft Forward to players who were unable claim them, and registered…
Retweeted by UbisoftWe have a #UbiForward surprise for all of you! 🎁 Download the "Hyper Scape" Fan Kit now. 🌀💥 👉Available on the Ubis…
Retweeted by UbisoftFrom Raids, to combat, to social stealth and much more, get a closer look at gameplay from @AssassinsCreed Valhalla! 👇 @its_sunny00 Yes, it will be coming soon. Stay tuned. @KonoLeoDaa @HyperScapeGame Hey, get in touch with our support team if you're having issues: @JasonTomy @HyperScapeGame Hi, check out instructions to claim the game here: @hamz_haw @HyperScapeGame Hey! Check out this page for details on how you can claim it: the @HyperScapeGame Open Beta free on PC! 🔥 Find out more and play now 👇 @smsheria Hi there, you can register to receive the rewards here >> @XPok_ Hey, you can claim your rewards here: @YukariPso2 Check out this page to claim your rewards: @TheEaton5 @assassinscreed @FarCrygame @HyperScapeGame @watchdogsgame Hey there, if you were unable to login, you c…