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🚀 #WatchDogsLegion Launch Day! 🇬🇧👵🐷💀💂‍♂️🇬🇧

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👩‍⚕️🤵👮‍♂️👨‍💻💂‍♂️👵 #WatchDogsLegion loving your #WatchDogsLegion Photo Mode snaps 🤯 Keep them coming! 📸: @CineCaptures! #WatchDogsLegion @Galli20 @theofficialrobk @Mad_Scotsman90 @VOLTIC_EARTH @CunicoKevin @LifeatUbisoft @UbisoftConnect Apologies for a… @Xbox DedSec's ready! @Xbox @JIng1es She's ready @ImPickleWolf Hi there! Sorry for the confusion, you can get an update on the launch timing here: @AdamMar52168550 Apologies for the confusion! You can find updates here: @OllieeeeC @watchdogsgame Hi, sorry for the confusion, updates are being provided by the team here: @RuDaKir72 Hi, sorry about the confusion, you can find updates on the forums here: @Darktrooper21 Hi there, apologies for the confusion! You can find updates from the team here: @leecrosdale Hey, sorry for the confusion, the team is providing updates here: @BanPotOfGreed1 Hey, apologies for the confusion, you can find updates on the situation here: @EnterDedsec Hi there! Try checking out our support FAQs for advice and make sure your accounts are linked correctl… @Nelado13 Hey! Leave the team a message and they'll get back to you as soon as they can. In the meantime, try follo… @ELFGODYT @watchdogsgame Sorry to hear it! Try again a bit later and if you're still having trouble you can check o… @Ross_McManus Right in the crown jewels! 😵 @iPedroCx DAY LET'S GOOOOOOO! #WatchDogsLegion
@AWESOM_O4000 @watchdogsgame Your call! But if you buy on this gen your progression will carry over if/when you upg…'s eye view of London! #WatchDogsLegion years since we first learned the mysteries of the Sands of Time... ⏳ Happy anniversary @princeofpersia ! 🎉🎈 the galaxy and find your new home in #AGameOfSpace. 🚀 Blasting off for @SteamVR and @Oculus today! @LukeRane_ @UbisoftSupport @watchdogsgame Hey Luke, try again after the official launch and if you still have probl… into your timeline #WatchDogsLegion 📦 📦 📦 🛢 🚶‍♂️ 🛢… @Chris177uk @watchdogsgame @NVIDIAGeForce Thank you for the fantastic shots! ❤️ @RevolutionAndre @Chris177uk @DeathStalker131 @watchdogsgame @NVIDIAGeForce Thank you! Great shots ❤️
No place like London! 📸 #WatchDogsLegion early access Photo Mode shots: @Chris177uk, @RevolutionAndre &… Sugar Fright in-game event is now live! Play now and trick-or-treat your team to victory.
Retweeted by UbisoftNew name, new platforms 💫 UPLAY+ is now Ubisoft+, and is coming to @amazonLuna and @googleStadia! Get the details on the US beta here 👇Netflix + Assassin's Creed
Retweeted by Ubisoft @sirlucem @cakeknightrises @7thegreatcatsby @its_menieb @watchdogsgame 😉 @just_Kayyyyy @UbisoftSupport @watchdogsgame Sorry to hear you're having issues with your content! Try waiting unti…
NPCs = Now Playable Characters 🙌⚡ GOLD ⚡ Congratulations to the @FenyxRising team, we can't wait for everyone to play this December 3!'re ready for the next generation! ⚡ Discover what we have waiting for you 👇 @DotPone @UbisoftMTL @assassinscreed Very peaceful, great shots ❤️📸 @NickyPoopyFace Find out more here 😉 @davidhin98 @thePSGirl @bgegame @Ubisoft_Spain @PlayStationES @isbge2outyet Hey! You can read the latest news from… @Carlos_Skydiver Hi Carlos, if you're having issues we recommend getting in touch with our support team to report i…
Today's lesson: How to join the resistance with friends. Get to know the basics of co-op gameplay in Watch Dogs: Legion now.
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Skål 🍻 #AssassinsCreedValhalla @Brawlhalla that hashtag 👏 to see NintendoLife enjoyed their time with Immortals Fenyx Rising! 🤩
Retweeted by Ubisoft @Kic_of29 @RamKaY_⌚🐶 🔜 🇬🇧 @ideararemaps @GoogleStadia @FenyxRising Enjoy exploring! 🗺️❤️ @xx_deeznuts_xx2 @Xbox Hey! Both games will be available on UPLAY+ when they launch 😉Yep, looks like a regular @xbox post... nothing suspicious at all! Signed, DedSec 😇
@Xbox🎵 "LET THE RAIN FALL ON MY ENEMIES!" 🎵 Watch the world premiere of #Stormzy’s official music video for Rainfall cr…😳 DedSec have taken over our @xbox sale 😳Discover the world of #ImmortalsFenyxRising with @GoogleStadia's free Demo, available now! 💫… and Prometheus share the tale of Fenyx, the only one who can save the Greek gods from Typhon, the deadliest titan in Greek mythology.
Retweeted by Ubisoft7 days to go! #WatchDogsLegion Honor's sickening Halloween event, Monsters of the Otherworld, arrives tomorrow! Prepare for a monstrously good…
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Today we unveiled #UbisoftConnect, an all new gaming hub designed to level up the player experience 🚀 Meet Stepha…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @yungisBAD As mentioned this is just for our newest titles, so far these games have been confirmed: Hyper Scape,… @king_cheating Hey - as the tweet mentions it's just for our newest releases. As it stands, so far Hyper Scape, As… our newest releases, all your game progression is saved within Ubisoft Connect, so you won't lose a step if you… platforms, one save #UbisoftConnect, coming October 29Ubisoft Connect is the evolution of our ecosystem of services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms.🌀One network for all players🌀 Discover @UbisoftConnect, the ideal environment to enjoy your games. 👉…👋Hello #UbisoftConnect! Ubisoft Club and Uplay become Ubisoft Connect, a new environment to enhance your Ubisoft ex…
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#VirtualPhotography community this one is for you: We're beyond excited to announce that #ImmortalsFenyxRising will…
Retweeted by UbisoftGet a closer look at all of this, plus the free seasonal content and in-game events 👇 the second Season Pass expansion you'll head to 9th century Paris to relive the most ambitious battle in Viking… the first Season Pass expansion, journey to Ireland and unravel the mysteries of an ancient and mysterious druid… major expansions, free content drops, and announcing the Discovery Tour mode! Uncover the post launch content… Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Season Pass contains two epic expansions and a bonus quest. In addition, Free Season…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @RatlingGun Hey, please do send a report to our support team here: @Razsterami @UbisoftSupport Hey! Try getting in touch with our support team by submitting a ticket here: @layanarill Great shots 📸❤ We hope you enjoy Valhalla! @screenfeasting 🐋💙Thursday 22nd Oct 9pm ⏰ Watch the world premiere of Stormzy’s official music video for Rai…
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DedSec is calling, will you answer? #WatchDogsLegion, night falls over Neo Arcadia. Join Hyper Scape's Halloween event to play new game modes, get exclusive…
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@GoogleStadia 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Explore, hack, and fight your way through these awesome @Ubisoft games coming soon to Stadia. Check out blog for…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @assassinscreed @CyberpunkGame@assassinscreed & @CyberpunkGame 💛We're extremely proud to share that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has gone gold! 🎺 On behalf of everyone working on th…
Retweeted by Ubisoft @CDL_Gaming Check out their page for more! the Golden Isle 🏝 #ImmortalsFenyxRising Pre-order now 👉 @IamFaramon @EvilCleverDog @watchdogsgame @Ubisoft_UK @WatchDogs_UK @UbisoftToronto @ShareMyCosplay @cosSLAYcosplay @CosplayInfin 🐷👌
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Retweeted by Ubisoft @metroplex11123 @watchdogsgame Good timing!Two weeks... #WatchDogsLegion
Take a closer look at #AssassinsCreedValhalla's PC specs and features! 💻 & UI configuration, control remapping, gameplay customization and so much more.. Get the details on… alliances, build a village, and be a Kingmaker! The Ubisoft News team break down all the latest info from… for more #AssassinsCreedValhalla details? your path to a new land... Take a closer look at #AssassinsCreedValhalla in this deep dive trailer! @assassinscreed Ravensthorpe, combat deets, social stealth.. and more?! We're there!Watch the Ubisoft News team today at 9AM PT for some brand new Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay. Game designer…
Retweeted by UbisoftThey made it through hell before, but now Michonne, Rick, and Daryl from AMC's The Walking Dead have made it to Bra…
Retweeted by UbisoftIntroducing Phosphoros! Find out what Game Director Scott Phillips has to say about your new best friend.🐦 Oh and…
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The mountains of Jotunheim 🏔 #AssassinsCreedValhalla, home of the gods! #AssassinsCreedValhalla