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We manage applications to UK full-time higher education courses. 🎓

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There are a few things to consider when choosing a #postgrad course. 🤔 We've got some tips to help you get started the help you need completing your #teachertraining application can be found in one place - our website! are a few routes into #teachertraining programmes. See which one is right for you! different career ideas to get a taste of what you want to do after your exams @kyra_kellawan Thank you - I will do just that! 🙂 @kyra_kellawan Fantastic - i'm glad there was a solution - best of luck with the rest of the process! 👍 @RadyrSixthForm Good luck, Adam! @a__jaan Hi there, Sorry to hear this, please DM me with the applicant ID number and I'll look into that for you.… @sorridimidemi You're very welcome! 😀This blog will answer your questions about paying for your application what help is available for care leavers & hear from students about their experiences @sorridimidemi That's right - your teacher only needs to add predicted grades in the reference section if there are… @Bishops6thForm @yorkuniversity @LincolnUniNZ Go Emily and Alys! That's awesome news, congrats! you get a reference for your application depends on if you’re applying individually, or through a school @SGibsonMcBeth Well done, Siobhan! Fingers crossed your offers start coming through soon 🤞 @RadyrSixthForm Best of luck to both! Hope the offers you'd like come through soon 🤞 about uni? Check all the different options, to see if it's the right path for you the 15 January creeping up on us, check out out FAQs about it @ashldark Hi Ash, I'm sorry to hear that - if you can give us a quick call on 0371 334 4447 one of the team will t… @RadKa_Balazova You're welcome - best of luck with it all! 🙂Unable to pay for and send us your application? This will help @TomAllen097 Hi Tom, Track will update as soon as the uni log in and make the offer online. *CF @makiiichin Hello Menna, If you put the finish date as the date you will receive the result you can leave the grad… @sorridimidemi Hi there, Grades that you've already received need to be added in the Education section of the application form. *CF @amyconnollyxx Hi Ames, If you can give us a quick call on 0371 468 0 468 one of the team will be happy to help. *CF @Bishops6thForm @UniofNottingham @LancasterUni Amazing news, well done and congratulations, Joe! a helping hand with your #personalstatement? Look no further about which unis to apply to? Meet hundreds at a UCAS Exhibition and find one that’s right for you… @RadKa_Balazova Hello Radka, Each new application year requires you to register and complete a brand new applicati… @kyra_kellawan I see - a quick way around it would be for students to try a personal email - or set one up specific… @jamieknorth Hi there, if you can give us a quick call on 0371 468 0 468 one of the team will be happy to ensure you can log back in. *CFWe cover patterns by geography in today's release of our 2018 End of Cycle report. @clareucas: ‘The continuing, glo…
Retweeted by UCAS @janetpontin Great!🙂 @rk020406 Ah, I'm glad it's OK now! 👍 @nuncestdelete You're welcome! 👍 @b_arm_strong No worries, Ben - I'm just glad it's OK!👍 *CF @maisiejsinclair Hi Maisie - check with the uni to ensure they've added the offer online, Track update once they've done this. 👍 @JemJem_Lou @sra_solicitors Thank you, Jemmy! 👍Find out more! Don’t be a ‘Grinch’. RT to help a friend! @NES6thform @OfficialUoM Fantastic news - well done, Habiba! @scoutblack13 Hi there, We can resolve that for you if you can give us a quick call on 0371 468 0 468. 🙂*CF @aishamariakanu Hi Aisha - it doesn't matter - There's no preference order at this stage! 🙂*CF @shapieindaface Hi Amy, If you can drop me a DM with your ID number I can check that for you 🙂*CF @CloudBusiness9 @UCASMedia Thanks for coming, Jamie - the selfie turned out well - please wish your Son the best of… @BethanFarnham Great effort, Bethan - best of luck with it all! @Archbishop6Form Well done, Jack! @maisiejsinclair Hi Maisie, Track updates as soon as we receive the info from the uni - if it's not showing you sh… @theteapotslaya Hi Kalum, Thanks fore getting in touch - which box is it that is grey? Is there a search option to use next to it? *CF @KBrad1913 Hi there, You can speak to our schools team on 0345 123 8001 and the team will be happy to help. *CF @JennaTTW3 Hi there, If the reference has been submitted you should get an email notification to say so - you shou… @janetpontin Hi Janet - we're open again today - feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to help. *CF @Archbishop6Form Good luck with your application, Lucy! @Archbishop6Form Well done and good luck, Robert! @kyra_kellawan Hi Kyra, I'm sorry to hear that - we posted notification of our training day on the Adviser's page… @nuncestdelete Hi Paul, We were closed for staff training yesterday - but we're up and running as normal again today! 🙂*CF @rjw1601 Hi Rebecca, We're back up and running as normal today - please feel free to give the team a call, they'll be happy to help. *CF @NES6thform @UniofNottingham Very well done, Ahmad! @JingZhuo Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that - there's usually a turn around of up to 5 working days with these changes *CF @Lea21075 Hi there, I'm sorry to hear this - if you can give us a quick call on 0371 468 0 468 one of the team wil… @b_arm_strong Hi Ben, Not all unis choose to update the interview on Track, some will arrange it with you directly… @rk020406 Hi there, There's no reported issues with the site - it's working fine. What happens when you try? *CF @afghanambition Hi there, if you've already submitted the application you can change the email address in the 'My… @ConorMadrid Hi there, It's not an error! If an institution isn't listed simply close the search box and then ente… need two references before you can apply for teacher training programmes. Here's how to request them…
🚨 PERSONAL STATEMENT TIP 🚨 It's important you complete your own #personalstatement 📝 year, thousands of mature students go to uni. See if it's the right path for you! Want info to help support your child as they apply to uni? 🏫 Sign up for our newsletters 📨… to apply for postgraduate teacher training programmes starting in 2019? There are a number of different typ… isn't for everyone. There are other options available to an open day soon. Find out how to make the most of it from #UCAS blogger Katie need a reference before you can apply – here's how to request one are three reasons you should attend a UCAS exhibition out the top three places to get help with your personal statement: 1. Our website! 2.… some help completing your #UCAS application? Look no futher after yourself mentally and physically while you’re away from home with these top tips are the five reasons why you can't sign in and how you can overcome them! to uni for 2019 entry? Check out all the key dates and add them to your calendar! all the help you need completing your #UCAS application!
Practice makes perfect! Got a conservatoire audition soon? Practise audition techniques with people you trust for 2019 postgrad #teachertraining routes are open – here’s how it all works Here are our five tips to help assist your son or daughter to complete a #personalstatement @KMcCormack_HE @JaneAusten_Coll @TakeYourPlaceHE Congrats to all with offers! @Cant_sixthform Well done and good luck! you're applying as a disabled student, it's important to make sure you've applied for the right funding, and the… while you learn with apprenticeships. Search for places now! @MCA_Six Good luck Melda! 👍😀 about university? See the different options to help you decide, then we'll show you how to make your appli… @butter_cubes You're very Welcome! @ol_edwards Thank you! Let us know if you have any questions and Good luck! 😀👍 some help adding your qualifications? Look no further... @robynlburn You're very Welcome! @butter_cubes Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions 😀🤞 @sophmck_ Good luck! 😀🤞 @GriefAlysha Good Luck! 😀👍 @robynlburn Good luck!🤞 @abstterr_ Please send us a private message with your Personal ID number so we can take a closer look at this for y… you're a care leaver or looked after child applying to higher education, there's support available to help you w… @SHS_Sixth_Form You're very Welcome! @aliciabayes Good luck! 😀🤞