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@awc_alvin Bwahahahaha!!!! 😂🤣Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US. Stay safe and have a great time with your friends and loved ones! @Obzyer Kind. Definitely that. Many very positive adjectives come to mine but this one definitely stands out the mo… @beezyplayzz Yeah, hopefully just that @beezyplayzz @SamuraiSwayn It looked good to me, actually.
Kick back, chat, and join in! We are live @ !!
Retweeted by DeeDecember’s PlayStation Plus games bring the chaos, with Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena leading the lin…
Retweeted by DeeSTEAM AUTUMN SALE IS LIVE! Ori and the Will of the Wisps is 50% off for the first time!
Retweeted by Dee @raceryayo What? You can double plat? Nice! I'm so doing that. No wonder I found it weird that you didn't have this play already. Haha!Yes! Welcome to the club. I enjoyed this plat a lot which is why it made this game my personal GOTY of 2018 even ov… @wolfpool91 Let me know how you like it. I LOVED it, bro! @Obzyer Preach, brother!Watch bigdog_gaming75 with me on Twitch! He is playing some Madden! @ufallb4me @TeamPwnage @TeamPwnage_Live
Retweeted by Dee @DerekSGamDesign Ah, gotcha. Good one, lol @DerekSGamDesign Interesting. Is that a good thing ir a bad thing, though? 🤔 @GhostBishopTV Honestly, they didn't really make a huge it deal out of it. I forgot it was even announced, lol @ProducerBTW @Kitsuagi @Kuniotchi @RetroBoyJon @gamesyouloved @radzero83 @prime_retro @retrogaminggeek @beezyplayzz It's probably for 30 minutes, lol. Have a good night also, Bee! ❤ @beezyplayzz Gotcha. It's all good! @beezyplayzz Boo! I was about to do Fortnite daily challenges. Maybe we could do that for a bit until we get tired? Just a thought, lol @beezyplayzz Omg! I'm sorry to hear that.Ditto @beezyplayzz I totally felt this! @beezyplayzz It's the second book. The movie for the first one is very different from the source material, however,… heard "Weathering With You" would be in theaters so we couldn't pass it up. We really enjoyed it! Now we rejoice… @wrytersview If anything I'm glad you warned me. Thanks!
@wrytersview Really? Damn! I was also looking forward to reading that one. Wow! @raceryayo @motherstaci @ZombieQueen0518 @IamArtifice @AlecTheCleric @BladeMaster2977 @elscarface1 Oh snap! She did… here it is!! I don’t know what to play on the down time now before Immortals comes out. Shit lol 😂
Retweeted by Dee🔴 𝓔𝓶 has gone live! #TwitchKittens #PS4 💜
Retweeted by Dee @wrytersview 😂🤣The crossover we didn't know we needed 😂 #Nintendo #Cyberpunk2077
Retweeted by DeeLeave a review for our show & be entered to win an #XBox*!! 🤯 (*cardboard box that we drew an "X" on) ➡️ @iTunes
Retweeted by DeeSo, Ready Player Two just dropped today? Who's reading it or who's getting it on audio book?Hey guys I’m one Sub away from 250!! If you can help me out and take a chance on a small channel I would definitely…
Retweeted by DeeTONIGHT! I’ll get on the Fortnite grinds and get closer to my goals! It’s been AWHILE since I was on & I miss it 😪
Retweeted by Dee @emSmilie7 I'm thinking I could try it at least one month to see how I like it. Like you said, it's not that much o… @emSmilie7 Yeah, for sure! What do you think about the subscription, Em?Interesting! I'm wondering if Creator Codes can also be used towards this.'ll be live most of the day doing a variety of things, but most importantly hanging with my friends! Come chill~…
Retweeted by Dee @kfcgaming Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. It TRULY deserves it!The clown prince of twitch going live on Come by & say hi to the often imitated never dup…
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@Obzyer Enjoy! @Obzyer Agreed, brother!Hmm.... @BladeMaster2977 @beezyplayzz @emSmilie7 @GreerLayton @raceryayo @Neeish1 @TeamPwnage Well done, dude! Keep it up.One week this one took Im getting quicker @beezyplayzz @emSmilie7 @ufallb4me @GreerLayton @raceryayo @Neeish1
Retweeted by DeeTo all the WoW community, I hope you have a great time with the #Shadowlands launch. I won't be joining you this ti… @Sheena_655321 @MattHombreLobo @cecetron @spookypiegabs @SwaggyPhan0 @KillRecord_ @missarielskye @Josh_the_weirdo we go live in 1 hour 👇 Join us for a break down of the last generation of the Xbo…
Retweeted by Dee @Rawburrry @Sweetuhmzz Coffee, yes!!!! 🤩 Thank you! 🔥Kick back, chat, and join in! We are live @ !!
Retweeted by Dee @Rawburrry @Sweetuhmzz The more I read it the more I laugh, I swear. Hope you're having a great day, my friend! 😎🤘🏻#Ad New Marvel skin still available. Venom can be yours today. Get this badass skin with its variant and pickaxe… @twitchiepooh I'm not! I'm just saying it's such a shame we never got see such a project come true. It had so much… @Sweetuhmzz @Rawburrry 😂😂🤣🤣 @Jx3GUNZNBUTTER Sorry! Still hurts, I knowImagine if Scalebound was still a thing. Oof! @beezyplayzz You'll be great at both. Knock 'em dead, Bee! @Boxenberger @MrboomstickXL @LordCognito @Porshapwr @Indie_Gamer_01 @Jay1405NL @GameGeniPrime @FunSpeculation first live show will air today! "The Gen in Review" We'll discuss the milestones of the last Gen "X1 & PS4" and…
Retweeted by Dee @Tiggeruppercut Yup! I couldn't agree more, lol @CaptFriggan 😂🤣 @Tiggeruppercut Oh yeah! Tekken 7 has given me that intensity and thrill that Street Fighter V failed to provide. E… @Tiggeruppercut Lolwut? Damn it. Gotta give that to Capcom. Haha! I haven't touched SF5 in forever, though! Lmao. I… @Tiggeruppercut Hmm.... I guess I'll have to get it for PC and save everything with the nVidia tool or just save ea… @Tiggeruppercut PS4. I have downloaded it on Xbox (Thank you, Game Pass!) and have even considered getting it for P… @Tiggeruppercut It really sucks because I want to go over my Kunitmitsu tech since I think she'll be my back up (ma… @Tiggeruppercut I'd say a week old. From last week's Saturday. Yes, I'm aware that updates will wipe old replays ho… having issues with their Tekken 7 replays? I was trying to find this old near perfect match and the system… @jenn_tetrimino Thank you! 😊🤩Another night, another win. Let's go! #Solo #Fortnite #Winning #VictoryRoyale 😎🤩🤘🏻🔥
@beezyplayzz No, not anymore. My cousins had a lot of them, though @Sheena_655321 @MattHombreLobo @cecetron @spookypiegabs @SwaggyPhan0 @KillRecord_ @missarielskye @Josh_the_weirdo are my Stanley Kubrick fans?
Retweeted by Dee @Sheena_655321 @MattHombreLobo @cecetron @spookypiegabs @SwaggyPhan0 @KillRecord_ @missarielskye @Josh_the_weirdo @ashleybee89
Retweeted by Dee @beezyplayzz Goood old View Master @1stPlayerz I don't, honestly. I've been tempted to try them, though. @beezyplayzz I guess he can go higher depending on his exo's upgrades. Does he have the bike yet? @beezyplayzz 😂😂🤣🤣 @Obzyer @insomniacgames Broooo!!!!!!!! @insomniacgames #MilesMoralesPS5
Retweeted by Dee @BladeMaster2977 @emSmilie7 @beezyplayzz @layton Hating much cuz you're not there? You jumped in late dude, lol @1stPlayerz Sweet! I'll add you next time I get on PC. @1stPlayerz Nice! Let's go. Add me on Blizzard and we'll play. I've been trying to play more on PC anyway so this is the perfect excuse.Downloading Overwatch on my laptop with my new monitor for that sweet 240Hz action. I'm super casual Overwatch play…
Retweeted by Dee @awc_alvin @emSmilie7 @beezyplayzz @layton Oh yeah! You should play with us sometime.#PS5Share, #MarvelsSpiderManMilesMorales
Retweeted by Dee @GeekWithThat Of course it was! I live for stuff like this. You're welcome. Keep it up, my friend! @GeekWithThat This is brilliant! I'm so dead right now. Omg, this made my night. Bravo!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥I admit this is the stupidest crossover but if you're a Faith No More, Resident Evil kind of person this is for you.
Retweeted by Dee @S4DISTICJOKERTV We understand, brother. Your family and you will be in my thoughts. @raceryayo @IamArtifice @motherstaci @BladeMaster2977 Nice! I like that goal. You got this! 🔥 @IamArtifice @raceryayo @motherstaci @BladeMaster2977 Right? Lol @raceryayo @IamArtifice @motherstaci @BladeMaster2977 It's ok. I know it's for a good reason. School comes first so… @raceryayo @IamArtifice @motherstaci @BladeMaster2977 I could've sworn you already had this one, lol. Congratulatio… here’s the #ASTROsPLAYROOM plat! I have to say this was an awesome little game! I love all the little Easter egg…
Retweeted by Dee @beezyplayzz @raceryayo Let's go! That's the spirit, Bee. If not I think Racer also has an Xbox so we can play ther… @GeekWithThat @raceryayo @GreerLayton @Boxenberger That's exactly what it looks like. I've honestly never played an…