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bts | mxtx & priest | mtjj please watch this very large man peel a very small potato

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@MrBeastYT I know this is impossible but, If ever I win the funds will be directly donated to @fundsforbangtan and…
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @philologicalbat a fantastic gremlin, he would have trained crime catsi am curious 👀 @philologicalbat i wanted to say song lan just to cause rage, tbh, but I offer Jingyiin a bizarre twist of events, i actually miss chicago @carljungkook i both see and refuse to acknowledge, that part of my life is locked in a deep, dark corner @carljungkook i'm so proud of this accomplishment, the gayest debate form @carljungkook it is not supposed to be comforting in this context, just mutual pain group lincoln douglas mostly! @carljungkook Oh god you are not alonetruly the best part of the old town road choreography is BTS teaching Joon which foot is the gas and which is the brake
He can punch me i do not care I will thank him @spinebreakerjin @killmetaehyung I am hearing "please send me all namjin edits" @philologicalbat Yknow Same @philologicalbat i guess this also counts as a success although i say it with resentmenttwitter i don't want to add a comment to yeontan he's just cute @philologicalbat @philologicalbat beautiful go do your laundry cook a full meal maybe even meal prep look at all these productive, non-dissertation tasks @philologicalbat Have you done your laundry yetI am humbly asking you for your namkook positions edits (together or separate tbh)At this rate I’m not going to have any ovaries left after all of these BTS Positions edits 💀💀💀
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @lunarwriter75 I am neutral vampire with neutral catboy rising @yoongicherri This is the exact same financial decision I'm thinking of making @VintageBelle4 i'm obsessed with Poirot, I used to listen to just Christie audiobooks for months - and they're voic… @VintageBelle4 I loooove Poirot! I mean, it is definitely a French word, I just grew up hearing it mixed with Arabi… @philologicalbat basically how a french person would say it but like ?? mildly accented ?? i do not have an iphone… @philologicalbat This is listed under "words i never realized were French loan words as a child and I now refuse to acknowledge" @philologicalbat i was gonna say its exactly the same but then i listened to recordings of people saying it and no it is not the same @philologicalbat it is obviously an arabic wordThere are certain words i refuse to acknowledge are French and tisane is one of themunless we get a biden landslide, the outcome of this election will be decided in the courts. I don't want that! Non… like a good reminder on how easy it is to make calls for biden! should have a plan for if Tr*mp tries to steal the election because I want to see BTS and that does not ha…
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mono., to me, isn't just a comfort album - it's a vulnerable one, one that pulls tears out of me, especially when I… has shifted meaning for me - first a way of keeping sane in a place that just felt Wrong, then a way of try… fills me with such nostalgic longing, a love song for a city I've never been to but that feels so deeply like… don't listen to mono. as much as some mixtapes because I can't- it makes me too emotional, too vulnerable, too hu… @OT7_pjm My Learn Korean with BTS package just arrived and I'm hopeful I'll be able to learn more! I took a course… am just imagining the pitch meeting for this ad and the evil cackles @bangtanneely @BTS_twt omg that's FANTASTIC, i love the tiny tans and your poster!! I have my posters but they are… @bangtanneely @BTS_twt not official is great! what a sweet husband @bangtanneely @BTS_twt you gotta show us the poster! @buffsuga I def will!! We're all very nice (the person we were teaching got imp and we gave her extra time to practice killing 😅) @buffsuga I've been playing "teaching" rounds with some friends, if you're interested i can let you know the next t… @buffsuga You gotta play with people you know, random games suckkk @tastyiinbusan i haven't been to one class (professional responsibility) in like 2 months, and I don't think I'll ever go @tastyiinbusan Yes that's very smart But seriously:finding time for joy -the all nighter is never worth it, and no… @tastyiinbusan Mostly staring at Yoongi tbhI have not looked at the Grammy bangtan bomb yet because I treasure what is left of my focus today @spinebreakerjin
@spinebreakerjin I try not to think about it @spinebreakerjin i did not want to be namkook biased, it causes me so much pain, but idol jungkook just destroyed me @philologicalbat Look sometimes you want to be an eboy but also let your toes be free @philologicalbat they are indeed deranged birkenstocks and i refuse to understand them [i think they're doc marten… @philologicalbat oh good I'm so glad you're just accepting this home @philologicalbat In concept, just like pretty people with tattoos @philologicalbat oh fantastic how much pain do you feel over tattoos bc thats where I live @philologicalbat None of us are cool enough, we just pay rent in sufferingHow can you protect the vote now? Can you safely vote in person - then please do so! The best defense is a Biden l…
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @spinebreakerjin I did not CHOOSE i was forced into it from these two moments @spinebreakerjin Why does he always choose violenceBe prepared for the fact that the election won't be decided in one day! Mail in ballots mean delays, and there will… can you protect the vote now? Can you safely vote in person - then please do so! The best defense is a Biden l… I mean by this is: How can you denormalize what Trump is doing right now? How can you keep your eyes on what… should have a plan for if Tr*mp tries to steal the election because I want to see BTS and that does not ha… @philologicalbat Join me in this home, it is painful but we have undercuts live here now this is so cool hope no one minds me sharing this everyday for the rest oml 😏🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @sudalssii @BTS_twt oh my god yesss @sudalssii @BTS_twt jungkook! @spinebreakerjin Pls remember me fondly @seokjinnie_93 @letstalkabtsuga @BTS_twt ahh these are so cute!! @BTS_twt✨Namjoon Giveaway ✨ Prize: 6 photocards + freebies 💜 Rules: -Follow & Retweet - tag @BTS_twt Ends October 22nd…
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @taevtheday You too!!! 🥰 always cool to see more Texas! @gddaengit We're in so much trouble @taevtheday I'm 26 and grew up in Texas!! @eihp_S The whole point of the book is how every characters own flaws resulted in tragedy for them... none of them are blameless!!! @gddaengit This and the black swan/on merch drop, I will suffer @gddaengit It will be cute and too expensive i hate it here
Bangtan merch hivemind, where can I get a gray D2 shirt? @beingoffjoon the amount of money you spend/merch you have doesn't change the type of army you are! as long as you… loves Yoongi so much @OT7_pjm I liked the map, it gave me something to look forward to everyday!!Army's tl in Army's tl in daily basis every comeback
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei hell @philologicalbat we do have irl honeypot stings, and my mind was very fixated on those today! @philologicalbat up until local necromancer i was like "oh is this a real thing, this could be a real thing" @Jillianlye @_BangtanBebe_ @killmetaehyung @bangtanbklyn @spinebreakerjin yesss i love among us @killmetaehyung Honestly I have many questions but We all need hobbies @EngineerChick2 It really went in another disturbing level than I expected @killmetaehyung I'm stuck on the fact that you got the screenshot with Maximum Dick @LetsGetShook_SK it makes me sooo happy to have it in my wallet, a little boost of joy for the day @LetsGetShook_SK I carry joonie and ot7 thousands of years, continents, cultures and with every technology available, people just doodling cats
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I read a 1000+ page book written by multiple authors over decades and check the notes written by other people about… @sugaskush Woahhh what did you use??y’all gone stop forgetting about wale, juice wrld *RIP*, khalid, and nicki minaj when it comes to people that genuinely respect BTS 😐
Retweeted by sumaya⁷ in danmei helli want to be there @spinebreakerjin @killmetaehyung @jinsdaphodil @wreckdby_yoongi i really think we just need a compilation of BTS sa…