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my all time favorite marvel character
@innielol 😯 @GOTHMYGZ i forgot here @GOTHMYGZ thats one of those "my story" videos 🤔🤔 thats hilarious thothis honestly would be us irl @rosey_blossoms SOBS FROM LOVE @rosey_blossoms YAY @rosey_blossoms bite me 😏😏😏 @filefilled :(( 🙏❤❤ rip 😔Yoongi's hands and Jimin's mouth. That's it. Thats the tweet.
Retweeted by morgo⁷ @D0LLKTH if this aint me 😭😭 i should show you my list of groups i would like to stan but just dont have the time or…
@rosey_blossoms @ENBYZ4TAE djejekkee hold up 🤡🤡 @ENBYZ4TAE BROOOOOO @ENBYZ4TAE BRO BRO HE WAS HIS CHILD THE WHOLE TIME?#?!?! HOW COULD I NEVER GUESS THAT?!?!! ITBALL MAKES SO MUCH S… SHITTTT PLOT TWISSTT @GOTHMYGZ use it well 🙏🙏 @GOTHMYGZ YEAAHHHH @GOTHMYGZ I LITERALLY JUST SEARCHED "DANCES" AND SCROLLED DOWN A BIT LMAO @GOTHMYGZ is my favorite person knows what i need and when i need it 🙏🙏 @GOTHMYGZ let me fix this @GOTHMYGZ WAIT NO IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE POINTING TO U 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 @GOTHMYGZ << my favorite person knows just what i need and when i need it 🙏🙏hey guys in honour of 1 year of #BlackSwan i choreographed indian classical! its a mixture of Kathak and Bharatnaty…
Retweeted by morgo⁷ @bts_quotes1 one time my sister ate a whole huge ass pancake just to prove us wrong because we all said she wouldn't be able to finish itwhy do i care do much 😕
this photoset of kitty gang jimin is all i need in my life
Retweeted by morgo⁷i got "D" @D0LLKTH 👁👁 @yooniescupid @kyubinspigeon oop- alrighty then 🥴 @MOON__CH1LDREN happy birthday!!! 🥳🥳This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by morgo⁷chile is BURNING and i dont see anyone talking about it
Retweeted by morgo⁷ @yooncentral I might give it another try if it ever again crosses my mind @yooncentral LMAOO @yooncentral i dont care for it bUt to be fair i only listened to it once so idksomeone PLEASE SEND ME NAMJOON PICSI fucking hate mencan u let women enjoy ONE thing ?????
Retweeted by morgo⁷ @staerrygoogie im cool with that :) just realized my gay roots date way back to when i got nervous wherever meg came on screen in hercules. jasmine…
@GOTHMYGZ as u should @MOON__CH1LDREN I'll give u mine she hates me... @rosey_blossoms MY HEART ?!?!! 💘💘 YOU'RE SO STUPIDLY ATTRACTIVE & THE OUTFITS R FIRE 🔥
@taekookbbys Maud Gone by Car Seat Headrest 🥴 @GOTHMYGZ @ENBYZ4TAE nani @ENBYZ4TAE @GOTHMYGZ smells @GOTHMYGZ I'll write down the main points @GOTHMYGZ I'll have to tell u and caro my super crack filled story at some point but be prepared for the cracklast night at 4 am i told the weirdest crack filled story to my sister. it was all improvised but lemme just say,,…“SEOKJIN IS DANGEROUS LATELY” just accept that his dilf era has started and we have to deal with it 👍🏼
Retweeted by morgo⁷IM 5'6i always knew i had long legs.... BUT MY LEGS R TALLER THAN MY BROS WHO IS ALMOST 6 FT JEJENEKDNENRDstan E'Last
OH MY GOD 💘💘 @MYSTlCDREAM @MaryLTrump the only trump id be willing to befriend 🙏🙏😌
when hoseok and jimin was talking about namjoon, thinking what if he couldn't speak english— 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by morgo⁷yes its official,, won hyunk is my bias MY LIST IS STARTING TO GROW !! @ar_art_1 PLEASE I ASCENDEDPLEASEEE THE DANGEROUS MV LET ME BREATHE OML OML OML“i miss joon” “i miss jin” “i miss yoongi” “i miss hobi” “i miss jimin” "i miss tae" "i miss koo" you know what els…
Retweeted by morgo⁷these drawings are so adorable 😭😭💘 @taekookbbys @DLFTAE by twitter law you are now my valentine @ENBYZ4TAE woof @ENBYZ4TAE BUAHAHAHAHAHAGAGA @EBOYH4NJISUNG PFFT WTF then no lmao @ENBYZ4TAE oh then no? lmao @ENBYZ4TAE we r married 20 years thats what we DObe my friend 👐, lies, if one partner is super possessive or controlling, etc & trust im fairly good with conversation (i like to think) cute and small soft baby who gets flustered easily or "intimidating" but really soft & whipped for their… 🔥 just not covered from head to toe
not if they did either excessively**there r quite a few things... one major thing being im afraid they will one day lose interest or not support my fu… // nsfw . . . EVERYTHING lmao not eVeRyThiNg but i wanna try light bondage, blind folding, and other thing… ig i would be down to rp if my partner was into it. idk if i could initiate it tho long time... a couple months or more. my heart just wants to stay with the past 😭😭 was a couple years ago. he had some sexist views so i told myself to get tf over him the past it was cuz they were so smart & really damn good at playing violin 🙏🙏 hard to want to.... i wouldnt if it knew right off the bat. if we had already been dating for awhile & it came… i want. goodbye 👋 doing so is fucked up i knew abt it ,,,, 99% chance its not gonna happen can't think of anything for this one,, but if someone came up to me and gave me a back hug & asked for cuddles i… AND FAYE FROM COYBOY BEPOP ANNABETH FROM PERCY JACKSON SAN FROM PRINCESS MONOKE RAVEN FROM THE OG TEEN TI… character? hm... rin from blue exorcist, light from death note (yeah sorry hes hot), erza scarlet from fa… repeat the question ❓❓ boTh?!? 💓💓 omg omg on the context. I'll use it as a joke sometimes but if someone i like uses it to be cute i cant help but th… poly? I'd be willing to try i mean this as if we lived together. i don't expect to see the person im dating every single dayhm. it depends on my career & how how our schedules line up. if i see them once a week, then no. but if i see them… im not that tall. im 5'6 and i do indeed wear black. lots of black & grey (literally if u could only…