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Propagandu @Uglybuoy Pune, India

Selfish coward | A nice guy who mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice | Accidental Programmer

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Prime example of this is "Ruby Ruby" from Sanju. At first you will hate it but it grows on.Rahman is a slow poison. It will get you sooner or later.My wife is Hindu, I am a Muslim and my kids are Hindustan. My daughter was asked the religion in school form, I tol…
Retweeted by Propagandu @Kohlis_MRF Look at Dinda....😂😂😂 @muglikar_ Very clear. Its AAP @IshitaYadav @AdvancedMaushi @AMIT_GUJJU @firkey_ @sustbilla @tiktok_memes @CrazyThakareEngineers after reading this: lmao noob disappoint. Some early. Some late. But always.
Retweeted by PropaganduRehti tip-top Sunti hip-hop, Leke chalu tuzko Main candy shop...Imagine being cunted everywhere in the first over and then seeing class bowling by your other two teammates. Fucking Thakur. #INDvsNZKohli, you fuvking animal.This is beyond science @CrazyThakare Itna self-obsession?!!*When you finally get a match on #Tinder* deserve a date with @rohini_sgh 🤦🏾‍♂️ kiss is nothing but a kiss down under. #AustraliaBeautiful people are intimidating. @siddhichatpati Happy birthday jiThis tweet is meant to mock me and the auto driver, but I’m proud to be the one who made auto drivers in India read…
Retweeted by PropaganduDo you know what it’d have taken for an auto driver in India to reach a level where he can now read a Chetan Bhagat…
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Some puns fails, annoy and disappoint. But that's okay! You should not give up.Our government is strange. First they ban porn and then they give Padma Shri to the biggest soft porn producer in I…
Retweeted by PropaganduHumble request to all Indians to stop calling the new vehicle they bought as a new member in their family.*When I finally get a match on Tinder* Me: want my closed ones to play this song on my funeral or I am gonna haunt you.Yashpal sharma singing "Yaad teri aayegi" is ❤️🙌 The moment when sound-drops, Sharma does some finger-count thing… credits of #GangsofWasseypur2 is still one of the best of opening credits of all time.
There’s no genuine news anymore, it is all about what topics might sell instead of what’s actually relevant happeni… Roshan can never show a middle finger to anyone.Lust rules, everything else is just pretend.mala baaki kahich nakoy😭😭tu mala bolla hotas na tu majhya badday la mala teddy deshil mala😭😭 teddy hawaay ani mi gh…
Retweeted by Propaganduजब पोहा खिला के ही पहचानना था, तो NRC का रायता फैलाने की क्या ज़रूरत थी? 🤔
Retweeted by PropaganduYeh sundar log behenchod twitter pe bhi aa gaye hai yarrThe poet The poem
Retweeted by PropaganduWaiting for some to say "Apne lund ke dum par you made me crazy!!!"
@mondaysareruff LailalahiillallahPolitics Twitter, I hate you...Mycomputer>diskD>drafts>careerplan
Retweeted by PropaganduDO NOT BLINK!
Retweeted by Propagandu @YoBlackPepper Why don't you stick to "mela babu office se nikla" stuff and leave history thing to us.He: Can you feel my pain? 😭😭 She: No. 😭 *Send her an unsolicited dick pic* She: BSDK 😭😭😭😭
Monday to Friday: Coding on computer. Saturday and Sunday: Bakhchodi on Twitter.I hope we had "skip the trial" option in real life too.Tum na Christopher Nolan ke movies jaisi ho, Pasand toh bahot ho par samaj nahi aati ho....
@meme_lord_biswa This is nothing. Absolutely nothing. I made a ppt for it. @papercuts02 @mipaltan @ImRo45 Stop acting like a Rohit Sharma fan page @_namanrathod @Ojasism RCB is enough for their best PSL XI
Same dialogue was used by ved in Tamasha when he informes tara about it. But what happened after it is soo freakin… Your cleavage is visible. Desi peeps: Aapke husn ki vaadiya dikh rahi haiMaa ki choot tumhare 11.11 kiThere isn't a straight man alive who cares if you wear the same thing twice. You made that rule, not us.
Retweeted by Propagandu"Iss duniya ka dil uss duniya mein nahi chalta..." -TamashaI am sorry no. This isn't meme material by any stretch. This is just a horrible set of corporate culture that has a…
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Saali yeh guilt trip khatam kahe nahi hoti be...Neend bhi pyaar ki tarah, jab hona chahiye aata nahi, warna galat time pe aata hai.
Retweeted by PropaganduThis aasman's name is "Platonic love" 😂Aa chal tuze le chalu aise aasman tale, Jaha na hookups ho, na commitments bass pyar hii pyar Paley.... @sarvajanikdaddy I think you guys should watch soni movie. Available on Netflix. Great movie about two women trying… Gulp it, Swallow it. Desi peeps: Mere Pyar ka rass zara chakhna, hoye makhna hoye makhna.Sunsaan se pichwade mein jo tang gali hai, Uss tang se galiyaare mein maashook bulai le.... -Anupam Amod (Song- kad…
Retweeted by PropaganduDoggy style is nothing but back-stabbing.Blowjob is nothing but low-blow.The Art. The Artists.
Retweeted by PropaganduBest playlist i ever created 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by PropaganduAajkal jo economy ki 'Sheeghra-Patan' waali position chal rahi hai uspar kya vichaar hain bhai?
Retweeted by PropaganduWould have been commentating somewhere by now if he made his debut under this management.
Retweeted by PropaganduKuldeep beats Smith on the charge but the ball spears away off pad. No chance for the keeper. And yet some sections…
Retweeted by PropaganduShow Your Support Guys Make it Happen ❤️
Retweeted by Propagandu @joandcaffeine Men are children. Just pamper them, they'll be happy.Bhumi in Bala ❤️❤️❤️ @FarziCricketer Wtf wrong with her?
Me to me rn: have hoodie but hoodie churane wali nahi hai...So supporter of polygamy, triple tala q and halala will talk about status of Hindu women?? the Hypocrisy of pseudo celebs, Intellectuals and librals What is it 😔😷😷 i am shivering. Untold story of S…
Retweeted by PropaganduPune, Ben Stokes I know I am single. You don't have to remind me of it by having such a cold cold winter.when you are a regular costumer of Dalda ghee
Retweeted by PropaganduNever knew that licking out and eating only cream from biscuits would have another benefits also.I am fuvking the dumb @MirzaSania Champion ❤️कभी loda, कभी lassan....Tight slap on the face of people who said "only starkid for whom I can tolerate nepotism" #LoveAajKal
Retweeted by Propagandu @NetflixIndia Stranger things @KarnikaKohli This is classic tribute by manforce to Elaichi- the one in biryani and the one man has.Lots of fun on stage with @iamsrk and Zoya Akhtar.
Retweeted by PropaganduIts cuddle season but cuddle karne wali nahi hai..Ha toh firr karna hai ki nahi karna hai??Finally! Modi on demonetization 👇
Retweeted by Propagandu @choga_don @sustbilla Fuvk off, you idiot. It has nothing to do with being sanghi or something like that. Tanhaji i… Aaj Kal #LoveAajKalTrailer
all girls do is “🥺🥺🥺” and “😭😭😭”
Retweeted by PropaganduTight slap on the face of people who said "only starkid for whom I can tolerate nepotism" #LoveAajKalRoses are red Sandwich is grilled
Retweeted by PropaganduFav moment of the chat was @iamsrk pouring water for @JeffBezos who remarked that Indian artists are so humble and…
Retweeted by PropaganduSome chhapaak memes are so problematic it makes you question if men have even an iota of sensibility and humanity l…
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sometimes i feel low and i think about how i texted two girls at 4:45 am to fuck and both of them replied in an ins…