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@HardenIn @espn The NBA is basically just watching a 2+ hour FT contestOh. My. God. @Mister_JCole I was expecting a win but not in that kind of convincing fashion.
@major_mid I was watching replay with sound off. Felt it was obviously short. Couldn’t believe when they showed it was good. Confused @MaxMarkhamNFL @GBraggsJr23 I’m not going to lie - I just don’t get this. Am I missing something with this thinking…
@UIC_MBB @MikeDiggs15 Big season right there! @obvious_shirts “And when the day comes with that last winning run, and I’m crying and covered in beer.” -Eddie Ved… @Deuce0_ This season. This season will be 🔥
@afrobeerchick Any favorite(s)? I thought the birthday sounded amazing and the reviews I’ve read tonight seem to say that as well. @mikezoller @GooseIsland @PorchDrinkingCO Damn I need to get my hands on that Birthday! @guysdrinkinbeer I really want to try the Birthday. The Prop sounds interesting. And all variants aside I’m always digging the OG @CWBChicago A 12x concocted felon? Jesus! Do we ever stop and think that what is in place might not be working! @PorchDrinkChi I’m stoked to just hear about this one.
@chicagobars @mikezoller Yes! Agreed and especially w/ the Birthday 🍻🍻 @mikezoller Any BCS variant you’re specifically stoked about?Akiem Hicks using the guard to tackle the running back. Totally normal.
Retweeted by John @EddieBarstool No way is Skittle first round. No way at all. And then PB M&M instead of Twix? Right there another miss. Admit mistakes. @EddieBarstool @TheClemReport WSD and this is NOT even close
@Mr_Giegoldt @LasVegasLocally I stormed out of there 👍 @LasVegasLocally Not Subway. Their locations don’t even have giardenara! @mikezoller Mine is actually in a plastic container. Homemade from the local butcher. @jerleen_ @jkopec2283 Sure do. Have really made a pivot in terms of careers! @horizoneMatt I can’t take any write up seriously that completely ignores players coming in (transfers or recruits)… @jkopec2283 I’ll keep an at my store. Not sure which variants will get distro though. But even the original is great. @jkopec2283 Coffee is a pass for me. However, saw the Maple Deth and I want that for sure. @TylerHerroWRLD NBA: 6 NFL: 1 MLB: 1 NHL: 3The Bears have as many wins as the NFC East #DaBearsThe Dallas Cowboys fans all look so dejected in the stands. It is awesome! @MattRoth732 C. Both @JonNJCB Whatever happened to coconut! @PorchDrinkChi @RevBrewChicago Is the one front and center a variant? Did they change the can? @BirdBabyBirds And also the Cubs are the only team to win a WS out of those these the last decade as well
@JeffPassan This is exactly why I love no off days in these series. Make you use your entire pitching staff. Next s… @dabearsblog @BN_Bears Ahh! I hate thinking ahead but who is a Bears 61 player? I can think of a 52 but want to be positive @lcm1986 TOOTLBAN to the extreme. @Hub_Arkush Absolutely. The defense is getting better which is scary for opponents. The offense needs to stop hurti… in on the football. 🧐
Retweeted by JohnWhat day you @KimFoxxforSA ? @TheParkinsShow Defense is a penalty in the NFL @Nate_Flint @JasonLaCanfora Basically LaCanfora’s record on picking Bears games will be the inverse of their record, yes? @Mister_JCole True. I get caught up in the national talk too much sometime, ha.
The Rams have wins over Washington, Giants, Eagles and Cowboy yet the Bears are overrated because of their schedule? 🤔 #DaBears @TheParkinsShow I said yes. But still think he needs to AT LEAST give up SOME control of the offense. @WestLoopTom Job security at its finest.How bout dem bears? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by John @danpompei Bears best the Bucs and the Bucs manhandle the Packers...When you see Aaron Rodgers getting roughed up
Retweeted by JohnI might be blind, but I’m seeing a lot of weaknesses...
Retweeted by JohnAaron Rodgers’ flopping would make any NBA player proud today.
Retweeted by John @LoriLightfoot @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @KimFoxxforSA @DickDurbin No reason to vote for @KimFoxxforSA other than par… 0 target game❗️
Retweeted by JohnWe need to start fining Refs. This is ludicrous on me.😤
Retweeted by John @BoJack39 We hear you EJ
Retweeted by JohnEarth shattering stuff here from Matt Nagy @jkopec2283 talk of the Bears being lucky this week. If anything, the Panthers are lucky is was only a 7 point loss with awf… @EddieBarstool *3 turnovers that awful refereeing still allowed as they ruined an Eddie Jackson pick-6 @LaurenceWHolmes Evergreen tweet for this game @Hub_Arkush And that is on top of the Eddie Jackson pick-6 taken away @greggabe Could the NFL properly explain the rules and hire officials that can call them?Watching today’s Bears game has taught me something - defense in the NFL is a penalty #DaBearsNFL referees are an absolute joke. Just give the Panthers a TD with this awful pass interference call #DaBearsSo Allen Robinson hit from behind and no call. But Fuller with the same play is PI and it takes away a pick-6? Plea… @LWilz Ricky Renteria and bullpen management @LWilz Cubs hitters and runners in scoring position. @djdurkin But still predictable enough for the defense to stop @DaBearNecess He will never be what we thought“So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those…
Retweeted by JohnPoor Altuve... said nobody
Retweeted by JohnThe Houston Astros have been eliminated from the playoffs.
Retweeted by JohnWe all know Preckwinkle is awful. Yes, here we are. @PitchingNinja Damn that is great! @chicagobars And this made me think for a second it was Cullen’s and then made me remember that it was closed and t… @GmanTavern Or the first Old Style!
@marvinvenis The winner @marvinvenis @afrobeerchick TBD. Heading to @wehavegreatbeer later @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz Humble Forager rocks. I’ve only had their stouts but loved them. There is… @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz Ha. I have an awesome store near me but people know. Good stuff goes fast. @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz I made a horrible mistake - i only bought 1! @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz I’ve just started drinking Liquid Love. My store just started carrying th… @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz I only had it twice. Maybe 2 years ago. Don’t know if they’ve ever done it again since. @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz Old School Hawaiian Vibes @Jackie2Cokes @HopButcher @steven_naggatz Agreed. My second favorite HB beer
@mikezoller @BitterPops Was hoping to try it but local store sold out so darn fast. Did get and am intrigued by thi… new 30-minute program will feature animated production images from The Joffrey Ballet's The Nutcracker set to Tch…
Retweeted by John @lcm1986 Damn it. That is crap news. I hope the Clipper isn’t next.
@guysdrinkinbeer 🤯🤯🤯 @mikezoller Frustrating but glad it wasn’t just me. Filled it all out but couldn’t submit. @chicagobars @IllinoisDNR @IllinoisDCEO Half Acre Tuna, Pipeworks Mango Guppy, Ballast Point Longfish Lager or mayb… years ago today, Miguel Montero delivered a go ahead 8th inning grand slam in game one of the 2016 NLCS. An all-t…
Retweeted by John @chihawkin @JulianaforLG @KimFoxxforSA Any politician that cotes for Kim is either blind to the harm she is fine an… @KimFoxxforSA Interesting. You can Tweet things to make them fit your narrative and get your side. Why no debate then? @thehill This is NOT an Trump endorsement by any means, but why do we care what Tommy Lee says and why is he relevant?Okay, 100
Retweeted by John1000 RTs and we'll make a 5th rauchbier
Retweeted by John @DaBearNecess Watched that one at a bar that was hosting Buffone and O’Bradlvich postgame show. Those two being ang… @DanTheMan20200 @ChicagoSports @BradBiggs Yep. Wouldn’t want to go to a team that a) has a need he fits, b) has pay…