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@DannyDannyWho you never know @kathrynjoseph_ It's ok, we do it LOADSTaskmaster: so good, you'll be too excited to finish your tweets @kathrynjoseph_ @iamanniep @taskmaster We've got PG versions on the app now too! @Smiler1264 How strange, @UKTVPlayHelp any ideas?Missed last night’s episode of The Architecture the Railways Built with @MrTimDunn? Fear not, you can hop on the Gl…
Retweeted by UKTV Play'Expedition with Steve Backshall' is available to watch on @uktvplay now. For all my US friends, a new episode air…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @Thomas_Northall You've got it!
If you have a friend that's been up north recently we've got the perfect gift for you
Retweeted by UKTV Play @KeithAlanDunne You can take the rest of the day off we reckonAnd so begins the story of a small GP surgery in the Peak District! Amanda Burton stars in the iconic…
Retweeted by UKTV PlayWhen the boys return from their drive, their eyesight firmly tested @vacationne @reallychannel Hi Zoey, @reallychannel has a new home over at Discovery - have a look on DPlayWhen the boys say they're going out for a drive "to test their eyesight" @PermaConfused The "play" button is quite bit but the subtitles button is quite small, so you can work up to it @DRaGoN_KoBRa We want to be mean and say "you're not a real fan" but we don't have it in usIf you want to check your eyesight why not just stay in and watch UKTV Play
Retweeted by UKTV Play @DebzGlover Excellent, just checking 😘Before she was a globe-trotting assassin, Jodie Comer was The White Princess. Quite a CV she's got there. Catch up…
@Millie1555 Sounds perfect! @Millie1555 Heck yeah, what have you been enjoying? @Wendyjg1 Dropping into Durham while you're up there?🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 your parents ring and you try not to be too dramatic to set a course for the one place not yet touched by coronavirus... Space! Catch up on Secrets Of The Solar Sy… @MrTimDunn @JoanneMCrompton @YesterdayTweets 😎 @BADFalcon @state_survival A well deserved day of R&R - hope you enjoyed yourself! @Tubzy100 @Hydzofficial Has he ever had a non melted panina, ie... a sandwich @bikerbill40 @Carpervert That colourway has us feeling a lot of feelings @Simon_H1988 @davechannel You. We like you. @only1smudger @Carpervert Amazing idea, such a great show! @MSXTWX 🌚😢
@ItsBigZuu @Hydzofficial Guess we're cooking dinner immediately thenThis thread will change your life, or at the very least make you hungry @Gargarin The spin is so ridiculously fast! @TonyBrownKnows @davechannel @RealBobMortimer We think about the egg in the bath story, honest to goodness, at least once every day @niallb1 Funniness just happens as naturally as breathing for him @elliot_gonzalez The BileHappy Birthday to the ridiculously funny @RealBobMortimer! Here he is on #Taskmaster, with an invention he made tha… @ItsBigZuu Livetweeting #BigEats while you were fasting? Braver than a firefighter @Hydzofficial @ItsBigZuu @Tubzy100 @josierones Did you like it when it was melted in a cheese ball though, that's the big questionOn this week's Big Zuu's Big Eats, @HydzOfficial has the world's most specific (ie: fake) type of lactose intoleran…
If you missed the episode you can watch it on @UKTVPlay now! #BigEats
Retweeted by UKTV Play.@ItsBigZuu is right! Catch up on #BigEats on UKTV Play @ItsBigZuu @Tubzy100 Everyone's gonna have one now, no patatas are safe @Hydzofficial @ItsBigZuu Yeah that's how you know it's goodThese man try snake me #BigEats
Retweeted by UKTV Play @ItsBigZuu This one incredibly intense episode of Ready Steady Cook @davechannel Hell yeahI am loving Lovejoy on @UKTVPlay - fantastic happy telly.
Retweeted by UKTV Play @MontagueJen @taskmaster @AlexHorne @gdavies @joelycett That coat tho @paulsinha We would watch this show @EdGambleComedy This was drawn via someone's back wasn't it @MontagueJen @taskmaster @AlexHorne @gdavies Also did the ringtone dancing make any sense to him whatsoeverNot a minute goes by where we don't think about @Tubzy100's Pocket Fork. Tonight's Big Zuu's Big Eats, with guest… @charley683 22 stone of prime leggy blonde @MontagueJen @taskmaster @AlexHorne @gdavies Amazing! Who is he backing to win? @ItsBigZuu @davechannel @Tubzy100 @Hydzofficial @josierones The recipe for breaded Zuu hand will be up over the weekend 😉Ever wondered what Boycie and Marlene did next? The Green Green Grass, the hilarious Shropshire-set spin off of Onl… aside Richard and Judy, there's a new presenting dream team in town!
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Retweeted by UKTV Play @charley683 Wow how have we not been using this GIF the whole time @LordFoxworth This has made our day, you absolute sweetheart ❤️
Tomorrow we have such a funny episode for you I hope this clip gives you an understanding of what to expect 😭😭😭…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @MiniRallyGT He KNEW he needed a service!Did you just catch Orford Ness just now on @UKTV No? Don't worry, you can watch Abandoned Engineering, Series 4, E…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @TariTheRogue We genuinely did cry @klh1981 @bignathgaming Had to happen eventually! @bignathgaming We're both cryingWhat's your favourite picture of Greg Davies? @DRaGoN_KoBRa @AlexHorne He also has a crush on Greg we'd imagineAnyone else got a crush on Greg? #Taskmaster @beckycoombsy Welcome to the club, we meet literally every day @kikerd @CBarrieFans 🥺 @emmafairgrieve1 This crossover needs to happenDI Roy Galloway did NOT successfully predict coronavirus.’m asking the big questions on #BigEats with @ItsBigZuu tomorrow night.
Retweeted by UKTV PlayRed Dwarf: The Promised Land is, of course, still streaming on UKTV Play, along with tons of bonus content. Watch i… - remember when the "moonlight" speech in #RedDwarf: The Promised Land made us all cry? @bringbackLB Amazing work! What are you watching after that? @davechannel Technically we did stay in until the end of March. And the end of April. Doing well for May. @bringbackLB Let's not be too hastyThis aged well. @SuzeTwelve @Sianygibby We're afraid the theme has already been decided're an 8 on the @RonJichardson scale today, but we're not exercising, just sitting and sweating.… @Sianygibby Muscle is heavier than fat, it's trueYou: PE with Joe Wicks Us: Aerobics with @Sianygibby #Taskmaster
Sorry James Acaster, there's a new #Taskmaster hula hoop King in town on Friday at 10PM with another episode of Big Zuu’s #BigEats on @davechannel & I’m joined by the amazing…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @ItsBigZuu Had to GIF it, couldn't resist @Wendyjg1 What's next after this? @MpowerUber @UKTVPlayHelp should be able to help you! @MissAuty Any ideas, @UKTVPlayHelp?A titan of Victorian architecture, the Ribblehead Viaduct has a fascinating history which gives way to one of Brita…
Retweeted by UKTV PlayWe're ready to open up the debate, sorry Truly Madly Deeply our feelings are very strong on this matterWhen you're having a heated debate over the best Savage Garden song @markLFC2010 @UKTV You can watch in your web browser, on your phone or tablet, and through several streaming device…