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@L330M Hi Lee. Thanks for flagging. Our team will look into this and come back to you with an update. @NeilSouthYorks Hi Neil. Not the best way to end the weekend - apologies. Which platform are you trying to watch on please? @Richard99082529 Hi Richard. As UKTV Play is a free service, we have to serve advertising to cover our operating costs. @1NadeemAkram Sorry to hear this is still an issue. Please ensure that you have the latest version of the app insta…
@1NadeemAkram Mmm - OK Nadeem. How about heading to 'Settings' and select the 'Clear App Data' option. Please then… @1NadeemAkram Hey Nadeem. That's not good for a Saturday night 😕 Can you try force closing the app please? Then res…
@LodgeDigital @Djfridgetwit @bobbyllew That wasn't the end of David Ross' time on Red Dwarf. He was also Talkie Toa… @imrannawaz_ @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel 10/10 gag by a genius"I got so worked up that I had to tickle my dingle, and a man on a horse said he would be telephoning the authoriti… @TheSpecialiszt @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel @Jensyplodacus EGG. EGG. EGG. @MatthewTatler1 @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel Can't get an-oeuf egg puns! @VirgaBetulae @davechannel @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel We knew we owed it to you all to get this cleared up @ODJK @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel @EggGamble What is this 'too many' of which you speak @ODJK @EdGambleComedy @Baddiel @EggGamble Oh no, WHAT DID IT DO??Sirs! Incoming!
Retweeted by UKTV PlayHow many times do you think @edgamblecomedy has been called Egg Gamble this season? In this exclusive #Taskmaster o… @ArleneRimmerRD @ArleneRimmerRD We MEANT major!"Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard and hit it fast with a major - and I mean major - leafle… of birthdays to the honestly-not-that-little aubergine wizard @AlexHorne! #Taskmaster @Mark_Antony_3 @OnlyMostHaunted Hey Mark, for any questions regarding @reallychannel shows please head over to thei…
@davechannel birth of a sad yee-ha. #Taskmaster"✈️Time to use those air miles! 1. Saint-Marie #DeathInParadise 2. New Zealand #BrokenwoodMysteries 3. Canada…
Retweeted by UKTV PlayDon't miss the start of our brand new series #SteamTrainBritain, tonight at 8pm, which goes behind the scenes of th…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @MovieMarauder4 @davechannel @EdGambleComedy @Rose_Matafeo An intrepid hero got to it first
We believe what the kids say is: #mood. @wixkaty #Taskmaster
Retweeted by UKTV Play @davechannel @GingerWarrior13 😎If you missed tonight's #Taskmaster, head over to UKTV Play to witness what might genuinely be magic. text I sent to @AlexHorne the day after the rings task. @taskmaster messes with your mind.
Retweeted by UKTV Playthis sums up my vibe entirely
Retweeted by UKTV Play @Amber60850233 Hello Amber. Watching Taskmaster should not be a task. Have you tried clearing the browser cache on… @fromesteve Thanks for the update. If you run into any future problems (we hope not), please be sure to contact us back. @PatNesbitt @taskmaster @davechannel @vetnurselise is now streaming on UKTV Play, and Shirley MacLaine is still A HUGE MOOD. @Rose_Matafeo’m back (with immediate effect).
Retweeted by UKTV Play @WixKaty's #RestartAHeart day. A great time to take a quick two minute lesson in CPR from @YorkshireAirAmb's Dr Steve Row…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @marcherwitch Thanks Holly, it definitely helps us to know when our viewers are having issues. The team are working… @MatthewTatler1 You bet - in fact, we did this. Thank you! @marcherwitch Hey Holly, this is part of a much bigger issue that the team are working on. Bear with us please :-) @JoesWestons @LewwyPaints Hey Joe we are now on 4th generation boxes. Airplay is still to come but we're working on it :-)This week on #Taskmaster: @alexhorne is overwhelmed by intimacy, with lingering cuddles from @baddiel,… @bigmark_SMG @joelycett @gdavies @AlexHorne And here, we assume, is what he'd do if you told him @sjwestonuk @taskmaster @gdavies @AlexHorne @IndoorFireWords pressure but if you don't vote for #Taskmaster we'll cry, and we're very ugly criers.'S #TASKMASTER DAY! And also the return of @WixKaty to the studio, so we hope you all wore a tie and/or fancy hat.
@marcherwitch Hi Holly. Can you please try clearing the cache - within the app, go to 'Settings' and select the 'C… @marcherwitch Hi Holly. Sorry to hear about this. Which platform are you trying to watch on please? @narrowboaterboy Hi Graham. Argh! Frustrating... Can you try force closing the app and then restarting please? Thanks. @ThatAgnes Hopefully! Let us know if it happens again. Have a great evening. @FBM_Warrior @AppleTV Okay thanks, can you let us know if the problem persists after forcing a restart on the box?… @FBM_Warrior @AppleTV Hey Jo, have you tried forcing a restart on your TV at the wall? Recovering your history won'… @ThatAgnes Hey Agnes! We are currently trying to figure out what's gone wrong. Sorry if it's affecting your viewing… question: would you like to se a film where #JasonStatham walks away from an explosion? GOOD NEWS!… @MatthewTatler1 @LucyABeaumont You're not wrong, Matt! @shaunyp8471 @virginmedia @alibi_channel Morning Shauny, the scheduling team have just informed us that the series…
@JermainJulien Hi Jermain, Sorry to hear you're having problems! Please try force closing and restarting the app. UKTV Play a go while Snapchat's down. It's the same except the videos are much longer and you don't have to ho… @FBM_Warrior @reallychannel @Quest There are no replacement channels lined up at this time Jo. We hope that clears things up! @FBM_Warrior @reallychannel @Quest Hey Jo thanks for getting in touch, if you have any @reallychannel queries pleas…
@jackmoyV1 A list of platforms currently supported for UKTV Play is listed here: - we're al… impression of us heading home to catch up on #AmericanPickers @AmericanPicker @FritzPicker
@Emmie_jh Hey Emmie. What seems to be the problem please? Which platform are you trying to watch on? We'd love to help. Thanks.We're deeply saddened to learn of the death of the brilliant actor Robert Forster. You can watch his subtle, comple… @shaunyp8471 @virginmedia Hey Shauny, you'll find the whole series in boxests on Virgin Media. It isn't on the app… @toria_1982 Hi Victoria, what Apple TV box are you viewing on?
This week's #Taskmaster outtake is a lovely song by @gdavies and @alexhorne. We've even karaoke-fied it so you can… @klh1981 A theme is emerging @whxnwewereyoung Incredible answer, and a great prize to win at the end of the show @arlene_1531 It'd be a delight but also he'd be absolutely useless @charley683 Stunning GIF work @carlalouiseee That ANYONE has ever done @carlalouiseee Now that's a field of wheat we'd like to run throughIt's Friday, and we have only one question on our mind. #Taskmaster fans, tell us... @mrhar10 Hey Mike, we have raised a ticket with our tech team for you. Thank you for sending so much detail across. @nt_richards Hey AJ you can buy a USB cable and set up a wired connection to your TV, if that's what you mean? That…
Explore the incredible stories found among the wreckage of history's most notorious ship. #Titanic: Stories from th… @vicky_68_water There's a GREAT one coming very soon, keep yer eyes peeled!Sometimes it's incredibly easy to work out why #Taskmaster outtakes are outtakes. @arlene_1531 @gdavies Tenderness is VERY importantHow can you achieve your childhood dreams? Our guest lecturer @rachelparris explains all. This counts as educatio…
Retweeted by UKTV Play @BeckyJNorfolk @turquoisefloyd @gdavies @jessicaknappett All incredible, also off the top of our heads the 'say a w… @Baddiel We did the same at home, but sadly didn't film itI felt proud.
Retweeted by UKTV Play @gdavies The @gdavies Guide to Starting Your Day Right. #Taskmaster #3 Stay hydrated! @CalumNichols Hey Calum, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and see if that helps? Thanks @gdavies The @gdavies Guide to Starting Your Day Right. #Taskmaster #2 Enjoy a nutritious breakfast. The @gdavies Guide to Starting Your Day Right. #Taskmaster #1 Wash thoroughly, using high quality prod…
@katherinbourne @Baddiel @EdGambleComedy @WixKaty @Rose_Matafeo It is for us, because we binge it on a constant loop @PatNesbitt @taskmaster That's us popping into the shops on the way home, then. @RantyRita @Baddiel @EdGambleComedy @WixKaty @Rose_Matafeo We're EXTREMELY happy with it @kevinwardrop @Rose_Matafeo @Baddiel @EdGambleComedy @WixKaty You have a lot of faith in the integrity of breadsticks @Damoville Thanks Damien, yes we have but the team can't test on your TV and they haven't been able to replicate th… week, #Taskmaster hits the 70 episode milestone! What better time to set the most stunningly meaningless task…