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gamer by day 🌞 hoe by night 🌙 @ultwa151

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@SkreetMan no problem man! your caption suggested that you were absolutely clueless on the topic @SkreetMan spawn protection mf @notchaselyons @Froste @SkreetMan @imjaoc @dagostlno @may_wedda dude was prim locked for his entire childhood 😭😭😭 scrap farming mf 😭 @albert12798 @Boy1drr yo
@CorinnaKopf it’s time you fucked one of your simps I think
@CUEARTT @SamManlol @scaruki DO IT! @CUEARTT playing with a zerg for the night with jaoc, doubt it LOL I’m just in a good mood and want to feel like shit @SamManlol @Boltsiola @SamManlol @scaruki every Hispanic person disliked that @MxjdTV you’re built different sheesh man get some rest @iRiskpvp @itsKursed i could recognize that from a mile away, sup sweetie @may_wedda @KityZorb @koordell hauser last stop with smokes is goat class, let’s run it in 20 gamer @KityZorb @may_wedda @koordell I joined the dark side last night @KityZorb LMFAOOOOOOOOO I TOLD YOU THAT SHIT PISSES THEM OFF @badboychadhoy cake and fries, ice cream cake better and fries are replaceable with other potato tings like tater tots @LazyBautista painful asl fuck that @JefferyxBball @JERMAlNE your garage big asl @charlieINTEL i lied yesterday @Abzorbb @KityZorb @bopndop i lied bruv i decided not to go to sleep get on @KityZorb thanks for fixing that @KityZorb than* @JERMAlNE this was one of the best ideas i ever had for a photo LMFAO so iconic @Gavpai @dagostlno when you get headshot but your penis helmet deflects it type beat @CUEARTT @Iexieyuh BRO FR LMFAOOOOOO THAT SHIT SO AGGRESSIVE @TristanGHill @Viperous i aint switch up... i evolved 💯 @Viperous @TristanGHill simpler times... now you a poggers streamer and im a college student with more homework assignments than money @TristanGHill @Viperous you really do need to be in a delusional state of mind to find an ultra tweet funy @TristanGHill @Viperous on the other hand, we need to find some strippers to grind on @Viperous you need to find a job application to grind out 💯 @Viperous these call of duty camos arent gonna grind themselves... @Viperous good morning! @jessdot never realized how much i love my bed til i moved into a college dorm @Huntrelol @imjaoc @dagostlno @willlxo @Abzorbb @notchaselyons @scobesx @may_wedda learned from the goat maxah @Huntrelol same energy @Froste @scooterbraun wait why you actually spittin here? @Icy_Rapture @UPS nvm i jinxed the negative energy with the reply, it delivered within an hour of my tweet LMFAO @IVIELENDEZ this was a 500 dollar tournament but go off sweetie @Icy_Rapture @UPS cant believe I’m saying this but DHL lowkey the wave, they deliver shit on time if not earlier an…
@Mako @higroundco so is that a no @SavinTheBees @CryptiicNoOne @may_wedda he deserve it @may_wedda NO SHOTTTTTT BRO THIS DUDE MISSING A JOYSTICK OR A THUMB HE CANT BE THIS BAD @Icy_Rapture @UPS usps doin the same shit to me rn @Mako @higroundco move the keyboard in the second pic im tryna see the hog print @iPurrple @may_wedda @CryptiicNoOne we just gonna throw my ace clutch out the window @koordell @CryptiicNoOne @may_wedda HE TRYNA DEFEND HIMSELF @may_wedda @CryptiicNoOne LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS THE GUY TRYING TO SLANDER ME RN??????? @CryptiicNoOne @may_wedda theatre mode go crazy we dying in discord rn LMFAOOOOOOO look at these end of the game st… @iPurrple @100Thieves @CouRageJD dude fittin the whole block in his mouth @may_wedda @CryptiicNoOne @Boy1drr @koordell LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @CryptiicNoOne @Boy1drr @koordell @may_wedda - the mf who suggested removing comeback medals @CryptiicNoOne @koordell @may_wedda we gotta start pulling up end of the game scoreboards bro @koordell @may_wedda @100Thieves @CouRageJD @may_wedda @koordell nice callouts dude @koordell @may_wedda rolled @may_wedda @shigeBean @koordell play wif me @koordell @shigeBean time to procrastinate homework ig @shigeBean @koordell go play cod @shigeBean @koordell sup jirge @iHaveNoHoe how is xouped in a brown boy cypher 🤔 @nbltmd do you know who owen is @neekolul @KarlJacobs_ @karljacobs SHEEEEEEEESH @neekolul @KarlJacobs_ @karljacobs wow thats incredible @iFooYa nut got stuck in her braces, that’s my kids behind bars @Connoreo_ @vohlii almost at 99 like you 🙏🙏 @mrs_poggers so you want America to fall apart and be forced to move to Canada @Josh_Tries crypticnoone’s arch nemesis @mrs_poggers y @daiptix los angeles at his house prolly @JungleMan72 so you're telling me there's already an og oriannagrande? this mf had to put 2????? @Blankzy_ @Huntrelol ok? @Froste @iPurrple @Froste nah, we're an evolved subspecies @Froste woke up 40 minutes ago we on the same length
@bopndop banger? i hardly know her @dagostlno @FavsPriv wait WHAT @HarryButAverage Vossi Bop man @FavsPriv wait what @FatKidDeals no pc giga pain... why is it already on sale tho lmao @MrFuryRevenge @Huntrelol @lexieyuh you did yourself dirty w this one @Huntrelol @lexieyuh nahhhhhh no shot @Huntrelol @lexieyuh MrFuryRevenge alt acc @MxjdTV @oFabz nah fr @oFabz why would you wish death upon me? @supMitchh @Huntrelol @DarienBMG bet you type 20 wpm @supMitchh @Huntrelol @DarienBMG you move your hand all the way to the right side of the keyboard? instead of using… @peeknab @Froste just pain @supMitchh @Huntrelol @DarienBMG when tf do you use a number pad LMFAO numbers right up at the top anyways @Runnyqt @Froste custom tofu65 case with novelkey cream switches (gonna hand lube them over break with krytox 205g0… @FixIation_ @Froste LMFAOOOOOO @dagostlno @SkreetMan @notchaselyons @imjaoc @dagostlno @Froste my slime @Froste since everyone here care more about my homework than my setup yall wanna check my homework I think it’s wro… @Huntrelol @KnownAsLit @Froste his setup @CryptiicNoOne @Froste too much pain. whatever it takes baby @Yuhuuur @Froste i dont dislike it, just a lot of work @mitch_champ @Froste somewhere on @Gavpai @Froste that shit is the most annoying part about the PC, i cba buying a while new case for that tho @Yuhuuur @Froste organic