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@Josh_Tries that was not me @Josh_Tries erm ain’t you offline rn? that wasn’t me @Josh_Tries @Froste using your sub as a tax write off, that’s a charitable cause saving countless lives @Froste we saved so many lives by turning you into a streamer instead of letting you become a doctor 🙏 @notchaselyons damn how you still got a 6 pack when you were bulking SHEEESH @notchaselyons can't weight to sleep wif u in a couple weeks v_v @bori_antt they just gonna play in the other world cup @hitchariide @Froste now there's gonna be two world cups allegedly @Froste we live in a society 💔 @bori_antt they're catching strays rn LOL thats what im so confused about too
@blushtone i know nothin bout soccer but i love this drama @HarryButAverage #europeansuperleague #UEFA #futbol #superleague #ChampionsLeague #Messi #Ronaldo #MLSisBack #MLS #soccer #cracker @itsWaddles_ @HarryButAverage this tweet aint halal bro @itsWaddles_ @HarryButAverage HOLYYYYYY SHIT @LazyBautista COD??? @cal_gif how drunk you gotta be to shower w your clothes on LMFAO @bunnygirlava GTA graphics getting a lil too good, almost thought that was a real car @Yuhuuur @Josh_Tries this tweet ain’t halal bro... @Josh_Tries yea I’m down now @Josh_Tries no @Layymooon nah you spitting rn
@THump @TristanGHill @bianlaf thank god @TristanGHill @bianlaf bro the instant regret in his eyes I’m cryin that shit is hysterical @bianlaf LMFAOOOOOOOOO WHAT?????? @Darkpitqwc hbd fella @jcupisinnocent LMFAOOOOOO I LOVE THIS ONE I’d just swap MW 2019 for MW2 @JoshsDoneTrying hiiiiiiiii @CrypticNoHoes @Josh_Tries @CODLeague @daiptix @KityZorb @Class @Yuhuuur @ashlenite @qHitan you didn’t even hit him, I had him one shot... @Josh_Tries @CODLeague @daiptix @KityZorb @Class @Yuhuuur @ashlenite @qHitan @CrypticNoHoes I’m getting better at i… @Wis_Alt @Layymooon yea @kyedae munchkin gang please rise @JhbTeam clouds look sick af too sheesh @JhbTeam damB tcon vibes... that vlog was funny asl lmao @Josh_Tries at my door @Josh_Tries gimme like 5 im on my way, pick teams @Josh_Tries ok comin @Josh_Tries down
@peesh @bopndop yea everyone posting GME loss/gain porn cuz that DFV guy posted his final update today @bopndop LMFAO @Froste hardest part of Ramadan not even the food, you telling me I can’t beat off for a month??? @KeviSkillz GOOOOOD WORK KEVI @JOSSI4H @bopndop saw it on Reddit @bopndop LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @BoyOneDrrPriv idk get on @Layymooon @CrypticNoHoes @DarienBMG national horny day competing w it... @BoyOneDrrPriv bro it’s double xp and double weapon xp wekeend @ethoz that CTY thing hittin different LOL i remember my parents made me do that too @BoyOneDrrPriv COD @CrypticNoHoes @DarienBMG *opens mouth* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @Class sheeeesh not bad honestly, I’m ass at golf too but workin on it @CrypticNoHoes @DarienBMG cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic cryptic c… @DarienBMG shits not working for cryptic @AboutStrafe sheesh @Josh_Tries BRO ???? @iPurrple @CrypticNoHoes @ruindagger i knew you'd show up lmfao @Josh_Tries hi boyfriend whens our next edate 😅 @CrypticNoHoes @ruindagger @Josh_Tries heyyyyy @CrypticNoHoes @ruindagger "this dude cryptic lookin like ben simmons from 3" @ruindagger @CrypticNoHoes 🤦 @ruindagger @CrypticNoHoes cold war, the current cod? @veefroggy ARF ARF ARFFFFFF @ihatesherwin @scobesx @CrypticNoHoes lets not forget this dude was 1 shot too @CrypticNoHoes @ihatesherwin @WhosBreezyUK oh here we go you always got an excuse, you were mid gunfight not opening up a lecture video @JERMAlNE damn you cheeked up in that first pic @r1ckyreap @bopndop @FuzYKarma LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ihatesherwin @WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNoHoes BUT HE PLAYS EVERY DAY????????? @notedub @CrypticNoHoes nah bro he had to hit that dude ONCE he was legit 1 bullet @WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNoHoes even aim assist not helping him @scobesx @CrypticNoHoes @CrypticNoHoes BRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????? @ihyviper sheeeeeesh gz!!! @Tran @Class good look LOL gonna be interesting I’m sure @pokimanelol @JhbTeam pogchamp
@CrypticNoHoes @qtbunn get it together man @CrypticNoHoes @qtbunn at 2 am man? @Viperous yea ofc any excuse to go to Hawaii are you kidding me @FavsPriv YOU WERE THE PREDATOR OF THE HOUSE NOT US!!! @TwitchRivals @loltyler1 @notchaselyons @goodbeanaltalt hello brotha man 🔥🔥 @Viperous CONGRATS!!!!! @te0x @tarkovgod @fakepromisedt idr where but I read that losing a lot of weight increases dick length cuz the fat… @kliqdic @iPurrple take it from him @Class my wittle puppy 😈 @FavsPriv @surfboardmonky bro what??? did this happen when I took a nap 5 minutes after getting to the tcon airbnb…
@may_wedda Jeez Louise! @suziepoo_ @Yuhuuur what are you doing bro @bopndop PAE has dealt with the events that transpired tonight accordingly. Involved members have taken proper acti… @Froste well at least you stuck to your word @JhbTeam @Froste LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Froste evenver @visionofviii 🔥🔥🔥 @Yuhuuur I’m ordering chipotle you made me hungry
@Froste the perks of looking petite and breedable 😩 @Froste just seen 3 girls reply to this on my tl, you finally made it brotha @kliqdic No @MrBuildAPC sorry to hear bro, keep sending those appeals tho @Yuhuuur @Josh_Tries @madisonpettis @CrypticNoHoes @daiptix tw// josh tries @Josh_Tries @madisonpettis you gotta find some new vocabulary brotha