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gamer by day 🌞 hoe by night 🌙 @ultwa151

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@destinyisbright you did nothing wrong, ignore the haters 💙 @Xouped and wtf is this @Xouped how did I not follow you bro wtf @sniffz that sounds like a painful wipe by the way it ripped @rickyreapers congrats tho! @rickyreapers this dude playing amateur poker at the mirage, he’s gonna be netting an hourly of -80 dollars @xHitan so you’re good for wagers tn? I’m signing us up @imisstide @notdiin no it’s a normal password lmao it’s just long ig @AceThugV37 @CrypticNo @notdiin @dagostlno 20 likes but still iconic @TommyThroatEm @notdiin LMFAO DUDE WTFFFFFFF @CrypticNo @notdiin @dagostlno iconic @CrypticNo @notdiin krabby patty formula
@Classify i felted this one... @notdiin @PlayApex @peesh actual W @peesh @xoxabstract @JhbTeam james gonna ask for consent before throwing a punch @xoxabstract @JhbTeam "octogon" @optiuh ight vc time @KaleiRenay @notchaselyons @notchaselyons dude go study for your fucking exam @liImorg she's not wrong, 5'5 is short for a guy. but its just so hypocritical after her first tweet LMFAO @yodogloI @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko this^ @SkreetMan @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko except I got double d’s and some pwussy lips 😼 @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko I mean I’d never care either way, call someone short or fat idgaf. I’m just saying y… @SkreetMan @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko idk man ig these issues just don’t bother us. 6’4 and 180 pounds of pure… @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko LMFAO you think overweight is less insensitive? go tweet a girl saying she’s overwei… @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko whoever quote rt’ed this show yourself coward @lexieyuh @may_wedda @P_Szytko aight and 180 pounds for an adult woman is above average but if I call her fat it’s insulting isn’t it @rickyreapers time to get cracked by 6 10 off @Huntrelol @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash I’d never been there either, but I don’t eat McDonald’s and chick fil a for every meal @WhosBreezyUK @theyeezymafia @Xotic yeoooooooo this is gonna get botted so fast but I WILL be paying resell @LilNasX better than the virgil pop smoke design @imisstide @ParachuteToot @Huntrelol @MyFavsTrash they’re gonna try and defend it saying it’s normal too @Huntrelol @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash you literally had no idea what to order and I felt bad so I gave yall part of my steak things @ParachuteToot @Huntrelol @MyFavsTrash you three are grown men and couldn’t order anything from a sushi restaurant @TSM_Slappie @Classify mf YOU @Classify idk who won the roast battle but slappie won overall @SkreetMan @dagostlno @maxahxo @notchaselyons @Helkus @playrust i was literally on ur team carrying u LOLOL @SkreetMan @DrLupo @Classify @TSM_Slappie he said he good bro @dagostlno @notchaselyons @maxahxo @Helkus @playrust dude needs an fp-100 so bad 😭 @SkreetMan @maxahxo @notchaselyons @Helkus @playrust @notchaselyons @maxahxo @Helkus @playrust you literally live in the tarkov hideout with level 1 rest space no air f… @SkreetMan @maxahxo @notchaselyons @Helkus @playrust 2 chads with . ak sprays conversing, you just wouldnt understand lol @notchaselyons @maxahxo @Helkus @playrust yea mf no gown either 😭 2.4 gpa hittin, unlike your ak spray 😭 @maxahxo @notchaselyons @Helkus @playrust and thats on foe nem my slime! its slatt szn baby we got ak's to steal from bully on moose 😈 @notchaselyons @maxahxo @Helkus @playrust thanks my slime chase! one day your spray will be as good as mine or my o… @maxahxo @Helkus @playrust @Jaomock @michaelreeves lemme get a go after you 😈😈 @notchaselyons dude get on!!! we're all grindin
@optiuh @BakeHatesItHere @scarrfries @Boy1drr @incelcore @oFabz youre sleep schedule is too good for me. good morning tho @optiuh @BakeHatesItHere @scarrfries @Boy1drr @incelcore @oFabz sick invite bro @notchaselyons @Huntrelol @may_wedda what if I shut you up 😼 *wags tail* @NataIiaKarina tik tok will be gone before I return thank god @LilNasX if that car hit me I’d survive, idk about him but I’m different @NataIiaKarina man @LazasBautista I thought you were singing the YG song @may_wedda come play main with us tm we’re gonna get shit on on one of the most competitive and sweaty rust servers @may_wedda JMG outside your door with db’s @may_wedda theyre like doorcampers fr smfh @dagostlno @JhbTeamm @imjaoc @notchaselyons when the rocket hits the wall @benjyfishy holy shit @notchaselyons @Abzorbb @notchaselyons @Abzorbb couple days ago on medium when we were raiding and getting countered LOL @Abzorbb a story in 2 pictures @IceJJFish @BiKitten_ i forgot u existed holy shit @optiuh idk 6 hours or so @optiuh right now @optiuh thats why i game @DirtyCobins @optiuh orange? what about blue? @DirtyCobins @optiuh how to dislike a tweet @optiuh talkin shit about Connecticut? @killuariel LMFAOOOOOOO
@SkreetMan @dannylp0305 @kanyewest tweet not available, we did it team @dannylp0305 @kanyewest damn bruh wtf @Froste poker? why would i touch a female 😭 @awnuhaha @awnuhaha this fuckmyass3000 gonna go crazy @awnuhaha @Ultra15151 😞 @scarrfries @may_wedda W @liImorg buy rust @ownagesauce @may_wedda @vohlii @koordell vouch @vohlii @Huntrelol 🔥 @_skag red @JhbTeam @GlorryNHK a lot of this changed... @SkreetMan @maxahxo @GR1MBLE @playrust THIS MF SPITTIN!!! @Moristiko @xoxabstract U could do better @CrypticNo we must not be homies @Moristiko @xoxabstract I think u look nice @inclcore she’s so quirky @SkreetMan @sabpie_ @xoxabstract don’t leave me on read next time luv x @SkreetMan @sabpie_ @xoxabstract @notchaselyons that 2x2 has more loot than you in the screenshot 😭😭😭😭😭 @SkreetMan @sabpie_ @xoxabstract mf I hope YOU find one, you’re 18 and haven’t had female contact besides your mom… @SkreetMan @sabpie_ @xoxabstract @notchaselyons look at this noob with just 2 rows or rockets 😭😭😭 @xoxabstract @sabpie_ @SkreetMan 6’2 blonde hope that’s your type sab @inclcore what man? @stereoberrys what you think I’ve been doing @SkreetMan @sabpie_ . AK spray @xoxabstract @SkreetMan @sabpie_ FRRRRRRRRRRRRR